Help, My Son / Daughter Sees Ghosts

I get a lot of e-mail from people who are asking for advice because their child sees ghosts.

Some parents are very afraid of this, and some are just more curious and want to have a better understanding of it so that they can help their child through it.

I think one of the most important things you can do as a parent is to remain calm.  Accept the fact that ghosts and spirits exist.  Do not tell your child that it is their imagination, or to just pretend they aren’t there.  That simply doesn’t help.  It would be like telling your child that the grass is not growing in your front yard when clearly they can see that it is!

It is helpful to know that there is a difference between a ghost and a spirit.  A ghost is a person that has died, but has not necessarily crossed over.  The best thing to do is to remember a ghost is JUST A PERSON. Just like you and me.  They just happen to not have their physical bodies anymore. There are very few ‘evil’ ghosts around, just as there are very few truly ‘evil’ people.  I am not saying there is no such thing as a nasty ghost, it’s just that they are very rare.

A spirit is a being on the “other side” and they generally come to this dimension to visit, to help, or just to be here ~ as in loved ones who have crossed over, spirit guides, Ascended Masters, etc.
A very important thing to understand is that neither ghosts nor spirits will hurt you.  I know with my son, he see’s his “spirit friends” (these are his words, not mine), as lights.  He sees purple lights, blue lights pink lights, all as orbs in his dark bedroom. 

My son also sees the actual ghosts that live in our house with us.  We live in a house that was built in 1896, so we have quite a few ghosts here. 

For the most part ghosts and spirits are harmless…what you see on TV and in the movies is meant to scare people and sensationalize things.  Even shows ‘based on real events’ are so distorted, it is amusing to those of us that really know what it is like to be able to see such things.
Sometimes ghosts can look pretty scary. If a physical body went through some trauma, we may see the ghost in that state.  There is a fellow in our house with no head.  He has shared that he was in a war, but doesn’t know exactly where his head is.  It can be disturbing to see him sometimes with no head, but that doesn’t make him evil or dangerous.

Another thing that can make ghosts/spirits seem scary is that we often see them almost as if though a ‘fog’.  I hope I can explain this part properly, but basically, they don’t have a body anymore.  They are just their energy now.  What we see is the energy of the person that was.  There is no longer a physical body.  It’s as if they are in a different dimension than us and when we look across the dimensions, sometimes the view is quite different than what we see in the 3rd dimension in which we live.

You could compare it to being in a dark room and putting a flashlight under your chin.  Your face looks scary with that view, but it is just the way you are seeing it, not the way it is.

The scariest part for most parents that do not see the ghosts or spirits is the ‘unknown’ part.  “What is my poor child seeing/going through”. 

I have asked the ghosts that I have here in my house not to startle me.  I certainly don’t mind co-habiting with them, but I really don’t want to be having the life scared out of me all the time.

Anyone can talk to ghosts, including parents who do not see or hear them.  Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there.  It can be done with telepathy.  You don’t have to say it out loud, although you can if you prefer.  Just thinking it in your head will do the trick though. It really is that easy.  Try just saying “I don’t mind you being here, but I need you to be more subtle, you scare me sometimes”.
Remember, ghosts are people, dead people maybe, but still people. 

Talking to people generally works as far as resolving issues around boundaries and space One of the biggest issues when our children are seeing ghosts is that parents are afraid, or they don’t understand that, as mediums, we have control over our ‘sight’.  Assure your son or daughter that there is nothing wrong in what they see.  You really need to empower him or her and let your child know that the ghosts will not hurt them.  You also need to reassure your child that HE OR SHE HAS complete CONTROL over their gift.

Just assure your child that they can control their gift and their own space. Let your child speak about their ‘sightings’ and keep your own feelings in check.

I used to see ghosts and spirits in front of my eyes like I would see you if we met.  I rarely see them this way now.  I basically told them that they were not allowed to appear like that to me and scare me.  I told them that I would ignore them completely if I found myself being ‘startled’ by people appearing in front of me all the time. 

I have asked the ghosts and the spirits to not startle me and to please be more subtle.  Now when I do readings, or if I ‘see’ or ‘talk to’ a ghost or spirit, they come to me more ‘in my head’ ~ if I close my eyes I can ‘see’ them better than with my “regular 3rd dimension vision”.  I got rather tired of stepping out of the shower and having someone standing in my bathroom!

Ghosts and spirits are everywhere by the way.  Houses, malls, schools, parks, everywhere.  The area around my son’s school is particularly “active”. He will see ghosts or spirits in the sports field, or in his classroom. 

