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My Mission, Vision and Values


To make the world a better place through love.
To write something that will hopefully remind you of your own greatness.
To share and co-create positive experiences with the other players in the game of life.
To collectively, with you, co-create a heaven on earth experience for as many as are willing to experience it.
To create with integrity.
To trust that those who I am meant to connect with will be in my life.


The world is a wonderful place already, it is just that so many here don’t remember our Source and where we came from. With my gifts, I see and I know what is at play in the higher realms of our collective existence. It is my vision to share what I know with everyone who is open to hearing it.  You have the knowledge within you.  In your Soul, your DNA, in your very essence of who you are. Hopefully, something of what I write will resonate with you and remind you of where you came from and why you chose to be here.

That we can all remember Love. In tricky situations, think, “What would love do?” Keeping our egos, fears, and need to be right out of the equation.

A world where I can shine my light so others can see it, and they in turn can shine their light for others to see. As we join and shine, our light will be collectively brighter and, in turn, our entire existence and world will be brighter.

That we have compassion and practice non-judgement towards all souls that are on a different path than we are.

To create a sacred space within my blog, where everyone can go and read, and remember…


I love and appreciate every soul on this earth for what they bring with them. Yes, every one…

I appreciate the game of life for what it is. A place to experience, to love, to grow, to create, and to share.

Just a few Updates

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to post a few updates on what’s up lately.

I have fixed the problems with the Numerology Reports Payment forms, so if you have been trying to purchase a report and were not having any success, all is well now.

I now have a NEW Facebook Page, a Twitter Page, and LinkedIn Page. We shall see how I do with updating all these things. If you have accounts at Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin I’d love to also connect with you there.

I am adding a category to my blogs for my favourite things. I try out all kinds of wonderful new things.  And old things for that matter, most are new to me though!   Anyway, think of me as your official “tester”.   Anything that I have personally tested and that I love I will put in that category. This will include books, movies, subscriptions, exercise equipment, food or vitamins, other psychics or whatever.   If its in there, I will have tried it myself and liked it.

Is Your Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty?

I want everyone reading this to know that one of the main reasons I am sharing my personal information on this blog is in order to share the fact that I am a “normal” human too, and go through the same type of stuff as everyone else.

Occasionally, people will say “oh that’s easy for you to say”, or they will say “well, you have a gift, life is easy for you!”

I just want to say that generally these statements couldn’t be farther from the truth. Stuff happens in my life too. As much as I share these posts to help you with your own stuff, I do not share them to get any sympathy or anything like that. I’m fine. I will always be fine. As will you. I just want to share on the off-chance that something that I write along the way will help you to see your own life from a different, more helpful perspective.

As most of you know, I’ve been doing less readings lately, probably a quarter (or maybe even less), than I used to do each month. I took some months off over summer to rejuvenate. Through the fall I have done some readings from those on my waitlist. I haven’t got to everyone yet, nor does it look like I will be through the list any time soon. I do not know if I will ever get to a point where I do as many psychic readings as I used to.

I like to do readings, to connect with the energy of all the wonderful people I meet weekly. Over the past year though, I have found I get very tired when I do them. My own guides and higher self have been telling me to stop for a while. I must admit, I don’t necessarily always listen any better than anyone else on the planet. “But I don’t want to stop”, I say, “I like doing readings”. However, I know that I must honour what I am being told and only do them when I truly feel I can.

My intention now, is to help more people on their own journeys in this lifetime with my blog and my writing. I’m hoping that some of the insights that you may read here will help you to connect with your own soul and guides.

Its really important to listen when your intuition is telling you something. Our Higher Selves know what we truly want, and our Soul has a way of helping things along for us. The trick is to listen and trust so that you don’t wind up in a position of discomfort along the way.

We have ultimate control over what happens with us, to us and for us. However, sometimes while manifesting something, if we remain unaware, or afraid, our Soul takes over and provides a jolt to get us moving in the direction we are trying to manifest.

On September 3, 2009 my husband fell down some stairs at work and broke his shin bone. Snapped it in half. The recovery for this is 4-6 months. We are partners in a construction company and he is the sole ‘worker’ on our jobsites.

Both of us have wanted him to hire someone else to help him as when we get busy with the company as there are days or sometimes weeks when we hardly see each other. I remember in 2007 wondering if we should drum up some more business. My husband said, “I have more work than I can handle, we don’t need more clients. Our Customer Service might suffer then”.

