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Lightworkers Guide to Self Employment

I came across this book and wanted to share it with you. Of course, it won’t appeal to all my readers, but I know that it will appeal to many of you.

It is written by Akemi Gaines, who reads Akashic Records. She has written this book just for lightworkers, those of us who just want to make the world a better place.

This e-book is totally free. No money, and no need to give her your email address or anything. Just go to her site here, and click on the link to read the book.

Energy, Awareness and Judgement

Everything is energy. What is it that you creating with your energy?

Whatever our intentions are is the energy we will create for ourselves, and the energy that we will attract to ourselves.

This is backed up by science, Quantum Physics to be exact, but I won’t get into that part of things here.

Why practice awareness?

Because you cannot change what you do not know or acknowledge. As you practice awareness from week to week, you start to see where your thinking might not be in line with what it is you want to accomplish.
This is in direct relationship to the energy behind things. If you are unaware of your thoughts or your surroundings then you are unaware of the energy you are putting out, and therefore; unaware of the energy you are bringing into your life.

Back to science here, but we really do get back the energy that we put out. Awareness of this energy is very important. If you are not aware of what you are doing, thinking, saying, then you are on autopilot and allowing life to just lead you along. There is a difference between “going with the flow” and not taking responsibility for what you are creating.

Your thoughts and actions play a big part in where you will end up. Being aware of things helps with the process of creating the life that you want.

Judgement and Perception Go Hand in Hand

Why practice Non-Judgement?

When we judge things, we immediately stop the flow of energy. Try to see things just as they are. Not as good or bad. If something happens it just “is” – there’s no need to define it.

How we perceive our circumstances dictates how we handle things and the type of energy we create in our day to day lives.

If something happens and we perceive it as “bad”, then we immediately have a “bad” experience or reaction. We create negative energy. Remember, when you do this, what you put out there is what you will get in return “energetically speaking”.

What if what is happening is not “bad” but is necessary for your growth, and to help you move on and become. Without movement, there can be no growth. Think about that. What if, on a soul level, (and a mind level), you are wanting different circumstances in your life. What if the Universe decides to support this decision? What if you are trying to hang onto old ways? The more you perceive the movement as a negative, the more you will experience it as negativity. The more negative energy you will yourself create.

This is why people often experience “opposites” showing up when they try to manifest something. It’s not really the “opposite”, that’s just the way you are perceiving it. If you perceive it as growth and movement instead of as lack and limitation, you are on your way to making the life you want.

July 4th

Just a quick update on things…just in case you’ve noticed that my blog posts have slowed down a wee bit, or you are waiting for an email from me.

We had a big party last weekend, end of the school year, kick off the summer, birthday party for both me and my husband (we were born 3 days apart). We had 42 people here, and 12 stayed until the next day. It was a really good time and it is something that we do at the end of June every year.

No, I didn’t over-do it and take a week to recover 🙂

It’s just that getting ready for so many people to come and visit, and then cleaning up afterwards, and trying to get back to normal can sometimes put other things on the back burner. I was also quite booked up with readings last week and didn’t get much down time to just relax and write.

So, hopefully, this week I will be able to focus on getting things a little more caught up, and have a great blog post or two to share.

In Love and Gratitude,

New Facebook Page

I have set up a new page on Facebook for those of you who would like to stay connected and see what’s up that way. I post facebook updates when I update my blog or take time off or anything like that.

I did it as a Fan Page type of thing, so that you can stay updated on what I am doing, but there’s no need for you to share your information with me.

As I have shared in previous posts and on my website, I maintain this site mostly on my own and am not a big ‘techie’. So if you want to “Like” my facebook page, you may need to search for me in Facebook. If you type in Psychic, Medium Tamara Hawk into the search box I should come up.

You can also click on the “Networked Blogs” at the bottom on the right column of this screen to subscribe to my networked blog.

If anyone knows an EASY way to put a like button on my web site and/or blog pages, by all means let me know. Like I said, I’m not a huge techie, so keep it simple for me.

You could also click on the Facebook Share button at the bottom of the page, although I have no idea if it will get you to my page, or if it will just share my blog post on your wall.

Happy Canada Day!!