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With Love to Egypt…

Please focus on peace and send love to Egypt and her people.  We are all one and the people of Egypt are our people, they are us, just living life in a different place on earth.  I often write about Love vs. Fear and now is the perfect time to focus on love.   The more love we can send to that area of the world, the more likely things are to work out in a positive way.

Right now in Egypt, people are standing together.  It is a peaceful protest.  The people of Egypt are starving and have not had a voice.  They are finding their voices now.  Even the military is backing off and just keeping watch in a peaceful way.  The soldiers are watching their friends and families protest, they do not wish to harm them.  The officers and higher ups are rich and get their money and power from the president, but they don’t dare ask the soldiers at this point to kill their loved ones.  They are not sure that their authority would not be challenged if they did that.

If the people end up trying to storm the president and remove him by force the military (which has historically been known as the “King-Maker” in Egypt), will likely take over.  Its ‘funny’ one of the reasons why there is not enough money in Egypt is because the military consumes most of the finances in order for the country’s leaders to have a lot of expensive military ‘toys’.

The police are off the streets now, and there is less conflict.  The people just want their voices heard, and Hosni Mubarak removed from office. 

On the news we hear about the “Economic Consequences” if this happens.   “Mubakrk is a friend of  the United States and of Israel”. 

The White House, the entire United States, Canada, Israel and many other countries are IN FEAR.  Our leaders are fearful and what they are saying is helping to spread fear all over the globe.

It is up to US, those of us who know better.  Those of us who KNOW that by feeling love, projecting love and spreading love, anything can change, anything can be overcome.  Please stay in your heart centre, send love to Egypt and her people and our world leaders.

Do not be led into the fear of the unknown.  The leaders are afraid of the unknown – let them be.  We must know and feel that change needs to happen, and we must allow things to change, but through love not through fear.

The leaders are worried that Islamic Militants will take over, or that whoever gets into power will close the Suez Canal….or worse, that the price of gas will rise!  For the record, aside from the price of gas, the other couple things are very unlikely to happen…especially if we can send our love.  With enough love energy, negative things CANNOT happen.

There is talk about the fact that the price of gas has gone up to over $100 per barrel, that tourism is taking a big hit, that the “bond rating” of the country has gone down, and that Egypt may even become bankrupt.  Really, really???  The bond rating???  People are starving, and our leaders are worried about a Bond Rating???  Where have our priorities gone?

This is all pretty much a self-fulfilling prophecy for the United States and other Western countries because of the way the Bonding Agencies and the financial markets are operated.  Things need to change.  Our financial systems need to change.  Maybe, just maybe, this will be one of many catalysts that will help with this.

We all know that things on our planet are changing (if you are reading this, you are likely to know these types of things, the people who do not know this already wouldn’t likely be reading this).  I’ve been writing about this for years, as have many others – including the Hopi and Aztecs.

We are not all that different from Egypt.  Listening to the news and hearing the announcers talk about the people not having food, or homes, or a decent wage with which to live ~~ this is NOW.  And it is not just there ~ someplace else ~ far from our homes.  It might not be quite as apparent but it is happening here in Canada, and in the United States and all over the globe.  People cannot afford to eat, to have homes, to live in comfort.

WE ARE ONE, what affects one, affects ALL.  I am so grateful for the people of Egypt ~ they have the courage to help make the world a better place. 

Once they are successful at removing Mubarak, and they will be one way or the other (whether he goes now or just promises not to run in the next election), they will likely endure more hardship.

Egypt may wind up bankrupt, may wind up being a very poor country for a while.  There may well be another revolt after this one.  It could take a year, or more for things to get back to normal.  However!!  Thank God for these people!!!

I hear all the time that “things need to change”.  I have written many times over the years how uncomfortable change can be.   The people of Egypt, (and of Jordan and of Yemen and Tunisia before them), are stepping up, are willing to put everything on the line, their lives, their country, in order to facilitate change!!

Most of us in the West, no matter how uncomfortable our lives get, or how much we bitch and complain about the way things are, would not be willing to put so much on the line, to lose in order to gain.  To do without in order to eventually have everyone do better.

So we need to pray, and send lots of LOVE and lots of THANKS to those people who have had enough, and are doing something to make their lives, and therefore the world a better place. 

Thank you, people of Egypt…with Love