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Relationships and Your Heart Chakra

Over the past few months I have written a lot of posts about letting go. A lot of them were directly related to relationships that have outgrown their purpose.

There is one more that I have written that will be included in this post. I think it will be the last one of its kind (for now anyway). When I wrote the first one, I didn’t realize that it would end up being a series on different types of relationships that no longer serve our highest and best good. I write what I am inspired to write on any given day. My inspiration comes from more than one source. The majority of the time it is from my own personal teams of guides teachers and angels. Sometimes when I have had many clients in a short span of time that all have the same issues related to relationships, I realize that I need to put something out there so that those of you who are not able to get a reading can still benefit from what many people’s guides (including my own) are telling me about the times we are in.

As mentioned in my last post, not all these posts relate to all relationships. There are a great many of you that are living in very positive “twin flame” relationships where you are both able to live your lives filled with love and growth.

I am hoping to be able to channel a post or posts in the future that will better serve those of you who are already in your mutually supportive relationships. Even in very good relationships there are energy and communication exercises that you can do to make things even better.

But that is a future post. For now, here is the post about relationships that are very ‘different’ ~ but still need to be released.

With love,

A Special Relationship that Serves to Open Your Heart Chakra

A lot of times when I do readings for people and they are asking about a relationship, they will tell me “I’ve never felt like this before, we must be soul mates”. Usually during these readings, the person that you are focusing on is no longer in your life and you are not letting them go. I am totally convinced that you will be able to find a psychic that will tell you, yes, you have had past lives together, and you are soul mates and that they will come back to you. The world is full of “psychics” that will tell you just what you want to hear.

A lot of the time when I say that you need to let the person go, you will say… “I just can’t, we must be meant to be together, I’VE NEVER FELT LIKE THIS BEFORE”. I am here to tell you that just because you feel a strong connection with someone does not mean that you must be soul mates or that you are meant to be together.

There are many reasons that we feel strong connections with others. It doesn’t always mean that they need to be a romantic partner in this lifetime.

The most common reason for these feelings is that the person that you are obsessed with has helped you to open up your heart chakra. I could count on one hand the number of readings I’ve done when matchings like this are meant to be and I’ve done a LOT of readings. If you are meant to be, chances are you are together and happy and are not calling me to ask why he or she has walked out of your life.

When your heart chakra opens up it can be a feeling like no other. Its amazing. It is warm and fuzzy, and something that most of us aren’t accustomed to once our childhood has ended.

In cases like this you simply need to realize that you likely DO know this person from the other side. You might meet up with them again after you both cross back over and go home. However, chances are, you had an agreement before you came here. The object of your affection agreed to come into your life for a while and be a wonderful part of your life and to help you open up your heart chakra. Once your heart chakra has been opened you can more freely allow someone in to share your life.

It is usually no more than that. Once they have assisted you in opening your heart chakra, their job in your life is done. It’s a wonderful gift they have given you. It doesn’t mean that you are meant to be with them romantically in this lifetime.

Most of you say things like “I am confused as to whether or not he/she likes me. When I call or email them, they are really nice and open but I don’t get a lot of indication that they want more”. They are nice and open because they are ’nice’ people, they probably do like you and don’t want to hurt you. Its usually ‘nice’ people that can assist you with your heart chakra. They aren’t usually the type of person that is going to hang up on you or ignore your emails. (although sometimes they do when you get too pushy). They know that it wouldn’t work for the two of you. Most of the time they do care for you on some level… they just don’t want to ‘be with you’, or they would be.

Take the gift of an open heart, receive it with grattitude, and find someone else with an open heart to share your life with.

Why do we put so much of who we are into how someone else sees us?

The hardest part of my job is when I see the need for someone to move on from something and they don’t want to. This is happening to a great extent with relationships right now.

Times are changing and our souls (higher selves) so badly want us to be happy. That is the reason why so many things seem to be falling apart. There are many relationships that exist in the old reality. The new reality that we are moving into is one of happiness, love, enlightenment and an enjoyment of life. When what surrounds us does not hold the higher vibrating energies of love it needs to be disowned before we are able to raise our vibration and live the life of the wonderful light beings that we are.