One day I was walking down the street beside his school and there were ghosts also walking down the street where I was.  I paid no more (or less) attention to them than I would anyone else.  Smile, nod, keep walking.

Part of the trick of living with this gift is knowing where to put your attention. Just as we can be in a crowded shopping mall and hardly notice the people around us, we can also be in a crowded “ghost zone” (for lack of a better way to put it), and just ignore them.
Even with my son — generally he sees even way more than I do.  We just asked the spirits and ghosts to back off  and not to bother him.  His room was always full at night or I’d be sitting at my desk and he’d see a woman standing behind me, or there’d be spirit kids waking him up at night wanting to play…stuff like that. 

We just asked that they please leave him alone for now, he’s too young to have to deal with it etc.  Now he doesn’t see them as much and they don’t annoy him when he’s trying to sleep.  You don’t need to be a medium, or an ‘expert’ to do this.  Just ask them!  They will generally respect your wishes. 

This truly does work.  I mentioned this before, but its worth repeating, they aren’t that different than you and I, they just don’t have bodies anymore.

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  1. I believe that my son sees spirits or ghosts in which he calls a Muse. I dont understand him or what is happening and would like to understand so that he can understand how to live his life with this gift. He has been a very confused boy since he was just a few months old and I am afraid that his visions are driving him crazy now as a 13 year old boy. PLEASE HELP US! Anyone?

    Desperate Mom

    • Tamara Hawk says:

      By definition, a muse is a spirit that inspires. I do not think you need to worry about the “type” of Spirits that are around your son.
      It is very important that you learn to not be afraid of your son or his gifts. If you are afraid of his gift, and exhibit signs that you are afraid of him, that would add to his own confusion and fear.
      In general, at 13 most kids have a hard time feeling good about themselves, or wonder where they fit in. Add in the fact that they feel they are different and it can be very challenging, this is something I certainly understand.
      I have sometimes myself wondered if I am crazy ~ being able to see and feel all these things that others cannot.
      I would love to talk to you about this further. If you send me an email via my contact form I will get back to you.

  2. I don’t have kids, but I’ve been hearing some stories from parents who have very young kids and I believe they are seeing “ghosts” of loved ones. It makes me wonder if all kids see spirits when they are young and then are “programmed” to turn it off due to their parents telling them that it’s not real, it’s imaginary etc.

    • Tamara Hawk says:

      As we come into this world as babies, we haven’t yet forgotten where we came from. I don’t know that it is ‘programmed’ out of us exactly. When we first get here we still remember. Much like as we age we forget a lot of things about our childhood. Most people remember bits and pieces about their family life when they were children, but most forget the day to day things that happened when they grew up.

      As adults, as time passes we get more involved in what we are doing and don’t remember what its like to be a child. As babies grow up and become children, they start to do other things, they forget where they were before they could talk and walk and do things on their own.

      I think it is more like we come here for our own specific reasons and to experience things. It is a choice we make before we are born whether or not we wish to actively remember. Some of us came here with the specific purpose to be able to still “see” and “remember” where we came from and to experience the whole of our lives this way. There are more and more souls coming in that have decided to take this path.

      Some souls come in with the wish to forget for a time and to remember home at some later point during their lifetime. Some souls wish to come and experience 3D in its entirety, never remembering that they come from Source.

      We all come here to experience things ~ some chose to forget when they come here and some chose to remember, just depending on which experience they want to have. If we have chosen to come here and be able to see and remember the whole time I don’t think it could be completely programmed out of us anyway.

  3. I beleive my son sees ghosts. And to be honest at first it didnt worry me at all, until today when he has come running out of his room screaming the mans here the mans here, now im terrified! Today i said to my son, what did the man do, he then grabbed his face and pulled it, i said whats that, he said, man pull hair off. I have no idea what this means. I have asked the ghost nicely to please not show himself to my son and sinse i have said that it is happening more often. From what my son shows me, the man is usually standing in our bedroom door way, in his room somewhere or at the front door. There has been times where my son is fine with the ghost so i dont know if there is more then 1. A week ago he even got a drink out of the fidge took it to open air and tryed to give it away, i said what are you doing he replied man needs drink. Then other times he screams mans here mean.
    Can you please tell me if you think he is seeing ghosts or spirits, and if you think 1 could be trying to scare my poor baby.

