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If You Want Things in Your Life to Change, You Have to Change Things in Your Life

Think about that.  Really think about it.  What are you willing to change to have a better life?  You really can change anything at all.  Anything that you wish to be different in your life can be different.  You do not need to stay stuck in your present reality.  You, yourself, can do it, although we all can request and receive help.  All it takes is a willingness to do something differently.  Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what it is that you do differently, as long as it is something that you are not presently doing.  Or maybe it will be something that you need to give up.

What are you attached to that you are unwilling to change?  For some people it is a job, for others it might be a relationship, habit, or way of thinking.  Some people request a psychic reading, and they are wanting to hear how amazing their life is going to be in the future.  Thing is, they are stuck.  They are holding on tight to their old belief systems, and/or way of thinking.  I guarantee that your life WILL NOT CHANGE, unless and until you are willing to let go of the energetic space you are holding in your present.

When I do psychic readings I see the parts of your past, present, or future that are important for you to know about, deal with or take care of.  I don’t get information on 100% of everything all the time ~ some things just aren’t that important.  If you are having a reading because you want change in your life, I will see what in your past needs to be let go or what blocks you may have; what you can do in the present to make changes, grow or heal; and what opportunities or challenges may lie ahead.

Ultimately though, you are the creator of your life.  If you want an exciting psychic reading, then be willing to do something exciting.  If you are sitting at home, feeling powerless, watching TV, unable to let go of the past and move forward into your life and your future, your reading will not be filled with excitement.  Without a willingness to change, a fairy is not going to come and tap you with a magic wand and turn you into a prince or princess.  You have it within your power to have or be or do anything that you want.  Please do not squander it by hanging on so tightly to what is or what was that you rob yourself of the wonderful life that you are here to experience.

We are living in a 5th dimensional reality now.  In the 5th dimension our ability to consciously create is greatly enhanced.  Think about that.  You can and do create your life.  If you believe you are stuck, you create more “stuck-ness”.  There is NOT something “out there” that will rescue you.  YOU are the only one that can rescue you.  We are God, God is us.  God is creator, we are creator.  Many people believe this, yet they cannot go so far as to take responsibility for their creations.  You may take responsibility for some of your creations, but when something that you do not anticipate, or that you deem to be negative happens, you put responsibility for it “out there” to some mystical force.

You are the Creator.  If something that you did not anticipate happens, or something negative, all that is required to create differently is to be aware.  Many of the so-called ‘bad’ events in our life have simply been re-routing opportunities.  Did you take the opportunity to re-route your life, or have you allowed yourself to stew on what happened and become stuck?  Our thoughts create our reality.  If something has happened in your life, there are two ways you can look at it … “this event has ruined my life forever” (I see this one in the media all the time ~ very disempowering), OR, “this event was very uncomfortable, but I can get through it, I do not need to let it be who I am, I CHOOSE to heal and move forward from it”.  Both of these statements are DECISIONS.  HUGE difference in where you end up based on what you decide.

If you have decided that your life sucks and that you have no control over anything, then your life sucks and things will continue to be “done to you”, and there will be very little positive movement.  I see this with some of the people in my life and it is heartbreaking.  I connect with their soul and I see and feel the potential and the love and what their higher self yearns to do, but they refuse to see things differently.  Refuse to let go, refuse to change, refuse to see a positive potential.  Hopefully if you are reading this, you at least have an inkling that your life can be different.  Very few people who are extremely stuck would even be drawn to be reading this far in this post.

YOU CAN DO IT.  You don’t always need to do it alone, there are many of us that are willing to help you.  The world is full of healers and mentors.  They do not do it for you, they help you to do it for yourself.  Your guides, the Angels, the Ascended Masters, the Universe, are all there to assist you.  If you ask, you will receive help.  You just need to be willing to change something and allow for the help.  If you insist on keeping the status quo… that is exactly what you will get.

If you would like to change your life, permanently, in any area, perhaps mentoring/coaching will help you.  If you are serious about making changes in your life, I would be happy to talk to you to see if Psychic Mentoring with me would be right for you.

Be Careful Who You Listen To

I have come across an awful lot of people lately that are calling themselves “psychic” that simply ARE NOT!

Some are offering “intuitive readings” and charging a heck of a lot of money for them.  Not all of these people are operating from the LIGHT.  The majority that I have come across (some I have met in person, some just online), are not psychics, and they are operating from a place of their EGO.

They have learned to listen to their intuition ~ good for them.  YOU also have an intuition, whether you know it or not.  I could easily teach you how to listen to it.  Heck, you could just decide to start listening to it and voila!  You are now “an intuitive” (everyone is).

This DOES NOT mean that you would be qualified to charge people money.  NOT if you are telling them you are ‘psychic’, and doing it to pad your own ego, rather than because you truly LOVE people.

It takes a LOT MORE than intuition to claim to be “psychic”.  If these people saw HALF what I see it would blow their freaking minds!

“Psychic readings”, do NOT start with “tell me all your problems and your questions, and I will “intuitively” tell you what to do.  THIS IS NOT A REAL READING/HEALING SESSION!!  PERIOD!!

I do not ever claim to know everything.  None of us do.  Our guides, loved ones, etc. do not want to tell us what to do.  Once someone crosses over, they really don’t care what colour you paint your kitchen, or what you do for work for the rest of your life.  It is your life.  LIVE IT!!

If someone starts to dictate your life for you, stop listening.  Stop the “reading”, stop everything.  I see all kinds of things.  Future things, past things, present things, potential things.  WHAT YOU DO WITH THE INFORMATION AND HOW YOU LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE IS UP TO YOU!

Readings are meant to empower you.  They are not meant to live your life for you.  They are not meant to pad the ego of the supposed “reader”.  They are for you, and when you are involved in one you should feel the love.

Not saying my readings are NEVER uncomfortable.  Sometimes confronting something that you haven’t wanted to confront can be difficult.  BUT, I really don’t remember the last time I told someone something that was uncomfortable for them that they didn’t already know (relationship over, job ending etc.).

I don’t get information that is going to screw up your life.  Why would LOVE do that to you?  It makes no sense at all.  Every being that I connect with comes from love ~ I ask for that and I intend that ~ no information that comes from love will ever hurt you (aside from the occasional bruised ego, but that’s easy to manage).

YOU ARE THE CREATOR.  Remember that.  Its important.  Don’t let some “intuitive”, tell you that you have no control over things.

When you get a reading, the person you are sitting with should be able to tell you at least a little bit about you from an energy perspective before asking you more than your name.  Not that your name is important, its just polite.

If you want a decent reading, there most certainly does need to be give and take.  I expect some questions, and I do want to know if what I am saying makes sense to you.  As stated earlier though, I do NOT need your birthdate, whole life story, the names of all your family members, every problem you ever had, etc. in order to help you.  They should be able to TELL YOU what kind of a life you had at home growing up, not the other way around.

Please don’t bother with ego ridden people that just want to prove ~ who knows what they want to prove  ~ most of them just parrot your own words back to you anyway.  They can do a lot of damage to you.  They parrot your words back, you think they are ‘psychic’ and then you begin to listen to everything their HUGE EGO tells you.

Okay, end of rant for now.

Much Love


Here is a great video by Carolyn Myss I came across today… (its part of what got me started….)

Notice when she mentions how many people are coming from a place of POWER, rather than EM-POWERING others.