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You Are Responsible for Your Life

You are responsible for your life.  Not someone or something else, just you.

People can “do you wrong”, or “rip you off”, or make mistakes that impact you, but the more responsibility you take for yourself, the more empowered you will feel and be.

I was watching the news during Hurricane Sandy and they had a woman on and she said “Someone needs to tell us what to do!”  It was a while ago now, but I hear those words in my head over and over as I watch more and more people not taking responsibility for their own lives.  In this case it was a weather disaster and there wasn’t much that the government could do beyond what was already in place.  Rather than do anything at all, she was screaming and crying “someone tell me what to do”.  Say what?  Um, calm down, hunker down, get water, food and blankets and wait for reinforcements.  DO NOT run around the neighbourhood choosing to do nothing except wait for someone to tell you what to do.

Some of us will never be in a situation like that.  Not the hurricane/weather event situation ~ the hopelessness of needing someone to tell you what to do to help yourself situation.  Most people had warning of the hurricane.  A lot of them had food and clean water on hand, generators, candles ~ they had prepared for what was about to happen.  They were not asking for someone to tell them what to do, they were doing what they knew to do.

Snow Calvin

I also was watching a program about pharmacists being under a lot of pressure and screwing up prescriptions or not catching drug interactions.  One story was a woman who apparently stayed on a drug that was interacting with another drug for weeks.  She got very ill, went to the hospital, came out of the hospital and then wound up back there.  She was in the hospital for a long time after.  Now, I do have compassion for her, but having some personal power and responsibility in your own life goes a long way to keeping you safe.  If you start an new drug and get sick ~ hey maybe question the drug ~ look it up online even, the information is there for you, stop taking it ~ do something to take some responsibility for your own health and life.

The government, pharmacists, doctors, police ~ they are all fallible human beings just like the rest of us.  I’m sure that some don’t really care about you.  I am also sure that MOST care about you more than you even realize.   The thing is, you cannot put all responsibility for your safety or your happiness in someone or something else and come out unscathed.

This can work for personal relationships too.  I was in a job where I didn’t want to leave because I thought my boss couldn’t manage without me.  I would have felt bad leaving.  Then my boss up and quit and I was left with a different (none to friendly) boss.  Meanwhile I had missed out on a good job opportunity.  Really, where would blame go here?  I am not big on ‘blame’ so to speak; however I do take 100% responsibility for the fact that I missed that opportunity.  My boss on the other hand wound up with a great job ~ not that he didn’t care for the people he left (me), he just took responsibility for HIS life and jumped at an opportunity (guess that was why he was the boss).

Even with spousal relationships you need to take some responsibility for yourself.  You cannot ‘blame’ your spouse for your life.  You created the situation.  You can stay or you can go, you can put up with stuff, or not; but it is on you to be responsible for you.  You can rely on each other for some things ~ I rely on my husband for some things, he relies on me for some things, however we would NOT perish without each other.  We do not normally blame each other for things or make each other responsible for our happiness.

If you have no idea where the finances are at in your household, who is responsible for that?  No sense in blaming your spouse for hiding money, or being irresponsible ~ you didn’t get involved enough.  If there is not enough money coming into the household, do you blame your spouse, or do you empower yourself, take responsibility and make more money yourself.

You need to take responsibility for your own life.  You are powerful ~ stop acting like you are at the mercy of someone else.  Some of you will have a million excuses why this doesn’t apply in your situation.  I am sure there are exceptions but not very many.  If someone is doing something to you (or has done something to you), keeping the focus on them only disempowers you.  Why do that to yourself?   I have been ripped off, fought with, messed around on, and abused in relationships.  It happens (apparently more to some of us than others), but I learned many years ago that when that happens it is NOT the time to give the person even MORE power over you.  They obviously had some at one point, it’s up to you to say no more.

If you want to be and feel empowered then start from where you are.  Don’t think about someone else messing you up.  Maybe they did, but it’s up to you to take back your power and do something new.  Try writing a list of all the things you CAN do.  Then focus on that and start doing them.

walking in the rain

This blog post has been a bit of a rant, but I’ve just heard too many things over the past week where people were so very disempowered.  The intention of this blog is NOT to tell you not to trust other people either.  You can trust fully and still take some responsibility for yourself.  Pay attention to your life, practice awareness, double check things, prepare for the weather event if you happen to know it’s coming.  Don’t expect the government to bail you out if you get in a pickle, or when you retire.  You can do this.  It might be slightly out of your comfort zone to take some control over your own life, but it certainly isn’t impossible.

