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Can anyone be psychic?

Yes and no. Most certainly we are all connected to Source energy, and we can all connect with our higher selves and guides to a certain degree if we work hard enough at it. But can anyone be psychic?

It is my experience that if you take the time to meditate and connect, then you can get some messages, and can tune into some energies. We all have energy around us that we can become more aware of with practice. We can do work on our Chakras (energy systems), and learn to listen when our intuition tells us something.

However, I do believe that some of us were born to this world with a gift of being psychic. Most babies, for a time after birth, remember home and where they came from. For the majority, this memory fades with time unless they decided before being born that being psychic was going to be a part of their lives while here.

Every person on the planet was born with a gift. Some were born with the gift of having the ability to play the piano, or write music, or sing, or heal others, or play hockey, or work with numbers, or be a mom, or pay attention to detail, or organize, or build things…the list is endless.

We all have our own gifts, the things that we are the best at. Anyone can learn how to play hockey, or piano, or get organized, or develop intuition. But, no matter how hard you try, if it is not your gift, you cannot be as effective at it as someone who was born to do it.

I am not saying don’t take the time to meditate and listen and develop your intuition. It can be a very useful tool for you. Just because my gift is being psychic doesn’t mean I can’t learn to play the piano if I want, or play hockey if I feel like it. I just know that if I do those things, it won’t be to play in “The Radio City Music Hall” or the NHL.

What I am saying is that being psychic is not for everyone, and it doesn’t necessarily come easy if you weren’t born that way. For me being psychic and knowing things and talking to dead people is my gift. I don’t have to try at it. I meditate because it grounds me, keeps me firmly planted in the earth reality and helps to clear my energy. I don’t need to meditate to enhance my gifts. I used to think that what I did was not special because it came to me so easily. Over the years though I have realized just how hard it can be for others.

So, can you be psychic? If you were born that way, most certainly. If you weren’t, then maybe you can enhance your ability to use your intuition and feel energies, but it might be more worth your time to focus on the gifts that you DO have and use them to fulfill your life purpose.

Things shouldn’t be this way

That is a very powerful sentence. Think of the energy behind it. It really doesn’t matter what should or shouldn’t BE. All we have is what IS. That’s it. Focusing on how things should or shouldn’t be, just keeps things the way they are.

If you find yourself saying should or shouldn’t, maybe you need to take a good look at where you are, right now. What is causing you to say those words? Is it something that you have control over? Or not?

Chances are, you can change things, but you can never change them by saying they shouldn’t exist. You need to be in your moment, look at your moment, see everything that brought you here. If need be, release it. Or maybe it is just something you need to acknowledge. Sometimes you may find it easier to say it shouldn’t be a certain way, rather than actually seeing it how it is and doing something about it.

Sometimes you just need to ride it out, and do things differently next time. Some times you need to do things differently today. Sometimes it may be something you have no control over right at the moment (a law, or the economy perhaps). Sometimes it is something you can control right now.

Your focus should always be on you. What can you do. With the smaller stuff it’s easy. With the bigger stuff it might be a little harder, but its likely not impossible.

For some it is much easier to say should or shouldn’t rather than looking at things differently. I should have more money. Really? Should you? Then why don’t you? What have you done about it? Do you want money for nothing? Do you want money for work? Do you accept what you have created for yourself? Do you have debt to pay off? Why should you have more money? Look at yourself, your life, your responsibility in what you have created. Rather than use the energy zapper “should”, why don’t you take a good look at your present moment and see what you can do ~ right now, for yourself to create more money?

I shouldn’t be stuck living where I am living. Here’s another common one. Why are you stuck there? If you be in your moment and trust your moment, you will likely find that you aren’t stuck. It is your mind telling you that you are afraid to move. If you live with another person, you may say “I can’t afford to move”. Be in your moment. Is that really true? Or are you just afraid to change what you have now. If it is related to where you can afford to live, what can you do differently.

Things always start with a thought. If you are looking for an easy way out, or are looking at the way things “should, or shouldn’t be” chances are it will elude you. You need to look at what you have right now and use your imagination and your ability to create to find your own way out. Not just use those words as an excuse to stay where you are.

Keep the Love Alive – Now More Than Ever

We are in some very tough times right now.  So many shifts and changes.  We need to open up our hearts and feel the love.  When you are going through tough times, really all you can do is stay out of your own way, and let things carry on.  Even when it appears we are losing everything, it brings to the forefront what is really important in life.

So many of you are worried about money and safety and security.  That is just the times we are living in.  As  inhabitants of this world, we need to take care of her.  In our quest to be rich and comfortable we are raping the earth, and are putting an awful lot of importance onto things that don’t matter.

This isn’t really working for very many people.  All it is creating is more discord.  The absolute terror of losing everything.  Some are afraid of Armageddon some are just afraid of losing all that they have worked so hard for.

