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How I Beat my Depression

Disclaimer:   I’m not a doctor.  I will not tell you that anti-depressants don’t work.

I am NOT a medical doctor and I am NOT telling you that you should stop listening to your doctor. I am NOT telling you to go off medicine if you are on it.  I am NOT telling you that you are to blame for any illness you have. 

The entirety of this post is to tell you what I learned, and what I have done to feel better. We are all on individual journey’s and what is right for me might  not be right for you. 


Okay, now that that is out of the way, here is the post:

How I cured myself of ongoing depression

When I write this this blog, it is always with the intention of helping you to live your best life. To overcome difficulties, to truly manifest the life that you desire.

I am here to help people. I know this.  It has been my calling since I was a child.  Even when I was very young, I can remember wanting to help people feel better.  I remember feeling that I had things to share that could help.

I have always had a strong connection with Source. I have always been able to feel the energy around me.  I didn’t always know what it meant.  I just knew I could feel it when someone was upset, or if they weren’t speaking their truth (still can).

I always knew that my energy was creating. ALWAYS.  Even if I did not have the words to explain it properly, it was an inner knowingness that I still cannot fully explain to this day.

Even though I have known this my whole life, I have still had challenges. I have still been sucked into negative vortexes and stayed there for much too long.  There have been times where I went for months or years ‘forgetting’ my connection to Source.  I have been in bad relationships.  I have lived with alcoholics, drug addicts, and abusers (I didn’t realize at the time that I couldn’t help everyone).  I have struggled financially.  I have suffered depression.  I have been single and wanted a relationship.  I have had health issues that seemed to hang on forever.  The list goes on, but I think you get the point.  I am sharing this with you to let you know that as much as I share inspiring things, I have been where you have been.  I am NOT there now, and I have not been there, except for very brief moments, for a very long time.  My life is good now, and I CREATED IT THAT WAY.  I share this because I KNOW, without a doubt that whatever you are going through, you DO have the power to change it.  YOU CAN CREATE DIFFERENT THINGS FOR YOURSELF.

Your thoughts create your reality.

I’ve probably said that 100 times throughout these writings over the years. I know a lot of you get this intellectually, but you still can’t quite get over the hump of making it work for you.  You do your affirmations, you try and think positive, you have vision boards, or meditations you do, but you still can’t seem to get past whatever it is.

I want to tell you a bit about my personal challenge with depression and perhaps how I beat it will help you with whatever challenge you may be going through right now.

We all have moments where we don’t feel our best. Some of us have moments when we are downright depressed ~ feel like crying, sleeping, killing ourselves, wondering what the point of life is etc.  Thinking and wondering if this is all there is to our life.  Feeling like we have wasted our precious time not doing what we came here to do.  Feeling helpless to change our circumstances.  I have been there in the past.  I used to go there a few times a year (ask my husband, he used to worry about me).  I NEVER go there anymore.  I can’t even find that feeling anymore.  Ever.

I won’t lie to you. There are times when I do feel a little ‘sad for no reason’.  Or ‘depressed’ if you will.  I no longer use the word ‘depressed’ though, because to me that word has a much more permanent feeling vibration to it.

In the past when I felt this way, I would talk to myself much differently than I do now.

In the past if I found myself feeling sad, or depressed, I would say things like:

Why am I feeling this way?

What is wrong with me?

Am I even living the life I’m supposed to be living. Shouldn’t it be easier if I am on the right path?

It’s not logical I feel this way, my life is good.

Why am I so sad?

Why am I so depressed?

Why does my life suck?

Why won’t so and so, do such and such.  I don’t like this situation, but I can’t change it, because they are acting a certain way (or doing a certain thing, or ????)  Their actions are screwing up aspects of my life.  If only they would change, I would be able to do something differently.

Why don’t I have the energy to get off my ass and do something? I know if I went for a walk I would feel better, but I can’t even find the energy to get dressed.

Why did I waste all those years?

Why am I wasting this day? Being all sad.  Its beautiful outside, I have a great family, why am I so stuck.

Why, why, why?

I think you get the picture.

Many people will tell you that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.  It’s not.  It starts with your thinking, gets followed up by your energy, gets exacerbated by the circumstances that appear in your life (because of your thinking), and then your brain starts to change.  It gets a new ‘set point’.  It’s like “what came first the chicken or the egg”.