  4. My daughter is 11. She has claimed to see/talk to ghosts in our house for the last year or so. She has always been a creative child and we have done our best to allow her to be creative in her own way. She says she talks to abot 4 different ghosts in the house. Most of them have been “nice” but there is one in particular that has now scared her. He is a dark shadow man. He whispers to her and she cannot understand him. The other night she was “sleep walking” but she said she had her eyes open and could see what she was doing- but couldn’t stop herself. She is scared it was the dark man making her do it. She was never afraid of him but now she feels he “isn’t good and can’t go into the light”. What do it do? How do I help her? How do I know she really can see these ghosts or is this just her letting her mind wander and just another made up story. I want to be open minded and I do believe in ghosts/spirits- but none of the other people in the house have seen or heard anything before(and there are 4 of us plus a toddler in the house besides her). I would appreciate any advice you could offer!! Thanks

    • Tamara Hawk says:

      Hi Leigh and Sam,
      The response to this blog post has been overwhelming. The comments and e-mails have been coming in fast and furious ever since I published it.
      I was trying to answer each person individually, but it is getting more difficult to stay on top of things.
      I have decided I am going to write a couple more articles on “Psychic Kids” in the next month or so. There are so many that can use the help.
      Please check back on my site here for further articles and ways to cope with children who see ghosts.

  5. Hi Tamara,

    My 8 year old has recently been talking about seeing shadows run by in the house. He says they are annoying but they don’t scare him but he gets tired of seeing so many in a day. And then there are days they don’t come around at all. I’ve tried searching the ‘net for clues to what he is experiencing but it’s so all over the board that I can’t make heads or tails of it.

    Many blessings,

    • Tamara Hawk says:

      Hi Kristen,
      Shadows are pretty normal for kids (and adults) that ‘see’ things. I see shadows often. I’m glad your son is not scared. Fear draws things towards you that you’d rather not have around. Shadows are pretty much harmless.
      Its a matter of seeing things that are not of a 3D reality. A lot of people don’t understand it, but for those of us that see, shadows etc. are simply just there. Its like with “normal” people, they see clouds in the sky, cars on the road, or cats in their yard ~ they are just there and we don’t give much thought to them at all; unless they are annoying. They are just things that are seen with our eyes. With shadows, or people (ghosts/spirits), or auras, we are just seeing more of other dimensions and other energy with our eyes. Truly, the other dimensions have always been there, its just that now a lot more of our population can see them, especially kids.
      You can try to see if your son will just ignore them and/or ask his Spirit Helpers to help him see less.
      I hope this helps, love Tamara

  6. Hi, my son is 3 and a half years old and for the past year he has been seeing a man at my moms house and now just in the last 4 months he says that there is a “monster” in our house and i ask him what he looks like and he puts his hands up with fingers out and opens his mouth, like a scary face, and says that the monster is gonna eat him….he looks terrified. I’ve watched his face when he “sees” something and he freaks and buries his head into the couch so the monster can’t see him…..i don’t know what to do, its starting to freak me out. Please, any advise would be great

    • Tamara Hawk says:

      Hi Bonnie,
      Try and keep your own fear at bay. Most of our psychic kids are also empaths so if their parents get afraid the kids can feel the fear and they will feel afraid also. And its not just feeling your fear, its ‘wearing’ your fear emotions. It becomes their own emotion.

      It is important that parents be brave, for lack of a better way to put it.

      There are many things that kids might be afraid of that parents are not. In my article I mention that ghosts can look scary even if they wouldn’t be if they were seen more clearly. Keep that in mind. You son is likely not seeing a “monster”, just a ghost that looks scary.

      You need to let your son know he is safe. You can also ask his Spirit Helpers to help him to see less for a while, until he is older. Its important to also empower your son to let him know that he has control over this. That nothing can hurt him if he doesn’t let it. Tell him to stand up to the scary thing and tell it to go away. Let him know that he has the power to make it leave him alone.

      Remember, these things are real. What would you tell him if he was seeing a man on the street like this? You would tell him to yell and scream and tell the man to go away. That the man would not hurt him if he got really forceful and went to a parent or other adult for backup.
      They teach that as ‘stranger danger’ in school. The louder and more forcefully that the child tells the human adult to go away, the better the chances the human adult will back off. Its much the same with not quite so human entities.

      Hope this helps, love Tamara

  7. Hi tamara in my house i have experience spirits that touch me and sometimes a can’t wake up but i can feel them most of the time is a man and other times is a woman, i have a 2 year old leaving at the house and sometimes he talks to someone so we ask him who are you talking to? his respond was i’m talking to the boy and on 2/15/10 he came down stairs to the leaving room and suddenly he run upstairs screaming and his mom ask him what happen and he respond that boy scratch my face and there is no one else in the house, I would like to know what can we do about this.

