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New Moon in Aquarius Energy Alert, January 27, 2017

I just wanted to give you all a bit of an heads up on the energies of the day.  The past couple of months have been challenging for most of us to say the least!

We get this idea in our head that the New Year (Jan 1st), is supposed to bring new things, but it just didn’t seem that way.  This New Moon today might have you finally feeling like new things are about to happen – and they are.  You will need to take advantage of this energy you are feeling and go for it.  You don’t need to start and finish anything today, but allowing things to flow and be put into motion over today, though the weekend and even over the next couple of weeks would probably be a good idea.  All the planets are moving forward until February 6th.

We have been changing, ascending, downloading and updating our DNA over and over again.  Nothing is the same as it was for most of us.  Yes, there are souls on our planet that did not come here to experience this and they are not experiencing it the way most of you reading this are ~ and that is okay.  You do not know what karmic influences they have come here with, what their agreements are, or why they came during this time, allow them to be.  We all have different paths and reasons for being here on earth during these times of change and its best if we allow everyone to be who, what and where they want to be.  This includes YOU!

Its time to do your work.  Whether its the physical aspects of your work, or the spiritual inner work and healing, you’ve gotta do the work right now.

Now is the perfect time to figure out what to keep and expand on (and what to let go of).  Clean up, clear out what no longer feels good to you.  Right down to unsubscribing from these emails if they are no longer resonating with you.  If they continue to help, then stay on the list.  It is not my job to decide if these channels resonate with where you are, it is your job to decide that.  Please allow things to stay in your life that feel good, ditch the rest.

Normally it is the Full Moon where we do a lot of clearing out and shedding.  However, with this New Moon, there are so many new things happening, that when you decide to ‘shed’ what is not serving you, hold the intention that it is so that you can focus more clearly on what is serving your highest and best good so that you can expand on it.

There is not anyone on this planet that is not ascending to at least a small degree.  No matter where you were, you are now more intuitive than you were before, your energy is changing, you are feeling more.  The little details are different for all of us, but we are all changing.

Go with the flow

If you haven’t yet learned to go with the flow, you could find a few things to be a bit tricky right now, but know that all is well and what needs to leave for your highest and best good will leave ~ its just so much easier and more empowering when we make the decision ourselves.

It is not our letting go that is hard, it is our attachment to things (or places, or people etc.), that makes it feel hard.  Are there any things that you are attached to that are holding you back?  How do you know?  If you ‘can’t live without it’, you are attached.

Don’t get sucked into negative ways of thinking

To wrap up, I just want to mention one more thing about all the changes going on on our planet.  If you are on a spiritual journey and are trying to ascend to a higher consciousness, don’t let anyone mess with your mind.

If you are following a certain spiritual teacher or teachers that preach love and light and acceptance —  AND IF you find that you are getting confused because they are quite literally ‘losing their shit’ with all the turmoil (with the president of the US, and other worldly things), then that is probably one of the ones you want to disconnect from.  I am not saying that they are ‘bad’, but they probably ARE stuck in a lower density.  I am saying that teachers of the light can see a much bigger perspective than the ego-based “reality” that we are being bombarded with.  I am saying, that if you are on a journey and are confused because of some of the negativity, then stop listening.

Remove your attachments to the 3D reality ‘game’ that is playing out.  Find your own spiritual space, one that feels good; make feeling good your #1 top priority.  Let all the other stuff go.  You are LOVE, allow yourself to feel the love that you are, practice self-worth and self-care, and you will have more than enough love to share.

Always with love,




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Energy Alert ~ January 17-2017

Its been a long while since I have written to you.  The energies these past couple of months have been all over the map.  Up and down and all around.  I considered writing something for the New Year as I usually do, but I personally was bombarded with emails and messages and it was just too much.  I figured you probably had enough on your plate with all the “Happy New Year, Get Started Now, You HAVE to do it right this red hot minute!!!”

In December my website kept going down.  Every time I tried to do an Angel Card reading or a blog post, my site would go down and I had to spend days fixing it.  Then I got a fairly bad chest cold that simply would not go away and I found that I did not have the energy to write.  Even though I wanted to connect with you, things kept getting in the way of it.  That is how the energy has been going for all of us.

Up and down and all around.  I was not unhappy during the last couple of months, but things just didn’t seem to be flowing the way I thought they should.  Have you felt the same way?

