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What Does Claircognizance Mean?

Claircognizance Defined

Clair = Clear; Cognizance = Knowing

Claircognizance is another “6th sense”.  I put 6th Sense in quotes, because not every “Clair” can be 6th.  We have many senses available to us.  Claircognizance is just knowing something and not knowing how you know.

Claircognizance in Psychic Readings

This is my favourite sense that I use during readings.  It makes giving psychic readings feel so easy.  I really do not know how I know some of the things I do.

Claircognizance = Clear Knowing

Claircognizance = Clear Knowing

Often clients will say “how did you know that!”, and I reply that “I just know”.  It is very similar to knowing something that we give no thought to.  If someone were to ask you “What is 2 + 2?”, you would reply “4”, with no thought whatsoever.

That is how Claircognizance works.  Someone asks a question, and someone who is claircognizant just knows the answer.

I do not claim to know ALL the answers.  However, I can say that by connecting to the information that is available in the collective consciousness, or by talking to your higher self, or Source energy, the information is often ‘just there’.

Do not confuse this with mind reading though.  I cannot read minds.  I feel energy, but I really cannot usually ‘read your mind’.  You could have 20 ‘thoughts’ or ‘questions’ and I might not pick up on any of those, I may however, pick up on your energy and ‘know’ a lot about you or your situation.  Sometimes there is a little bit of clairvoyance thrown in the mix and I will see pictures to go along with what I am knowing.

In the case of psychic phone readings, I do not even need to see your face or what you look like, claircognizance kicks in and I just know things.  I do not need to see you physically to be able to know what is going on with you.

You have probably experienced claircognizance in your own life; and you may not even know it.  Think of a time when you just had a ‘feeling’ (knowing), that you should not be in a certain place at a certain time.  “I just knew I shouldn’t go to that party”.  That is claircognizance in action in your life.  Learn to trust it.

What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance Defined

Clair = clear; voyance = to see

Clairvoyance is a sixth sense. It is the power to see objects and visions. The visions can be in the past, present or future. The sixth sense is related to the images that are always present that bring messages from other dimensions. These images can be shape, colors, still, animated and remain only for a few seconds or last a longer time. They can be ‘seen’ with eyes open or closed.

Clair = clear; voyance = to see

Clair = clear; voyance = to see



Clairvoyance in Psychic Readings

I often use clairvoyance in my readings.  When I am sitting with someone, either in person, or while doing a phone psychic reading, I sometimes see pictures.  I see them with my eyes open, or if I want to see more clearly, I will often close my eyes and see it in my ‘mind’s eye’.  Closing my eyes takes away the distraction of what is in front of me in my 3D field of vision.

Sometimes I may see a word that looks as if it is going across a marquee.  Other times I may see a room, or a person, or animal, or anything else that may be in your life.

Quite often during mediumship readings, your loved one will show me something.  They often do this so that I can describe the picture I am seeing, and you will know it is them that is coming through.

Other times, I will close my eyes and see a “movie” playing in my head.

I don’t think I ever do any readings that do not have at least some bit of Clairvoyance involved.  I always “see” something.  Those of us with clairvoyance cannot always control it though.  Sometimes I may be using claircognizance, and be asked to describe something I see, and I simply do not ‘see’ it clairvoyantly.  Other times I see things clairvoyantly that I wish I hadn’t, some images you can never get out of your head.

Not everyone understands that Clairvoyance is only a small part of a Psychic Reading.  Clairvoyance on its own is not always helpful.  Seeing pictures or movies is great, but a good psychic will also use other gifts to get information to you as well.





Do You Appreciate Yourself?

psychic readings

Appreciate yourself

You are always hearing about the need to appreciate what you have and to appreciate the people in your life.  How important it is to show gratitude and appreciation.

But, do you ever take the time to appreciate yourself?  Do you ever really think about what you do on a daily basis?  Do you take the time to practice awareness and really see all you do?

Do you feel unappreciated by others? Do you harbour resentment within that feeling?  What if you tried to appreciate yourself instead of looking for appreciation from others?  Looking for appreciation “out there” is based in ego and fear, not in love.  To be happy, to feel appreciation, you need to focus your energy into your heart and LOVE.