    Thank you

    • Tamara Hawk says:

      Hi Miriam,
      You need to tell it to behave itself or go away and leave your son alone. Much like any other child that your son would play with. If the boy were a human you would give him heck and tell him he wasn’t allowed to do that, that it was not appropriate behaviour. You’d perhaps tell him that if he couldn’t behave himself, then he wouldn’t be able to play here anymore.
      Just because the boy doesn’t have a human body anymore, doesn’t mean he’s not just like any other boy. I used to talk to ‘ghost children’ quite a bit when I was a child myself. They were seen as ‘imaginary friends’ by my teachers and some other adults.
      I was lucky that my family understood that the kids I was playing with were real. Sometimes they would misbehave, much like any other child. I talked to them just like I talked to any other child though. By saying things like “my parents don’t like that behaviour, if you can’t behave yourself my mom won’t let me play with you anymore.
      Empower your son to know he’s got control over his gifts and who he plays with.
      Hope this helps,

  8. Hi
    I am wondering if my daughter(10) is actually seeing and hearing spirits.
    The skeptic in me says its tv and books, but the kicker is, I see things too, just not what she describes. Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction of where I can go to get advice and guidance?
    She had always had a lively imagination, has difficulty relating to “normal” social ques, but is smart and does very well in school.
    Very creative.
    On the friend front she’s troubled……seems to attract the bullies, and doesn’t understand why people are mean to oneanother.
    We live in
    Alberta, Canada.


    • Tamara Hawk says:

      Hi Camilla,
      Please, please, do not disbelieve your daughter. Its really hard for kids that see things to cope in the world sometimes, and the worst thing a parent can do is tell their kids its not real. Its much like telling your child that they are crazy. I compare it to standing your child on your front lawn and telling them that there is no grass in the yard. Clearly there is grass. This would be a very confusing thing for a child; a parent telling them that what they can clearly see does not exist.

      There are a lot of kids that can see things that are also empaths and very sensitive. Its like bullies come with the territory. Its as if denser energies (bullies), see and feel the light of the lighter energies (‘special kids’), and want to snuff it out. I sometimes don’t understand why people are mean to each other either. Work with her school and try and keep her physically safe from the bullies ~ some things like this need to be dealt with in the 3D.

      One of the major things that you can do for your daughter is let her know that she is not alone in what she sees. There are many children these days that can see things, and soon there will be a time where every child born can see and feel in this way for their entire life. For now, her abilities are a gift and help to make her special. Empower her and help her to know this about herself. She is certainly not alone.

      So many psychic kids feel like something is being done to them, that they are not normal, that they are crazy. Let her know, that she is not alone and that she is not crazy. It is also important, that you let her know she has control over this. She can tell them to go away at any time (see the article and some of the other comments in this section).

      Hope this helps,
      Love Tamara

  9. hi my name is chera. i have a little girl who will be 3 years old on february 27. she see’s ghost and spirits. i scared out of my mind,because sometimes it gets the best of her and she constantly walking around with her hands over her eyes. sometimes she talks with it and other times she scared to death. i pray and ask god to not to let her be afraid of this thing. it’s just she and i in this apartment and she used to not enter the living room, when we would come home she would sometimes not want to enter the apartment. now that’s she’s going on three, she’s able to point in the direction of the ghost when i ask her where is it. but she’s not able to tell me what it is that she’s seeing.i’v ben keeping this to myself because i don’t want people thinking i’m crazy but i sometimes get so full and emotional disturbed by it because i feel helpless. so i start praying to god asking for protection of my chid because i don’t know what else to do.
    Mrs. Hawk can you give me some suggestion on how i can help my baby.

  10. Heather says:

    I have a son who is almost three. For the last couple of months at his fathers house he has waken up in the middle of the night screaming saying he had a nightmare. We weren’t concerned until this past Sunday morning at about 12:15 am he woke me up terrified and screaming. It took about an hour to get him calm and back to bed. Then at about 3:30 am, something woke me up from my sleep, Iwent into his rooom and found him sitting in his Bedroom floor. Not crying but shivering and staring off into space. Then in the last few days he has told me that there is a “monster” in his room that is white, thats not mean but is scarey. He says the monster will put his finger over his lips and tell my son to “shhhh”. Im getting very very worried.
    Any Ideas?

  11. Hello

    I hope anyone out there can help me!!
    I have identical twin girls who have only just turned 2! The eldest (by 1 minute) started talking just before her first birthday. Now she talks all the time and saying things way beyond her years. The drs and health visitors have said she is advanced and needs nurturing.

