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Archangel Nathaniel

I first met Archangel Nathaniel in the Spring of 2003.  I was a single mom of a 2 year old boy, a supervisor in a welfare office, and had gone through many huge life-changing events over the prior 4 years.  I had new things, losses, deaths, changes, adjustments, (not to mention the ascension of the planet and my healing works), it had become too much and I needed to take a leave from my government job in the early fall of 2002.  I wouldn’t call it a nervous breakdown, but I must say that the stress had become too much for me.

In early 2003 when I met Archangel Nathaniel, it was almost time for me to go back to work and I had started to do more psychic readings for other people.  I was doing a lot of healing and energy work on myself, and was sharing my experience and what I was learning with everyone who asked.

I went to bed one night, and as I was lying there contemplating all the changes going on I began to feel very insecure.  How was I going to do it all?  What was I going to do with my life?  I was in transition, that I could tell, but it was still very scary.

As I was lying there, a tall, dark, handsome figure lay down beside me.  I could physically feel him.  I was slightly taken aback, but I wasn’t frightened.  At that moment, he spread his Angel Wings and wrapped me up in them.  I lay my head on his chest and felt more secure and safe than I had for a very long time.

He told me his name was Archangel Nathaniel and that everything was going to be just fine.  That he would stay by my side and be there for me any time I needed him.  He said he would be with me every step of the way through my transition.

I did not know then what my life would turn into but he has always been there for me.

How does Archangel Nathaniel Help?

From my experience in talking with Nathaniel he helps through life changes.  The big events.  He reassures you and lets you know that all is okay.  For me he has provided much love, comfort and hugs.  He is very supportive.  If you  are contemplating a life change, or if you just know your life is changing and are afraid of what the changes might bring, ask Archangel Nathaniel to be with you.

I have done a lot of work with Nathaniel over the years, and the feeling I get when interacting with him is truly amazing and life changing.  Once you start work with Archangel Nathaniel your life can never be the same.

It was when I started working more with Archangel Nathaniel that I realized that one of my major life purposes was to help others with their own gifts.  Together with Nathaniel I have helped many people understand how to work with their gifts and how to implement them into their life so they may transition to the higher realms of the earth.  There is no need to leave the physical plane in order to have an experience of “Heaven”.  You have the ability to bring the energies of the Angels and Heaven into your experience here.  To explore your gifts, to allow for positive changes, to live the life you were meant to live.  To be happy.  To really live, and to love.

As you go through big life changes, ask Nathaniel to be with you.  When I talk to and do work with Angels, I get a feeling between my upper shoulder blades that cannot be ignored.  Sometimes I actually get squirmy because of the feelings I have.  If you talk to Angels, and you want to know if it is “working” (it always is, but sometimes you may want more “proof”), get quiet in yourself, and feel the sensations in your body.  It may be the feeling between the shoulder blades, or goose bumps, or something else, but know that when you have that feeling the Angels are near and working with you.

To learn more about me and my personal journey you can read Interview with a Psychic.





Energetic & Spiritual Boundaries

I have been attending the Hay House, I CAN DO IT!  2014 conference in Vancouver all weekend.

Today I will be going to Vancouver again for a class with Doreen Virtue for Angel Card Reading.

Over the weekend I have met a few energy workers like myself.  Of course over my career I have met many people who are energy workers, or mediums, or empaths.  One thing I have noticed is how many people that can see and feel what I see and feel, think they have no control over it at all.

You have more control over your energetic space than you think you do.  Just because you have a ‘gift’ doesn’t mean you have to live your life being open all the time.  Just because you have been bombarded with energies, doesn’t mean you have to live your life being blown about by the energy and moods of everyone and everything around you.

Spirits and loved ones on the other side are not that different than we are.  They were (and kind of are) people just like we are.  You CAN and SHOULD have boundaries with them.

If you are walking down the street and someone (not in spirit) started to follow you down the street and talking to you and saying your name what would you do?

If you chose to ignore them completely chances are they would think that you did not hear them and they would continue to follow you, call your name and pester you until you acknowledged them.  If you stopped, turned around, acknowledged them and said something like “Yes?”; or ” I’m sorry, but I do not know who you are”; or (in the case of someone panhandling for money), “I do not have any change”.  They would go away and move on.   If they did not move on, you may begin to get nervous but you would likely ignore them, walk away, tell them firmly, maybe with your hand up, “Stop”, or “go away”.  Maybe get mall security or something, but they would go and leave you alone.

Spirits are not much different.  Many mediums don’t have a clue how to have boundaries with Sprits.  When I go out to a mall or event, I mostly “tune out” the Spiritual clutter.  If I didn’t I’d go nuts.  There were a lot of people there yesterday, and if I hadn’t been ‘tuned out’ I am sure I would have been surrounded by voices of people that could not be seen.  In a crowd of over 3000 people, what the heck would I have done with all the voices?

If I have a medium reading booked and I am getting ready in the morning, and someone pops in and says “Hi, I’m the Dad”, that is perfectly okay.  He is here for my client, is excited to talk to her, and has just shown up a bit early (sometimes they come the night before, or a few days before), this is okay.

If I am lying in bed and night, and someone pops in.  I might ask them who they are.  Or, if I am ready to go to sleep I will just let them know “I am going to sleep now, just come back when your person is sitting in front of me and we can talk”.  Easy.  Boundaries.

