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Raise Your Vibration to Aid the Planet

You cannot help raise the vibration of the planet, unless and until you raise your own vibration.  You cannot raise your vibration by joining “causes” that have a low vibration. ie.  “Fight Cancer”, “War on Terrorists”, “Fight Poverty” etc.  ALL of the preceding “causes” are vibrating at a low frequency.

What about “Live Healthy” instead of trying to fight illness.  War on Terrorists is an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one.  What about helping and empowering others rather than picking a fight with poverty?

What you focus on is what you create.  100% of the time.  If you are constantly focused on illness, you will see a lot of illness, within yourself and/or within others.  If you are focused on poverty and lack, you will experience or see poverty and lack everywhere.  You WILL FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR,  WITHOUT FAIL, EVERY TIME.  If you think that the world is unjust, you will always find things that appear unfair.  If you look for things to depress you, you will find them.

In order to help others, and raise the vibration of the planet, you need to raise your vibration first.  You need to look for things that empower you and make you happy.  You can even raise your vibration BY helping others.

Stop fighting.  Or looking for the negative everywhere.  If you are holding the vibration of fighting you are vibrating at a low frequency, and from there you cannot help anyone.  It just won’t work.  Look for the good in others.  Look for positive things.  Focus on what you want.  If you want health, focus on health – NOT illness.  If you want peace then focus on peace, don’t focus on war.

In order to raise your vibration, you need to look for good everywhere – you WILL find it.  It will help to raise your vibration.  The more people on the planet that are vibrating at a high frequency, the higher the frequency of the entire planet will be.

Here’s a video to get you started…


You Were NOT Born to Struggle

Over the years, I have been told by hundreds of people how positive and empowering my readings are.  To see some of the feedback, you can look at the Psychic Testimonials on this page.

I have had clients tell me that they have had readings from others before and they felt lousy afterwards.  As if there was nothing that they could do. The difference between me and SOME other psychics is that I help to EMPOWER YOU.  I know that we create our own reality.  There are many people (psychics, and non-psychics), that will tell you that “stuff happens”.  That it is “fate”.  You are “meant to (fill in the blank)”.   They will tell you we are here to learn lessons and to struggle.  We are not here to struggle.  And the only lesson we really need to learn is that WE ARE CO-CREATORS of our own reality.  We create our reality… all of it.  We do this through our Vibration and the Law of Attraction (LoA).

We are bombarded by messages that disempower us.  Whether it is from the media or religions or schools or parents, governments, society in general, friends; the messages are the same.  You have no control.  It’s not your fault, you have had a bad upbringing, you have gotten a bad break, its karma, its fate, its outside of you and beyond your control; do you recognize any of this?.

As a society we have been brainwashed to believe that we cannot do anything.  I am here to tell you that you can be, have, do anything you want.  Period.

All this brainwashing is meant to create a feeling of disempowerment.  It is meant to keep you under control.  Its meant to keep you from thinking for yourself.  Its meant to keep you from ACTING on your desires.   It is meant to make you feel bad.  You cannot create positive change and a positive life from a place of feeling bad.  There really is no reason to feel bad.

If you KNEW that you are constantly creating your reality and consistently bringing more into your life that is vibrating at the level you are now, you would go out of your way to feel as good as you can as often as you can.  If you feel frustration, the Law of Attraction will bring in more frustration.  If you are feeling sad, the LoA wll bring in more sad circumstances for you.  If you are happy, the LoA will bring in more happiness.

YOU ARE NOT POWERLESS.  You have more power than you could ever imagine.  If you raise your vibration to a more positive state, your life will be more positive.

When I do a reading, I tell you what you are in the process of creating.  Sometimes when we need to make a move, the Universe (or God if you will), will step in and help.  If you are trying really hard to manifest the perfect job and you lose your current job, it does not mean you need to feel badly.  You don’t want to feel bad, it will just create more bad feelings.  Feel good.  Know that you are being assisted to find your perfect job.  Keep your vibration high, look forward positively, ACT on your instincts.  You can and you will create your NEW perfect job.  You have been helped along to make your move.  Run with it, get excited about it, be happy!!  You will create more excitement and happiness ~ it is the LoA ~ it works EVERY TIME.  It is a Universal LAW.

This is not just about ‘your job’ but about many things that can affect your life, relationships included.

Sometimes, through discomfort, growth is promoted.  I can help you see the positive in your situation and help you to move forward and create what you really want.

Removed from The Secret

Those of you that know me, (or read my blog regularly), hear me say all the time “Everything is Energy”. I generally explain it from the perspective of a psychic. Here it is explained by “Experts” and Quantum Physicists.
And Wow, what a great explanation this is!!