Start now, before something happens.  There is nothing more powerful than to be able to handle yourself in a sticky situation.


Can you surrender?  What does surrender even really mean?  Spiritually speaking, surrender is simply letting go.  There are a lot of things (or people) that we really don’t have any control over, so surrendering is what can help keep us sane.

The planetary alignments of the past few days, (and of today) are perfect to help with this.  The energies have been a little bit intense, and trying to control everything is making a lot of you feel badly.  To surrender doesn’t mean to give up ~ it more means to give up your need to control.  To let go and let your higher self take over for a little bit.

When you do let go of the need to control you open yourself up to receive more guidance.  When you turn off your ego and mind, and just simply surrender, your intuition can take over and you will be able to receive divine guidance.

Yesterday I wrote about the need to do now that you have learned.  We are learning so much, and heading in so many new directions it can get very overwhelming trying to decide on what to do next.  We fill up our plates with so much learning and seeking that we don’t actually do anything.


How Doing and Surrender can happen at the same time

When you keep seeking and learning and it gets to be that overwhelming for you, you end up running around trying to do tiny pieces of what you’ve learned, you write lists of things you need to do, you get overwhelmed and you do nothing.  Your anxiety levels go up because you keep adding things that you need to get done to your list.

When you surrender, you actually open yourself up to more divine guidance and you intuitively know what to do next.  Everyone has this ability.  Its just not everyone that is willing to surrender to their higher selves and take that inspired action.

This is how it works even when I write these blog posts.  I am learning a lot of ‘techie’ stuff, and trying to implement some things a bit at a time as I go along.  The more I learn the more I realize I have a lot to learn.  This is what I touched on yesterday.

Now for the surrender part.  On any given day most of you have a whole bunch of things on your list of things to do.  You try and plan and control and figure out everything and how you will get it all done.  Some of you will run around doing things, some of you will get so overwhelmed that you just sit and have a glass of wine, some of you will just keep doing a bunch of stuff for the sake of doing something because you know you should be.  You get so wrapped up in your day and you cannot turn off your mind.

Imagine if you could just let your soul take over for a day?  If you just set your intention to feel good, have a good day, and surrender to whatever pops in for you from your intuition.  This is precisely what I did today.  I feel like I have so much to do today, I wasn’t sure where to start.  My logical mind was thinking “you have to email a bunch of clients, you have to get at least one email reading done, you need to exercise, shower, then get out and do those errands.  You also need to set up that techie thing for yourself, pay some bills, and write a blog post”.

Yes, I felt very overwhelmed and had no idea where to start!  Especially after staying up late last night, not writing my blog post until almost midnight and then sleeping in until 9:30.  I almost never sleep in and boy did I ever feel like I was ‘behind’ because I’d already ‘lost’ 3 hours of my day!

What did I do with this energy?  I surrendered.  Before I got to that place of surrender, I wasn’t even sure if I would get this post done before late-night again.  Before I surrendered I hadn’t sent any emails because there were so many to send I didn’t know who to start with.

The minute I ‘let go’ of what I ‘had’ to do and the need to ‘do something’ my higher self was able to take over and inspire me.  I got out of my ego mind saying what I had to do and my next step just presented to me.

So here it is just lunchtime and my blog post is getting done.  I have sent a few emails that I was inspired to send (the rest can wait a wee bit).  I’ve done a little bit of exercise, not a lot, haven’t had time yet, but I wanted to get some in, so I did.

When you surrender, it doesn’t mean you give up.  It means you ground your energy, quiet your mind, and listen.  Listen to your heart and your intuition and allow things to flow for you.  Sometimes when you surrender your higher self will tell you to simply rest.  This is what happened for me yesterday.  A couple of days ago I was starting to feel really tired, like I had been doing too many readings, and that I needed a clearing and some rest.  So that’s what I did yesterday.  I had a nap in the middle of the day.  I’m sure that’s one of the reasons my blog post didn’t get done until midnight.  But the point is, I listened to the divine guidance I was getting so I rested and I did some, no, a whole bunch, of energy clearing.

Where in your life do you need to surrender and go with the flow?

Give it a try, I would love to hear how it went for you.