Do you feel appreciation in your job, in your home, as a parent, spouse, child, as a part of the “Oneness” of all life on Earth?

We are more than our bank statements, our home, our car, our career.  So much more.  There is a Universal Life Force and YOU are a part of it.  If you remove the ego, you will be able to appreciate the flow of life and love that surrounds you.

It does not matter who you appear to be on the outside, what matters is how you feel on the inside.  Nothing external really matters, it is only a reflection of what is going on inside of you.  Without ego, all that really matters is love.

Appreciate yourself.  Love your work.  Every job is important.  Do not devalue yourself when you think of your work.  Appreciate the work you do and do your best and do it with love.  It, and you, are important.

Don’t devalue yourself in relationships.  No one else can devalue you.  If you feel devalued by someone else, go to your heart, appreciate yourself, and if need be, let that relationship go.  Appreciate yourself, either the other person will start to appreciate you more, or you will appreciate yourself enough to walk away.

Appreciate your health.  If you are healthy, appreciate the fact that you are healthy.  Love your body.  Even if your body is not what you consider to be “perfect”, it is perfect for you, and for where you are in your life.  If you have an illness, appreciate what the illness is trying to tell you and the lessons you are learning from it; bring your energy into your heart and appreciate yourself and allow yourself to rest or recover.  Love and appreciate what you can do, even if you can only do a little.  Even if you cannot do much physically; energetically, you have the ability to impact the Collective Consciousness of our planet in a positive way, just by focusing on love.

You have the ability to make changes on an energetic level.  It is not that difficult.  Bring your energy into your heart.  Love.  Appreciate.  It all starts with self.  Your real self, not your ego self.

Love, appreciate, change the energy that surrounds you.  We all start somewhere, start with making a list of all the things you appreciate about yourself, our world needs you.


According to Greg Braden as written in “The Divine Matrix”…

“The minimum number of people required to jump start a change in consciousness is the square root of one percent of a population.”



Am I an Empath?

Most Psychic's are Empaths

Most Psychic’s are Empaths

Most people are familiar with the word empathy, however, there are many souls on earth who take empathy to a whole new level – these people are actual Empaths.  Some of my clients are empaths and don’t even know it.

What is an empath?

An empath is someone who feels what other people feel.  They don’t just feel for someone, they actually feel other people’s feelings and energy as if they were their own.  Their energetic boundaries are not set and they take on all kinds of energies.

When interacting with people you actually connect with their Aura and can feel what they are feeling.  It is a psychic gift, and many empaths do well working with people because of their ability to feel.

This can be a wonderful gift, but if you do not know how to turn it off it can be a curse.  Some empaths are told “you are too sensitive”, or “why are you worried about that?”.

Being an Empath that does not know how to turn it off or control it can tire you out, make you think you are sick, or have you feeling like you are so moody you must be crazy.

Signs you are an Empath

  • We all have times when we walk into a space and feel an energy of the place or the people in it.  If you are an empath, you feel the energy more deeply.  If the energy in a place is sad, you may almost feel like bursting into tears.  You pick up on the energy and it feels like it is your feelings but its not.
  • You are going about your day and everything is fine and you are quite happy with life.  Your phone rings and it is a friend that is unhappy.  You talk to your friend for a few minutes, and then for the rest of the day, you find you are unhappy too.  You don’t just find yourself “being there” for your friend, you actually take on the mood and feelings of your friend.
  • You are around someone who is sick, and you start to feel a little sick yourself.  You may not get 100% of their illness, you just find that when you are around someone who is sick, you don’t feel totally healthy.  Or you get unexplained aches and pains around certain people.
  • Finding yourself in the role of counsellor or confidant much of the time.  Having people dump their energies onto you.  They feel better, you feel drained.
  • You feel responsible for other people’s feelings.  Doing things to make them feel better, even if its bad for you.
  • You sometimes feel what the world is feeling.  Watching the news can really get you depressed.
  • You find that you often need to just be alone, away from other people.
  • You put your own needs last.
  • If you are around someone who is worried about money, you begin to worry about money, even if your own financial situation is fine and you can’t logically think of a reason to be worried. (this could be about any subject, relationships, kids, home ~ anything).


