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My Favourite U-Tube Video of the Month

I thought this one was pretty good, someone emailed it to me so I thought I’d share it with you. 

A palindrome reads the same backwards as forward. This video reads the opposite backwards as forward. Not only does it read the opposite, the meaning is the exact opposite.

This is only a 1 minute, 44 second video and it is brilliant. Make sure you read as well as listen…forward and backward.

This is a video that was submitted in a contest by a 20-year old. The contest was titled “u @ 50” by AARP and it won second place. When they showed it, everyone in the room was awe-struck and broke into spontaneous applause. So simple and yet so brilliant.

Take a minute and watch it.

Introducing Drea

One of my mentoring clients and a dear friend has now decided that she is ready to do psychic readings for other people. She is quite intuitive and has worked hard at honing her skills.

She is new at this so has decided to offer a few free e-mail psychic readings to get herself started, and to get things flowing.

Although she is new to this game, I think you will be happy with your reading if you decide to take her up on her offer. I believe her original offer was for 10 e-mail readings and that she has already done a couple. It will be first come first served, after which time, you can pay to have a reading with her.

You can view her blog and information about the offer here

Please let her know if you were referred from me. Thanks!!

Fear, Anger and Frustration

Sometimes in your quest to be “Spiritual” you may forget that you are a human being, with other feelings. There is this quest to feel joy and love all the time. As much as this is something that feels good once we get there, do not forget that there are other feelings and they do count for something too.

Anger, Fear and Frustration all have a role to play for you. They are not always just ‘bad’ feelings that you need to get rid of. They often can and do serve as warnings of things in our surroundings that are not good for us.

If you feel any of these lower vibrating feelings, rather than just trying to push them down or hide them, or tell yourself you shouldn’t be feeling that way, why don’t you go into the feeling and see where it is coming from?

When you have a feeling and try to push it down it doesn’t work. It stays with you. It squashes your intuition. Oftentimes if you feel fear it could save your life. If you are angry, it could be a warning that someone is in your space, if you are frustrated you may need to find a new way of doing things.

We need balance people! Yes, it is good to be connected to Source energy and all that is. However, we need to stay grounded. We live in a 3D world. We need to be aware of our surroundings. If we continually deny the 3D reality we risk not paying attention to what’s going on around us. Our ‘human world’ does need attention. You cannot have balance in your life without acknowledging 3D reality and walking though it in a grounded state.

Next time you find yourself feeling any of these feelings, go into it deeper for a few minutes. Sit down, meditate, clear out all the mind clutter and feel where the emotion is coming from. If it is just coming from your mind and your thoughts, then change your thoughts. But if you find that there really is a reason to be angry, frustrated, or fearful, then you need to take an action. Whether it be to change something, physically move to something or away from something, or to just release thoughts that aren’t serving your highest and best good anymore.

If you do not acknowledge these feelings (of fear, anger, frustration, etc.,) you cannot transmute this energy to a positive state where you can make a choice to act.

Visits From Spirits

As many of you know, I lost my aunt and mentor to cancer at the beginning of the year. With my gifts I can often still communicate with her on the other side, but its not always the same. If I feel I need her, I can just sit for a minute and talk to her and she does talk back to me. She’s still able to give me advice from the other side.

A couple of days ago I was really missing her and wishing I could just pick up the phone and talk to her. I asked her to come and see me in a dream, as these visits are sometimes more ‘real’ and communication comes easier that way. Besides, I just missed her and wanted to see her again.

So I woke up yesterday morning, and nothing. I was quite disappointed that she hadn’t come to see me while I slept.

The next night, last night, while “dreaming”, I called her up and we were talking on the phone. She was right there but we were still using the phone. After talking to her for a few minutes I said that I didn’t realize it was that easy to talk to her when she was dead. I said I was surprised she answered the phone when I called. She said we do it all the time and have been doing it since she passed over.

Because I am so close to her and do miss her, sometimes when I would feel her around I would doubt if it was her, wondering if it was just wishful thinking and vivid imagination on my part. (I should know better, but when we are that personally involved in a situation, its sometimes harder to trust).

It was really nice to see her last night. And it was nice that she acknowledged the fact that I needed the dream to feel better. I needed more than just telepathy from a Spirit while sitting drinking my coffee in the morning.

If you find you have dreams about a loved one, please allow yourself to conceive that they really are visiting you. When we are sleeping, there are parts of us that are “turned off”, and we can listen and visit better.

When we dream, our logical minds are turned off. We can leave our body and limitations behind and it is easier for our loved ones to communicate with us; and for us to feel as if, “Oh, it felt so real”. That’s because it was real.

Spiritual Movie of the Month

I just got this in my in box and wanted to share it with you. It looks like a very interesting movie.

Here’s what the e-mail said about the movie. Read for yourself and then check out the trailer below.

With a seemingly endless stream of new books on the subject of the end of the Mayan Calendar everyone wants to know about 2012! Are we at the beginning of the most amazing and wonderful time on Earth, or is Armageddon just over the horizon?

Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard brings us insight and excitement about life: through the (feature/short) film, Visions of a Universal Humanity – a must-see exploration of science-based evidence that we are at the precipice of the greatest evolutionary jump in human history

Wrapped in awe-inspiring imagery and soul-lifting music, this movie debunks the doomsday prophesies of the so-called “end of history,” inviting us to consider instead the conclusions of some of the finest minds of our time who present cutting-edge perspectives on humankind’s breathtaking potential to create the future of our dreams.

Watch in wonder as the story of our own evolution comes alive in a combination of sparkling intellect and vibrant artistry that is this remarkable motion picture, leaving us not only illuminated, but instigated—ready now to play our role in the co-creation of our collective tomorrows.

Free Psychic Reading Draw

I have done the draw for the April 2010 free psychic reading, and it goes to Miss. Cole of Norfolk, England. She has chosen to have her reading over the phone.

Everyone subscribed to my newsletter is entered in the draw for a free reading. I am doing two free readings per year. The next draw will be in October 2010.

Paranormal Investigations

In January of this year I joined a Paranormal Investigations Group. They are a startup group based out of Abbotsford, BC. So far I have only been on one investigation with them, but we have another one scheduled for this month.

If you have ghosts or paranormal activity going on in your house, and you live in the Fraser Valley, and you would like an investigation done, you can check out their website Paranormal Association of Research and Awareness. There is a form on there to apply to have the team come to your house.

As I already mentioned, they are a startup group so as of yet so they do not have tons of expensive equipment, but they do have enough resources to check your place out for you and provide you with feedback. They are consistently upgrading and improving on the equipment that they have and are working towards having all the “best ghost hunting equipment” available. As a team, they are hoping to capture proof of paranormal activity and to raise awareness that ghosts really do exist.

Everyone on the team is bonded, the investigations are free, and you will be provided with a report afterwards.

I don’t know if I will personally be at every investigation, but I will attend the ones I am able to.