When I lived in the city I had a Spirit come in when I was on my way to bed and he was younger (early 20’s), and VERY EXCITED.  He was bouncing around my room and saying, “I’m so glad we met” and “can’t wait to talk to him” etc.  He came into my room a few nights in a row.

I was pretty sure I knew who he wanted to talk to (a friend of mine), so I approached my friend and told him about this Spirit that was excited to talk to him.  I told him many things about the Spirit and he said “I don’t know who or what you are talking about”.  I was rather floored because the Spirit was pretty clear with me.

However, there is not much I can do about it.  Whether my friend was just freaked out (he wasn’t really ‘into’ this stuff), or whether I or the Spirit really were mixed up is really irrelevant.  Bottom line, I couldn’t help the guy that kept coming into my room and jumping on my bed.

So, after talking to my friend, I went to bed and I told the Spirit “I am sorry, I don’t think I can help you right now.  If you want to come back when your person is sitting in front of me, I would be happy to talk for you”.  And you know what.  He left!!!

Really freaking easy.  There are many mediums out there that don’t realize that it is okay to have boundaries.

Just because you have a ‘gift’ and can see and talk to Spirits, it does not mean you are obligated to have them harass you all the time.  Yes, its a gift.  Yes, it would be nice if you could share information.  NO, you are NOT obligated to give up your entire life, to have Spirits attached to you and be bashed around by energies that are not your own.

Just as with people who have bodies, yes you can help WHEN YOU CAN HELP, but you are not ‘obligated’ to allow yourself to be treated like a doormat.

Have some energetic boundaries, just as you (hopefully), have some physical boundaries in your life.

I hope to write more on this subject, but for now, I am off to Vancouver!



Is My Relationship Healthy?

Relationships, ask for what you want/need, then LET IT GO

A relationship is not meant to ‘complete you’. That’s a bunch of hooey. If you are not already complete there’s not a soul on the planet that will be able to help you through a romantic relationship.

When two people are in a HEALTHY relationship, they WANT the other person to be happy. They don’t want the other person to be jealous, insecure, wondering…

When you are in a healthy relationship you can ask for what you want in a respectable way, knowing your partner will do his/her best for you. You will have no need whatsoever to ‘demand’ that your needs be met.

If you are a woman, and you are reasonably secure in your own self, and you are dating a man that doesn’t seem to care how you feel, just leave. Save yourself the grief of having your self-esteem run through the mud and having baggage to ‘get over’ later. If he loves you, he will want you to be happy. PERIOD. Don’t make demands, they don’t work anyway. Make your decisions based on his actions, and how you feel (if you aren’t happy, or cry once a week about how you have been treated, that’s a big indicator he’s not ‘the one’).

For women, its important that if you ask a man for something, knowing that he loves you and that he will do it if/when he can, then he will. There is no sense in asking him for something that no man could do. Most guys aren’t going to be happy hanging out with your girlfriends shopping, let him be a man.

Its also important for women to recognize when a man is trying and to acknowledge that. Don’t ask him for something and when he tries, tell him he’s done it wrong. No one wants to be chastised for not doing things the way you would do them. If his heart is in the right place, let him do it his way.

You wonder why your man quit trying to please you when he used to really try hard..? there are three main reasons.
1. You are unpleasable – your way or the highway
2. You aren’t happy. In a good relationship, he wants you to be happy. If he tries, and you aren’t happy he will quit trying.
3. He doesn’t care.



For the men out there. If you are with a woman who consistently wants your nuts on a platter, quit trying. There are just some women who act like prima donnas and are not worth it. If you NEVER do anything right, or if the more you do the more demands that you are met with, maybe she is just unpleasable. This does not mean that any woman asking for help is demanding or unpleasable, its when no matter what you do it is never appreciated and never enough, you rarely hear ‘thank you’. I’m talking more about the woman who puts you down at every turn, that wants more and more and more, and is never happy, the one that acts like the world (and you) owes her something. That you need to be something you aren’t to please her. Sometimes these women have been ‘wronged’ and they just won’t let any man be a man.

“Buy me this, take me here. You can’t go on that fishing trip you’ve been planning for months, Mary Sue is having a baby shower!” This is unreasonable and is a demand, not a request.
(If she’s upset about you being in the bar with your ‘buds’ every weekend, see #3 above – you likely aren’t ready to be in a relationship with her).



If you are in an on and off relationship, chances are it’s meant to be “off”. Rarely in an off and on relationship does one person say, “Look, I’m going through something and I love and respect you, will you please support me in my growth and getting in touch with my soul; once I do that, I may be ready for more”.

Nope, with off and on, it’s usually someone feeling smothered, or someone that likes you or is drawn to you, but that knows they do not want what you want out of life. The separations are usually caused by some form of drama and/or control issue. They are pretty sure that this is not the relationship for them, they just happen to be drawn to you for some reason. IF THEY ARE RUNNING AWAY IT IS NOT THE RELATIONSHIP FOR THEM. If it is not the relationship for them, it is not the relationship for you. There is not one “healthy” person on the planet runs away from someone that they feel is the one – EVER – PERIOD. Even if you did get back together, have a baby, get married, cohabitate, whatever… it will not be sustainable. We can only pretend for so many years before it takes a toll.


Relationships are a two way street. In a healthy relationship both parties realize this. In a healthy one we try to make our partner more comfortable. Not by changing “who we are”. “Who we are” is who they fell for — No, by being considerate and sometimes going the extra mile just because you love them.

If it is healthy, then both parties will do what it takes to keep the flow. If not, let it go, stop wasting what is supposed to be a happy life on being unhappy.