What came first the thoughts, the depression or the changes in the brain chemistry?

First off. I NEVER ask “Why” anymore.  It is what it is.  When I used to ask myself why, I would come up with a million reasons why I could be depressed.  Guess what that got me?  More reasons to be depressed.  Even things that were not originally on my radar came up.  Things that were out of my control came up (a lot).  Other people and their issues came up.

forgive and forget


These are real world “tips” of what I do, and questions I ask myself, when that feeling of depression comes over me now:

  • I am an empath, and I truly do feel the energy of others and take on their crap ~ unknowingly sometimes. So the first question I ask is “Is this mine?”  For me personally, and probably for you too if you are reading this, that is the FIRST question you should ask yourself.
  • Is there something that I have control over that I can change? (often the answer to this is no, because we cannot change other people or things)
  • Am I tired? or  Am I hungry?
    It amazes me how we have ‘trained’ ourselves out of listening to our most basic needs. We ‘hold it’ when we need to go to the bathroom, we don’t nap when we are tired, we don’t eat when we are hungry.  This is something that I have been personally working on for a while now.  Listening to what my PHYSICAL BODY NEEDS.  I BET that those of you who feel depression, could answer “Yes” to one of these two questions AT LEAST 50% of the time.
  • Am I trying to be something I’m not?
    Much of our depression comes from trying to conform to what other people’s expectations are of us. We are an artist trying to be a bookkeeper; or a healer trying to elicit change by working in a government office; or an executive trying to be a full time mommy;  or a science geek trying to serve fries with a smile.  Or a happy person that feels guilty that they ‘have it so good’ (yes, this is a ‘thing’).  Or a stay at home wife that feels the need to be ‘perfect’, and always be keeping the house clean, to make her husband happy ~ after all he’s working and she’s not (I threw this in there because this particular issue COMES UP A LOT with my clients).   Anyway, ask yourself. “Am I trying to fit my round peg into a square hole?”I must tell you, that there is nothing wrong with working a job (bookkeeper, serving fries etc.), to support yourself. It is whether you are focusing on using the job to get what you want (rent/food money/savings/debt paid off/a great vacation); or whether you are focused on being stuck in the job forever.  When you use the job to get ahead you are empowered.  When you think you are stuck doing what you do not like forever you are disempowered.
  • Another thing I do VERY differently when these down moods hit me, is I say “This will pass, it always does”.  (as opposed to having a laser focus on the fact I feel like crap, and trying to figure out why)
  • Often I will take a nap and listen to an audio. I choose the audio based on what seems to be specifically ‘bothering’ me in that moment. I have linked to many of my favorites over the years on this blog.  Meditation Posts.
  • I will read an inspiring book.
  • I will go for a walk (sometimes you really gotta push yourself for this one).
  • I will go out and sit in the grass, or hug one of the big trees out in my yard (easier than going out in public).
  • I remind myself that this just happens sometimes, it’ll go away (if I let it).
  • Instead of asking “why” questions in my head, which creates a snowball of negative energy, I sit and write lists of things I am grateful for.

The only time my depression HAS EVER lasted more than a morning, (or maybe a day), is when I thought about how depressed I was or asked myself the “why” questions I have listed above.

For me personally, the best thing I do for myself when I feel like this, is that when nothing seems to be working to pull me out of it, I go to sleep for a time (10 minutes to 3 hours). Nothing will screw up your head, thoughts and energy more than fatigue.  (Think of cranky babies that have no coping skills because they ‘missed their nap’.  Just because you are ‘older’ doesn’t mean you aren’t human with human needs).

I gotta tell you, I almost didn’t write this post. I didn’t want to get into ‘blaming’ you for your depression.  And I am NOT blaming you for your depression. Depression is a REAL thing, and it does change who we are, our brain chemistry, and how we show up in the world.  The ENTIRE reason for this post is that I myself suffered from depression and I came out of it … ON PURPOSE.

I am hoping that these things will work for you. I understand if they don’t (they won’t always work for everyone, we are all so unique).  I am not here to judge anyone.  I just wanted to share what worked for me, hoping and praying that it will work for you.  If just ONE person, the hours it took me to write it will be well worth it.


Always with Love,



I will not tell you that anti-depressants don’t work. I’m not a doctor.