Learning is Good, But Are You Doing?

Most of you who are reading this are reading this because you are open to learning new things.  Many of you are avid readers and read things online and in books.  Some of you take lots of training courses, and are in a state of constantly learning.

This is fantastic.  I am always wanting to learn new things as well.  I’ve taken classes in Reiki, and Matrix Energetics, Shamanism, Angel Card Reading, etc. etc. etc.  I have always done readings but it is fascinating to me to learn more about other modalities as well.  I find that most of them do tend to blend together and they all have similarities in the way that they work with the Quantum Field of infinite possibilities.

I’ve also taken classes in web design and more computer classes than I can list here (and I’m still not an expert!!).  I read every day, I watch webinars, take seminars to learn business as well as energy.  I’m always involved in something.

Sometimes you just have to DO IT though!

As much as I have taken all those classes, I still consistently work with and use what I have learned.  I don’t use everything that I for work purposes, some I just learn for fun, but when it comes to most of what I learn, I take the time to implement it.

You need to do that too.  Its great that you want to learn, but if you don’t use it then what is the point?

Don’t get stuck in a spiral of needing to keep learning before you do something with what you have learned.  You will likely not become an expert at 100% of the new things you learn, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play with it a bit.

learning vs doing

I find that what happens for a lot of you is that you learn and learn, and want to learn more, suck it up like a sponge, and then say “I’ll use it later”  or “one day”.  You won’t ever get anywhere if you don’t take some action at some point and actually use what you know.

For me, my delay is usually with implementing new business practices.  Because I work with energy every day, sometimes sitting down at my computer and doing ‘techie’ work just doesn’t appeal to me.  The thing is though, I take classes on this stuff.  I attend webinars and I read books.  I need to remind myself that I “know enough” to get started.  I can have ‘perfectionist’ tendencies just like everyone else and I need to push myself as well.

Sometimes good enough is good enough.  You need to get moving.  If you don’t use some of what you know, its useless.  You don’t need to be an expert, or turn it into a business, but give it a try.  You took the time to learn it, maybe it will be fun.  Besides if you don’t ever practice it, it will be no use to you.

You don’t even need to use what you have learned for anything specific, but do use it.  If you go and learn Reiki for example, you don’t need to find a family member with a health problem to help.  You can use it on yourself for a ‘general’ healing and notice how you feel; or do Reiki on your pets and see how they respond.

You need to practice what you’ve learned and you need to use it.  Play with it.  Don’t take it too seriously.  Don’t be afraid to do something new with what you’ve learned.  Our world needs people who are willing to get off the sidelines and DO what they are capable of doing.  And you won’t know just how capable you are until you try!


Are You Willing to Do What it Takes?

Some days it seems like everything in our lives takes a big effort.  Other days things just seem to flow for us and we wonder what all the fuss was about on the other day(s).

It doesn’t even really matter what the subject is, sometimes things are easy and sometimes things are tough.  Sometimes its our attitude, sometimes its our circumstances, but what it comes down to is how willing we are to allow ourselves to get through something.

Successful people are willing to do what others are not

For example, today I am tired.  I have talked to so many sad and afraid clients over the past week and I’m feeling a little ‘off’ myself.  I know what I need is a good clearing meditation and maybe a nap.  But, I also have a blog post to do today, AND another client in a bit.  So, the nap will wait, and probably just turn into an early night.  I have some really good excuses not to write today.  I’ve had some other really good excuses for not writing this year too.  Thing is, they are just that, excuses.  I said I was going to blog every day, so I am.  I may end up taking a few days off from blogging later this week (or over the weekend), but that will be a decision I make.  I have taken part in two 21 Day Blogging Challenges so far this year, and the next one starts next Monday.  So, as I said, if you don’t hear from me for a few days , I am taking a small break before I re-start.


Here are some common things people say they want

–  To lose weight
–  To be healthy fit and strong
–  To have a better relationship
–  To develop their intuition
–  To make more money
–  To have a better/different job (or start their own business)

Do you want any of those things?  A different thing?  What is it and …

What are you willing to do to get it?

You absolutely must be willing to take some action if you want any of those things.  You will never get what you want if you are unwilling to do something about it.

You must do it even when you don’t feel like doing it.  If you don’t you will never get to where you want to be.  You can create your life, but you can’t sit on the sidelines while you are doing it.