We cannot continue to live life in the old way. It simply won’t work. To try and do so will just create a hell on earth for us. The only way out is through. I am not saying that the process of clearing out the old won’t be uncomfortable, sometimes even painful. It can be very uncomfortable, and sad, and can really put us out of balance. The key is to realize that you can and will survive. Do not dwell on what was. Allow yourself to go through the steps of grieving (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance). There is nothing wrong with staying in bed for a week. There is nothing wrong with crying your eyes out and screaming into a pillow. This can be a therapeutic part of the process.

You must however, somewhere, even if it is deep inside, continue to hold the belief that you will end up okay in the long run. Be patient with yourself. You don’t need to rush through the process. Treat yourself as you would treat a friend who is going through the same thing. (If it’s been months or years that these negative feelings have been going on, professional assistance may be required).

There are so many people on this planet that have been sad and unhappy for years with their domestic situation. They keep hoping and wishing that their relationship will get better. They are often physically sick, they cry often, feel out of balance a lot of the time. Just when they think things are getting better, the relationship falters again.

The reason behind this is that the relationship has outgrown its usefulness. Perhaps at one time the two of you had things to do together in this lifetime. Perhaps have children or learn certain things from each other. With some relationships, once that is done it is time to move on.

Do you want to be happy?

You say you want a certain person. Yet, you have been so unhappy in their presence. It is your own Soul that is requesting the growth. You are stunted in that relationship, it is no longer serving your highest and best good and you are no longer growing. You are not at your best while in it. It just keeps getting more and more uncomfortable.

Sometimes you realize this yourself and let go and sometimes you don’t let go, the other person does. This can be devastating. It is important to remember your own self-worth though. If someone has been treating you badly it can be hard to hold onto that self worth. Over time, self doubt has been creeping in until you feel you can no longer hold your own light. It feels as if it has been snuffed out. Why are you trying to hang onto someone that is treating you badly?

You go through your days wondering where your flame went. You yearn to have it back, but the mistake you are making is that you expect someone else to be the one to show it to you. The responsibility is yours. You need to acknowledge that the light is there, that it has always been there. It has just been muted because you have been looking at yourself through the eyes of someone who is not loving you the way they should be.

You mistakenly felt like the only light you had was via the other person. With the loss of them you feel as if there is no light left. That is not the truth. You have just allowed your light to fade for a time and it is now time to allow it to grow and illuminate your life.

Once you can recognize your own divineness, you will feel better. You may not feel amazing right away (or maybe you will), but you will feel good enough that you can get through today. Having the faith that you will be okay, that you can move on, that one day the pain won’t be there anymore.

Pray. A lot. Ask for help and support from Creator, and all your angels and your own personal teams of guides, teachers and angels.

Spend time with people who love and appreciate you for the human angel you are

What is Waiting for you? Can you let go of the Old?

Over the past few years a lot of you have been working on letting things go. A lot of you haven’t. There are so many who are hanging on tightly to what they have always known. Those of you who are doing this are getting more and more uncomfortable. It seems like no matter what you do, things aren’t working out.

As we come up to 11/11/11, those of you that are Spiritually ready for movement, but not yet willing to give things up on your own, are having things ripped away from you, and this is very uncomfortable indeed.

You cannot hang onto the past much longer. Our governments are in trouble (middle east is a good example), our financial systems are in a HUGE transition, our power sources, etc., the list goes on. There is not much that is not changing right now.

In the long run things will be better. Yes, there is a discomfort that comes with change, that is to be expected. However, the longer you try to hold onto the old, the more uncomfortable things need to get.

The list of things people are hanging onto is as endless as the global changes, relationships, friendships, jobs, houses, spouses, cities, animals, habits ~ you name it, you want to keep it: at all costs. Unfortunately, it is costing you dearly.

It is for this reason that I have my horse up for sale. Do I want to sell him? Not really, he’s a good friend, provides me a lot of enjoyment, and he is happy and secure where he is. I have been told from my peeps in no uncertain terms though that he needs to move on to another home. I don’t know exactly when, or where he will go, but I have put out the willingness to find him another home. I don’t want it to come down to crunch time and be forced to re-home him just anywhere, to a home where he might not be well taken care of, or worse yet, wind up as dog food. Is it hard? You bet. Does it sometimes make me cry? Yes. Will I feel a huge loss when he is gone? Most certainly.