    However she says things that she shouldn’t know about. She knows about space ships and sail boats, and all her colours, and shapes etc etc i have not really taught them these things. But she can also tell you letters of the alphabet and words that go along with that, eg I say L, she says Log!

    Okay that in itself is probably nothing, but 2 weeks before I found out I was pregnant my grandfather died. Then I had my first scan and there was 1 baby. A couple of days after the scan my other grandfather died, I got ill with the stress and they did a scan and found the twin! Strange!!

    So there is no way my children could have met their grandfathers, but if I show my eldest photos of the first one that died she knows him. She says, “Granddad! he is a very nice man!”

    To be honest that was fine and I thought it was lovely that he had come to take care of her.

    But now I am getting concerned. She started suffering from night terrors soon after her 1st birthday, it happens about 3 nights a week and she never told me what it was about. Until last week! I went and got her and brought her into my bed and she started talking about Max. Now she talks about him all the time, says he is scared and very sad. When she is drawing, its always him she is drawing. When I ask her about him, she says he is a man who is very very sad and then she gets very upset.

    I don’t know what to do about it. Now this week she has started talking about sex! there is no way she would know about it. Obvioulsy its not something you mention to a child. But everytime I offer her anything, she tells me all she wants is sex. And I make her say it again thinking its a mistake and she tells me she wants sex with a man!

    How can this happen? I am getting really, really worried about her and I really don’t want her to repeat these things in public!

    Anyone out there who can help me I would greatly appreciate your help. And thanks so much for taking the time to read this message!

  12. Hello

    Please ignore my last message I have finally managed to get out of her what she is saying! Its not sex with a man, she wants strawberries! I took her into the kitchen to explain she shouldn’t talk like that and she opened the fridge and pointed to the pallet of strawberries. So am not quite so worried now

    Althought all the other stuff is still relevant and it would be nice to know who max is

    Thanks so much

  13. My 12 year old daugter just began to see “ghosts/spirits” She is deathly afraid of most of them. One spirit she does not mind visiting her is our dog we put to sleep two months ago. She sees him daily. My problem is My husband is very strict with his religion and he is convinced that these spirits are demons or satan at work. I think that there are good spirits and bad spirits and that not all of them are bad. I feel so alone with this and do not feel I have anyone to turn to. I can’t tell my family because they too do not believe as me and my daughter do. Do you have any advice or a support group I can turn to?

    • Tamara Hawk says:

      Hi Maria,
      First thing I would say is to not even mention it around anyone who is not supportive. It is hard enough for those of us who see things without having people telling us there is something wrong with us, or worse yet, that we are being manipulated by evil.
      You need to allow your daughter to talk to you, and try your hardest to not be afraid yourself. Our psychic children can feel our fear and it just scares them more.
      You need to let her know that she can control this. She can tell the people (ghosts/spirits/energies), that she does not feel comfortable with to go away.
      I was brought up roman catholic myself and my family was very supportive of me. However, after reading parts of the bible, and going to church I would get scared myself. Even with a supportive family, it took me into my 30’s before I was 100% convinced that it was okay, and that the things I was seeing were not evil and that if anything came around that had denser energy I could tell it to leave.
      I’m not sure what religion you are but I remember being scared one time as a teenager and I said “in the name of Jesus Christ, leave me alone” ~ and I said it a lot of times. It worked for me.
      As an adult now, I know that I can chose who is allowed to be around me. If I feel anything that I do not feel comfortable with, I just surround myself with white love and light energy and know that I am protected. Nothing dark can come anywhere near the light.
      Just as we empower our kids to yell and get away from physical danger, they can do the same thing with non-physical things that feel dangerous to them. THEY DO HAVE THAT POWER OVER THEIR ENERGETIC SUROUNDINGS. We also all have our helpers from the other side, and angels, Ascended Masters (which are usually religious icons), and asking them for help does work.
      Keep letting your daughter know she is safe, and try and not allow talk of her gift around anyone that might say anything at all about demons, evil, and satan. You can check out the “Meditation for Centering, Grounding and Protecting your Energy” on my site here and share it with your daughter. It will help to keep any energy away from her that is undesirable. Including the fear energy from her father.
      I agree that it would be a good idea to find someone in your area that can talk to her. Maybe if you respond and tell us where you are from me or someone else will see and be able to point you in the direction of someone close to you.

