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You Can Feel It – Energy Alert – August 2014

It’s time to move.  So many of you feel the urge, the pull, the desire to change something.  Anything.  The NEED to change your life or move forward, and you are terrified!

The energies of the moment are pushing you to start moving.  Sometimes the energy feels like a power surge, and you MUST DO SOMETHING!  Sometimes it is a little more subtle and you just feel an inkling that maybe you should expand in some area of your life.

Get used to this feeling, it is going to prevail for the next little while.  Some days it will be stronger than others.  The thing is YOU HAVE TO ALLOW YOURSELF TO HAVE MOVEMENT.

You will never get what you want if you don’t go for it.  You are being pulled to get out of your comfort zones.  Change will not happen gracefully if you try to stay where you are.  I am talking to so many people right now that feel disempowered.  Are you kidding me!  We are in one of the most POWERFUL times that we will see in our lifetimes!
The reason you are feeling so disempowered is because you are relying on people and things outside of yourself.

You are afraid to move on and out of your comfort zone.  Even if you are in a relationship that is uncomfortable (personal or professional), you are not letting yourself move out of your comfort zone.  THAT IS WHERE YOUR DISCOMFORT IS COMING FROM.  Your Soul is trying so hard to grow and to move forward and you are not letting it happen.  You have to move out of your comfort zone.

No one else has control over you or any aspect of your life unless you let them – NO EXCEPTIONS.  I have talked to 3 people just this week who have had relationships either come to an end or change drastically.  Some of them are terrified.  How can I do it on my own?  Or worse yet, “I can’t do it on my own”.  Yes you can.
Sometimes you even think “But they have all the control”.  No they don’t.  They may have control over themselves, but they do not have control over you unless you flat out give it to them.

When you tell yourself you cannot do something, you cannot do it.  When you tell yourself “I can do this, I don’t know how, but I can do it,  I can do it by and for myself”, then you can do it.  When you say those words to yourself, you take back some of your power.  You start to feel a little bit better.  Your intuition starts to come back.  Your guides are better able to talk to you.  You begin to realize that all those recurring thoughts are really insights into what your next step should be.  You stop talking yourself out of stuff and start to get inspired to take little actions.  Sometimes you take big actions.  Either way, you MUST get out of your comfort zone.  ESPECIALLY if your “Comfort Zone” is “Uncomfortable”.

Say to yourself, I will trust the process, I will get out of my comfort zone, I will let go and let God, and trust that any movement I make will work out for my Highest and Best Good.

The energies of the Universe are pushing you to go!  Don’t let yourself stay stuck in whatever space you feel you are stuck in.  You have a lifeline from the Universe – grab hold and take it!

Even if you cannot change everything right this minute, you MUST change something.  Remember, the Law of Attraction brings you more of what you are experiencing now.  The subject does not matter so much as the feeling.

If you are feeling powerless in a relationship or a job, you will create more opportunities to feel powerless.  It could show up as a car accident, illness, something going wrong with your home and you needing to put out money you do not have to fix it… the subject is not as important as the feeling …. All these things make you feel powerless, it is not an accident that they showed up in your life.  Like energy attracts like energy.

It works the other way too.  Let’s say you are in a relationship or a work situation that you feel powerless in.  If you can say to yourself what I wrote above, (and I will write it again here because it is important)  “I will trust the process, I will get out of my comfort zone, I will let go and let God, and trust that any movement I make will work out for my Highest and Best Good.”  You will feel empowered.  If you can say that, and FEEL it, you will feel more empowered than you do now.  As soon as you take back a little bit of your power, and start to allow yourself to feel that power things will begin to improve.  IT IS LAW.

You may not be able to quit your job right now, but you could start looking for something else.  Or more likely, once you allow yourself to feel that powerfulness that is in you, you will be INSPIRED to take an action. It will actually FEEL GOOD.  You will be hard pressed to NOT take it because it feels so good.  All you did was allow yourself to feel a little bit more power and you felt immediately better.  Things and people will show up for you that make you start to think “I can do this”.  The Law of Attraction will bring more things to you that have that same feeling.  Maybe someone at work will surprise you and change their attitude, maybe someone that you feel has never valued you will say some words of appreciation, maybe you will come across a job posting that looks just perfect for you (you may not get that job, but it may inspire you to realize that there are other things out there).  No matter the circumstance, or what it looks like ‘exactly’, the feelings will be the same, and empowered feelings will assist you in moving forward and will via LoA attract more of the same feelings.

If it’s a relationship, you need to remember you cannot control other people, but you can change your thoughts and your actions.  Instead of thinking “I am stuck in this house, with this person, in this state”, replace it with “What can I do right now to feel more empowered and feel better?”.  The answer might be to pull your energy back from that person a little bit and put the focus back on yourself.  The answer might be to get a job so that you will have money.  Once you bring it back to you, and realize that you have power over yourself and your feelings, you will feel better.
Sometimes people are afraid to feel powerful in a relationship if they are unhappy in it because they think if they were to have their own money, or power, then they would leave their spouse and that would certainly bring them out of their comfort zone.  Sometimes that does happen, BUT sometimes the relationship just changes.  The thing is, you will not know unless and until you focus on yourself.

If you are uncomfortable or worse yet, miserable, now, what have you got to lose?


If You are Feeling Financial Pressure You HAVE to Read This!

I know way too many of you that are feeling financial pressure and are “trying” to work with the Law of Attraction and you keep telling me “It doesn’t work”. It is hard for me to see and feel things so clearly and know that you don’t get it. I am going to write this post and try to help to make it more clear for you so that you can begin to see it work in your life.

Things that you do when you are trying to use the Law of Attraction and you think it’s not working for you.

