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The World Needs Our Love

Many people on our planet are in a panic at the moment. With all that is going on with the economy, both with the USA and globally, and the change in the climate, and wars, people are feeling the strain of the material world.

It is now time more than ever to infuse love and light into these situations.

Lately is seems that no matter who I am talking to or where I am, there is a discussion going on about “How things are”. Generally these discussions are rather negative in nature.

Whether its gas prices, wars, government, pharmaceutical companies or climate change, the discussion inevitably turns into an us vs. them type of debate. Actually, debate doesn’t even come close to describing it properly; it is not a debate at all. Most people in our society agree; things appear to be a mess – no debate required.

The purpose of this article is to help us all understand what dynamic is at play here. With understanding will come change.

Everything that goes on in our world is what it is because of our perception of it. It IS what we make it.

What if a whole bunch of people in the world all changed their perception at the same time? Do you think it would create a shift in the consciousness of many of the souls on our planet? Do you think this might be of assistance to the entire process of ascension for our human species? Do you think that it would create change in our world?

The best place to start with this is with the realization that we are all one. We are all a part of the same energy. What ONE feels and projects, ALL feel, whether consciously or unconsciously.
Almost everyone on planet earth has some sort of challenge going on. The world and her people are on a path of ascension. There will be a time in the not too distant future when there will be a critical mass and a great deal of the people on earth with no longer perceive things only in a 3D reality. Already there have been scientists studying Quantum Physics and explaining through science how energy works. Even to the point of explaining how perceptions and thoughts create our lives and change how our brain works, and how psychics and 6th Sense Energy really works.

More and more people are listening to what has normally been called “intuition”. People are starting to trust that there is more to this place than the 3D viewpoint shows us. So many are moving, or have already moved, into a space where the 4th or 5th dimensions are already a part of their mainstream reality.

There are many people in the news lately that are playing a critical role in this game we call life on earth. Without them, there would not be this ‘reality shift’.

Most of the people involved in politics/wars/drugs/pollution, the list goes on, are firmly entrenched in the 3D reality. Take it from someone who has not been in 3D reality for most of her life, it is not a pleasant place to be.

Those who are perceived to be in power at the moment are very afraid of losing it all. They are (mostly) very firmly entrenched in their 3D reality. The only things they believe in are power, control, money and the like.

Imagine for a moment that you are George W. Bush. You have been raised in a time and come from a family background where 3D reality is all there is. Your parents, grandparents and all those around you truly believe that all of your power comes from without. You come from a background and upbringing that tells you that you are not safe in this world. That there is lack everywhere and that there is not enough to go around. It’s a kill or be killed world where the only way to survive is to have power and control over others. You are led to believe that this life is all you have – period. You have no recollection of the light and where you came from. You are basically operating in the dark with no knowledge (remembrance) of the light from which we all came.

You are surrounded by people that are telling you what to do. People think you are in power, but really you aren’t. The (perceived) “power” comes from those around you.

How scary would that be for you, to be in that position? Each and every one of us on planet earth at the moment are here for a reason. You have chosen to be here for a reason whether you recognize it or not.

All of the people in government, the war mongers, terrorists, gas company executives, heads of pharmaceutical companies, polluters are also here for a reason.

No one on Earth is here without prior knowledge on a Soul Level of what they need to do. It does not matter if you remember consciously or not – your soul KNOWS.

We ALL, with our thoughts, feelings and energy have an impact on what is happening on our planet.
Now is the time that the planet and her inhabitants have chosen to move into a higher dimension (vibration if you like), an expansion of consciousness. Many children are being born that have more knowledge or senses than in the past. This is a part of the evolution of humanity.

Those that appear to be in power at the moment have truly sacrificed a lot to come to earth in that state to help facilitate the changes.

People are getting fed up with high prices, wars, terrorism and the way that “the powers that be” are trying to control them. Imagine being the one that is in ‘perceived’ control. Imagine having all that negative energy sent your way on a constant basis. It must be hard.

The only way for change to happen is if people get upset with the way things are. If the world was not perceived to be so messed-up right now, chances are that very few people would bother lobbying for change.

The thing is, so many things are out of balance (or “off the charts messed up”), that there are very few who are actually sitting back accepting things as status quo. This is a good thing. However, there is no longer the need for anger from the people.

Things WILL change. Things ARE changing. The best, easiest, fastest way to change things is to send them LOVE. In order to create calm and peace, Love is the only way. It is important to know and remember, what we focus on we create. This is backed up by Quantum Physics.

By slagging the way things are, all that is being accomplished is sending out more negative energy. Things need our positive energy and love to change in the ways that we want them to.

Rather than saying “They are wrong”, or jerks (gas company executives, George W. Bush etc.), why not see them as the souls they are and try saying “Wow, they sure have chosen a difficult path in this lifetime”. They have no knowledge (remembrance), of home. Of the light that we are all a part of. I can only imagine what a scary place that must be.

Let’s send them some love, for without them, things would not be changing and evolving the way they are meant to.

If we make a conscious decision to FIGHT global warming, we are creating a fight. If we help to wage a “Fight against Cancer” we are creating a fight. “War on Terror” = WAR; “War on Drugs” = WAR.
What about focusing on “being healthy” instead of “fighting disease”, peace instead of war.

It’s important to remember too, that as we become more aware and more 5th dimensional, the greater are our powers of manifestation. The more we remember where we came from the closer we are to connecting to Source Energy. The closer and more connected we are to Source, the more powerful our ability to create our reality becomes.

Why insist on creating fights and wars? So much time and energy spent on fights. It’s a shame. Just imagine if all of the energy that was directed at fighting was instead directed at creating peace and harmony.

We are very capable of creating whatever we desire here on earth. Let us all create from Love instead of Fear and Anger.