Just a few Updates

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to post a few updates on what’s up lately.

I have fixed the problems with the Numerology Reports Payment forms, so if you have been trying to purchase a report and were not having any success, all is well now.

I now have a NEW Facebook Page, a Twitter Page, and LinkedIn Page. We shall see how I do with updating all these things. If you have accounts at Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin I’d love to also connect with you there.

I am adding a category to my blogs for my favourite things. I try out all kinds of wonderful new things.  And old things for that matter, most are new to me though!   Anyway, think of me as your official “tester”.   Anything that I have personally tested and that I love I will put in that category. This will include books, movies, subscriptions, exercise equipment, food or vitamins, other psychics or whatever.   If its in there, I will have tried it myself and liked it.

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  1. Thank y ou for sharing information with us all.

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