Even some well-meaning lightworkers are focusing too much on what they don’t want.  At the end of 2016, it was all talk about what a hard year it was, and “think back to your challenges”, happy to move on to something new.  All this did was have you focus on what you perceived as negative about the last year.  You get more of what you focus on, so don’t focus on the ‘hard year’ you left behind ~ unless you want more of the same of course.  And I know I keep hearing that we are in a “1” year in numerology, and that it is a time of new beginnings.  With some of the emails I have been getting from my subscriptions you’d think that if you hadn’t started something yet you were in trouble.  Thing is, its hard to start new when you are still focusing on what you have ‘lost’.  Anything that left your life last year left so that new could come.

That is why I am writing today.  My chest cold has gone, I’ve not had any problems with my website to stop me, and you really need to know that if you haven’t started off and running with the New Year it is okay!!!

We have gone through a Mercury Retrograde, a TON of solar flares and other solar activity, and downloads and upgrades to our DNA.

Those of you that are Lightworkers (which is most of you reading this whether you consciously acknowledge it or not), have been doing a lot of work in the Spiritual Realms.

The main reason for this energy alert is that you need to know you are okay.  No matter how you have been feeling physically or emotionally, you are okay.  If you are reading this, you were meant to be reading this and it applies to you.

Don’t fall for they hype that you are supposed to be doing more or better or anything else.  You are right where you need to be.  One thing I can tell you is to keep your thoughts positive.  We are in an energy of creation and things are manifesting very quickly, so keeping your thoughts positive is really important.

If you are feeling a tiny bit stuck, that’s okay.  Don’t focus on ‘feeling stuck’, focus on feeling as good as you can in any given moment.  If you don’t feel inspired to be around others, be happy in your solitude ~ don’t tell yourself you “should” be out with others.  If you are physically sick, like having a cold, don’t tell yourself you should ‘power through’, enjoy reading, or sleeping or otherwise taking care of yourself.   It is your resistance of allowing yourself to do what you feel called to do that brings a feeling of being stuck.  If you allow yourself to do what you feel like doing, honor it, and be happy while doing it, you will find that all resistance fades and you will feel better.

Its not always what you are physically doing that creates your future.  It is what you are emotionally doing.  Pushing through and doing things that you are not inspired to do will not create beauty in your life.  Yes, there are some things we must do, but very little of what we fill our days with is inspiring to us.  Sometimes trying to push through is what causes the Universe to put things in your path that slow you down.

Overview of the energies of our planet

Things are changing at great speed right now.  We are being downloaded with light, our DNA is changing, more and more people are waking up.  The entire energy dynamic of our planet is changing.  Some people aren’t paying attention, they simply feel like something is “wrong”.  There is a lot of fear energy this week.  Don’t fall for it.  Its a planetary energy, just think better thoughts (yes it really is that simple), and know that things will work out.  Its not just you feeling uneasy ~ its the energy of the planet.

More and more things are being disclosed.  The media is so far off of what is really going on its downright comical.  I watch the news and it is like watching cartoons ~ almost everything they say is the complete opposite of what is really going on.  Things are changing and they are trying to spread fear.  If they can spread enough fear and disinformation they think they can lower the vibration of the entire planet and keep people stuck as they were in the past.  Its not going to work, but they will keep trying.

Think of Brexit, and Donald Trump, and any number of other things that are going on in our world.  These things are not “good” or “bad”, they are different.  There’s even stuff going on down in Antarctica; there is more there than “they” would have us think.  As the ice melts, there will be more discovered there.  I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if there was some disclosure about beings from other worlds over the next months.

Please don’t let different scare you.  “They” want you to be afraid, they can control you better that way.  Just know that things are working out.

I know this post is a little bit different than what I usually have to say, but really, our world is changing so FAST right now, we want so badly to reassure you are right where you need to be, and so is our planet!

Allow yourself to be okay.  Accept where you are.  Hold the love and the light.  Anything that ‘appears’ to be dark, or bad isn’t really ~ it is just absent of light.  The more of us, of you, who can hold your light (love), the better.  We need to be holding a space of love.  We can’t have fear and love at the same time, and we can not have wars and love at the same time.  If you want to feel more peaceful, hold more love in every moment. IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE FOR EVERYONE.

As always, with Love,




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