  14. I left a concern email a week ago & was hoping to hear from you I will try to resend If I can find it I sent it through your site about my daughter & her many seeings lately

    • Tamara Hawk says:

      Hi Dana,
      I will try and get back to you and reply to your email in the next few days.

  15. Is it possible that a ghost or spirit can give a material gift to you. my daughter has a necklace that she said her ghost friend gave her recently. she is having more sightings especially of a young girl she seems to really have taken a liking to.

    • Tamara Hawk says:

      In my experience I have found that spirits can get things to me if they want to. Whether through having me find them, or by having some other physical person put it somewhere that I will find it. When I come across it, they tell me it is from them.
      I haven’t myself experienced a spirit just walking up to me and handing me something, although that doesn’t mean I have a closed mind about it happening, I suppose it might be possible.

  16. hello i have a 9 yr old son who has had two near death experiences. he has been telling me that he sees dead people. im not sure how to react he also has ADHD. know that it is getting worse its at the point where theres rooms in our house that he refuses to go in alone and sometimes when he sees these things he trembles and cries and when i ask him why he is crying he says i dont know why i cry i told him try to talk to these ghost that you see he says hes to scared. I want to know how to find out if these ghost are real and what should i do for him he demands it be quite it has gottin to the point where he doesnt even want to be in our home I am scared for my child. Can anyone help me? please help me and my son out i dont know what to do for him and it hurts me not knowing what to say or do for him i try to comfort him but he doesnt want it at the time of seeing these objects he doesnt like being touched. He is lossing sleep talking to people in his sleep, grades are going down, PLEASE im begging for help my email is

  17. Crystal says:

    I am a concerned parent. We have lived in this house almost 2yrs. I have a 2yr old and a 5yr old. The land lords aunt past away in this house. I have heard her walking threw the house and she has knocked stuff of my mantel and even opened my bedroom door while I was in there with the boys. Now my 5yr old is acting like she has taken over his body. He has come out of the bedroom screaming that he saw something in there. My 2 yr old has woke up screaming like someone has hit him or scared him so bad hes shaking. My 5 yr olds eyes turned blacked tonight and got real big and where moving all over the place. He will talk in a deep voice and laugh at you if you try to tell him something. I don’t know what to do he never acted like this before. We are looking for another place to move but no luck so far. How can I get her to leave him alone ? I have asked her to not hurt my boys, but didn’t work.

    • Tamara Hawk says:

      Hi Crystal,
      What city do you live in, perhaps there’s someone that could talk to you and/or your son. I might not be able to do it justice by just typing in a brief answer, but I will try.
      As for asking ghosts/spirits to leave your kids alone. You need to think of them just as you would a human being. For example, if a flesh and blood person came into your house, as a mom, you would likely demand that they get out of there. You might or might not be afraid, but chances are you would be firm and demanding and there would be some expectation on your part that they would go.
      If you asked the person to please just go with no expectation whatsoever that your words would have an impact, they wouldn’t have an impact. If you approached the person with total fear and the energy (and body language etc), that you couldn’t and wouldn’t do anything if they stayed, they would likely stay.
      You need to know that you have control over what energy is allowed to be around you. If you feel you cannot do this, then having an expert in to help, or even asking clergy or using whatever resources are available to you will help you.
      Finding someone in your area that can speak to you in person, might be the key to helping you out.

  18. erin jenkin says:

    hi my son is 6 and claims he sees a little girl and a boy he says they look like normal kids but that they alwals wear white and that there hair is white he said only the girl talks and says things to him,he dose not respond back to her as he is a little scared because her voice is litte bit scary.I have told him not to be scared and talk back to them at first i thought he might of been having dreams or something but he is adimit they are real,he describes were they were and what they were doing etc.

  19. Danielle says:

    I’m a pre-teen, and for alittle while I’ve being seeing things like figures, seeing things, hearing voices, screaming and sometimes I can see places. There a outlined with silvery white lines. The scaryest one is where there’s a man standing a path and the path ends at me, the others are just rooms with pulses of the silvery lines coming from somewhere in the room, but when ever I try to look I see a silver circle.I’ve also seen things when i close my eyes. When ever i close my eyes i see people, they always seem angry.

    I had just told my mom, but all she’s telling me is not to follow them, find them or answer them. But I still see them, I don’t know what to do!

  20. My name is Nikki and my daughter is 8 and seeing things since I can remember. It doesn’t usually concern me but every so often she will go through a stage where for a period of time she is waking up at the same time in the middle of the night complaining of headache or some other pain only for me to later find out that she has been woken up and in her words things are “freaking her out”. This time it has been 4 weeks of being woken at 3:40am every morning. I have tried telling them to leave her alone and this seems to work for a while but then will start all over again at a different time.

