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Who wants to join me in the 5th Dimension?

I have been blogging for close to ten years now. Some of you have been with me the whole time, and I would like to thank you for reading. For those of you that are newer to my blog, thank you for reading and please take a look around my site. There are some really interesting and helpful channels for you.

When I started my website, most of the planet was still mostly in the 3rd dimension. Then around 2008-2010 we moved into the 4th Dimension. The 4th Dimension being time. I blogged about time shifting, and the ability we have to shift our own time in our own world. In 2011 I wrote the book “The Secret of Simple Mediation”. Meditating and being aware of things can really help with time shifting. So many of you say you have no time to meditate or just be still, but I can guarantee that if you just took the time, you would have more of it. It’s kind of like magic. I like being magic. We are all “magic” really, we can and do create our lives, “as if by magic”.

So over the past few years, we have moved into the 5th Dimension. The planet is in the 5th Dimension at least. Many people on the planet are in the 5th Dimension too. I have been blogging about this for a while. If you are reading this, chances are you are not 100% stuck in the 3rd Dimension, but there are many people that have decided to stay there. Life has become very difficult for these people.

There is so much more than just the 3D, I cannot imagine being stuck there. The 3rd Dimension, is where things appear to be more solid or ‘set in stone’. When I first started doing readings, most of them contained information about Third Dimensional energies. For many, it was as if you were on a certain path, and that is where you were headed without some drastic changes in your priorities. Things in your life seemed more ‘set in stone’. It was much easier to see “you are here”, or “this is what WILL happen”, or “this is when it will happen” type of information.

Then in the Fourth Dimension, time started getting a little “screwy”, as far as fitting into a 3D reality. I could still often see time frames, however, they were very adjustable based on your thoughts, actions, and decisions. Sometimes things that, in a 3D reality, were not due to happen for a couple years yet, could be sped right up, and could manifest almost seemingly instantly, just with awareness and focus. (and sometimes mediation/energy work). Or things could actually be put off for a long time, just by ignoring your intuition, messages, and your inattention to what needed to be done.

Now here we are in the 5th. This is the funnest one ever!!! This is where we have infinite possibilities. We can have our Third Dimensional “Toys”. We can shift time and play with energies. AND, this is the coolest EVER! The Fifth Dimension has, or is, unlimited potential. This is where we can create from. We can play. We can do what we want. Using the Law of Attraction to our benefit is much easier than ever.

It’s not that 5D energies weren’t available to us before, they were and always have been, and many of us have been using them for a very long time. There are very old books out there that were written by people who had access to more 5th dimensional energies. A lot of these books are gaining momentum again 100 years after being written. Even a lot of what the bible talks about refers to energy.

The neat part is that the PLANET is now vibrating in the 5th Dimension. What that means for you, is that it does not matter where you started, where you are, or how long you have been there, these energies are more available to you now than they ever have been before.

What Can You Love?

It is so easy to observe and judge things that you do not like. You are so busy, or so tired, or so disillusioned with life that sometimes it just feels like the world is full of unwanted things. And it is. But it is also full of things that you do want.

Our thoughts are things, they are energy. What you think about is what you create more of. This has been proven over and over again.

What do you think would happen if you started to switch your focus onto things that you do want? And I mean really focus on what you want. NOT, think about what you want and then say “but I can’t have that, its just a pipe dream”.

Start small if you have to. If traffic annoys you, can you focus on the fact that at least you have a car to drive? Can you LOVE the fact that you have your car? Or that you had someone in your life to loan you the car you are driving?

If you do not like your body, can you find something about it to love? The fact that it is alive today? That it got out of bed? If you are reading this from bed, can you focus on the fact that you have eyes and can read it? Can you love your eyes? Or the fact that you are breathing? Can you focus on and LOVE your breath?

If money seems to be a problem for you, can you focus on the fact that you have food? Can you love the fact that you are not starving? Can you love the fact that you have clean water to drink? That you have a roof over your head?

On a personal note. In 2011 I got sick. I got in pretty rough shape. Then in 2012 (still not recovered), I had to put my horse down. This gave me very little excuse to get out and move my body other than yard work, or the occasional walk. I gained almost 40 pounds, and my muscles got weaker. It was very easy to judge and dislike my body.

Here it is the end of 2013 and after a couple of years of not feeling physically my best, I decided that it was time to love my body again. Love the fact that I was now much more physically healthy and love the fact that my body, if I let it, could and would get stronger and fitter.

I started to focus on this. I really wanted to start with a personal trainer, but we couldn’t afford it. I had a local gym website up on my phone for 6 months. A few times a week I would look around the website and imagine going to this work out facility to work with these trainers. I did not focus on the fact that I could not afford it, I focused on the fact that I had a reasonably healthy body (although it was not in the greatest shape), and I LOVED my body and focused on LOVING my situation. I focused on the fact that ‘one day’, I would be able to start attending the workout sessions. I was HAPPY about the fact that I would do it (even if it was “one day…”). I never let myself go to a place of thinking “but I can’t afford it”. I kept myself in a place of happy expectation.

Then at the beginning of November, I was finally able to go. I have worked out two weeks in a row now, (3X per week). The workouts are really hard. I am working out with younger people who are in much better shape than I am. I can not yet do what they can do. But I do not focus on what they are doing. I focus on getting better and better and better myself.

