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The “Problem” with Religion

I need to start this post with saying that I respect your beliefs and, I respect the fact that you have a religion you follow if that is the case for you.  I don’t ‘belong’ to an organized religion myself anymore, but that was a personal choice I made once I started listening directly to God.  If religion is to be believed, than EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the planet is going to Hell.  I don’t believe in hell as portrayed by religions, they invented hell so they would have something to threaten us with.

I sometimes have clients (or acquaintances), that say, “I can’t talk about this, I’m Christian”, regarding my work.  I have no problem at all dropping the subject, or answering difficult questions, if you have them.  I think it is sad though that some Religions have replaced God and Love with Fear and Separation.

I simply do not understand why having a “Religion” keeps you from talking to and listening to God.  I was brought up Roman Catholic and there was a lot of fear instilled in me from a young age about my gifts, I get it.  In church they talked about “demons” and “Satan”, and how bad things were all over.  They also talked about the Bible, and how in the bible stories God was everywhere, and God talked to people.  That we were God, God was IN US.

Where and when did it come about that when God speaks to us we are not allowed to listen for fear that it is not really God at all?  Faith is a good thing to have, it helps many people, myself included.  Religion is another matter.  Having a religion and going to church can be a wonderful thing.  Just being in the presence of other people in a church, and feeling all the good and loving energies can be awe inspiring ~ I know, I have been.  It is nice to have like-minded people to be around, where you can open up your heart, and feel connected to other’s and to Source.

It is important to remember though that “God is in YOU”.  You are not separate from the Source of all that is.  This is where organized religions fall short sometimes.  On the one hand, they teach that God is everywhere and in everything, and then in the next moment they tell you that you are not worthy of “listening” to God.  You are allowed to talk to God through prayer, but you are not allowed to listen to God.

I can tell you right now, that God talks to each and every one of you all the time.  Your religion has just made you afraid to listen.  You are told “God is Love” ~ then two minutes later you are told to “fear God” ~ followed by talk of “the Wrath of God”.  Really?  Love and Fear are two COMPLETELY different energy vibrations.  It is simply impossible for them to occupy the same space.  Just as it cannot be light and dark at the same time, you cannot have love and fear and wrath all at the same time.

You have been told you are not ‘special’ enough for God to talk to you.  I am telling you, you are special.  Stop being so fearful, and be loving, allow yourself to listen to God.  God/Source talks to you all the time.

Obviously Faith has changed over the last couple thousand years.  Religions have been taken over by “leaders” that want to stop you from listening to God, and from connecting to your own Infinite Source.  A lot of Religions now just want to keep you disempowered.  Faithful, but powerless.

I am not saying that you should stop going to church, or ditch your religion.  I AM saying that maybe it is time that you stopped listening to MEN (or women), that tell you to stop listening to God.  God wants to talk to you, God wants you to listen, and to trust.  Source is there, always.  Has always been there.  Please remember your connection, and listen to God and your inner wisdom, that part of you that is a part of God, not to “humans” that would like to disempower you by having you shut down your beautiful connected soul.





There is Nothing “Wrong” With You

We are going through some interesting times indeed.  There are so many energetic changes going on.  They have been happening for quite a few years now and every time the energy shifts, our lives change.  With every shift in planetary energies, I get new clients contacting me to find out what is wrong with them.  Things feel so different and uncomfortable.

I am here to tell you, that there is nothing wrong with you.  You, along with everyone else here, made a choice to be born into this body, at this time.  The world is Ascending, and we came here to help her with the Ascension process.

This is no easy task sometimes.  You have Ascended into a new Dimension, your DNA has changed and is changing still.  Many of the systems that have been set up by man that are not sustainable are changing, and YOU are a part of that.  There is nothing wrong with you, except that you are thinking that something is wrong with you.

Now I know first hand what it is like to feel as if something is wrong with me.  Being born with the ability to connect with Source Energy in a way that not many people could can make one feel like an outsider.  Especially when those around you think that you are ‘different’, or odd, or strange ~ or worse yet, lying.

