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How to Get Through a Time of High Stress

If you are feeling very stressed out, and feel as if you are having a meltdown, or like you might be going bonkers, hopefully this post will help you.

Step one.  Realize that it will pass.  During times of high stress or anxiety it is easy for us to keep thinking about our stressful situation.  You may have thoughts about how bad things are.  You start to imagine how many other things could go wrong.  One of the most common phrases you tell yourself is “what if, (insert bad outcome here)”.

So, you need to start telling yourself something else.  If you are human, chances are you have been in a similar spot, with similar feelings before.  You got out of it and you are still here.  If the most positive thing you can come up with is “this will pass, I will not feel this badly forever”, then use it!  You emotionally, intuitively, and logically know that it will pass.  Every time you start to go down a negative thought ‘road’, replace it with “I will get over (or past, or through) this”.

Step two.  BREATHE.  Focus on your breath and bring your breath deep into your belly.  Keep focusing on your breathing.  If you are thinking about your breathing and feeling your body, you cannot be thinking about what is bothering you.  You can only have one thought at a time.

Step three.  Relax your muscles.  It is physically/psychologically impossible to be angry, upset, stressed or have otherwise ‘negative’ feelings when your body is relaxed.  If you are having uptight thoughts, your body is stressed and your muscles are tight.  If you can relax your arms and your back and your torso and legs, and focus and think about relaxing, you cannot be feeding the stressful thoughts and feelings.  Its physically impossible.

Step 4.  Think of a time when you were in a similar situation and overcame it.  Think about how good it felt the last time you felt good (even if it feels like it was 100 years ago).  Relive it in your mind (in the case of a break up, don’t think of the person you just broke up with.  Think about a different break up you had before that that you go over).

If you have lost a job you enjoyed, think of the last time you were in a career that you enjoyed that ended before you got the one you just lost.  You got another one that time, you will get another one again.

You need to trick your mind by feeling better feeling thoughts until your emotions can catch up.

I must say that if you have lost something that you did not like anyway, then count your blessings and look upon it as divine intervention to move you forward from a spot you were stuck in.  It’s likely a place you would not have left without some “help”.

There are physical as well as energetic things going on when you are stressed or upset.  Our body produces many hormones and enzymes and chemicals (natural) at different times, depending what we are going through.  Endorphins when we are happy, cortisol when we are afraid.  (plus many others, I’ll keep this simple for now).

Let’s say, you are at the height of your stress and one of your hormones kicks in and is at a 10 on a scale of 1-10.  So, not only are you dealing with a stressful situation, you are now dealing with a hormone that is helping you to be more stressed out.  So our hormones have kicked in, our mind is running all kinds of negative scenarios through our mind, and we are essentially “losing it”.

If you take step 2 & three above and do them, your hormone level may go down to an 8 or 7.  So now step one and step 4 are even easier.  So let’s say that after doing step 1 and step 4, your hormone levels go down to a 6. Phew, progress.

Now that you have managed to lower your hormone levels, maybe you can get onto the next step, which would be to distract yourself.  Go for a walk, wash dishes, meditate, read a book, whatever.  Anything to take your mind off your worries and help your physical self and hormones.

As you go through this process, keep remembering to breathe and relax (step 2 & 3).

Once you are feeling a bit more ‘under control’ of yourself or your attitude about your situation (there are plenty of situations you cannot control, but you can always control your attitude about them), your stress hormone level may get down to a much more manageable 2 or 3.

Now you will be in a position to make decisions and have movement in your life from a place of more power.  When you started out and were in a place of high stress there was pretty much nothing you could do to keep your thoughts positive.  Almost every thought you had was doom and gloom.  “I’m so sad”, “I’m so powerless in this situation”.

As you feel better, solutions to your problems will start to appear.  You will have inspired thoughts instead of fearful thoughts.  You will have relaxed your emotional and physical body to a point that your intuition can work, and your angels and guides can communicate with you easier.  You will find that just as you are coming into a more relaxed state, you will be inspired to take an action, or do something (or have a nap for that matter).  At this point, whatever it is that comes to you, will be much easier to accomplish.

Before you know it, the situation, (or issue, feelings, anger, depression, whatever is was, and however it manifested for you), will be behind you once again, and you will be able to say “I remember that time I felt just awful but I GOT THROUGH IT!!

