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With Gratitude

I have had a lot of personal transformations over the past year.  As most of you that read my blog regularly already know, I had a really tough time last year with my health and my energy.

This is a post of gratitude for those that helped me through this time.

Soul Realignment  

The first person that helped me, back in June of 2011 was Kelly Kiss, her website is .  She is a Soul Realignment practitioner based in New Westminster, BC.  I don’t even remember how I found her, but I am grateful.  I had a distance session with her and it was truly amazing.  I learned a lot about myself on a Soul Level that I did not know for certain before.  She also helped me to clear out my house and my aura from some things that were around me that were not here for my highest and best good.  I don’t want to get too ‘freaky’ with this, but there were some spirits around my house, other than the ghosts I knew of, that had cloaked themselves from me, yet were draining my energy without my knowledge.  She was also able to help me to recognize some past life residue that was still having an impact in my current life.  Having these things cleared out really helped my entire situation.  I felt physically better, emotionally better and my energy levels improved.

As much as Kelly clears things out for you, there is ‘homework’ that needs to be done afterwards.  It is fairly simple and involves 21 days of repeating things that she has written out for you.

I was so impressed with Kelly, that within two weeks of my session with her I had her do a clearing for my husband too.  I can certainly say that his energy, attitude and ways of looking at things have improved too.  His business has picked up considerably and he is moving forward and expanding more than he ever has before.

I also learned my planet of origin from Kelly.  There are many of us Starseeds on Earth at this important time in our human evolution.  I always knew I was one, but I knew very little about them.  My original incarnation was from Hadar.  You can read more about it here if you are inclined.   It helped me to understand better who I am, what motivates me, why I am here and what I am doing.  It also explains to me why I feel that love is so important and why I blog about it so often.

Shamanic Healing

Another person that helped me a lot was Mara Clearspring ( who does Shamanic Work.  Mara is in San Diego, California and I also worked with her on the phone.  She is an amazing woman with great energy.  When working with Mara I managed to clear out the last of two ghosts that were stuck in my house.  I could see and feel them, but I couldn’t manage to help them.  She also helped me intuitively with a few other things that were happening in my life.

Mara has also taught me some additional energy work that I have been using for the past few months.  I will be doing more work with Mara over the next while, hoping to learn from her so that I can share more with you.

My Clients

I cannot neglect to mention my clients and my readers.  I am grateful for each and every one of you.  Many of you were patient with me when I needed to take some time off, or when it took me a long time to get back to you.  I also thank those of you who sent me love and healing energy.

As much as it is my path to help you, doing this work also helps me.  Without you, I do not know if I would be so inspired.  You inspire me to learn, write, teach and grow.  I learn from you too and for this I thank you.

Valentines Day Presence

Valentine’s Day is a great day to show your love.  So many people put importance on what their love is going to get them or do for them on Valentine’s Day.

What if, for Valentine’s Day, you give your love your Presence?

So many of us are rushed.  We are home and we think about work.  We are at work and we think about what needs to be done at home.  We drive our cars with no awareness whatsoever about where we are or what we are doing.  We get home from where we were and have no recall of the actual drive.

Most of us could use a little more presence in our lives.  Living in the NOW can be a wonderful thing when we let it happen.  Flowers, candy, a dinner out…all nice gifts to be sure.  But how enjoyable is any of it without some presence?

You don’t want to be out for dinner looking across at the love of your life while they are on the phone with someone else, or off in never never land thinking about their workday.  Don’t do that to them.  If you have a love in your life, and you really want to give them a gift, make sure you do it with some Presence, it truly is the best gift of all.