• You talk all about spending money ALL THE TIME.
• You don’t talk about or dream about NOT spending. You don’t talk and dream about SAVING money, or paying back the people or institutions you owe.
• You constantly and consistently talk about spending and what you want but don’t have.
• You don’t say “I have DEBT and I need to work my ass off to pay it off BEFORE I spend anything else”
• You say “I have to be able to have SOMETHING for myself for all this hard work I do”. (Chances are if you are reading this you do have some things for yourself, either a computer or smart phone for one).
• You chase opportunities with your money. Whether it’s an MLM, or a training program, or a “work at home” scheme, you are always looking for the “next big money maker”, without picking one thing at a time and putting your focus on it. You waste hundreds, or thousands per year that you do not have, to “chase” money. If you do this, you are doing it from a place of knowing you don’t have money and vibrating in a place of lack. I am involved in a couple of MLMs but it is because I like the product and think it may help other people too. I rarely make money on MLMs because I do not join them to make money. I just have my FOCUS on doing readings and helping you that way. If I make money on an MLM it is because I have an abundant mindset, not because I am chasing anything. (There are many people in the same MLMs as me that ARE making money. They are making money that way though, because they put their FOCUS into it, and that is one of their main sources of income).
• You are always complaining about the prices of things, (food, gas, services, pretty much anything and everything).
• You spend money before you earn it and say “I will just manifest more for my bills (rent, food, mortgage, car payment) later”. This is a killer.
• You spend money on your wants before you take care of your needs. This leaves you feeling very stressed about having your needs met. Stress like this is pretty much “ANTI” manifesting what you want, and just manifests more of the stressful feelings of not having your needs met.
• You have read something that tells you that you have to be always thinking about what you want. This only works if you truly believe you can have what you are thinking about and if it makes you feel good to think about it 100% of the time. Here’s a tip. If you really believed you could have it, you would be able to write a list of what you want and put it away KNOWING that now that you have written it down, it will show up (even if it takes a long time and even if you NEVER think about it again).

The problem when you are “trying” to manifest is that you think about what you want, you think that you have to think about it day in and day out, see it on a vision board 10 times a day, and that will bring it. That will NOT bring it to you, and that will not make it come any quicker if you are not feeling happy. You need to be happy and grateful and loving before anything positive can come to you.

You think that you can just “manifest” money without getting off your ass and doing something. Yes, you need to do things that feel good, but I know very few people who feel good without some type of work to do. Sitting around day in and day out doing nothing does not feel good, and just creates through the Law of Attraction, more feelings of not feeling good.

You can say “I have to visualize what I want”, well yes, but if you visualize it KNOWING you have debt to pay off, that you cannot afford it, and feel like its a pipe-dream, you don’t feel good visualizing it.

Now that we have covered what may be some of your habits, let’s look at a things a new way.

Think of your debt as being similar to KARMA. Many of you reading this seem to understand karmic debt. Well 3D financial debt is pretty much the same thing. You need to pay for all the ‘stuff’ you have received (or used, or done) already.

With Karmic Debt, you said, did, spent something, either now or in a past life, and you need to ‘pay back’ before you can move forward.

What about paying for all the stuff you have already received? What about all the times you spent money on gifts for yourself or others? They (and you) don’t even remember what you bought them for Christmas last year, but you still have to pay for it. That vacation you took last month, last year, 5 years ago? Some of you have still not paid for it. You put it on credit, and never did pay it off. Just paying interest every month for years. You need to take responsibility for that. No one forced you to do it. YOU DID IT. YOU need to pay for it. Not grudgingly, but with happiness and gratitude for the trip (or the gifts or whatever you spent). Don’t spend so much time griping about the interest payments, no one held a gun to your head and MADE you spend that money. Every time you make a payment on that card, be HAPPY about it. You received something, now you are paying it back.

Of course the way to avoid this is to be patient and SAVE UP for what you want. If you REALLY TRULY believed in the Law of Attraction, Manifesting, and an Abundant Universe, you would NEVER spend money on credit again. You would simply write down what you wanted and KNOW that if it was for your Highest and Best Good, that it would arrive, and in the perfect time for you.

Do you have a vehicle? Did you finance it? Have you been paying for the same vehicle for the past 5 years, and still have two years (or more) on your loan? If this is the case, then you have likely bought more vehicle than you could afford. After the initial “high” of a nice new vehicle has worn off, do you find yourself complaining about the payments? Or that your car is now getting old and you might need a new one? Or worse yet, that you owe three times more on your loan than your vehicle is now worth? If you TRULY believed in the LoA, you would have bought what you could afford at the time and MANIFESTED more money for a better vehicle ~ or if you are a really good manifester, maybe you would have even won a car.

SMARTEN UP! Stop doing this to yourself. Stop making excuses. YOU ARE CREATING YOUR OWN REALITY. Financial and otherwise. Be grateful that it’s you. The SECOND that you take responsibility for YOUR OWN STUFF you empower yourself. You ENABLE yourself to begin to do things differently. If you find yourself complaining more than once a year (we all get ‘moods’) that the Law of Attraction does not work you don’t “believe” it. Those that really believe it, that live by the motto “I will see it when I believe it”, RARELY or NEVER question it. They go within, they pay attention to THEIR thoughts and feelings, they look for examples of how things are working or not in their life, they change, they work on becoming very aware of where their thoughts and feelings are going ALL THE TIME. They see and feel the similarities of the energy between seemingly unrelated events in their life. They KNOW it’s up to them, they do not BLAME (others, the economy, their spouse, their parents, kids….).

IT IS A FEELING. The “facts” have NOTHING to do with it. Nothing at all. If you cannot feel good about money, money cannot come to you. Stop complaining about how things “ARE”, take responsibility for your life, and start taking steps (no matter how small), to make the life you want.