A lot of our business is about 1.5 hours drive from our home. In 2008, business was so brisk that we considered renting an apartment for my husband closer to the city to save him time, because he’d get home around 8:30 at night and leave at 5:30 the next morning. He was driving 3-6 hours a day. The gas savings alone would pay for an apartment easily. (Remember how expensive gas was that year?)

In February 2009, I first asked him if he wanted to hire someone else to help him. As there were issues with the global economy and there were less jobsites out there, he said, “No, what if I don’t have enough work to keep an employee busy”. I asked him a few times throughout 2009 if he wanted to hire someone as I felt a pull from him that he didn’t want to be working quite so hard in a physically demanding way. The answer was always “No, what if there isn’t enough work”.

Then while at my son’s soccer practice on a Thursday night my cell phone rang. It was my honey calling from an ambulance saying that he broke his leg. Of course my first thought was (sorry for the crudeness), “Oh my God, we’re screwed”. I’d like to point out that all in all 2009 wasn’t a very lucrative year for construction at all, and we were quite grateful to even still be in business as there were a lot of companies that no longer existed at this point. Also, I hadn’t been making much money for about 3 months by now.

Once my son’s soccer practice was over and we’d eaten dinner, and I had calmed down, we headed out for the one and a half hour drive to the hospital. Driving down the highway for that long in the dark is a great place to ponder and contemplate things and to meditate. By the time I got to the hospital I was quite excited! Me and my son got to my husband’s room, and after a brief period of me asking how he was and going through hearing the details of what happened etc., I said to my husband “I am so excited, this is wonderful! Finally we can hire someone and we will be able to spend more time together!!”

He was a little doped up by this time and looked at me like I was a little nuts. He’s lived with me for a long time though so it only took him a few minutes to get on board with my way of perceiving his accident.

Here is it 11 weeks or so later, and finally things are moving a little again. We went through a couple of months with no work, no employees, no accounts receivable, no income at all. Of course all the expenses of being self employed and just living in general were still there.

I’ve not been doing as many readings either, so my income isn’t exactly helping out a lot. I have never done readings just for the money. I can tell you, I could easily put myself out there and offer up a ton of more readings and make a lot of money. But, I know I’m not supposed to be doing so many, so I know darn well, that my ability to do quality readings would be hindered.

I truly think that the only difference between me and someone else in this situation is the way I perceive it. I look at what is going on, and how it will bring us closer to where we dream of being, rather than perceiving it as a negative thing. I truly believe that if my husband and I thought that this was a horrible thing, it would be a horrible thing. Instead, we took it more as an opportunity though. We put an ad in the paper in October and hired someone. He’s only working a few days here and there for us because right this minute we don’t have that much work for him. We have now gone ahead and started with our marketing plan to get more clients. As with any marketing plan, it can take a bit of time, and with starting now, by the time we get more business my husband will be back on his feet and we will have him and an employee to cover off all our customers and provide good service.

This is what we have wanted for a couple of years now. It never seemed to be a good time to go ahead and do it though. There was always a reason not to move forward with hiring, or expanding. All those reasons are of course based in fear, not trust. With my husband breaking his leg, it certainly provided a catalyst and motivation to move forward. For this I am grateful.

We have more bills, less savings, will likely have less “gifts” at Christmas, yet life feels so very good. There is movement. Movement towards what we have envisioned for ourselves. We have a lot more time to enjoy each other’s company that’s for sure.

Life truly is a wonderful gift, a fun game to play and can be as exciting and full, or as stressful and empty as we want it to be! It is our choice

Relationships With Parents

So many of our beliefs and so much of who we are comes from our parents and our upbringing. Even once we have grown up and have our own lives, our parents still have an impact on us. Some more than other’s of course but there’s always something unless you have consciously looked at it and done something about it.

Everything is energy. We have energy cords to everyone and everything that we’ve ever been involved with. We have energy cords to our parents. Some are healthier than others, but usually they are based on inequality.

When thinking about your relationship with your parents, its important to realize that they are just souls having a human experience, just like you. Often we blame our parents for who they were or what they did or how they are. It is time to think about them and the whole experience you have had with them in a new way.

We did chose our parents. Whatever our childhood looked like, it was something our soul wanted to experience for some reason or another. What you do with the entire experience is up to you.