Already I am feeling better. I KNOW that if I just keep focusing on showing up for my life, showing up for my workouts, focusing on loving my body, my body will respond to the energy I am giving it. Loving it, working it.

For quite some time it was really easy to focus on how my body was betraying me. It is hard not being well. But I took that first step. I DECIDED. I decided that it was time to focus on something else. So I did. It started in my head and with my thoughts. Once I started projecting that energy, it was only a matter of time before I was able to manifest the physical by taking inspired action. Without the thoughts, I would not have been inspired.

What we focus on is what we create. I guarantee it.

What can you bring yourself to express love and gratitude towards in your life? What is the part of your life that requires the most change? That is probably where you should start.

It doesn’t matter what it is. Find the one thing that you judge the most, sit down with a piece of paper, and write down everything you can find to be grateful for in that situation.

Hate your job? Can you at least maybe try and find some gratitude for having a job? Or is there someone at work that you like? Can you be grateful for that? Can you find anything about your job that you like?

Nothing in your life can change unless and until you change your thinking. If you think negative things about your job, or your situation, or your health, or your relationships then your job, situation, health, relationships will always provide negative experiences for you.

It is never too early or too late to start. Just pick one thing. You can do it, I know you can!

My Kid Doesn’t Listen To Me

I just wanted to write a post about new teenagers because they are very misunderstood by parents sometimes. I hear a lot of parents complaining about their kids’ ‘attitude’. The attitude can be from hormones or things going on that your kid doesn’t want to share with you, or lack of sleep (this is VERY common in kids these days).

However, it is imperative that you keep in mind they are your child and they still need you. They still need your love, acceptance and approval. As kids get older, of course they start to want to make some more of their own decisions, they will test boundaries and want to spend much more time with friends than with family.

Your kids will make mistakes, some big ones some little ones. It is all part of growing. Often at this age they make a LOT of mistakes. They have so many new things, and feelings, and friends, and experiences to learn about. Their brains are still growing and they are experimenting with so many things.

It is really easy to get caught in the role of “corrector”. Constantly observing what your child is doing wrong and pointing out what is right, or what they ‘should’ be doing. All kids are different and have different interests and different things that inspire them. One thing that inspires EVERY child though, is love and approval. Even if they do something inappropriate, you can call out the behavior, but you do not need to label your kid. Chances are, your kid is not a bad kid, they have just been exploring and have made a choice that wasn’t the best one.

It is okay to guide, correct, teach, and instill a knowledge of consequences with kids. It is important that you also let your kid know that you are proud of them. Nothing lights up my son’s face more than when I tell him I am proud of him, whether it is for something specific or just a general statement. There are so many things to be done, so many things to learn, so many stressors in a kids life, they just need to know that they are loved and appreciated for their part in your life.

Nothing wrong with giving your kid chores to do, but do you thank them after it is done? Do you ever tell them they did a good job and that you appreciate their contribution to the family/home? I hear from people all the time how they feel so unappreciated (by their spouse, kids, boss…), yet these same people often do not dish out the appreciation either. You DO get what you give. Catch your kid doing something wonderful and THANK THEM!!!

I see way too many parents that complain that their son/daughter is getting distant, but yet they do not realize that they are also creating distance with their kids.

Your kid wants to spend hours and hours with their friends, or sometimes even 36 hours or a weekend straight ~ away from you. YOUR KID STILL NEEDS YOU. Just because your kid is stretching their wings, does not mean that you don’t need to be there for them. Even if they ditch you for their friends they still want and need you to be available for them if something happens. This can feel like being ‘used’ by some parents, but your child is not ‘using’ you, your child is still a child and NEEDS you to be there.

I have many adult clients that still seek the approval of their parents after they have their own grown up family. Imagine how much your child needs your approval NOW.

Some of you may pick your child up from school (or wait until after school or work), and start talking to your child. Sometimes you talk about all the things your kid has to do (as far as chores or homework), sometimes you feel overwhelmed, and you share all YOU have to do with your child.

Do you ask your kid how his/her day was? If so, do you actually LISTEN to the answer with 100% of your attention? Or do you just ask and then go about doing something else? There is nothing that can disempower or hurt a kid more, than to think that a parent doesn’t really care what’s going on in their life. Parents complain that their kids don’t tell them anything, but often when parents do not sit and really LISTEN, with undivided attention kids stop talking.

Do you complain that your kid doesn’t listen to you? Kids learn by example. What you DO, not what you SAY. If they see you looking at your phone after you have asked them a question, why wouldn’t they look at their phone when you are talking to them? Because of how their brains are wired at this age, it is hard enough for them to listen to you and focus on what you are saying (this is a normal part of brain functioning). Try and teach them to focus by being fully present, and be cognizant of what you are doing yourself.

Please be AWARE of what your kid is trying to tell you. Either by what they say, what they do, or what they DON’T say or do. There will always be SOME distance between parents and teens as teens learn to be away from the parents, but the separation does NOT need to turn into a chasm. YOU are the ADULT. Start acting like it, and pay attention, and be there for your kid(s). Too many parents say “what about me?” Yes, you need to take care of yourself, but you took on the responsibility of being a parent, and your kids come first.