Depending on the situation, your beliefs, your habitual thinking patterns, and your environment, this process could fix things within minutes, or it could take days, or even weeks.  Every person and every situation is different.  It WILL help you get through and past it though, that I know.

Repeat as required.

* Note: I am not a doctor, and this is not a replacement for any medical care you may require from a qualified medical practitioner.

Six Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting What You Want Out of Life

In my work with clients over the years I have seen many reasons why they cannot seem to manifest what they want in life. Generally, it is because of a Subconscious Limiting Belief system, and the energy it creates in their life.

Do you recognize any of these things in yourself?

You mistakenly believe that if you are happy with what you have, you are being complacent and you won’t get more.

Here is an example of that from my own life. I am happy with what I have. I do want more, but my husband said to me once, “Well, you don’t want anything”. It’s not that I don’t want anything, quite the contrary. I just know how energy works, and I know that if I focus too much on what is not in my life yet, I block it. I do want more, I just refuse to be unhappy while I am waiting for more. An energy of happiness will bring more things to be happy about. The difference is that I KNOW I will have what I want. I do not need to talk about the lack of it all the time. I write down what I want, and I let it go and get patient. It ALWAYS comes.

Just because you are happy with what you have, does not mean that you don’t want more.

You think you don’t deserve more, or worse, that if you want more, you are “greedy”. That you should be ‘happy with what you have’ (you do need to be happy with what you have, but that does not mean you shouldn’t want more). Other people ‘out there’ are suffering, you shouldn’t complain about what is missing. “How dare I ask for more when there are people worse off than me in the world”.

This is simply ‘programming’ from those that want to keep you in the dark and disempowered. From the time we are young we are bombarded with messages that tell us we should not want or ask for more. A lot of it is due to religion (think of all the religions that tell you to give your money to them. Meanwhile the religious leaders are covered in, and surrounded by gold).
You are told stories of people getting money, but bad things happen. Someone had to get hurt or die for them to get insurance money, people win the lottery and then end up penniless and unhappy, your house burned down and now you have insurance money.
These are “programs”. There are tons of ways to have more without doing harm to anyone. I am pretty certain, if you are reading this and are trying to better any aspect of your life, that if you had more money, more people on this planet would be receiving help from you.

You are stuck in one way of thinking, or one way of doing, and don’t allow for things to flow in that may be different than what you imagined.

You think that your work defines you. You think that there is only one way for abundance to come to you, so you don’t even think about other ways that it could come. You cannot imagine how it will come, so you stop trusting that it can.
The trick here is to not try to make things happen. Be in your moment, truly trust that what is yours will come to you, that the Universe is abundant, and then “Let go Let God”. Chances are that there will be some action you need to take, but you need to let yourself feel good, and take “inspired action” to get to where you want to be. No amount of “action” will get you to a good feeling, abundant place if it is not inspired. Doing for the sake of doing is not your goal. Doing because it feels good and inspired is your goal.

You rely on others perceptions of reality, or rely on them to tell you what to do rather than following your own inner guidance and passions.

You read in the news how bad things are, and you “own” that information. “The news told me there was a downturn in the economy, so I won’t make money this year”. This is simply not true. If it were true, there would not be anyone out there doing anything.
You read and believe that “the older you get, the harder it is to meet a new mate”, or, “the older you get the harder it is to lose weight and stay fit”, so you don’t even try. Even if there are grains of truth in these statements, you can either make them true by believing and focusing on them, or you can buck the odds, and be the exception to the rule.

Be careful who you listen to. Don’t let the disempowering words of others’ shape your reality.

You suffer from ‘wishful thinking’ and get into worse situations than before.

You really don’t have faith that money is coming your way but you fake it. Subconsciously you don’t really think it is available to you or you would have it. In your quest to be “positive”, you think, “I know life is abundant, I know the money will come in, therefore, I will prove it by spending money on credit and trust the universe to take care of the rest”.
I won’t work that way. What happens to your energy in this situation is that as you get into more debt your vibration changes. You start to feel more controlled by the debt. As the debt goes up, you start to doubt that you can pay it back because the money is not flowing to pay it back.
If you really trusted and had faith that money was coming your way, you would wait for it to arrive before buying what you want. You would use the money that you have now to pay for what you have already consumed (electricity, rent, credit card bills), and then ‘manifest’ the money for your wants. If you trust that the money is coming, you do not have any reason at all to get yourself into more debt.
Which leads us to…..

