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What, How, When – Tell Me My Future

I would really like to clarify something about the future, “fortune telling”, psychic readings, talking to, or hearing from your guides, loved ones, angels etc.

You are a co-creator. To ask a psychic or clairvoyant what is going to happen in the future, without being willing to hear what you are in the midst of creating is a waste of your time. I, like most other psychics can accurately tell you what you are in the middle of creating. When we see what you are in the midst of creating, we can pretty accurately tell you what will happen in the future.
The problem with this mentality, and some psychic readings, is that when you focus on what the psychic has said is “Your Future”, and you refuse to listen to what a psychic might tell you about what you need to do IN THE PRESENT, you are robbing yourself of actually having a life of your own.

I won’t do this – tell a person that this is “your future” – anymore. I haven’t done this for quite some time. I always start off readings with what you are in the middle of RIGHT NOW. Of course I can accurately see what’s on the horizon, I’m clairvoyant. However, I don’t want to take control of, or try to create your life for you. Neither do your guides or your loved ones on the other side.

For those of us psychics who have managed to keep our ego’s in check, we focus on wanting to help EMPOWER you. Not live your life for you. There is nothing more disempowering than to say “HERE’S YOUR FUTURE, SUCK IT UP”, and then leave you hanging if it’s something you deem to be uncomfortable.

Do I sometimes see things that are in the works, on a roll and seemingly unstoppable? Yes, I do. But if I do, I also get information that will help you to make it through to the other side with the least possible problems or resistance.

Some of my clients are so focused on the HOW or WHAT of things that they miss an awful lot of good messages from their guides. A great example is concerning relationships. I get many questions every month about relationships. When will I meet them, who are they, where will I meet them, how will I meet them? More often than not, when I get these kinds of questions, the first place your guides will go with me is to tell me where you are RIGHT NOW. They may share some of your past relationship information with me, or your upbringing, or where you are now, where you are vibrating with your energy, what you are attracting. But most importantly, what they share with me is WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOURSELF, WITH YOURSELF AND YOUR ENERGY, RIGHT NOW to enable you to find your perfect match.

So many of you don’t want to hear this. You throw your entire life into the hands of a psychic and say “Tell me what will happen”. Your guides, and me, would much rather tell you how you can find your soul mate than telling you that you are going to have another relationship exactly like the last one, or that it will take you 10 years to find them. Wouldn’t you much rather hear how to heal yourself, and change your energy vibration than to put your future in someone else’s hands?

Now I KNOW there’s a lot of people who will say, NO to that question, “tell me what will happen”. And all I can say is, go and find another psychic. This one WILL NOT take control of your life away from you.

All that being said, can I see the future? Yes, as I stated before I am a clairvoyant. Can I see who your mate is, what they look like, do for work, when you will meet them etc.? Yes, a LOT of the time. But often the information comes WITH OTHER INFORMATION about where you are now and what steps you need to take to get yourself ready for this relationship. If you do not take care of what needs to be taken care of with your own stuff, then you could meet your absolute soul mate, not be ready for them, and send them packing. Who knows how long it would take you to either re-connect with them or connect with someone else that you agreed to meet up with while living this life. Or, you could actually change your own future by changing what you are thinking, feeling and doing in your life.

The more healing that you need on a soul level, the more your reading will focus on you, your past, the present, and what you can do to heal yourself. Your guides want you to be able to move forward with a clean slate, and the only way to do that is to know where you are at and what you need to let go of.

I have used ‘significant other’ relationships as an example in this blog post, but truly the message is the same for all ‘issues’ I get in psychic readings. Career, family/friend relationships, money, everything. YOU are co-creating your reality every moment of every day whether you realize it or not. Sometimes we need to create from the most basic space … where we are now.