Is there something that you know you should be doing right now but that you are putting off?

If so  ….   Go do it  …. right now … no more excuses.


Angel Card Reading – Feb. 22 to March 1, 2015

So I think I will try something new and see how it goes.  Last May (2014), I spent the day with Doreen Virtue and got trained in Reading her Angel Cards.  I don’t really use cards in my psychic readings, but I got a set of Angel Cards during my training, and I am going to do an Angel Card Reading for us all for this week.

So, for the beginning of the week, the Angel Card is:


Archangel Haniel (Glory of God) – live at your highest potential:  “Trust and follow your renewed passion in your love life and career”

“Playing it safe can lead to staleness and depression.  You have asked for more happiness and definite direction.  I have lit the flame of passion in your heart to lead and guide you.  it’s safe for you to take risks and follow your heart’s desire.  Ask me to be your partner along your path of passion, to guide and nurture you.  When you feel a strong knowingness alongside a burning passion, pay attention, as this is my way of giving you information about your next step.”


For the Middle of the week, your Angel Card is:


Sensitivity:  Archangel Haniel again:  “You are extra-sensitive to energies and emotions right now.  Honor yourself and your feelings”

“Sensitivity is a beautiful and powerful gift, and there’s no such thing as being ‘too sensitive’.  Your sensitivity helps you know the truth about situations and people, and its important for you to trust and follow these hunches, intuitions and impressions.  Spend some time alone in nature to further develop your sensitivity.  Avoid harsh situations and chemicals.  At home or at work, ask Haniel to help you choose life-affirming foods, beverages, companions and activities.  Know that its safe for you to feel deep emotions, as they’re part of your sensitivity.  Visualize the two of us sealed in beautiful bluish-white light.  This light dissolves any lower energies, transmuting them into love.  The light also helps you distinguish between your own feelings and those of other people”.

For the End of the Week Your Angel Card is:

Spread Your Wings

Archangel Ariel:  “Do not hold back right now.  The timing is perfect, and you are ready to soar!”

“Although you may feel intimidated by the prospect of change, and by the thought of moving past your comfort zone, you’re ready to fly high.  Welcome new opportunities, and know that it’s safe to follow your heart and dreams.  Keep your focus upon love, service, and spirit, and avoid nay-sayers or skeptics.  Rember that you inspire others with your story of turning challenges into victories.”

So, as I was pulling these cards for your week for you, one jumped out at me and it is so appropriate for an overview of the whole week.  It is:


The cards for the week talk about your passions, sensitivity, letting yourself soar and taking chances. If you find these things challenging as you go through your week, remember to be gentle with yourself. Change can be a little difficult, don’t make it any harder on yourself.

Clearing and Shielding With Archangel Michael

So, I had an interesting weekend.  We had nice weather here so I managed a nice walk at the river with my pups yesterday.  I got in some play and some R&R and some work.

I did pick up on some strange energies off and on today.  I know they aren’t mine because I’m feeling pretty good when I focus just on myself and what is going on.  I know that I often pick up energies from clients or from ‘out there’ in the world.

I can usually tell if its something other than just me.  I did do my meditations today after I finished working and connecting with other people. I gently and with love disconnected from my clients and their energy.

I wanted to share this Doreen Virtue meditation with you as it is one that I will be doing on my way to sleep this evening.  I probably do this particular one at least once a week.  When I feel like I could use just a little bit extra clearing and shielding and I am too tired to do one last meditation for the day for myself straight through, I listen to someone else walking me through it.

I am pretty tired so I will probably be fast asleep by the time this one completes (less than 8 minutes).


Does Impatience Cause Discouragement?

When sitting down to do this post today, I asked my husband what he thought of that title & idea for a blog post.  His words to me were “I think PATIENCE causes discouragement”.  I had to laugh, he and I get along really well, but we do still have different views of things.  I do know where he is coming from though, so I will address this from “both sides of the coin”.

When I talk about impatience causing discouragement, what I mean is if you have your dream or your life’s work, and you expect everything and every idea that you have to take off right away, most of the time you will be disappointed.  You cannot ‘get rich quick’ and you cannot get over grief overnight.  If you EXPECT that you will start a new business and immediately be rich and happy, you will get discouraged.  If you are grieving and expect or ‘think you should’ be able to get over your loss in a week, you will be discouraged.

