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Full Moon & Solstice Energy Alert ~ June 20, 2016

I have been intending to write this for about 4 days now.  Things keep coming up though and I haven’t had time.  Part of what has come up for me is headaches, fatigue, ringing in my ears, and just a sense of the need for alone down-time.  Some has been family and friend connecting time, and a lot has been working with clients and doing the June energy work.

This is how the energy is right now and has been for a few days.  The need to just “BE”.  Whether it is to ‘be’ busy, or ‘be’ restful.  We are being called to be whatever we need right now.

The full moon is a wonderful time to release all that is not serving you and this energy has been going on all week.  For many of you, things seem ‘fine’.  Some of your old worries just aren’t manifesting for you and you are worried that they will come back later.

If you’ve done the work on releasing, they won’t.  They don’t need to.  A lot of “old crap” came up for a lot of you all year this year (and for the past many years really).  Things are simply ‘new’ now.  You don’t need to go back to where you were.

what makes you happy

What if you just let yourself go with the flow?  What if you just accept that things can and are getting better.  What if you consciously DECIDE to release old resentments and focus on what you want?

Anger and resentments are OLD energy.  If you are hanging onto them in hopes things will change you will find discomfort.  If you decide that what came before doesn’t matter; that you had your experiences and they are OVER, there is no need at all to bring anything into your future that you don’t want to bring with you.

So, relax, (or get work done, whatever feels like needs to be done).  Allow for the old to go.  Dream big about the new.  We are in a new time, there have been so many changes for us all.  Enjoy them to the fullest.

With much love,



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