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Too Good To Be True?

Its funny. We hear that saying often. Sometimes it rings true ~ like the time someone calls you and tells you that you have won a trip somewhere and later you find out that it is going to cost you $1500 in fees and taxes just to take it.

Or, with psychic readings, sometimes when a free reading is offered, you get the “reading”, but its vague and then you get bombarded with spam, or worse yet someone tells you that you have a curse and it will take hundreds, or sometimes thousands of dollars to remove it.

In those cases, yes, it really was too good to be true.

There is reason to be cautious sometimes, but please don’t discount everything good that is offered to you. There are tons of things out there that truly are good – and true. No strings if you don’t want them. I just went to a seminar a couple weeks ago for a timeshare. I walked away with two tickets to a Canucks game and a $50.00 Visa Gift Card. (For those of you who don’t know, the Canucks, are Vancouver, BC’s NHL Hockey Team). I must tell you that these tickets are hard to come by.

Yes, I did have to drive into the city. Yes, it did take a few hours out of my life. But, I went with my family and we went for dinner and used the Visa card to pay for it. We turned it into an adventure and enjoyed ourselves. Yes, it was a bit of a hard-sell, but there was no requirement to buy anything, and as much as the sales people really pushed their product, they were, for the most part, nice.

A lot of people who are reading this are familiar with the Law of Attraction, and of working to manifest positive things into their life. Well, I can tell you that there is nothing like the statement “too good to be true” to block positive things from manifesting. You cannot expect positive things to come into your life if you block them by not believing that good things can come your way …for absolutely no good reason except that you have asked for them and expect them to come!

This has happened, even with my psychic readings. I always try and get people in as soon as I can but the wait can vary from a few days to a few weeks. Sometimes it takes me 2-3 weeks to even answer an email. This is usually dependent on my workload ~ I do not have an assistant, I do it all myself, so there’s not usually any rhyme or reason to it ~ I get to things when I can get to them.

Back to the subject of too good to be true…every so often, just as I have had time freed up over the next couple of days for one reason or another, an email will pop right into my inbox and I will be ‘told’ that I should fit that person in, often even before I open the email. My day had been cleared up for reasons seemingly beyond my control. I think, oh, I have time for a reading, and “ding” ~ “you’ve got mail”.

I’ve actually had two people tell me over the years (two is not a lot by any means, but I sometimes wonder, if two told me, how many didn’t bother), that when I replied right away, they figured I must be some sort of a scammer or something. Because my website says I’m so busy, and that I can be slow to respond to people, they figured that everything on my website was false. A good example of ‘too good to be true’. What if the people that get the response right away are just getting really good at manifesting things? What if its not too good to be true, but a clear example of ‘I get what I need’.

Think about that next time you tell yourself that something must be too good to be true. Take a close look at it. Is it really? Or is it just that what you want is coming to you? And coming much faster than you ever imagined it could.

I do think we need to be diligent to not be taken advantage of, but with a little bit of common sense and research, that isn’t likely to happen to you anyway.

How about, next time something like this comes your way, check it out, do your due diligence, and then just be thankful. Appreciate what is offered, show gratitude and accept it. Allow the energy of allowing to flow towards you. What you focus on you create. So why not focus on good things coming and appreciating them when they do … then you will only create more good things.

I'm taking new clients again, and other news…

I somehow got behind on my blog posts. Hard to belive its already been two weeks since I last posted. There has been a lot going on for me though, both personally and professionally ~ its all good ~ I just seem to have not had as much time for writing.

It has been absolutely beautiful weather here. For those of you who do not know, I live in Beautiful British Columbia Canada, just outside of Vancouver where they are holding the 2010 Winter Olympics. It has been mostly sunny (with a downpour here and there) and all through January we had record breaking temperatures. Trees are budding, flowers are starting, and my horse started shedding his winter coat about 4 weeks ago. Very different from last year. It feels like May already! This is wonderful for those of us who like to get outside, not so great for the Winter Olympics.

There is a lot of information in this post so keep reading…

Psychic Readings

I am going to switch things up a bit with my readings. I haven’t been taking new clients for quite a few months now and I had a long waiting list that I think I have completed now (if you feel you were missed, please e-mail me). I feel much more rested than I did last year, and am starting to find a bit more balance in my life. I think it is time to start taking new clients and connecting with more of you again. So, as of now, I am taking new clients again.

Psychic Reading Rates

As of March 15, 2010 my rates are going up. Anyone booking or e-mailing me for a reading prior to March 15 will get the old rates.

As of March 15, my new rates will be as follows:

$300 for a reading of a minimum of 60 minutes. If we go over the hour there will be no additional charge (time limit of 80 minutes).

For a half hour reading, the rate will be $150. 45 minutes will be $225.

E-mail reading rates TBA.

For those of you who have been my clients for a long time and/or who get readings more often than once per year, I am willing to work out discounts on the new rates. Please, when you e-mail me to book your reading mention that you are an existing client and your request for a discount and we will work something out.

