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Getting the best from your psychic readings (even with a little skepticism)

Psychic readings are performed via energy. The best way to shut down a reading is to shut down your energy.

Your energy can be shut down quite easily by you. NO ONE can connect with your energy without your permission. If you show up for a reading and shut down your energy by trying to test the psychic, you will get pretty much what you are looking for. The inability of the psychic to connect with your energy.

When I was younger (like senior high-school younger) and did readings for fun instead of as my full-time job, I tried a reading for someone who said she wanted one, but who really didn’t want me to ‘find out’ anything about her. I got a lot of impressions and pictures in my head, but they were of a closed door, of a large door with a wooden slab across it with a big padlock, a swamp, something like a photo of someone, but it was all fuzzy and blurry, a guard dog blocking a gate. This was my first experience with someone who really didn’t want me to see anything, but pretended she did. It was a great learning experience for me because prior to that I had not experienced someone that was trying to shut me out so drastically.

Another way to shut down your energy is to simply be so skeptical that nothing can flow. A healthy dose of skepticism can be helpful, I am a skeptic myself. As a psychic that is charging for my services, I SHOULD be able to share things with you that there’s no way I could know without being psychic. However, walking into a reading with HUGE a “Test the Psychic”, skeptical attitude/energy is like going to a dentist and refusing to open your mouth! It defeats the whole purpose. A little skepticism is okay, too much and you are wasting your money.

Expecting the psychic (me), to be a mind reader. This NEVER works, it’s silly and a waste of my time, and your money. I am NOT a MIND READER, never have been, never will be. I pick up a LOT of information, but I get it from your energy, not your “mind”. Remember, when I am connecting, I am connecting to Spirit, Guides, Higher Self, Universe. They don’t care about most of the 3D stuff that you and I might care about. The whole idea behind this communication is what you NEED to know. Read that again… What you NEED to know. Not what you WANT to know. It’s not that they won’t share things that you WANT to know about. It’s more that without you coming out and asking the question they won’t bother. I don’t need to know all the circumstances surrounding your life to give you good information, nor do they. But I also can’t read your mind and know what is important TO YOU you if you do not ask.

Usually when I do readings, I START. I share all the impressions/feelings/pictures/words etc. that I am getting. As I am talking I do need to know if what I am saying is making any sense to you. However, if I start to see things, and you say “I know that, what about….”, or “Yeah, I know that, but move on to ……”, it shuts down the energy of further communication for you. Not completely ALL the time, but if there is something that your guides want you to know, or something that you need to know FIRST, before moving on, then shutting that part down will keep the rest from flowing. Imagine sitting down with a friend and the minute they start talking you say “Shut up”, chances are, they will.

As an example (we’ll use work), if there are changes coming up for you, and your Higher Self (You), wants you to know about them so that you can be prepared for them so that things work out for you in the best possible way, and you were to say “I don’t want to change jobs, that’s it period. Don’t tell me any more about that, I want to know about my finances and where I’ll be living”.

Well, your Guides and/or Higher Self were just trying to tell you about changes coming up for you so that you could deal with things in the most productive way. You have just shut them right down. You should realize that by talking about your job they were trying to HELP you to deal with your finances and your home situation? You need to look at a whole big picture. By saying “I don’t want PERIOD” you have shut down any further HELPFUL information.

I have said many times we create our reality. And we do. However, sometimes in trying to create our ideal reality, things around us might shift and change. Maybe not in the way we anticipated, or in the way we would have liked to see them go, but in the end, we do get what we have been creating. When you shut this down, you shut down your ability to create, and you shut down anyone who is trying to communicate with you (either through a psychic or your own intuition). Going with the flow, really helps.

You Feeling Badly Doesn’t Help Anyone

Feeling crappy doesn’t help anyone

If you can help, then help.  If you cannot help, then at least work on raising your vibration and feeling better. We are all one.  If you feel bad, it DOES impact the entire planet on some level.  You need to be as happy, positive and grateful as you can in any given moment. Your sadness will not aid the planet.  You being poor will not feed the hungry.  What you have does not DETRACT from anything anyone else has.  You having MORE and being happier actually helps. You being healthy does not make someone else sick.  You being well fed does not take food out of someone else’s mouth.  You being happy does not make another sad.  You being stuck and disempowering yourself will not help others to rise up.