BUT. And this is a big BUT. If I decided to not listen to what I know, to hang onto him for as long as possible, to work my darndest to make it work, what would be likely to happen? I would be forced into some sort of a situation, whether it be financial, health, having to change cities….something…. that would help me move on from him. I would rather avoid the heartbreaking discomfort, and just live with some sadness for a while until the next thing in my life presents itself.

So many of you are in the same boat. Some with animals, like me, but more of you with people or jobs. Just hanging on and hanging on. How uncomfortable does your life need to get before you let go?

Even Garth Brooks wrote a song about it. “Unanswered Prayers”. Whenever we let go of something, something else takes its place. EVERY TIME. Think back to other times in your life that you thought you just couldn’t live without something … you are reading this, therefore, you are still here. You did live though it. And more likely than not, you have had some good times in the meantime.

It is impossible for the old and new to co-exist. One needs to go. In order for your life to feel like it is flowing, and moving forward, you must let go. What is meant to stay with you will stay.

The seed of the new cannot take hold and grow if it is surrounded by the shell of the old.

The Magic of Easy Energy Work now on Kindle

As promised, my e-Book “The Magic of Easy Energy Work” or “Secret of Simple Meditation” is now available on Kindle. You can read Kindle e-books on a PC, Mac, Kindle Reader, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Android, or Windows 7 Phone.

The Magic of Easy Energy Work is a step-by-step system for finding balance and peace Within, through using your natural energy centers.

Meditation Book

The following is an excerpt of chapter one from the e-book, including the Table of Contents.



Chapter 1 Energy

Chapter 2 Meditative Intentions

Chapter 3 How When and Where to Meditate

Chapter 4 Affirmations

Chapter 5 Life Forces

Chapter 6 The Basics of Energy Bodies

Chapter 7 What Are our Natural Energy Centres? The Basics of Chakras

Chapter 8 Starting Your Meditation

Chapter 9 Grounding Your Energy

Chapter 10 Working With Chakras

Chapter 11 Additional Things You Can Add to Your Meditations


The Magic of Easy Energy Work


As a psychic and medium, it has only been a few years since I, myself, have been meditating. My grandmother used to try to encourage me to mediate when I was a child but through the majority of my younger years, I did not have much interest in just sitting and being quiet and connecting in that way. I had way too much going on in my life to take the time out to just BE.

I would get all kinds of information and messages all the time anyway, I could see and hear Ascended Masters, teachers, guides and ancestors without any focus at all, what did I need to meditate for?

It wasn’t until I was in my late thirty’s that I decided to introduce meditation into my life, and truly, what a difference it made! With making a conscious effort to balance my energy and connect (almost) every day, suddenly I was getting even more information than I did before.

It improved my focus and my concentration, and even enabled me to see some health issues that were present in me that I had not been aware of before. With this new information, I started to work with my naturopath and doctor and am now on my way to better health.

My energies are now much more balanced, and I find I am actually able to get more out of my days. It is like time has expanded for me and I now have the time to do more of what is really important. Using these techniques will help you to achieve the same results.

Many of the techniques in this book were channeled during my own meditations. Originally my first book was not going to be about meditation at all. It was during my own meditations and channels that I was told I needed to share this information before writing about anything else, so that I could share with others, a way to work with and boost their own energies.

Meditation need not be difficult nor time consuming. However, initially you should spend ten to twenty minutes per day to become accustomed to your individual pattern of breathing, being aware of energies in and around you and how your chakras feel and affect different parts of your being. Once the technique is learned, meditation can be performed during your daily activities and in your own way.

I have set this book up in such a way that you can read through it once and then go back to the areas that you feel you need the most and focus there.


Chapter 1: Energy

Universal Energy

The Energy of Source, Universal Energy. Everything is connected by energy. Things are in form because of the way the energy particles bounce off one another. If the particles changed the way they move, the form would change. We are all connected to the Universal Energy, we are all a part of it. What affects one part of the energy in the Universe affects all parts of the Universal Energy. There are examples of this when people join together. Whether it is a group that gets together to pray and everyone can feel the positive energy flowing, or whether it.s a case of mass panic or a riot where people feed off of the negative (lower vibrating) energy of the whole. We all share in the energy of the whole. It can be compared to the ocean. The ocean is the ¡°whole¡±, like Universal Energy. Each drop of water is a part of that ocean, much like each person on earth is a part of the Universal Energy.