Free Psychic Readings

For those who are subscribed to my Newsletter I will be offering a twice yearly draw for a free psychic reading. All you need to do is be actively subscribed to my newsletter and you will be entered in a draw to get a free reading. Winners will be contacted via the email on their subscription and will have one month to book a reading with me once I contact them. The reading does not have to be taken within the month, but I need a response from the winner within the month.

Psychic Kids

There has been a huge response to my post about psychic kids. I really will be writing more on how to deal with this and help your kids so if you are interested check back here for updates, and/or read the comments section of that post.

I’ve been toying with the idea of having groups here in Chilliwack to get psychic kids together so that they don’t feel so alone and to teach them how to deal with their gifts. If you are interested please let me know. I won’t do this if I do not get a decent response. I have found that people tend to say they would like to come to a meet up group and their life gets in the way and they do not make it. This doesn’t bother me personally, those that “need” to show up generally do, but when dealing with kids, I don’t want to schedule something and have a child show up and be the only one. They already have a tendency to feel alone in this world.

I think that’s all the biggest news so far this month.

With Love and Grattitude for all of you and who you are…


We all create our own reality.  Not only by what we say or do, but by what we believe.
A belief is just a thought that repeats itself over and over again.  Our beliefs shape our reality more than anything else.
There have been times in my life when I have been told that I have on “rose coloured glasses” or that I am not living in reality.  Well, I can tell you, for the most part, I am happy.  My life is good.  If my life is what I believe to be “good”, and I am happy and am able to spread love and light and abundance, what is wrong with that?  If that means I’m not living in someone else’s negative view of ‘reality’ then so-be-it.  I like my reality.
Would there be any point at all for me to believe that things are not as positive as I think and feel they are?  That when I am challenged by something, it is a ‘bad’ experience and will ruin my life?  When I have a challenge in my life, and I have had many, I chose to believe that I will get through it.  I chose to believe that in some way, whether I recognize it or not at the moment, it is for my highest and best good and on some level I have created it.  When I am particularly challenged, I look at ways to create something different for myself.  It’s not always easy, but I know, or at least I believe, that discomfort promotes movement, and movement promotes growth.  That is the way I chose to perceive my reality.
The following are some examples of ways you may talk to yourself, and in turn, shape your own reality.  Which category do you find yourself going to more often, the first or the second?
1). “There’s high unemployment and there is no work out there”.  If you believe this, then you will make that a reality for yourself.  You will go through your days acting on that belief.  You will not bother to look as hard because you believe there is no point to looking, there is no work.
2.) If you were to change the thoughts, the belief would follow.  “There are jobs out there, you just have to find them”.  You will go through your days acting as if the perfect job is out there for you.  You will look more, you will apply more, you will find a job that resonates with you.
1). “There is no point to starting exercise unless I am prepared to do it every day” (or 3x a week or whatever you believe).  You are more likely to not exercise at all because you believe there is no point and no benefit to just doing a little. 
2.) “Any exercise I can get is better than doing nothing”.  If that is your belief then you will get up and move a lot more.  You may find you have 5-10 minutes a day, or one hour every second weekend.  Once you do a little bit, if you believe it is helping, it will be helping.  You will feel good about the little bit you are doing and will possibly feel like doing more, because it will feel good.
1). If you own a business.  “It is hard to find good help”.  You will put out an ad for staff.  You will get X amount of applications.  You believe that good help is hard to find, so you will hire based only on the applications sitting in front of you, whether the people fit with your company’s mission and values or not.  After all, what is the point in looking any farther, ‘there’s no good help out there’.
2.) “There are many people out there that will resonate with the values of my company”.  You put out an ad.  You get X amount of applications.  None appear to be what your company is looking for.  You can either put out another ad in a different place and see who applies, or you interview people who might not have the experience who turn out to be very quick learners, are bright and share your values. 
1). “There’s no point in trying, nothing ever works”.  This one is pretty much a creativity killer.  If you hold this belief, you are likely to never try anything new.  Never let anything old go, and to feel stuck in your life. 
2.) “This doesn’t feel good to me, I think I’m going to do something – anything differently”.  Guaranteed, that if you change even one thing, do even one thing differently, you will see different results.  If you like the results great, if you don’t, change something else.
If you want to change your life, and your reality, start by changing your beliefs.  Challenge them regularly.  When you find your self-talk being negative, ask yourself if it really is truth.  If it really needs to be your truth.
So many of our beliefs are not even ours, but what we have been told in our lives.  We are told things by our parents, our teachers, our religious leaders, our government, our media.  Not everything you hear is truth.  Even if it is true for some people, it is not necessarily true for everyone.  It does not have to be true for you.  Unless you believe it to be true and take it on as a part of your belief system.
Starting today, give yourself permission to think for yourself and create your own beliefs.