My Mission, Vision and Values


To make the world a better place through love.
To write something that will hopefully remind you of your own greatness.
To share and co-create positive experiences with the other players in the game of life.
To collectively, with you, co-create a heaven on earth experience for as many as are willing to experience it.
To create with integrity.
To trust that those who I am meant to connect with will be in my life.


The world is a wonderful place already, it is just that so many here don’t remember our Source and where we came from. With my gifts, I see and I know what is at play in the higher realms of our collective existence. It is my vision to share what I know with everyone who is open to hearing it.  You have the knowledge within you.  In your Soul, your DNA, in your very essence of who you are. Hopefully, something of what I write will resonate with you and remind you of where you came from and why you chose to be here.

That we can all remember Love. In tricky situations, think, “What would love do?” Keeping our egos, fears, and need to be right out of the equation.

A world where I can shine my light so others can see it, and they in turn can shine their light for others to see. As we join and shine, our light will be collectively brighter and, in turn, our entire existence and world will be brighter.

That we have compassion and practice non-judgement towards all souls that are on a different path than we are.

To create a sacred space within my blog, where everyone can go and read, and remember…


I love and appreciate every soul on this earth for what they bring with them. Yes, every one…

I appreciate the game of life for what it is. A place to experience, to love, to grow, to create, and to share.

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