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The Energies, January 2010

Have you noticed the change in the energy?

Starting in 2009 things got a little weird, energies got strong, then things started to change. In September, it seemed to come to a head, as if everything left us, or was in the process of leaving us. It was as if everything that was old, or not serving our Highest and Best Good was leaving. The changes were massive. The energy was difficult at times. Some of you lost things from your life that had been around for a very long time. There were a lot of souls that went so far as to actually leave the earth, and the human life they were living. It was time to let go of a lot of the things that brought us to where we were at that time.

Following the release of the things, people, and energies that came early last fall, was a sense of emptiness. I spoke to so many people that felt lost and confused and just didn’t know what to do. It felt stagnant for a lot of people. So many felt like there wasn’t much point anymore. The things they used to think were fun didn’t have the allure that they had before. There was a general feeling of ‘why bother?’. Some felt like they had lost their passion for life and fun. Many just seemed to take a time-out from life and living.

In mid-January 2010, the energies started to change again. There was a sense of movement. If, in the fall, you had successfully let go of everything that was no longer serving you, you suddenly felt this month that maybe there was something to this life after all. For some of you, it is new people coming in to your life. So many of us are feeling the need to connect with like-minded others at this time. Those that had been spending a lot of time alone are suddenly drawn to join groups, or make friends, get out there and do something.

Its like all the plans that were put on hold for months are now coming to fruition. There is a need, a drive, to move. Some are welcoming new relationships into their lives, some are getting new and different job opportunities coming their way. There’s a big opportunity for change and movement at this time. What would you like in your life? Go for it. Sometimes change involves risk, but there is no better time than right now to take that leap, explore your options, spread your wings and take advantage of all the new things presenting to you.

I Got Caught Not Practicing Awareness Today

I am usually pretty good at being in the moment, and practicing awareness.  However, the past little while has been a bit of a challenge for me.  I have had tons of stuff going on and I’ve sometimes wondered how I can do it all.

My Aunt passed away on January 8th, after a very brief yet intense illness.  Her and I were very close, she was my mentor, my confidant, my friend.  We had a “Celebration of Life” for her on Sunday.

As I wrote a few weeks ago, my husband broke his leg in September and has been off work since.  He went for surgery yesterday to have pins removed.

Tomorrow, my son has dental surgery for a growth he’s got on his gums.  Likely not too serious, but they have to knock him out and a mom worries anyway.

This Friday night I am participating in a paranormal investigation.  My first with a new P.A.R.A. team.  Very exciting.  I will let you know how it goes once all is said and done.

I’ve had tons of e-mails coming in and I’m working on booking in readings from those that are still on my waitlist.

Over the past while my horse has been slightly neglected.  I say slightly because I keep him at a barn where they take awesome care of him.  He’s well fed, gets put out in the morning to romp around and is brought in and kept warm and dry at night.  I have been trying to get down to exercise him but its been a challenge over the past while.  He grounds me, keeps me in the moment and I can’t help but Practice Awareness when I am with him but I haven’t been to the barn since Saturday.  Over the last month I have only been down to the barn just enough to keep him from going crazy from lack of attention. Thinking that I absolutly must get to see him on Thursday.

So, here I was, this Tuesday morning, I was happily going along my way and getting ready for the day.  I had booked four clients in today starting at 9:30 a.m.  I got up early, had my workout and shower and was having a cup of coffee before taking my son to school.  My husband had to leave the house and needed help with the truck.  I often will help to lift things into or out of the truck with him, normally not a problem.

This particular morning I was feeling a little rushed, seeing how many emails I could answer before my appointments started.  I was thinking about all the things I had to do, the things I had done, what I needed to get done later, and what I could rush through to get to where I wanted to be.  A typical case of rushing around too much and not being in the moment.

So I went outside with my husband and proceeded to grab one side of a very heavy piece of equipment, and halfway through lifting it I got the most intense pain in my back.  Ouch.  I could hardly move.  I hobbled into the house and tried to stretch it out a bit but it didn’t work.  I then popped a couple of Robax Platinum’s hoping that that would help to relax the muscle.

Suffice to say, I ended up cancelling my readings for the day…I couldn’t even get down the stairs to where I do readings, never mind actually sit with someone without wincing or groaning. 