When you can take the label of “parent” off of the Soul that raised you, you can free yourself up to let go of things that no longer serve you on your journey in this life.

Think about who you are and how you are now. You would not be where you are without your parents. Sometimes thinking like this can bring about some resentment. Other times we may feel “our parents or upbringing was perfect”, why the need for release?

Now is the time to see your parent or parents just as they are, Souls having a human experience, just like you are. Think about how old they were when they had you. Think about what it is that they were going through at the time. Think about the era in which they were raised. Think about them as if they were your peer or someone you know now. Think about what you might have done in their EXACT same position. Try not to judge what they did as good or bad. See them as a Soul that was going through whatever they were going through.

Their life is now their journey, not yours. Yes, their journey impacted you, (likely in a very big way), but you are your Own Soul on your Own path. What will you do with what you have now? With your life? If you childhood was what you would judge as “negative”, try and see how it made you who you are today. Did your parents have a “bad” childhood too? What were their parents like? What can you do NOW, for yourself, to let go of the past and move forward from here?

If your upbringing was “good” and you think of your parents as perfect, how is that impacting you now? Does it make you feel good? Does it make you feel that you aren’t or can’t be as good of a parent as they are? Not that it matters…. all these things are judgements, and we are not here to judge. So just let it go, be who you ARE, and who you want to be.

Is it really serving your Highest and Best Good to hang onto the relationship the way it has been up to this point? Would it not be more beneficial, and perhaps easier if you were able to let go of what came before. Let go of the need for approval from your parents? Forgive them if they made mistakes?

Often on our journey, if we can cut the old energy cords to our parents we can move on from here. This involves releasing anything that you are hanging onto that is no longer serving you.

This does not mean that you need to cut yourself off from your parents completely. Far from it. What it means is that you cut the old energy cords. The ones that have your parent on a pedestal, or that imply that your parents know everything, or know nothing, or are smarter, better or dumber than you. Any judgements that you have of your parents as human beings. Any feelings that these judgements bring.

Sometimes as we grow older, we think we know what is best for our parents now. How they could change their life for the better. We take over the role of telling them what to do. That is not our job either. Remember they are a Soul on their own journey. If you have healthy energy cords between you, you are able to let them continue living their own life, without judging what they are doing. Allow them to do what they need to do, even if it seems “wrong” or “hard” to you.

Try it. Cut the energy cords to your parents in the form that they are now. See your parent as a Soul. Allow more healthy, equal, energy cords to form. Or if your relationship with your parents is something that you chose to let go of completely, then simply do not allow new energy cords to take form – not with judgements or anger. The minute you get angry or judge that your parents Soul does not deserve to have an exchange of energy with you, you are actually reinforcing judging and anger energy cords. Send love in their general direction and let it go. There’s no need to hang on. If you can’t let go, then perhaps counselling to deal with your old issues is in order.

The choice is yours, but no matter what your decide – it is YOUR decision. What do you want to create for yourself?

Click the link, if you would like help with a meditation to cut energy cords

The Magic of Easy Energy Work

formerly titled, “The Secret of Simple Meditation”

Meditation Book

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When I am doing readings I can feel what chakras are out of balance on a person, or I can feel which energy cords need to be let go of, or where a client is out of balance.  I often tell my clients in my readings that I can feel what energy work they need.  Usually we don’t have the time during a reading to go over all the energy work required, or to go over what will help each person.  Its just not possible to cover all the basics in one short reading.

That is why I wrote this e-book.  I took all the basics from my own meditations, listened to what the Ascended Masters and my Guides had to add, and I put it together all in one spot for my clients.  What is in this book would take me quite a long time to teach someone.  If I was to just offer to teach it on the phone or in person, like I do with my readings, it could take a lot longer than would be feasible.

I decided to do it this way, by writing it out.  You can get all the benefit of an energy clearing/reading with me, without really having to talk to me or pay full price for my time.  Because it is an e-book and available for instant download, there will be no waiting for me, or for delivery of the book.

It is my intention that all that read this book, and have their own intention of having balance and health in their life, will succeed in changing their life for the better.  All that I ask is that once you purchase the book, you read it through in its entirety, at least once, and then do what you can to meditate and integrate what is in this book into your meditation.