  21. CONFUSED MOMMY says:


  22. My 10 year old just told me that she is seeing things and that It has been going on for a year now.The reason she told us,is because her older sister turned off the lights in the room she was in, My daughter freaked out crying and screaming that she did not want to see the shadow people, she said that she isn’t afraid of all of them, For example she said that there is a old man and a dog that follows me and a black man that stays close behind my shoulder,He told her not to tell me because he would show him self to me again that he and I have meet before,when I was 7,I was very sick and almost died, My mother told me that I would sit up in my bed and talk to someone when ask who I told them that it was a black man sittng at the end of my bed, I have never told my kids this and I don’t think any one else has either. a bird follows her sister and her other sister there is a young girl that looks like her that follows behind her and there is a young boy in boots and fish that follows her dad, she said that she can’t always understand every thing they are saying because there are too many talk at once,the ones that she are afraid of are the one she can not see well the ones that stay in the shadows, this why she sleeps with lights on and her head covered, I do not want to be afraid of this but it’s hard when you are little afraid yourself and don’t know what it all means,Could you give me alittle insight

  23. Hi, my 7 yr old daughter has been seeing a ghost or spirit for two weeks now and my 9 yr old son started seeing the same ghost this past monday. he told me tonight that he seen his papaw who passed away in july 2009.. the sightings have occured in his room and his sisters room..he has not grieved the loss of him and it concerns me because he knows he is in heaven but still sees him…what should i do and how should i handle the situation…i myself have seen and smelled scents that i associate with him..i told my son that his grandpa was just here to check on him and his sister and that he wont hurt them because he loves them… did i do the right thing? my son is very afraid that something is going to happen to his grandma and she wouldnt be there anymore how should i handle this i could use all the advice i could get…thanks

  24. My daughter reciently is seeing a man in our back yard near and sometimes sitting on our swing…..she only sees a side view, and he dosent do anything….se sees him apparently on a somewhat regular basis….what do i do

  25. hey, i have 11 year old that is seeing shadows. i have dealt with this once before with her, but this one is different. you could see the fear on her face of this shadow. i have seen spirits all my life, i hear things from them when they knock things over, or open a door.i have even seen a few shadows. but when i seen herthis terrified i didnt know what to do. i tried to tell her that they wont hurt her and just tell them to go to the light. she said that this shadow was not familiar and he really scared her. i asked her to describe him to me and she said that he was burnt all over. we have an abanndoned well that is covered close to our house,and she said that he came out of there. i asked how she knew that, but she didnt tell me. please tell me of a way that i can help her get thru this. im use to it. ive dealt with all my life the first time that i seen anything it scared me, but not as bad she was scared. please give some advice. i would greatly appreciate it very much.

  26. for the past few months my daughter has been telling me she sees a little girl in her room. She refuses to have her door closed or the lights off. about a month ago i was comming out of my sons room and saw a little girl standing in my hall way. She took off into the kitchen so i chased her thinking it was my daughter but when i got in the kitchen there was no one there. I went to my daughters room and she was fast asleep. It really frightned me so i told her dad bout it. Hes skeptical but he didnt shrug it off. Theres been a few more strange things going on since then but the scariest was a couple days ago i was getting her dressed for school and we were talking and she just got really quiet. I looked up and her face was so full of fear she asked me to turn around and see the girl so i did but there was no one there. I asked her what she looked like and she described the girl i had seen in the hallway. if this is in fact a spirit she doesnt seem dangerous and shes not makeing herself really known except to my child. How do i help my daughter no be so scared of what she is seeing?

  27. Hannah Cooke says:

    Hia, I hope you dont mind me messaging you, Im quite worried about my daughter, kyla, shes 3 and now shes talking shes explaining things in so much detail, i thought maybe sh had some imaginary friends as shes always playing whta seems to be alone, but talking as though other people are there.
    (this is all her own words) she has some friends that she talks to and sees, one is a lady and a baby who were dead on the road but now live in the sky and are blue and mke her feel happy, but one is a horrible man and lives down, right fown ( she pointed at the floor) and is red nd has big hands, nd she doesnt like him, hes horrible, he scratched her,she doesnt want to see him again. when she was explaining this she suddenly started shouting owwww owwwww hes hurting my back mummy. she has also woken up a few time in the night, screaming owwww owwwww wen nothing is rong and I cant comfort her, just wondered what you thought bout this please? Has she just got an overactive imagination or should I be worried? X..