I said to my husband “I wonder if someone is trying to tell me something?”  I must say, I know we create our own “stuff” ~ good and bad.  He pointed out that normally when I am going to lift something like that I stretch and bend and make a big production of limbering up beforehand and today I didn’t. 

I’m a thinker, always looking for a higher meaning to things.  I considered that my higher self didn’t want me to be doing readings today, or that I was meant to be doing something else with my day.

When it comes right down to it though, its just AWARENESS.  I got too much into my head, and autopilot, and rushing to get things done and didn’t take the time to get ready and lift properly.  That’s it.  Not divine intervention, not a curse, not anything, just ME. 

A great reminder for me to be in the moment and Practice My Awareness.

Are you being true to yourself?

Are you are feeling stuck in any part of your life? Could it be because you aren’t following what you want to do?

Could it be that if you actually did what you wanted, you would be afraid about how those around you would react? How much of what you are doing or not doing in your life right now is based on what you perceive you should be doing because of what others might think or believe, or from fear of judgement? How much of what you are doing is because it is what you want for yourself?

This may be applied to all aspects of life.

I’ve been told many times in my life, you can’t say that, do that, write that, from people around me, close to me, and from myself. That little voice inside my head that says “be careful what you say or do”, you don’t want to offend anyone, or hurt anyone’s feelings or even be the brunt of someone’s disapproval

There (hopefully), comes a time in your life where you make the decision to just go for it. This does not have to be at the expense of others. Most of us do have some responsibilities; to our families, our friends, our work. However, our responsibilities do not have to always deter us from doing what we want. We just don’t always need approval from someone else.

How many times do you end up doing nothing, because there are things you want to do, but feel you shouldn’t do, and then the list of ‘should do’s’ takes over, and you do nothing, simply because you feel too guilty to do what you want, and are not inspired to do what you think you should. “Oh, I can’t do that, I should do this”. Then….nothing – you take no action.

That leads to a rather uninspired life. What if, just once in a while, you decided to just do and be what you wanted? No worries about judgements, no worries about someone else thinking you are selfish.

I need to be really clear that this does not involve self-defeating behaviours, as in going out and partying with friends rather than being with your kids. You still have responsibilities but you can still do what you want to do within your relationships, your family, your employment, your life – that inner voice thing – listen to it and act on it.

On Death, Crossing-Over and the Grief Process

It can be very hard to lose someone you are close to.  Whether they become sick, or they pass suddenly, it can be a shock to us.

It is even harder for those that do not know that our existence here on earth is just a very small part of who we really are.  We are all born to earth with our own reasons for being here.  Sometimes we consciously know the reason we are here, more often than not we are not aware of it until after our passing.

When you have lost, or are in the process of losing someone you love, please allow yourself to grieve, and allow yourself to be sad.  Grieve for yourself though.  Not necessarily for your loved one.  Your loved one is fine.  Your loved one is not losing anything. Your loved is going home to be in and of the light again.  They have nothing to worry about.

It is those of us left behind that are losing something.  We feel the loss and separation from the person who has left us.  They don’t feel the separation, we do.  When they go home to the light they are more connected than they ever could have been while in the earth energy.

Do not think of what they did not have the chance to do in this lifetime.  No matter what their age, if they are going home, they are done here.  They have completed what they came here to do, and can now go home, knowing that they succeeded with what they came here for.  They can see us here, they can join us for family events if they want to, they are not ‘missing’ anything.

There are many souls that decided to come to earth during this time of change.  Just as they have come to earth during other times of big shifts and change on the earth.  A lot of these souls are now done here.  The change has occurred, there has been a massive shift in the collective consciousness over the past 10 years.  There are many wonderful, loving souls that came here to assist with that.  They are done.  They now get to go home.  You WILL see them again. 

So do not grieve for them.  Do not feel sad for them.  Allow yourself to grieve for yourself, feel sad for your own loss, to say good-bye.  Tears can be cleansing.  Just remember to be sad for the loss of the love and friendship you had with your loved one, for the space they occupied in your life.  Fill that space with love; use prayer, meditation, whatever it takes to help yourself get through the loss.  Just do not grieve for where they are now, because now they are home.

With love and gratitude for the space you all have in my life.