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Windstorms…. (and updates on my status)

Hi everyone,

Things are feeling well. I just love this time of year. It is amazing and beautiful how Mother Nature works. Just when the leaves are ready to be falling from the trees, the wind starts up and helps things along. We have had 3 or 4 windstorms over the last week.

Our lives are like that too, we just don’t often realize it. As humans we have a tendency to try and hang onto our leaves even though it is time for a change, time to live for a short time in emptiness, just like the trees.

Imagine if the trees tried to hold onto their leaves all winter. An impossible task to be sure, but that is what humans do. Even though they know its time for a change of seasons and scenery, they just hang on.

If only humans could let go as easily as the trees do. Spring ALWAYS comes, new leaves ALWAYS grow. There is always fresh and new and just as beautiful as it was before.

If you feel like you are experiencing a windstorm in your life, maybe its time to take a look at what its time to drop. You need to make space for the new to arrive in spring.

Now for an update on my status this week.
As most of you know that read my posts, I have my horse up for sale. He’s been taking up a fair bit of my time, which is fine by me. I have been swamped with emails from people wanting readings, which is also fine. I have been fitting in as many as possible over the last couple of weeks, however, I am waaaayyyyy behind in responding to requests. I have only been able to respond to you as I am able to book you in.

Now, my computer has decided to start crashing. I noticed about a month ago that there were a few people I had sent emails to that appear to not have received them. I thought it was an error on their end, perhaps that my mail had gone into their spam folder or something. However, on looking in my sent items, there is no email to them!! Their original email has an arrow on it showing I replied, but I can’t find it, nor can they.

That was the first symptom. Now the second is that my video and online radio stopped streaming on the weekend. Its been 3 days since I’ve been working on my PC but still haven’t got the issue resolved.

Now the reason for this post. This morning my computer completely crashed. The “Blue Screen of Death” popped up for no apparent reason and my PC shut down and re-started. I decided to put this post out there while I am able to.

I do all my bookings and such via email. Its not bad enough that I am behind in replying to you, now I need to take my PC into be serviced. I need things resolved once and for all. My PC memory and hardware are quite good, so its some software glitch somewhere (likely from upgrading from Vista to Windows 7). Anyway, if you are waiting to book a time with me, hopefully this explains why I’m so far behind this time.

With love,


Happy 11-11-11 everyone. Aside from it being Remembrance Day, it is also a day of new beginnings, and a great opportunity to bring awareness into your life.

When you begin seeing 11-11-11 in your daily life, it is a reminder that you are creating your life experiences in this moment. I remember a client asking me once what it meant to see so many 11’s and I told him “be aware of what you are thinking”. He was surprised and appeared disappointed that that is what it was.

The thing is, a lot of people expect that when they start to get signs, it is all about what is “out there”. My client expected that my answer would contain information about what was outside of himself.

What the ‘answer’ is, is that your guides and/or higher self are bringing to your attention that you are in a moment of creating and to remind you to keep your thoughts positive, loving and forward.

If you see 111’s, take a good ‘look’ at what you were just thinking about in that moment. Were you thinking about what you wanted, or were you thinking about what you didn’t want? Either way, its a reminder that you can change your thoughts, or expand on them. Which of course will change your life.

Over the past (long time), I have been writing about letting go. If you have successfully let go of something, even if it is just with your heart, now, on 11-11-11 is the perfect time to look at what you want to create. 1 is the beginning. It is a fresh start. A new energy. Those of you who have been working on letting go and self-change may feel a huge shift this week, and especially today.

Chances are, if you are reading this, you have already shifted your way of thinking from the 3D, and are embracing the fact that we are Souls in human form.

If you are reading this, and have not made any changes, or let anything go over the past while, you may be finding yourself a bit worried. Don’t. The “Window of Change” (according to the Mayan’s), is from 1980 to 2016. With of course December 2012 being the focus for many people.

11-11-11 is a big deal energetically, but if you had not been ready for a shift beforehand, or if you didn’t have any shifts that you needed to make (rare, but I suppose possible), you will still be impacted by the “Collective Energy” of everyone and everything on the planet. Ride the ‘wave’ of energy, allow for the flow, the new, and you can’t help but feel good.

Highlights from November – so far…

Wow, what a busy month so far! I sent out my Newsletter at the beginning of the month and haven’t had time to do a blog post since!

It is good though, not stressful at all, just busy and moving forward. I even managed some time for myself this past weekend. I spent almost the whole weekend at the barn. It seems like its been years since I’ve taken so much time for myself. I know it probably hasn’t been years, it just feels like it because I needed it so badly. I still have my horse for sale but I will be working with him until he finds a new home. I’m not desperate to sell him, just knowing that its time.

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Some of the highlights from the last newsletter are as follows:

I am taking on mentoring clients again. I had a really good deal mentioned in my Newsletter that won’t be repeated on my website, but I will have a mentoring page up online when I get the time. If you’ve been thinking about it and don’t want to wait until I get the page up, you can email me.

I have also decided to open my home to psychic kids and their parents to get together and talk about what is going on with them. It will likely be on Sundays, with registration at $25 per Sunday. I haven’t had enough interest in this yet to go ahead with setting a date, but once again, if you are reading this, and would like to take part, send me an email. I will get around to adding a page about this too.

I also talked again about developing your own abilities, to see more about this, you can check it out here. Developing your Psychic Abilities

That’s it for now, I’m off to do some readings, and then go see my horse after!!!

Have a great day!