In one of my readings last week, I stated to someone that small changes over time will result in a better life later.  I told her that if she got impatient with the small changes and expected things to just ‘change overnight’, she would never make any small changes, and three years from now she would be in the exact same spot she was in now.  No little changes, and no patience, would equal same old same old for years to come.  Most people are not going to win the lottery and have their life change.  Life rarely works that way.  We are born to have experiences, and that’s not the experience most of us are here for.  We may as well have stayed on the other side if we wanted everything to just ‘be there’ for us on a whim.  We came here to live and strive ~ (at least until we have it “on earth as it is in heaven”, which is also why we came here right now, but that is another post).

The thing with impatience causing discouragement is this.  If you cannot be grateful for the little positive changes, or the one good day, or the two steps forward, you will never be progressing.  You will get impatient, say “forget it, it’s not working” and sabotage all of your forward movement by doing nothing.  Everything needs time to grow, whether it is healing, business or finances or your ‘life’s work’.

Now I will look at what my wonderful husband had to say.  “Patience causes discouragement”.  I understand what he means here, but I think he misunderstands the energy of what I was saying.  He thinks that ‘having patience’ means, ‘doing nothing while I wait’.  It is not patience that causes discouragement, it is impatience and inaction that cause discouragement.  If you do nothing and say “I am being patient and waiting for my grief to pass” or “I am being patient, I started a business, worked it for a month really hard, now I will be patient”.  Yes, I guarantee that you will get discouraged if that is what patience means to you.  Having patience does not mean sitting there and watching grass grow.

You can take inspired action and get off your butt and do something other than buying lottery tickets and still be patient.  What would you rather have:  Consistently working towards your dream or goal, watching things progress, even if just a step at a time, being patient because YOU KNOW ITS COMING so the timing doesn’t matter; OR working towards your dream, having no awareness at all of the little things to celebrate, getting impatient, getting mad, and giving up.   People who do this will NEVER get what they want, EVER.  They will have no staying power to keep at something.  They will be constantly giving up because everything they do “takes too long”.  We live on earth, most things take time here.  In this case it is their impatience that has them giving up over and over again, trying new things all the time, and having every one of them fail because there was no patience.

If I told you that you were guaranteed to have $100,000 in savings and all your bills paid off by this time next year but you had to keep working really hard over the next 12 months AND you had to stay optimistic and positive and not give up, would you be patient?  Would you be angry and discouraged that I was telling you it was a year away?  What would you do with that?

Would you bitch and moan all year about working hard and ‘seeing no returns’.
Would you get impatient and say, “This being patient is BS, I won’t get anywhere this way”.
Or would you forget the part about working hard and keeping a good attitude and say “Oh, I’m going to be okay next year, I don’t have to do anything this year”.

With any of these attitudes you will wind up with a big fat nothing by this time next year ~ and I guarantee that you will be discouraged.

So, what do you think?  

Stop Giving Up on Your Life & Dreams!

I had a totally different (logical) idea for a blog post when I first woke up this morning.  One that went along with the trend from this week about vibrations.  That one is going to have to wait though because I really feel a pull to write about something else today.

That’s what often happens to me when I write.  Most of my writing is inspired by source and flows through me.  It often feels more like the writing is happening on its own and I’m just along for the ride.  Blog posts for me are much like doing readings.  I write for you, and I trust that if I am being directed to write something different that means it is something that you need today.


Keep Going ~ You’ve Got This!

Life is a process.  I have done no less than 4 email readings in the past week where people are questioning whether or not they should just give up or let go of what it is they have wanted to do.  If you are reading this, then this post is for you and your answer is “You need to give it a little more time”.

Very few things that are worth doing and growing are going to happen overnight.  You need to be able to trust.  Impatience is a dream killer.

You Need to Decide

Are you going to do this or not?  Do you have what it takes?  Can you do this and carry on until you make it?  It is your decision to make, but if you don’t decide it will not happen.  If you think to yourself.  Maybe this would be a good idea.  Could I make money at this?  Will this make me happy?  Maybe I will stick my toe in and see what its like.  I’m not sure if this is for me, but I will give it a try and if it takes off right away I will do it; if it doesn’t then I will throw in the towel.

If this is your thinking … stop now.  You won’t bother to…..

Take Some Action ~ Do What it Takes to Get What You Want!

If you don’t do something, then nothing is going to happen for you.  I am not saying that you do useless things just for the sake of doing something, but you need to take some inspired action.

