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Rescuing people from their continued lousy choices is not your job

You cannot flourish and do what you came here to do if you are too busy living someone else’s life for them. I often write about how you can empower yourself, but I cannot MAKE changes for you, nor can I make your life better. Only you can do that.

You need to realize that you cannot make changes for others, nor is it your job to make changes for them. It is up to them to do that for themselves.

Are you ready to live your own life? Or are you focusing so much on other people that your life is just put on the back burner again? What a great excuse to not step up to the plate and do what you came here to do. “But I have to do this for someone else first”. That is a bunch of hooey. Doing things for other people while doing nothing for yourself does not serve you, or them, or our planet.

If our planet was full of happy, abundant, successful people it would be a much better place. Keeping yourself unhappy, broke, and floundering is not helping anybody.

Have you brought “helping others” to a point where you are just enabling bad behavior in them? Is it an excuse so that you do not need to shine your light on YOU. Are you focusing on others because it is easier to ‘worry’ about them, and take care of them, than it is to step forward in your own life?

It is time to think about yourself. You cannot help others if you do not help yourself first. I am not saying to ‘do harm’ to other people, but it is time to get rid of your distorted view about how much help you are providing. Enabling is not helping. When you try and live someone else’s life for them, you are essentially saying that you do not trust the divine source within them to flourish and for them to take care of themselves. It is not fair to them for you to take away their own life choices.

There is a fairly large split on our planet right now. Those of you who ‘get it’, and those people who don’t. If you are reading this with an open mind, I guarantee that you are one of the people that ‘gets it’; even if you don’t totally understand everything and how energy works, you still get it on a soul level. I cannot make someone else understand this if they do not want to ~ you cannot make someone understand if they are not open to it. Some people have closed minds and closed hearts, and in this lifetime, on the earth in this moment, they will never get it.

Sometimes you just need to walk away from people who are draining your energy. Family members who are always asking for money (adult children included), friends who only call you to bitch about their problems, people in your life who are in lousy relationships and call to tell you about it all the time while not doing anything to change, ditto for lousy jobs, or unemployment.

These interactions do nothing to or for you except to lower your vibration and dim your light, whether slightly or a lot. IT IS NOT HELPING them or you. No matter how often you listen, counsel, or talk, they won’t get it until they get it. AND SOME OF THEM NEVER WILL AND IT IS NOT YOUR JOB TO MAKE THEM.

It is time to let go. Let go of all the things, thoughts and people that are holding you back from your life purpose. Move on. Take steps to make your life better. To feel better. To BE better. Once you do this, then you will be surrounded by wonderful light beings in physical form (all of you reading this already have many light beings around you in ethereal form). As you get together with these people there will be strength in numbers. You will find that two of you, or a group of you, or a tribe of you WILL be able to have an impact on our world. Your light will get stronger and stronger and stronger. The lighter our planet, the better off everyone will be ~ including the people you may be trying to ‘help’ now.

Many that cannot hold the light, or do not want to hold the light and positive energy that is available will stay stuck ~ but just in this lifetime. Do not worry about them, they WILL make it home, and their Soul will be okay. It can be hard to watch them suffer, but you cannot know what it is their soul wants.

If someone comes to you for help, it is okay to help. IF they are also taking some personal responsibility for where they are and IF they are actually willing to change and help themselves. No amount of you ‘doing for them’ will help them out of a rut if they are not willing to get out of it themselves.

This is what I do. This is part of my life purpose. I share, I help those of you that come to me authentically wanting help. I cannot help you if you take no responsibility for your own life ~ it is an impossible task. I can share information that might change your life for the better if you are willing ready and able to run with it. If someone comes to me and asks me to change their life for them, and they do not want to make any adjustments to what they are doing, either physically or energetically, I cannot help them.

It is time for you to do the same with the people in your life. Put the spotlight on yourself. See what you need for you and give it to yourself. THIS is what will make the world a better place for everyone.

Your Thoughts Really Do Create Your Life

“Your thoughts create your feelings.  Change your thoughts, your feelings will change.”


Did you know that over 95% of the thoughts you have today are the same thoughts you had yesterday and will have tomorrow?  That is a lot of repetition.  Repetition creates habits, beliefs, and the way our life looks.

Our thoughts are energy.  Many of you reading this have a basic understanding that our thoughts create our reality.  Unfortunately for many, most of your thoughts are just habitual and have no awareness to them.  You wake up, have the same thought you had yesterday, and begin to create the same type of day today, that yesterday was.

Anything you think in any given moment is impacting how you feel.  If you think a good thought, you have a good feeling.  If you think a negative thought, you have a negative feeling.

What you are feeling in any given moment is what is going to create your life for you.  If you are feeling lethargic, bored or overwhelmed, chances are you are not going to engage in things that make you happy.

If you are feeling perky, energetic and optimistic, you are going to create a day that contains happiness and enables you to do things you enjoy.

If you are feeling down, the best thing you can do for yourself is to keep trying to change your thoughts to better ones.  You don’t need to go from being depressed to being ecstatic, but you can go from depression to hopefulness ~ just by changing your thoughts.