  28. stacie says:

    i have a 3 and 2 year old who is so scared to go to one of the rooms in our home it is a rental but they will scream to the top of there lungs and say its gonna get me and this just started and i have always felt like someone is watching me and cool spots but they will run saying stuff like its gonna bite me and mommy & daddy lets go its gonna get you! so were here at my dads and its 15 garden homes so would moving to another one help or just moving away from that property i need help bad! i am scared for my babies i have never been threw this!

  29. Hello, Im sooo frustrated, Don’t know where to turn or who to talk to, but long story short, my daughter is going through the same thing as most of these parents children. BUT there is a spirit that will not go away. When we tell him to, he laughs at me and my daughter, he will not tell my daughter or me what he wants,hes is a black shawdow she says with piercing blue eyes. She has told me that he has choked her, and she he has even asked her to do bad things like steal and at times, my daughter believe he takes on the form of a little girl. She sees him in the day and night.Im EXTREMELY exausted over this. What can we do? I feel helpless. Can someone please help me? A Mother..

  30. Lillian says:

    Hi Tamara,
    when i was a kid i used to see some form of spirits or ghosts and hear them talking to me but my parents told me it wasn’t real and after some years it mostly went away.
    I was wondering if there was anyway to reconnect with it?
    I can still feel when there is something else in the room with me and can often tell gender, but its nothing like when i was little.
    thanks heaps.

  31. Hi my son is 11 and has has been waking up now and then in the middle of the night all freaked out. I ask him if he had a nightmare and he says no that he was awake. One time he said he just woke up and saw a man standing in his room looking at him and when he ran out of the room It was like he ran right through him.
    last night I heard him scream in the middle of the night and when I asked him he said someone pushed him in bed and he woke up and that he pushed him again then ran across the room. I don’t want to ask him too many questions because I don’t want to freak him out anymore, he scares easily. I told him next time he sees someone to just tell them to go away but I think that freaks him out even more.

    My husband beleives him because he just recently told me he used to see things at night too but he just tells my son its his imagination. I’m not sure where to take it from here.


  32. My 21 yo son has recently told me that he sees ghosts. It started about 2 years ago. He says if he closes his eyes and concentrates they will appear…sometimes in his face, other times they stand about 20 feet away. Sometimes there can be 6 at a time. Initially he thought they were confined to his bedroom, but now they can be anywhere. One night, a man was pointing to his jeans drawer, maybe beckoning him to put on his jeans and go out. He says they don’t scare him, but I really wonder about that. This all sounds awfully strange to me, but since he confided in me I have been calm about it and asked him if he’s tried communicating with them. What can I do about this? I really want to believe him. Can this all come on suddenly at this age?

  33. Hi my daughter is 8 but she as been seeing things since she was a baby but recently she has started seeing animals she gets really scared and I get scares for her 1 time she said some thing tryed dragging her to the attic and whatever is was told her I was up there waiting for her I don’t know what to do

  34. hello.
    I have a 4 year old daughter, who I also believe see’s spirits. However, her descriptions to me are all terrifying. She says that she can actually see “shadow people” (she calls them that on her own), but that she only see’s dead people in her dreams. When she was younger, and not able to really communicate… she would say things like “cant sleep, go away”… and now she tells me that she tries to shake them out of her head, but they won’t leave.
    The first people she described to me were: a woman with an ouchie in her head, and a boy covered in bruises. And once she covered her head with a towel before bed so that it would protect her from the “headshots”… then said that she didn’t want to get put where the groceries go in the car again.

    these things are horrible… and I don’t know what to do. My kid is scared to death. She hates the “scary pictures”. I have went into her room at night and told whatever was there to back off and not to scare her… I said she’s not old enough to help you, and she never will if you keep trerrifying her…. i say that they can be here – but they are not welcome this way.

  35. Hi my son is 3 years old and he wakes up every night around 3:00am crying. when i try to calm him down he starts looking to the roof and starts mumbling things as if he sees something and he is asking it to go away. I was told that the people who stayed before us, use to do witch craft and on the garage door their is arrows and vodoo doll looking things drawn on the door. I beleive my son sees this things. I also get the feeling as if i am being watched at home. I want to help my son but I do not know how. I pray at night and turn on a white candle, BUT please advice what can I do so my son can sleep well at night and not wake up SCARED.

    • Tamara Hawk says:

      Hi there,
      You could get a house clearing done if you are concerned about things in your house. Please try Kelly at she is very gifted ~ I had her clear my house for me too. She does not need to come to your house to do this, it is done remotely.