As the world goes through her shifts and changes, her people energetically feel the shifts and changes. The better your energy, the more positive, higher vibrating energy will be enjoyed by those around you and the world as the whole.


Energy and Ch’i

I think the first thing to understand is that everything is energy. Ch.i is the energy that permeates and flows through and around everything . When the Ch.i energy is balanced, life and surroundings are more comfortable. When Ch.i is out of balance or blocked, it can create discomfort and illness.

This book is meant to give you a basic understanding of your own energy and energy centres and explains how you can use meditation to work with and balance your own energy. It will not help you to change other people.s energy.

Once you do improve and balance your own energy, you will find that people around you and the things around you change. You can take more control of your life by controlling and balancing your energy. Once you understand the balancing of your energy and how it works, your perceptions of your own reality will change. This is a major event. If you look at things around you more closely, you will discover how they are changing. Just the act of looking at something changes it. Even an atom will change just by you observing it. For those of you who would like a more scientific, logical explanation of how this occurs, it is Quantum Physics, which we will not go into in this book for obvious reasons.

Once you get involved in meditating and becoming aware of your energy centres, known as Chakras, it will feel almost magical. We have the ability to create our own realities and impact things around us with our energy. We cannot make other people do or be or behave in a certain way! I cannot stress this enough. You cannot manipulate other people. To try to do so, can change our own energy in unhealthy ways. However, we do have the ability to change the way we see things and infuse loving energy into situations and relationships ourselves. This enables us to notice what is really going on in and around us and act with more love in our daily lives, rather than constantly re-acting, generally from a place of fear. Love is yet another key to happiness. As we “reap what we sow”, when we give loving energy, we then receive loving energy in return.

When I speak of giving and receiving loving energy, it is not just with our close relationships. You will notice a difference in all your interactions with everyone around you, whether it is the clerk at your local store, co-workers, bosses, or anyone you come in contact with in your daily life.

As you are more infused with loving energy, you begin to vibrate at a higher, lighter level of energy. As you vibrate at a higher, lighter level of energy, lower vibrations are no longer attracted to you.


Don't Take it Personally

Most of us have a tendency to take life way too personally.  It doesn’t matter what the situation is. 

If you want to feel better, you need to expand your perspective to include other things and people.  If you walk around thinking that everything that goes on around you, is always directly related to how someone feels about you, you can easily lose your peace of mind. 

Next time you encounter something or someone that irks you try and look at it differently. Use this as just a simple way to assist you in not taking things personally, and playing with changing your perspective.

If someone is serving you in some way and they are less than pleasant, rather than being angry, try and make up some scenarios in your head that could explain their behaviour.

  • They are really not feeling well physically, but have a family to feed so they cannot afford to take time off work.
  • They are an empath and the last person they served was really miserable and mean to them.
  • Their landlord called them this morning telling them that they had to move.
  • You are driving in your car and someone cuts you off or speeds past you.

  • They have a sick child to pick up from daycare and take to the doctor.
  • They just got a phone call telling them their parent is in the hospital.
  • They are emotionally in a really bad place, and are completely unaware of how their behavoiur is affecting those around them.
  • Your boss is a total bear when you walk into work.

  • Their boss changed a deadline and they have a project due tomorrow instead of next week.
  • They had a client that raked them over the coals and threatened to leave the company.
  • They just did some budget projections and its not looking good for the future of the company.
  • These things are NOT meant to be excuses for bad behavoiur. I am NOT saying that it is okay that the people you come across are acting the way they are towards you. What I AM saying, is that it happens.

    You do not need to take things personally, usually what someone else is saying or doing has very little to do with you. Just as you are often wrapped up in your own life, so are they. When you are experiencing one of the above, and you inadvertently take it out on others, wouldn’t you feel better knowing that they weren’t taking in personally.

    Remember, these things rarely have anything to do with YOU.