Even with really bad stuff, or stuff from the past, it is your focus on them that creates stress or angry/depressed feelings.

Some people will get stuck on something that happened long ago, or stuck on not feeling 100% perfect health.  They keep thinking about being sick, or about how they were ‘wronged’ in the past.  This perpetuates a loop in thinking.  The more you loop in your negative thoughts the worse you feel.  It can be easy to spiral downward from there.

If you find yourself thinking about something and you are not feeling good, then it is imperative that you think about something else.  And YES, it IS possible.  If you cannot find anything in your life to feel good about, or feel gratitude about (most of you can), then get yourself out into nature and really connect with it.  Sit in the grass, or on a park bench and really observe the beauty that surrounds you.  Look at bugs, look at trees, look at a leaf, look at the perfection in the creations of the Universe.  You cannot focus on something amazing and awe inspiring and focus on ‘problems’ and what is bothering you at the same time.

Physically smiling, or walking with your head up, looking up and far into the distance can change brain chemistry and help you feel better.

As for thoughts creating reality.  If I was focused on being unhappy, or on things in my life that were not working out very well, (and yes there are some), I would not be able to write this.  I cannot write inspiring notes when I am depressed.  It does not flow the same way for me.  I only write when I can be my authentic self, my connected self.

Trying to write positive and uplifting posts when I am unhappy or overwhelmed doesn’t work.  It just frustrates me more.  Trying to write or be creative when overwhelmed is like herding cats.  Almost impossible.

This is how thoughts create your reality.  If you focus on “overwhelmed”, you just get more and more overwhelmed and the less you get done and the more it seems lands on your plate.  You know what you want from/in your life, but it seems so elusive.  Just try relaxing your mind and your body.  “Trying to make it happen”, can be your biggest block.  Sometimes you simply cannot make things happen.  It is too often dependent on other people.

Try and relax.  Focus your thoughts on things that make you happy or relax you.  If you think about those things, you will find yourself feeling more happy and relaxed.  You may find yourself saying “yes, but this thing!!!!”.  “This thing”, isn’t going anywhere, stop thinking about it.

If you keep thinking about it and feeling badly, it will NEVER resolve itself.  It will hang on, kicking and screaming all the way.  No amount of thinking about how it could go wrong, or how badly you feel will help.  The only thing that will help is being in a state where you are relaxed enough to allow your inspiration and divine guidance to flow.

Once you are there, in a happy spot, and your inspiration and flow start, YOU HAVE TO ACT ON THEM.  As much as it is important to ‘go with the flow’ of positive thoughts and feelings, when you are in this state if you get INSPIRED to do something, then do it.  If you do not follow your inspiration and begin to CREATE with it, then you are not allowing your positive thoughts and feelings to create for you.  You may end up just saying, “Well, that was nice, I felt good for a bit, but now I just feel crappy again because nothing has changed”.

Often “nothing has changed” because you have not taken it that next step further and changed anything.  In order for your thoughts and creation to come to fruition, you actually have to act on the inspired thoughts that you get.  Remember, most of the thoughts you had yesterday are the same as today.  You need to get yourself past that.  Act on your inspired thoughts with inspired action.  The inspired action, will bring new thoughts, new inspiration, new creations, new life.

That is the first step in changing or creating anything in your life.  Changing thoughts, feeling better, getting inspired, taking inspired action, creating new thoughts, new life situations.

You can do this!

Higher Dimensional Energies DO NOT Want to Tell You What To Do

We all have guides, teachers, angels, ascended masters, and loved ones, (perhaps ancestors we don’t even know) that spend time with us whether we realize it or not. I usually just call them my “peeps”.

Most of you reading this post realize this, at least on some level, or you probably would not have been drawn to my site.

Your peeps DO NOT want to tell you what to do. You need to really understand this, it is important.

We are on earth to have an experience. OUR experience. NOT someone else’s experience. This might sound harsh, but they DO NOT care what you do! They want you to be happy, they want to support you energetically to get what YOU want. NOT what they want for you.

In the case of loved ones who have crossed over, they may have told you what to do when they were here, but they DON’T CARE WHAT YOU DO AS LONG AS YOU ARE HAPPY.

Most messages that come from your peeps will be messages that empower you to be happy and create the life that YOU want. That’s it. They want you to be happy.

Most of the time, if you are talking about your problems you are just making your problems stick even more. Your peeps don’t always want to talk about worry, or guilt or problems.

All of your solutions lie in your vibration, your offering to the Universe. If you offer out crap, you will get back crap. Your peeps want to help you to help yourself. They don’t want to talk about your problems. They want to talk about what you are offering up to the Universe, what you are putting out there, what you are getting back.

Psychic Readings with me are all about solutions, NOT problems. If you need to let go of something in order to raise your vibration, that will be shared with you. If you need to add something (healing, meditation, training in something, etc.), that will be shared with you.

If you ask specific questions, often you will get specific answers. Sometimes you won’t. If it DISEMPOWERS you, or takes your free will and choice out of the equation, you will not get a specific answer. Not from higher dimensional energies, they won’t live your life for you.