You get impatient and frustrated with where you are and stay there.

“I know I can have what I want, but it’s not here yet, and that frustrates me”. It is not here yet because you are frustrated and your frustration leads to impatience. If you really knew and trusted that you could manifest your desires and have the life you want and think you deserve, there really would almost ever be any reason to be impatient.

The more impatient and frustrated you are, the more elusive your desires will be. This is especially true if your frustrations are directed toward others’. If you get frustrated, and then take inspired action, it can help. If you get frustrated and blame others, you will wind up with nothing.

If you ask for something and it has not arrived yet, don’t get frustrated, get patient. Your calmness and patience are what will bring it to you. From my observations, getting frustrated is like 3 steps back after the one step forward of asking for what you want. Frustration with the timing just proves that you do not trust that things will work out for you.

These are not the ONLY limiting belief systems I have seen over the years, but they are by far the most common.

Visions and Releasing Energy

We are in a great time of letting go right now. Starting new things…. again. This has been happening over and over for the past few years. I don’t even know how many blog posts and energy alerts I have put out over the past 10 years that say the same thing. It is sometimes like peeling an onion, you get one layer, and then there is another one later, and another.

I went for my meditation this morning, and thought I would share what happened for me, I found it rather fascinating as it was a vision of something that I had no awareness of before. You can do this in your own meditations also.

I lay down in bed, with a fan on because we are in the middle of a heat wave at the moment. As I was scanning my energy field, I felt a hook in my lower back. It seemed very obvious to me, and I knew that whatever it was, it was ready to be cleared. I then continued with a meditation on clearing any energy cords or negative energies that may be around or attached to me. It was time to clear that hook. At the time, I had no idea if it was a new one or old one, just that it was obviously time.

We sometimes have energy cords, or energies in our Aura that are from past lives, or things that happened many years ago. Things never come up in visioning or questing or clearing until they are ready to go. You may do a clearing and manage to get rid of quite a few things, and then just like peeling an onion, months, or sometimes many years later, something else comes up to be cleared and let go of. We never energetically address or clear something until we are ready.

So, today I did a clearing, cutting cord meditation, and then turned on a Theta Healing meditation with music and proceeded to listen and journey.
It was during this meditation that I had a very clear vision. Just like seeing a movie in my head. Watching this ‘movie’ made it pretty clear to me just what and when that energy hook had taken root.

It took place in a dry climate, almost desert like. I was seeing a close up of a wall of stone, a brown/gold mountain. There was a road that wound around and beside this mountain. Sitting on the road, and leaning on the wall, was a woman. She was fairly small and wore white robes and had most of her head and face covered.

There was a man, I could only see him from the back. He was also wearing robes, his were golden brown, much like the colour of the wall. He was towering over the woman, it didn’t look like she was even as tall as his thighs (while sitting). She looked so small and helpless.

I recognized the woman as being myself in a past life. She/I was a quiet person. Someone who ‘knew’ things. In this lifetime she/I was feared as a ‘crazy person’. People avoided “us”. Walking down this particular road, people would give a wide berth to the evil woman that spoke of forbidden things. There were people who spoke to her, but very few.

Back to my ‘movie’. The man that was towering over the woman (me), pulled out a sword and proceeded to shove it right though the centre of her chest, right where the heart chakra would be. The sword moved downwards and came out right at her lower back, the precise point where I had earlier felt the energy hook.

It is not always necessary to have all the details of “why” when clearing energies, cords and hooks, but I just thought that this was kind of neat and thought I would share it with you.

Just as I know that we are in a time of letting go and clearing even more, I know that this vision was a part of this for me. This is not my first lifetime as a psychic, or healer, or ‘witch’. There have been many, and in more than one I was killed for what I knew and shared. I am hoping that with the seeing of this vision, and clearing of the energy of this particular past life, I will have freer energy to share even more with you, without the past-life energy of fear of being killed.

Have you had any visions of past lives? I would love to hear about them in the comments section.