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The Story of Stuff

This is something I came across quite some time ago and feel the need to share. It explains a lot how things work with our economy and marketing and government and the ‘why’ of some things are in place in our world and our economy.

It is very enlightening and speaks to how marketing can get us to do things that don’t really make much sense. Not that we are ignorant, but companies and governments have a way of scaring us into doing things that we wouldn’t normally do otherwise.

It explains how our “systems” work and ways we can begin to change things. I have great faith in our world, and in those of us who inhabit Mother Earth. Knowledge is power, and you can change things, and you can make a difference one person at a time.

Both of these video’s look at the “Big Picture”, how things came to be the way they are, and how we can begin to make changes.

I think you will enjoy them.

The Story of Stuff

The Story of Bottled Water

Part 2 – You Cannot Control Other People or Things

This is a follow-up to my last post about Control, in which I wrote that we do have control over our own lives.

Something we do not ever have control over is someone else. A lot of times you may find yourself wondering why you are in a certain situation, thinking that “if I have control over my life, why are things turning out this way?”

Take a close look at what is going on and see if what you are going through is really a personal thing for or with you, or if it is related to someone or something else. What actions are you taking to get what you say you want? If you aren’t taking any actions, the universe and your higher self will take over to get you to where you would like to be. This might lead to a feeling of having no control, when really you do.

Let’s say you are trying very hard to manifest a good relationship. Well, these types of things take two. So, if your mind has chosen someone who cannot give you what you want, you need to change your mind: “Why am I not getting what I want if I have control?” Maybe you are. Maybe the only way to have the relationship you are dreaming of is to let go of the one you are in. You cannot control other people.

It often works like this for career too. If we want something else, but are really comfortable where we are, the chances of us making a change are pretty slim. Which means, the chances of us making changes in order to manifest our dreams are slim. Sometimes we think about what we want our career to look like without taking any action. That is when things can get uncomfortable, and we finally make a move.

This applies even in this “global recession”. We don’t have control over the ‘global’ part, but we have control over our own part. If it is affecting you, what have you changed? Have you adjusted yourself accordingly? You cannot necessarily make a job or money appear out of thin air, but you can create a job and money. It will take some work and (sometimes), a different way of thinking about things. You most certainly can take control and do things differently, expand your awareness and allow other experiences into your life.

Only you can answer these questions for yourself. But whenever you feel blocked and out of control of your life, wondering if this is ‘just how it is’, or ‘maybe I need to be learning something’ or whatever the thought is: take a close look and see exactly what it is that you would like to manifest differently in your life.

Take stock of what it is that you want. Where do you see yourself headed? What is it that you are trying to control? Is there something that you want in your life but it is not appearing? What changes do you need to make, consciously, before the new can show itself to you? Where are you holding back on making changes? Where can you make some moves and do things differently. These are all areas that you need to look at before you will realize how much control you really do have.

Part 1 – How Much Control Do You Have Over Your Life?

This blog post is Part One of a Two Part Series.

I write and talk a lot about you having control over your own life. A lot of clients ask me “How much control do I really have? Are some things just destiny, or meant to be?”

What about the things you really want, but that you don’t get. You need to remember, there is more to you than just your ego mind. You have a soul. A higher self that has come to this earth for a reason. You came here for an experience.

What you need to do, is to connect with your soul and see what it is that you really want, what your Soul wants. Sometimes if your ego mind is not in line with your soul, it can appear as if you really aren’t getting what you want.

If you have had a reading with me you know. I can often see clearly the path you are headed down, and what the result will be if you continue on that path. Basically, I can see where you are headed right now. Another thing you may know, is that whatever path I see you on at the moment CAN be changed. All it takes is for you to be conscious; to realize that there is more to you than just what you think and that if there is something coming up you do not like, or something you are experiencing right now that you do not like, you can change it by taking action.

Before you came here, your Soul decided that a certain thing would be your life purpose. (Some people refer to this information as what is contained in the Akashic records). HOW YOU EXPERIENCE YOUR LIFE PURPOSE IS UP TO YOU. Once you get here and go through some experiences, it is up to you to decide whether or not to stay on the path you are on, or switch things up a bit.

Is it comfortable for you here? Do you feel like you are living your purpose? Which path do you chose to walk down on your way to fulfilling your purpose?

When I do a reading and see something coming up for someone and they do not like it, they can change it. Knowledge is a part of the power and control. ** Most people can tap into this themselves if they really want to, but it takes meditation, and patience and lots and lots of practice. Most have been conditioned to respond to things in a certain mindful or logical way and when they get inspired to do something completely different than what most people would call ‘normal’, they ignore it. In essence, they don’t listen to their inner guidance. So they may unconsciously, but yet from a soul level, create something that appears undesirable in everyday life in order to facilitate a change.

There have been times where I’ve looked at my own path, and consciously changed where I saw myself headed. I look, I see, I don’t like, I mediate, pray, ask for help, make changes, do energy work, ask through meditation which other way I can do it, whatever it takes to do things in a new way. I don’t think I really need to do more than just hold the intention of changing it, but doing those things helps me stay balanced and focused.

There are itmes when I look and see something I don’t like and I just prepare myself for it. There are a lot of difficult things I’ve gone though in my life but each and every one of them has made me who I am today. If not for the bad stuff, if my entire life had just been a bed of roses, I certainly wouldn’t be able to relate to people who are going through a tough time themselves. When I connect with a client who is going through a difficult time, it is easier for me to feel compassion if I’ve been there myself.

Anyway, next time you are trying to manifest or control something, take a look at what your end goal is. Does what you are doing in your day to day life right now support the end goal of what you want? What your higher self is trying to achieve? Do you need to shake things up a bit? Are you headed down a path where the only option for your higher self to get you where you need/want to be is through discomfort?

Sometimes you cannot dictate exactly what reaching your goal looks like. You don’t always get to where you want to be via the path that you initially planned with your mind, you may need to make adjustments along the way, but you truly do have control over where you end up.

** For those of you who wish to work on connecting with Spirit and learning how to “Do it Yourself”, I have recently received an online course to review called Psychic Awakening.
I will be posting a full review of the course in the next two weeks. However, after my initial perusal, I am confident that the course will be helpful to many.

A Note from the Universe

A client recently introuduced me to this website called TUT.  I signed up for a daily (Monday to Friday), personalized e-mail from The Universe.  Its pretty cute.  And inspirational too. I like getting an email from the universe every morning.

The website also has some other interesting things on it. I haven’t looked around it a whole lot yet, but as I try things from the website I will put them in my “Product Reviews” category of my blog. If I really liked them, they will also show on “My Favourite Things” category on my blog.

Already TUT is one of “My Favourite Things”.

Click – A Note from the Universe – to sign up for your own daily notes, or just to take a look around the website.

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