If you are reading this, chances are, you ARE different than a lot of the people on the planet right now.  This is a GOOD thing.  You are here to help.  You might not know it, or you might know it and not know how, but just by being open to reading this, you are different.  You have now consciously become a part of the change.

Different is NOT a bad thing.  Especially now.  “Different”, is becoming the new normal.  The more you embrace what you know and feel, and trust that you are right where you need to be, the more people will come into your life that are just like you.  There are so many people on earth that are like me now.  It is exciting.  It makes me less “different”.  I am working with a lot of people who are just now coming into their ‘abilities’, and learning how they are connected to Source, and I am teaching them to listen to their connections, and it is wonderful.

Sometimes though, when you start to listen to Source, you realize just what is not working in your life.  You can have some things happen that feel disturbing when you start to embrace the new energies.  This has happened to me a few times over the past two decades.  I understand how much discomfort it can bring.  Every time though, I have come out the other side with more knowledge, less baggage, and a feeling of having ‘finally made it’.

Last year was no different.  There were astrological influences, and the Chinese “Year of the Snake” (shedding old ‘skins’), and the changes in the frequencies of the planet.  For many of you it was very challenging.  We are coming into a new time this month though and things will start calming down a bit if you just stop worrying that there’s something wrong with you.

You cannot get where you are going, by staying where you are.  That’s it, in a nutshell.  If you have some ‘baggage’, or belief systems, or people in your life that are holding you in the same old pattern, they MUST BE RELEASED before you can move on.  Just as you cannot throw your entire house onto the roof of your car when you move across the country, you cannot take all your old patterns and systems with you when you decide to energetically move somewhere else.

It seems like every time I am ready to take things to a new level, or a different place, I get thrust into illness, or depression, or just a feeling of being lost.  This has happened to me enough times over the years that I can now recognize it for what it is.  It is Ascension.

When you think about what you want to change in your life, the first thing that needs to change is your vibration.  As your vibration raises, anything that is not serving your highest and best good has to go.  Sometimes your vibration changes so much that you feel physically ill, or unable to sleep, or unable to wake up and function normally.  The easiest way through this is to support yourself.  You do not ever support yourself by asking yourself what is wrong with you.

Would it not be easier to say to yourself, “I am changing, this will pass, I release all resistance, the Universe will take care of me, I will be fine”, rather than “What the hell is wrong with me, why can’t I feel better!”

I guarantee that if you focus on the fact that you will indeed get better if you are just patient with the process of releasing what is no longer serving you, the shift will happen that much quicker.

Asking “What is wrong with me?” will just keep you in a vibrational space of creating more things going wrong.

It is not always easy to just go with the flow.  We are so programmed to be like everyone else.  Programmed to be busy, work hard, look good, be everything to everyone, put everyone else first, not be greedy, the list could go on forever.  No wonder we are constantly asking “What is wrong with me?”

You need to take care of YOU.  (this one was hard for me too, but I think I’m getting it more and more all the time).  If you take care of you, then you will be better able to ‘be there’ for those around you.  If you do nothing else for yourself this year, at the very least take “What is wrong with me?”, out of your vocabulary.

We are all in this together.  None of us are alone.  We are all one, Ascending together with this planet.  Please treat yourself how you would treat others.  Support yourself, allow yourself to release things, get rest if that is what you need.

We are in a New Year with new astrological and energetic frequencies.  Allow yourself to gallop forward with this New Year of the Wood Horse if that is what you are feeling now.

I am doing a lot of psychic coaching/mentoring and “Personal Training for the Soul” now, much more than just plain old Psychic Readings.  Helping YOU to get where you need to be rather than just dictating what will be happening in your life.  You are a Creator, YOU create what you want.  A Psychic can help to get you there, but it is no longer necessary to submit and surrender to what you have created so far in your life.  If you aren’t liking it, change it.

If you would like my help to move forward with your plans, hopes and dreams, to learn how to connect to Source for yourself, contact me and I will be happy to help.