How to get your empathic abilities under control

The first step is to realize that you are an empath.  When you take on someone else’s feelings, you feel it as if it is yours.  If you don’t know you are an empath, you probably just wonder why you felt so good a minute ago and now you feel badly, or vice versa.

  • First you need to come to the realization that you are an empath.  If you know what it is and what you are, you empower yourself to now take some action.
  • You need to centre your energy and bring it back to yourself.  Here is an article for Centering, Grounding and Protecting Your Energy.
  • Be aware of what you are feeling and when.  Keep a journal of your feelings.  You may find that certain people or places cause you to feel a certain way.  A way that is not your ‘normal’ feeling place.
  • Bring your energy back to yourself.  You can close your eyes and imagine your Aura.  Focus on your heart centre and imagine your aura as an egg shape around yourself (a few feet out from your body).  Set the intention that all your energy that you have given away is coming back to you.
  • In your mind’s eye look at your aura and if there are any open spaces see them filling back up with your energy.
  • Look and see if there are any energy cords attached to you and remove them (link to how to do this).  Sometimes when we interact with someone we can attach cords of energy to them, or they attach them to us.  Empaths are especially prone to getting energy cords attached to them because they give and receive energy so fully.

Once you have taken the above steps you are well on your way to controlling your empathy.  When you find yourself feeling someone else’s energy, just ground your energy, pull your own energy back to yourself and seal up your aura (in your minds eye).

Awareness is key here.  If you aren’t aware of what you are doing energetically you cannot control it.





What if…?

What if you really could have anything you want?

When you are thinking or talking, and you say “What if….”, what do you follow it with?

Do you follow it with all your fears and the things you do not want in your life?

Thoughts are energy and create our feelings.  Our feelings create our next steps.  Our next steps create our life.

Everything we have in our lives, we have co-created.  Everything we have, started with a thought; a “What if?”.

Successful and happy people have different ‘What if’s” than, unhappy or stuck people.

If you would like to see things show up differently in your life, you need to change your what ifs.

If you find yourself saying the following What If’s, you may be at a sticking point in your life.

What if I lose everything?
What if I can’t pay my bills?
What if my partner cheats on me?
What if I lose my job?
What if I can’t find another job and I am stuck in this job for the rest of my life?
What if I am stuck in this relationship?
What if I try something new and I fail?
What if I get hurt?
What if I get sick?
What if I don’t have enough money to retire?
What if my car breaks down?

All of these statements, whether said aloud or just to yourself are creating your life.

Why not try these instead?

What if I were to find my perfect job?
What if money were to flow to me easily?
What if my partner loves me very much?
What if I can stay in this job as long as I want?
What if I found my perfect job?
What if I get out of this relationship and find a better one for me?
What if I try something new and it ends up being fantastic and propels me into a new and wonderful area of my life?
What if I succeed?
What if I take care of myself and am the healthiest I have ever been in my life!!!!
What if I can retire early?
What if my car lasts me a really long time, will I keep it?

Can you feel the difference in these statements?

Read them out loud to yourself.  They simply feel different.  The former list creates a feeling of being stuck, and of not wanting to move forward.  When you read that list you probably feel quite disempowered.  If you habitually talk/think like that list you probably feel afraid of making any moves or changes in your life.

Now when you read that second list you will find that your energy actually changes.  You start to feel more optimistic.  You start to feel more inspired.  If you have self-talk like on the second list, you will find that you get inspired to take action.  You may just be in the shower, or driving, or walking from your car into the store, and something that you CAN do will pop into your head.

You will feel happier.  You will create an energy in your Aura of feeling good, and with your new-found optimism you will find that people and circumstances will just come into your life, just like magic.  You will find yourself saying “What a coincidence” (even though you know there is no such thing as a coincidence).

Give it a try.  Just for a week, (or even a day if a week seems like too much).  Observe what happens in your life, you will be pleasantly surprised.