As an example:  I DECIDED I was going to write a blog post every day.

When I am going to write, I don’t “wait for inspiration” to hit and then sit and write.  I sit and start writing and let the inspiration flow.  There have been many times when I have sat down and not known what was going to come through me.  BUT ~ I sat down at my computer.  I started, I did something!

There are other times when I am just going through my day, feeling good, and BAM.  Inspiration slaps me across the face and I need to stop what I’m doing and sit and write.  I have written blog posts on receipts and business cards and on my hand.  I have written at soccer games, in the truck while my husband is driving; I have taken a break in the middle of mowing my lawn to come in and write out a post.

You need to act when the inspiration hits you.  It doesn’t always last.  If you ‘wait until’ (you have more money, more time, more inspiration, more support from family), then you lose the momentum of what inspired you.

If money is what seems to be blocking you over and over again, then you need to do what you need to do to bring in money so that you have it when you need it.  (see above: Do what it takes to get what you want).  You may need to work for someone else for a while, or you may need to keep doing everything you can that doesn’t cost you anything ~ if its bringing you closer to your dream then do it!

If its your family or people around you that seem to be blocking you, stop telling them what you are going to do, and just do it.  If you do what you say you are going to do (even if you just say it to yourself), you won’t have this problem.

If you have a dream or a business and you are working on it every day and allowing things to flow and nothing has happened yet, don’t give up.  Everything takes time.  I totally understand that it can get discouraging, but you can’t let yourself stay discouraged.  When you look around you at successful people they all have one thing in common.  They didn’t give up.  It looks like they ‘made it overnight’, but years of work went into what they have.

You need to show up for your life so your life can show up for you

Sometimes the reason that things feel like they aren’t moving fast enough is because you just aren’t showing up.  Are you getting up early and getting to work?  Do you think about what you want?  Do you tell yourself, I don’t know exactly how this will work out, but it will work out.  Do you put in the time and the effort?

A lot of what I have written so far is about work life, but this really applies to every part of your life.   This post also applies to ….

Your health, your relationships, all of it.

If you want to be more fit are you showing up for workouts?  If you want a better relationship are you showing up for your spouse?  If you want your kids to behave themselves are you showing up for them?  Are you showing up for yourself?

Have you made any decisions?  If so, what do you do EVERY DAY to get you closer to the fulfillment of your dreams?  Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear it.

As I wrote above, You’ve got this.  You can do it.  You don’t need to give up on your dreams.  Sometimes you may need to work harder than you thought you would; or you will need to be more patient than you thought you could be; but you really can make your dreams come true if you stay the course and don’t give up.


Dr. Masaru Emoto, Water Experiments

I wrote a blog post yesterday about Energetic Vibrations and how our thoughts and energy can affect different parts of our lives.

Last month I also wrote about how our thoughts, which create our emotions, can help create chronic physical pain in our bodies.

Intention is everything.  Everything is energy.  The energy we put out to the world has a huge impact on our lives.

In today’s post I would like to share the work of Dr. Emoto.  He did water crystal experiments to show how our emotional energetic vibrations could change the molecular structure of water crystals.

Dr. Emoto passed away in October of 2014, but his amazing experiments will live on.  He was featured in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know”, which is where I first heard of him.

When I first saw them, I found his experiments to be totally fascinating and exciting.  I had always known that we can create and change things (including our health and our planet), with our thoughts and emotions, but his work brought that so much farther than any of my explanations could.

In this video, you can actually see under a microscope just how much a positive vibration vs. a negative vibration will change what the water looks (and vibrates) like. Just think, if our thoughts can change water in this way, what can our thoughts to do our bodies and our surroundings?

Our thoughts do create.  They do not only impact water, they can also impact our surroundings.  Via our Energetic Vibration, our thoughts can create the people that come into our life, the situations we experience on a daily basis, our finances, our relationships…everything and anything that comes into our lives.

Check out the video below that shows the water crystals.  What do you think?

What is Energetic Vibration?

In my readings and my blog posts I often refer to “Vibration”.  When I say Vibration, I am talking about the energy that is emitted by something.  I thought I would write a post to explain vibration so that when you read or hear my words you will know what I am talking about.