I will also be adding a category to my blog just for the e-book.  If you have a general question about the book or meditation, or need clarification on something, you can send me an email and I will post a response on this blog.  This will help in making the meditation and book a more interactive experience.  I am hoping that by doing this, you will be able to expand on your own meditation experience and also assist with the experiences of others.

I am positive that if you practice what is in this e-book, and give it your best effort, you will notice a change in your life and your energy systems.  That is why the book comes with a money back guarantee.

All the best to you on your journey.

A couple of 2009 "News" Stories I Disagree With

Don’t believe everything you read in the paper or see on the news.

The media seems to have a way of spinning things so that people end up being mis-informed about things.

Its as if some people on the planet that don’t want us to be healthy and free of fear will tell us just about anything to get us to avoid things that are good for us.
Is it the drug companies? Could be.
Government? Maybe.

Rather than focus on Conspiracy Theories though, I will just add a subject to my blog about media mis-information. I won’t get into the H1N1 flu thing in this post, but aside from that there have been two very big news stories that I feel have misinformed people in 2009 and I would like to share a different take on them with you.

The first example is organics. In the summertime there was a huge news story about organics. In the story it was saying that after extensive testing, there was no point in buying organic and paying the extra money because it wasn’t more nutritious.

I don’t know about you, but I buy organic for what it does NOT have, not just for what it does. It often tastes better, but that is just my opinion.

I buy it because it doesn’t have all the pesticides and poisons in it. It is not sprayed with chemicals, nor do the farmers use chemical fertilizers. I don’t care if its more (or even less), nutritious. I don’t want to be ingesting any more pesticides than I have to thanks. Even with meat and dairy. I would rather not have all of the growth hormones and antibiotics that go along with non-organic.

In the spring there was a headline that stated “Glucosamine does not help with Arthritis Pain”. I have arthritis. I take glucosamine for the health of my joints. I take glucosamine to help rebuild my joint cartilage ~ or at the very least keep it from degenerating any more. I do not now, nor have I EVER taken glucosamine for pain. I can only assume that the media puts that story out there to get people to stop taking ‘health food’ type ‘medications’. Like I wrote before, I don’t want to get too much into conspiracy theories but why the heck put out misleading information like that. From what I gather, the intent of the media story was to get people to stop “wasting their money” on glucosamine “for pain”. I wonder how many people quit taking it because of that story. Glucosamine can help the joints, even if not the pain.

Would the “powers that be” rather that we be spending money on pain medications and surgeries? Hmmm. Makes you wonder. Me personally, I’d rather take the vitamins that help rebuild the joints whether it stops the pain or not. I’m no doctor, but I personally would rather try and keep my knees from getting worse than just rely on some kind of surgery later in my life.

As for what stops the pain and what is often sold along with glucosamine. MSM. I DO take MSM for the arthritis pain. I have taken it for many years and it works really well. So well in fact, that if I quit taking it for a few days I notice that I have not taken it. I rarely, if ever take pain pills for the arthritis in my knees. I have taken MSM and Glucosamine separately, and for me, its definitely the MSM that stops the pain. Before I started taking Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM together I would often have to take many pain pills to be able to cope. If you decide to take MSM, I have found that once it is out of your system (or if it hasn’t been in it yet), it can take a couple of weeks before it starts to work well.

I want to say again, I am no doctor. I am not suggesting you take anything without first talking to your doctor. I just wanted to clear up a couple of things that I saw written in the media that I think is doing a disservice to those of us that are trying to take care of ourselves.

Is 2012 Really the End of the World?

Maybe just the end of the world as we know it. No, the world is not going to implode or explode or be completely destroyed in any form for that matter. 2012 is a new beginning, not an end.

There has been so much said about all this, from the bible, from Nostradamus, from Edgar Cayce, from the Mayans. In 2012 we will truly be able to experience heaven on earth. For some, this has already started. We are already feeling these changes. There are many people on this earth who have Ascended from the 3D reality to the 5th Dimension reality already. The Earth herself has ascended from 3D to 5D. In 5D time and space are different, they do not exist in the same way as they do in 3D. This is why so many people are having experiences outside what the “norm” has been the past few thousand years.

Some people think the financial meltdowns etc. are really bad news. It is just a change, different things going on, it doesn’t have to be bad news. Everything is perception. A lot of people are being forced to change the way they have been thinking, or the way they have been doing things. So much of the world’s issues right now are related to the old 3D ways crumbling. It is a new beginning, not an ending.