It is important to go back to love and living in the moment.  Every day that you are feeling afraid, or panicked is a day wasted.  You need to focus on what is really important to you.  Do you even want to be here to play the game of life?

You worry about your finances, but do you concern yourself with love when you are stressed?  How many of you are stressed out about money, and come home and yell at your kids or your spouse? 

Its time to stop and think about what is really important.  If you have any people around you at all, if you have any love in your heart, you need to focus on that.  That is what is important.

You may think “Yes, but I don’t want to lose my home”.  What if you lost a loved one instead?  What is important to you? 

A lot of people think “I’ve worked so hard for this, I don’t want to lose it all”.  If you do lose things, you can get it back again if it is still important to you later. Its important to remember that.  For some folks, losing things is the only way that they can move on and feel the love.

There can be so much stress produced by trying to hold onto something, that some of you will alienate those that are closest to you.  You may lose sight of the everyday moments that could bring joy and love.  Instead, you may find yourself worrying about all the external stuff that in the big scheme of things doesn’t really matter anyway.

Your chances of making it through these tough times will improve if you can find the love and the light in each moment here on earth.  So you lose some of your belongings, truly that is very uncomfortable and would suck big time.  However, if you still had a roof over your head, even if not in the ‘ideal” surroundings, would you be grateful that you still had your health, or your family, or just a feeling of inner peace and love?

This might sound very simple, but it is important that as many people as possible get it.  What affects one, affects all.  We are all one.  The more people that can feel the love and happiness in each and every moment, the more comfortable and calm it will be for everyone.  As you cultivate your own feelings of love and gratitude, you will impact those around you, and those on the other side of the globe.

A lot of you might think, “Oh, that’s easy for you to say, you are psychic, you have it so easy”.  That is not the case.  Yes, I  am psychic, and yes I can see things.  I can also say that my husbands work is his own construction company and has always paid about 70% of our bills.  Since last September, the construction company hasn’t been making much money.  My husband has only been working about 4-6 days a month, not at all last fall when he was recovering from his broken leg.  So, I DO understand.  We are in the same boat as most other people right now.  We are not above and beyond being impacted by the energy of the ‘whole’.

I can say, one of the biggest differences between us and you (maybe), is the way we feel about things.  As a family we are spending a lot of time together.  We (well, my husband), have planted a vegetable garden in our yard, we have planted berries, we take time out each day, to be thankful that we still have a yard.  We focus on how much we love each other and how wonderful it is to have this moment.   So far, we have a roof over our heads and food on the table.  We have had to cut back on a lot of things that are not 100% necessary for our basic survival.  I’ve had to call a couple of people to let them know I will pay them when I can, just not today.

For now though, I will not be sucked into the vortex of feeling lousy.  I chose to feel the love and joy that the majority of my moments can bring.  You can find little bits of love and joy if you just open up your heart and allow yourself to see and feel them.

Two months from now, who knows.  Maybe I will be writing blog posts from a rented apartment.  The thing is, if I am healthy and I have love and gratitude I know I will be okay.  Things will not stay like this unless the collective consciousness of the human race gives up all hope and refuses to learn anything; refuses to focus on LOVE and what is really important.  I am more optimistic than that.  I believe that together we can make a difference – each and every one of you reading this can have an impact.  I have said before, we need to find our light and the love and spread it around as much as we can, as we do that, we allow others to do that as well.

Please stay in the moment, stay hopeful, stay your pure and loving self, and spread it around.  It WILL make a difference!

Do I NEED a Psychic?

The answer to this question is no. You don’t need me.

I probably don’t need my accountant either. I chose to use an accountant because it is much easier for me to hand my books over to a professional.  I have no desire to study for years so that I can do it myself.  I have no interest in looking at numbers and doing tax returns and all that comes with bookwork for hours on end.  It’s just not my thing.

I like to have a person that I can rely on, that is an expert in their field, that has taken the time to learn and continues to do so all the time, and that can help me.

Do I myself need a psychic? Not normally. However, before my Aunt passed away I’d call her occasionally to get a second opinion on something. Usually it was if I saw something for myself that was a little unclear, or more likely if I was just too close to the situation to be unbiased.

Many of my clients, and many of you reading this are intuitive, and just want a second opinion before moving ahead with something. Not everyone has the desire to study for years on how to listen to their intuition or their Higher Self. Life gets in the way, and developing intuition just might not be your thing.

So do you NEED me? No. Can I help? Yes. I am here to help with something if you don’t have time to meditate on it, or when you need a second opinion. Or if being intuitive just isn’t on your list of things to do.

New Psychic Reading Offerings

I have just added some additional services to enable more of you to try out a psychic reading. These are limited time offers.

I have added a Mini e-mail reading to the Psychic Readings page of my site. This is a one question e-mail reading for $50.00. Perfect for those of you who are feeling stuck in just one area of life and would like a little insight.