Everything has a vibration.  Every person, every place, every thing, and every emotion, all have a specific vibration.  You have felt it.  If you have ever walked into a place and felt immediately uncomfortable, or immediately welcomed, you have felt the vibration of a place.

Often you will meet someone and feel immediately at ease, or you may have a ‘weird’ feeling, like they are creepy.  This is because of the person’s vibration.  If you meet someone and they are vibrating from a fairly high place, you will feel comfortable.  If they are vibrating from a lower place, you will feel that as well and may be uncomfortable around them.

Some people have a hard time going into hospitals, they say “I hate hospitals, they make me uncomfortable”.  When they say that it is because when they go in they feel the vibration of ‘hospital’.  There can be a lot of grief energy in a hospital and some are more sensitive to it than others.  The maternity ward in a hospital has a different vibration than the emergency ward.

If you have ever walked into someone’s home and immediately felt comfortable and at ease you are picking up on the vibration of the home itself and the people that live there.

Even rocks, or tables or jewelry, or trees have a vibration.  They vibrate in a different way than living things do, but they have a vibration.  That is why some people with practice can “talk to nature” ~ they can go to a place in the forest and feel the vibration of the forest.  Or they can hold an object and feel the energy of the person who wore it (this actually has a name “psychometry”).

Vibrational Scale of Emotions

Our emotions have vibrations as well.  If you want to feel your happiest in life and attract positive things to yourself then one of your main goals needs to be to vibrate as high on the scale as you can.  You are not going to be at the top of the scale all of the time, but you can work your way up the scale at any time.

Vibrational Scale

You can see from this scale that if you are feeling depressed (depression is anger turned inward), then getting angry would be higher up on the scale.  When you are feeling depressed you are disempowered.  At least if you move up to anger you will feel a little bit more powerful.  I don’t recommend staying in anger for a really long time, but it can be an improvement.  You will find it easier to get to a more neutral place from anger than from depression.  And it is much easier to get to a place of optimism from a place of neutrality than from a place of anger.

With Awareness Your Vibration Becomes a Choice ~ Where Are You Choosing to Vibrate?

Now that you know about vibration where you chose to vibrate is your choice.  Sometimes a person or a situation can throw you off for a bit, but it is your thoughts that create your vibration, and it is a choice how long you decide to continue thinking the same thoughts.  It only takes 67 seconds of attention to any subject (feeling), to change your vibration.  I wrote a blog post a while ago titled “Seven things you can do to feel better and improve your mood” ~ if you are unsure of where to start, you can start with one of the things in that post.

Or, you can make a decision to stop letting your habitual thinking patterns run your life.  You have the choice and the power to think what you want to think.  It takes practice.  You need to check in with yourself and ask yourself how you are feeling.  If you are not feeling as good as you would like, then it is time to change a thought.  JUST CHANGING ONE THOUGHT (at a time) CAN AND WILL CHANGE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

I also wrote a blog post about how you lower your vibration without any awareness at all of what you are doing.  This is how many people wind up with full-blown depression.

happiness is a choice

A Quick Start on How To Clear Out Negative Vibrations in Your Home

Sometimes our homes get all gunked up with lower vibrating energies too.  We have people that visit us, or live with us that come into our spaces and bring some denser vibrating energies with them.  Or we get sick and lie on our couch for a few days watching television and sleeping and wind up with some denser energies in our living rooms.  It is as important to clear out your home as it is to clear out yourself.

As you do the things on this list make sure you also hold the intention that it is clearing out the energies in your house.

  • Open your windows and let the rooms air out
  • Clear out some clutter
  • Move your furniture around a few times a year (if you don’t have enough space to
  • change it then just move it for a day or overnight).
  • Bang pillows, shake blankets and move things around
  • Sprinkle salt in the spaces that are a little denser (where you were lying while you were sick; the space an upset friend sat when they came over; the place where you or someone else plants their butt every evening).  Let the salt sit for a few hours or overnight and then vacuum it up.  You don’t need very much, just a few pinches.  Salt is really good at sucking negative energy out of spaces.
  • You can buy some sage and smudge

This is just a ‘beginning’ list, but if you do one or a few things from this list, you WILL notice a difference in your space.

As you take notice of your energetic vibration and the energetic vibration of the places you live or visit, you will begin to become more aware just how much you are/were letting external things impact you.  You really do have control over how you are choosing to feel.

Try some of the things in this blog post then leave me a comment and let me know how it felt for you.