Jesus (or whatever Ascended Master you relate to based on your religion or lack thereof), IS coming. It is the Christ Consciousness in us all. Jesus “the man” is not going to just show up one day to save us. Its not quite like that. The consciousness of Jesus will show up for us all as soon as we realize that we have access to it. It is your own greatness, your own Christ Consciousness that will save you. Your realization that you are God. We ourselves are the second coming.

What makes things so hard is the separation from the divine light and love of all that is. For many years people have turned to religion, or leaders that tell us that things are outside of ourselves. Those in perceived power don’t want us to know that the power of EVERYTHING is within us. We are all one.

The talk of hellfire and hell coming to earth for those that do not accept Jesus into their lives is true in some ways, but not in the literal sense that some organized religions would have you believe. It has to do with those that accept they are the creators themselves. Those that can see and feel their own greatness will truly be creating a heaven on earth for themselves and those around them.

Those that rely on (or “worship”), things from the 3D reality — money and ego and external power — truly will be in a hell on earth. Earth and her energy is changing, has already changed. We, as a species, are learning that we can create whatever we want here. It has very little to do with ego and power. There are many on the earth right now who are here to help with this transition. Many lightworkers who are ascending and “getting it” are here to help you. Many are actually devoting their lives to helping others remember where they came from and what divine beings they are. The first wave of Ascension is over. There are many Masters on this plane of our planet right now. Willing to help you to realize you don’t have to stay stuck in 3D any more. Many people think Jesus is a saviour, as in separate from you, that will come and rescue you from your life, your existence, yourself, your perceived sins. God is not going to “make people go to hell”. What kind of loving God would actually make people go to hell? If all one does is worship money, control or power they WILL likely end up in their own hell. This will be their own doing (or undoing) though. It will not be something that is done TO them.

Look at how things are right now. The world financial crisis is HUGE. Anyone who is very centred in, or worships, money or power at this point in time is RIGHT NOW in their own personal HELL. God certainly isn’t putting them there. It is their perception of their time on earth that is putting them there.

Those that are suffering right now just need to look inside themselves, at the Christ Consciousness, at the God in THEM. Hanging onto the old 3D reality and the worship of external things like money or power or ego is what is causing them suffering. The always wanting more is causing suffering. There is enough on this earth for everyone. Some say they don’t believe that…I’ve had people tell me to my face that I’m full of you know what just for suggesting such a thing.

The reality of it though….at least MY reality of it is that there is enough for all. If we take the greed, the control, the lusting for external power away, there is enough.

All through the bible it states that God is in all of us. Therefore, Love is in all of us.

Religions made the devil up to scare the heck out of people. There were, and still are, those that do not want you to know your own greatness. They don’t want you to know what they know. If everyone knew, there would be balance. No one would be better than, or richer than. Everyone would just “Be”.

Religions say the devil “fell from grace” because he wanted to be God-like. What better way to make people shun their own greatness, their own connection with God. Scare the crap out of them so that when they start to realize their own greatness, and that they are not just a “part of Source (God)”, but that they are indeed Source (God) themselves, the creators of their own lives and spiritual journeys, they get afraid and experience more separation. As soon as people realize their greatness, no one will be able to control them. That is very scary for those that think they have the power over the masses.

We are all God-like. We are all creators, God is Love, we are all a part of God. This scares a lot of people and there are certain governments and religions that don’t want people to know this, so they make up stuff like the devil or demons to scare people. They don’t want the general population to realize their power, they would lose their own place in society; in the 3D reality they have created for themselves. Imagine if everyone knew just how much like God we are, how much a part of God we are… one could control us anymore. No one would have the power to “make” us fearful. God is Love…..the “devil” is fear.

So, is 2012 the end of the world? I certainly hope it is the end of the world as we have known it up to this point.

Do not fear the changes, embrace them. Connect with Source in your own way. Find and connect with your own internal Christ Consciousness, your own greatness.

When things are done with Love and not fear, nothing but God and Love can shine through.

There are many things going on. Being a psychic lightworker myself (for lack of a better term), I know that what I see and do, anyone can see and do. The biggest challenge is to KNOW that you can do it. It is just a matter of being open to it and having the realization that we are all Source.

Remember where you came from, remember your divinity. Connect with your own Christ Consciousness. Experience the bliss every day, feel the love every day. Live with Love not Fear of what is going on on our earth. Its all good….