The Magic of Easy Energy Work

formerly titled, “The Secret of Simple Meditation”

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When I am doing readings I can feel what chakras are out of balance on a person, or I can feel which energy cords need to be let go of, or where a client is out of balance.  I often tell my clients in my readings that I can feel what energy work they need.  Usually we don’t have the time during a reading to go over all the energy work required, or to go over what will help each person.  Its just not possible to cover all the basics in one short reading.

That is why I wrote this e-book.  I took all the basics from my own meditations, listened to what the Ascended Masters and my Guides had to add, and I put it together all in one spot for my clients.  What is in this book would take me quite a long time to teach someone.  If I was to just offer to teach it on the phone or in person, like I do with my readings, it could take a lot longer than would be feasible.

I decided to do it this way, by writing it out.  You can get all the benefit of an energy clearing/reading with me, without really having to talk to me or pay full price for my time.  Because it is an e-book and available for instant download, there will be no waiting for me, or for delivery of the book.

It is my intention that all that read this book, and have their own intention of having balance and health in their life, will succeed in changing their life for the better.  All that I ask is that once you purchase the book, you read it through in its entirety, at least once, and then do what you can to meditate and integrate what is in this book into your meditation.

I will also be adding a category to my blog just for the e-book.  If you have a general question about the book or meditation, or need clarification on something, you can send me an email and I will post a response on this blog.  This will help in making the meditation and book a more interactive experience.  I am hoping that by doing this, you will be able to expand on your own meditation experience and also assist with the experiences of others.

I am positive that if you practice what is in this e-book, and give it your best effort, you will notice a change in your life and your energy systems.  That is why the book comes with a money back guarantee.

All the best to you on your journey.

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  1. This book served as such a common sensical reminder of how I can feel better on all levels. What I mean is that while definition of chakras with their associations included, do not mistake this book for an intro to chakras or only for beginners. I’ve known about them and worked on them here and there for 10 years, but the “how to” (presented in the book) for feeling clearer, more focused and more centered is refreshing, free of judgment and simplified for the novice or the experienced meditator? who needs a reminder or a fresh approach. Tamara Hawk reminds us how simple the process is……if we allow it to be! Thanks for creating this guide for anyone to enjoy.

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