No one else can take your power.  Only you can give it away.  You may say “yes, but the government, or my husband, or my parents, the banking system…..”  the list goes on and on for who you can blame.  I stand by the statement that only YOU can GIVE your power.  NO ONE can take it.  Ever heard the phrase “You reap what you sow”?  What you think is what you feel, what you feel is what you vibrate.  If you are constantly blaming and disempowering yourself, then you are indeed reaping what you have sown.  The really good news is that you can change it.  You can change your thoughts.  I understand how hard it can seem to shut down your mind ~ so many things to do…  however, all it takes is a few minutes.  Just sit, just BE.  Take some really big (and I mean BIG) deep breaths and focus on your body and your breathing, think only of them.  You cannot have more than one thought in any millisecond.  If you are focused on your breathing and/or your body, you cannot possibly be focused on something else.  If you find your mind wandering, that’s okay, just bring it back.

In order to get more of what you want, you need to feel good.  Did I say that already?  I will say it again and again and again because it is the truth.  We all know those people who say “Oh, bad stuff always happens to me”, or we stub our toe in the morning and say “It’s going to be one of those days”, and then we spill our coffee, are late for work etc.  YOU are creating that.  What if when you stubbed your toe, you allowed the experience to bring you back into your body, your awareness.  What were you thinking about at the time?  Your higher self is trying to tell you something.  Don’t let it snowball into a bad day.  Become aware of whatever you were thinking and change your thoughts, your feelings, the energy behind it.  There are so many opportunities that show up for us to remind us to be present, be aware.  We’ve been rather programmed to be on auto-pilot.  Take every opportunity you can to feel good. “Thank you for me stubbing my toe.  It reminds me to BE”.  Just a simple switch of perspective WILL change your whole day.

I talk to so many people that are broke.  They say, “I don’t want money, I just want to be happy”.  I want to help people, I want to do this or that, I wish I could afford to talk to you.  All in the same sentence. It makes no sense.  At the moment, we live in a system that involves money.  If you had more money, you would be able to help more people.  If you are broke and feeling badly, then who exactly are you helping?  Keeping yourself down, or feeling “less than” isn’t helping anyone.  Shine your light, speak your truth.

I also talk to a lot of people who want a relationship.  When I’m connected with their energy, I can feel where they are vibrating.  So many say “I want a relationship”, yet their vibration is one of lack, of dissatisfaction, of living in the past, of loneliness. You CANNOT attract a positive relationship from this state.  Sometimes people who are vibrating low like this ask me “When will I meet someone”.  The type of answer I get is always different for each person, but it is similar.  You can potentially meet ‘someone’ quite quickly.  The message I get behind it, the message that I share, 97% of the time with this vibration is; “if you work on clearing _____ (usually, but not always it’s a past relationship with either an SO or family member), if you step into ______ part of your being, if you adjust your thoughts (and therefore vibration) to ______, then you will be able to meet a person that you can be happy and grow with.

At this point, you create your own future.  You can work on what your guides and Source has shared with you, or you can say Tamara is full of sh*t, and go on your way, and get into a relationship that is just as crappy as the last one you had. The choice is so very much yours.

You can have what you want.  You staying stuck in your lower vibration, and hooking up with someone who is vibrating at a low place won’t help you, it won’t help them.  You being UNHAPPY in a relationship WILL NOT make the other person happier.  Don’t give away your power to someone who does not want your “help”.





Why am I here?

What if your reason to be is simply to BE.  What if that is all there is to it.  What if you are here to enjoy life, be in nature.  Love.

Love yourself, love others, love nature.  Wouldn’t that be something.  All this striving, all this searching, all this questing.  Trying to find yourself.  Ever notice that the majority of people, when trying to find themselves, go for walks, go back to nature, spend time with animals. This is because at our essence we are a part of nature.  We have just forgotten how to BE.   Forgotten how to love and appreciate all that Mother Earth and her BEingness shows us.

The trees, the waters, the animals.  They do not try or yearn to be something they are not.  They are perfect just the way they are.

There is a dance in nature.   Just by existing, everything in nature is a part of a bigger whole.  A tree is a part of, is one with, the forest.  A streams waters are one with the river, the river, one with the oceans.  The leaves are one with the plant.  Nothing lives alone in a vacuum.   You are not alone.  Even in solitude you are a part of a bigger whole.  A bigger picture.  A family or a tribe or a city or a race.  Or the human race.  A bigger part of the dance of the energies and synchronicities of the planet.  Whether you realize it or not, the world would not be the same without you.

If you ever find yourself feeling lost, just allow yourself to BE.  Get out and observe nature.  Learn from it.  You are likely feeling that way because you are an oak tree that is trying to be a delicate rose.  Or a pretty daisy that is trying to sprout fruit like an apple tree.

Just BE.  BE YOU.  We need you here.  If we didn’t need you, you wouldn’t have come.  So, thank you for being here.  We are excited for you to feel the wonder and gloriousness that is you.