I am NOT a medical doctor and I am NOT telling you that you should stop listening to your doctor. I am NOT telling you to go off medicine if you are on it.  I am NOT telling you that you are to blame for any illness you have. 

The entirety of this post is to tell you what I learned, and what I have done to feel better. We are all on individual journey’s and what is right for me might  not be right for you. 


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Energy Alert – New Moon in Leo – July 23, 2017

Its a New Moon today.  Today is a great time to set some intentions on what you want in your life.

We have been through a lot so far this year.  June was really intense, and July may have felt a bit more relaxed for some, but there still has been a lot of activity.  We had solar flares last week and many of you may have been feeling tired and out of sorts.  Some have been feeling tummy issues, or dizziness.  Some have had headaches or strange ringing in your ears.  We are upgrading really quickly right now, so take it easy if you need to.

On August 7, 2017 we enter eclipse season.  The 7th is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius.  This is the beginning of massive changes, it is a portal to transformation.  Now is a good time to release anything that does not serve you.  Release mundane habits in your life that hold you back.  Release old resentments, old habits.  You don’t need to release them by focusing on them, you can release them by acknowledging them, and choosing to think, act and behave differently.  Don’t beat them with a stick, just turn your back on them and walk in a new direction.

Today (and tomorrow if you are reading this later), is a really good time to journal what you want in your life.  What is going on, or what in your life just doesn’t feel so good anymore?  When you journal and think about creating your new life, focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.  If you feel like you are holding too much weight, or are not healthy enough, journal about focusing on moving your body, or on what foods you can add into your life.  Do not focus on what has been, as that will get you more of what has been.  Do it this way for any subject you would like to see change in.

Stop avoiding your life.  Take a look at it.  What do you want?  If you are one that consistently says “I will do it later”, then realize that ‘later’ is NOW.  Go to your heart, feel what you feel, decide what you want and how you wish to live.  If you can make some of these decisions now and start to act on them, you will be propelled forward.  If you decide through non-action to keep doing the same old things, the power of this season will propel you to more of that.  If you want different, think different.

When you are thinking about what you want, remember, go to your heart and listen.  You must do what you need to do for you.  Teach the people around you to do what they need to make them happy (this can be done simply by being an example, and letting them be them).  This doesn’t mean you walk away from your relationships, (or maybe it does for some of you), it means you be authentically you.  Allow those around you to be authentically them.

Don’t go outside yourself and judge and try to control external circumstances, things and people.  Go within, and think only thoughts of what you want.  If you take care of you, the universe will help you take care of your life.  The more you live from your heart and focus on what you want and act on your inspired thoughts the easier your path will be.  If you want something to change, you have to start with you.

Nothing can hold you back from what you want right now except you.  Your thoughts are energy.  That energy will create your world.

Your Patience and Diligence just might pay off this month!

I want to share with you a trend I have noticed in my own life and in the life of my clients over the past year or so.  Last year was a 9 year in Numerology.  This year is a 1 Year.  The nine year is a year of letting go, and the one year is a year of new beginnings.  At the beginning of this year there was quite a bit of hype about everything being new and fresh and easier.  This is NOT what most of us have experienced in the first 6 months of this year.  It has been hard for most of us.  (I know its July, I said ‘6 months’ because July has been a little calmer.)

Now for the good news!!!

Many of you planted seeds last summer of what you wanted to see in your life.  This was the beginning.  You decided that you needed to let go of some of your ‘stuff’.  You may have felt a little fed up, or you may have just felt an need for exciting change.  You set your intention and allowed it to flow…  Fast forward to 2017 and nothing happened!  If anything, life seemed harder.  Things you thought you wanted and things you were working on manifesting simply have not been showing up for you.

This eclipse season and gateway will help things finally move.  You have an opportunity in the remainder of this year to set your course for the next years of your life.  The seeds you planted last year just may finally start to spout after this New Moon, and even more so over the next couple of months.

There are two very different ways you may have been perceiving this:

If you have old habits of lack, or negativity, or powerlessness, or any other lower vibrating energy, it has come to the forefront.  Things may feel as if they have been getting worse and worse.  You are probably very impatient and may have even given up trying by now.

If you have old habits of trusting that things always work out for you, that you always land on your feet, you may have had this set-point be quite challenged so far this year.  You are probably still ‘holding the faith’ that things will work out and that the universe always has your back.  You likely have been patiently waiting for the changes to occur while diligently tending your garden, fertilizing, watering, and waiting for the new to sprout so to speak.

