Don’t feel Bad for Feeling Good

I’m going out on a limb here, but I am sharing this for any of you who feel good but are afraid to say anything, lest you get attacked.

I am NOT pissed off at our world.  That’s it.  I’m simply not.  I refuse to be, and I will not be.

I’ve been staying off social media the past little while because everyone is so angry.  I just can’t ‘go there’ in the way that I see others doing it.  A lot of them think they are bringing awareness to a situation, but it FEELS like spewing hatred and fear to me.  And I do FEEL it.

I refuse to spew, or read, or engage with hatred and fear.  No matter how much we scream and spew negativity at something negative, it won’t make it a positive.  Ever hear the phrase, “two wrongs don’t make a right”?

There’s a lot of ‘talk’ from the fighters about ‘Spiritual Bypassing’, suppressing emotions, and ‘having your head up your ass’.

I am writing this for those of you, who like me, simply cannot get outraged at things that might or might not even be true.  That even if they are true, we cannot see an outcome right now.  That acknowledge that change is needed, but do not wish to fight through/for change.

When I ‘see’ energy, EVERYTHING is entangled and connected.  One piece of energy (event, person etc.), flows and swirls and entangles with thousands of other energies – everything is connected.  If something happens, and you can see/say, oh that happened for X reason, I can guarantee you that there were also 10, or 100, or 1000 other reasons you cannot see as well.  Everything is connected.  Every thought, every thing, every being.

I sometimes use the analogy of an electrician seeing a big ball of tangled wires, and an electrician can ‘follow’ the wires and know and see where they go.  I often see energy that way.  I see an energy cord going somewhere and it touches one thing, then another, and tangles over there, then splits off and ‘powers’ 4 different things.

love and peace

Our world is Changing!!

Change can be HARD.  I have seen a lot of hard changes, both in my personal life and in the lives of my clients.
When a BIG change is needed, and it’s not happening, or being ‘allowed’ by the participants, sometimes the universe takes over to change things for us.  It is in answer to our prayers, it just doesn’t look like it as we are going through it.  Hindsight is 20/20, how many times have you gone through something hard and years later said it was the best thing that’s ever happened to you?  Even if the outcome seemed devastating, years later if you allow forward movement and allow yourself to heal, you can see how it served a higher purpose.

I have seen so many that fight so hard for the status quo that the change ends up being an UPHEAVAL.  (you know you need to move house and you REFUSE, then your house burns down and you are FORCED to move) ~ those types of upheavals.

Our world is going through that right now.  I am not saying that my human part personally agrees with the way things are being done, or the details.  I AM saying, that change is necessary and that THINGS ARE NOT HOW THEY APPEAR.  There are going to be A  LOT of things coming out to mainstream that are going to blow our minds and that will make some of this petty fighting look really inconsequential.

There are those that really want us to turn against each other and fight.  I see it working like a hot damn on social media too.  Facebook friends that are getting in fights over opinions, or politics, or whatever.  People are FIGHTING FOR THEIR OWN TRUTH, fighting to defend their own perceptions.  They can not, and will not take off their ‘perception goggles’ and try and see another side.  And you know, that is okay.  We are all on our own paths, we all have our own truths.  Our perception is our reality, and it is not my job to create anyone’s reality for them, nor is it my job to judge their perceptions.

I am writing this for those of you that are like me and feel alone in being okay, in accepting that our planet is changing.  And for those of you that are choosing to hold the love and to not spread fear, separation and hatred.  Those of you that know fighting for your opinions is a waste of time and just creates more of the same old BS.  Those of you that know our world is becoming a better place, even through the bizarre and weird energies and events.  This post is for those of you that hold the love, and feel alone and afraid when spreading that love.  Those of you who have been attacked for knowing to the core of your soul that everything has a bigger purpose than what can be seen, and that can feel that everything is working out perfectly.

You are not alone.  There are many of us that can feel that these upheavals are bringing positive (albeit) uncomfortable changes.  You are not alone if you are still able to feel safe and loved.  You are not ‘in denial, or ‘spiritual bypassing’ if you are feeling loving.  If you are feeling alone in feeling loving, I hope you don’t feel so alone anymore.  If you feel alone in NOT wanting to fight, I hope this helps.

I wrote this because I was feeling alone in feeling the love and we are stronger in love together.




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