I am also offering 15 minute phone readings. Good for those of you who only have one or two pressing issues and do not require longer than that. It is also a good opportunity to try out a mini-reading to see how I work if you have concerns about committing to a longer psychic reading. The rate for these readings is $65.00.

You can check out both of these offers on the Psychic Readings page of my website.

When Your Day Seems Out of Balance

When your day seems out of balance
And, so many things go wrong.
When people fight around you
and the clock drags on so long…

When most folks act like children,
and fill you with remorse,
Go out into your pasture.
Wrap your arms around your horse.

His gentle breath enfolds you,
And he watches with those eyes
He may not have a PhD,
But he is, oh so wise!

His head rests on your shoulder.
You embrace him good and tight;
He puts your world in balance,
And makes it seem all right.

Your tears will soon stop flowing,
The tension will be eased.
The nonsense has been lifted,
You are quiet and at peace.

So when you need some balance
From the stresses in your day..
The best therapy you can seek..
Is out there eating hay!
‘’The only one I tell all my secrets to is my horse.’’ – Rosie Curtis 1900

I don’t know who wrote this poem, but I like it so I thought I would share it with you.

Love, Tamara

I've finally got it together – No more waitlist

I am feeling really good today!

I have been getting so much done lately and it feels wonderful! Even my desk is partway clean. For those of you who have been for an in-person reading and have seen it, you know what a feat that is!

I’ve even been managing a blog post every few days, something I wasn’t sure I would ever accomplish.

Today it feels like a giant fog has cleared and things can start to move again. I am still using my spare time to catch up on all the ‘stuff’ I have on my list of things to do (and there are a lot), but everything just feels more fresh and new and optimistic today.

At the risk of getting overbooked again, I would like to share that I am up to date on almost everything! I am even able to take on new clients, referrals, and for the time being anyway, probably book you in within a day or a few days if you e-mail me to book a psychic reading.

It was last May that I finally went to the Naturopathic doctor for a bunch of tests, and its been since last July that I have been taking extra vitamins specific to my personal needs. I’ve been feeling better and better each month, but right now I feel amazing!

I’ve even offered to help out at the barn where I keep my horse. I have that much extra energy, I feel fully capable of shovelling s*it a day a week! Be good to get me away from my desk and out in the fresh air with exercise too I’m sure.

I’ve also got myself all set up on Facebook and would love to see you there! Links to copies of my newsletters will be on there too (when I remember to post them there – still the best way to get them is to sign up!) 🙂

Guess I’d better quit writing for today – don’t want to run the risk of having too many exclamation points in one post!

Today is a Good Day

Boy oh boy energies and things have been strange lately.  For me, and for a lot of my clients that I have talked to.  Its as if we are all waiting for something to happen.  There has been a lull.  Many of us know that things are as they are meant to be and that we will be okay.  Some would call it faith, some would call it a knowing, or connection to Source that they feel that all is as it should be, or at least that change is coming.

Its just this darn 3D world that messes us up sometimes.  As we slowly come out of the recession, many of us feel like we just can’t take anymore.  We’ve been beaten down, and things have felt like they just aren’t picking up.  So many are either out of work, or are just getting back to work, or are working for less than they were before.   Even my husband’s concrete cutting company has been slow.  Its picking up, but when he’s at a job site, almost everyone he talks to has been in the same boat, work is coming, its just not quite here yet.

Some are losing faith, but please try not to. While you are waiting for the new to show up, do what you can right now, with the old stuff.  Have you got a lot of clutter in your house that needs to be cleared out?  Things you have been thinking of doing but didn’t have the time to do before?  Its these times of lull that are the best for revaluating and realigning with your higher self and clearing out the stuff that you don’t need anymore, the stuff that is no longer serving your highest and best good.

I know all too well how hard it can be to motivate yourself when things feel like they are falling apart all around you.  When I find myself in that spot ~ I pray, I meditate, I pray more, I pray a lot.  I ask for help.  Sometimes the help I ask for is just to get through today.  I don’t always ask for specific things ~ I ask for feelings, the feeling that I want to have is calmness ~ even when life is at its stormiest for me.  I don’t ever want to lose the faith, I don’t ever want to lose the connection to Source, or to lose what makes me who I am.

Today is a stormy day here in BC.  It feels so very cleansing, I think I might even just go out in the back yard and sit (rain or not), and let the wind just clear away all the crap that’s built up lately. And maybe I’ll pray while I’m out there.

Psychic Readings – Rate Adjustment

After getting some feedback from my clients, I have decided to change my rates again.   

I have had quite a bit of feedback over the past month, and there are a lot of people out there who would like my help but can’t quite afford a reading at this time.

So, effective today, my new lower rates will be reflected on the “psychic readings” page of my website.  These rates are for phone and in-person readings.

It was not my intention to make myself unavailable to you, as I truly do enjoy helping.