On an energetic level, what has been happening this year is that things have been coming up for us so that we can transcend them.  Negative thinking and habits are getting stronger and creating more angst, positive thinking and habits are allowing you to keep going forward.

So many things (subjects), have been coming up to push your buttons this year.  Just keep moving past them.  If something comes up for you and you can realize it came up so you can let it go and do it differently, you will be in a much more positive space than if you keep looking backwards.

If something comes up and you say “Why does this always happen to me? What is ‘wrong’ with my energy, maybe I am just destined to be poor (or single, or sick, or unhappy).”  You will be creating more of that.  What you need to see is that it has come up so that you can change your thoughts, change your habits, change your life.

Either way, you are very powerful.  You are a creator.  What you choose to create with your thoughts over the next months up to the end of the year is what you will create for the next cycle of years to come.

Nothing outside of you can create for you.  Not politicians, bankers, guru’s, family, landlords, aliens, spouses, neighbours, me… (you get the point).  NOTHING is external.  It is all inside of you.  If it was external then 100% of the people on the planet would be in the exact same position.  We would have no homeless, or all homeless; or no successful people or ALL successful people.  Everyone is in a different energetic place, because they are all choosing to create different things.  Whether they are choosing consciously or unconsciously is another story.  DO NOT GIVE YOUR POWER TO CREATE YOUR LIFE AWAY.  Get out of ‘blame’, and empower yourself to create the life YOU want.

With love,



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Energy Alert, July 17-17

Okay, I haven’t written an energy alert in a long time.  I must apologize for that, I have been very busy both personally and professionally the past little while.

I am actually busy today as well, so bear with me if this is quick and there are any spelling errors or anything.  I just had to get it out for you today.

First off, leading up to the full moon that we had on the 9th was NUTS.  Lots of fear energy coming out and decisions to be made, weird anger energy, the need for aloneness etc.

That’s behind us now and the last week or so may have felt dead calm to some of you.

This is what I was told:  If you dealt with some of your ‘fear issues’ during the full moon, things all of a sudden got very quiet.  You may have felt very ‘lazy’ or lackadaisical or something, you may have been wondering what is wrong with you that you didn’t have the ‘business’ or ‘urgency’ that you had through June and the beginning of July.

OR…. if you didn’t deal with your stuff during the full moon, the last week might have been filled with drama and things going wrong, or just having to put out fire after fire.  If this is you, don’t worry, just take some time to chill out.  Self care and meditation, thinking about YOUR needs/wants instead of the wants/needs of others’ will help.

Right this minute, we have some EXTREME solar energy and downloads going on.  Your body may feel a bit ‘off’.  If you feel the need to go to the doctor to make yourself feel better, please do.

I wrote this in Miami!

However, there are a lot of people feeling like they are getting a little bit sick.  For myself, last week I had a sore throat and thought I was getting a cold.  It went away, with some self care, but I never did get a cold.  Today, I feel a little weird in the head (not my normal ‘weird in the head’ ha ha), just my ears are popping and then ringing and then being stuffed, then clearing.  Someone close to me has a little bit of unexplained tummy issues.  For the past couple of weeks, I have felt heart palpitations by my thymus chakra.  The other morning I was sitting having my coffee, and I had a really weird feeling come over me and wondered if I was having a heart attack ~ I wasn’t, I’m fine.  (I did go to the doctor last Thursday for a ‘regular’ check-up and everything came back wonderful and healthy).  I do need to reiterate, if you feel like you are truly sick, please do see your doctor.

Anyway, we are going through a LOT right now.  You MUST take care of yourself, you can’t do anything for anyone else right now.  It won’t work.

We are all ascending from where we were.  Even your loved ones around you.  For some of us it will be easier than for others.  Its not up to us to dictate who feels like what.  We cannot make someone else feel something.  Feeling is a very personal experience.

This summer will be one of the most powerful summers we have had in our lifetime.  Take care of you.  Put yourself first.  This is a perfect opportunity to create YOUR life (NOT the life of other’s, they will come along or they won’t ~ not your call and nothing you can control).  What you set in place between now and the end of the year is what you will be bringing into the next cycle.  Make sure the choices you make EMPOWER you.

Even if things seem to be falling apart, realize that the seeds of the new are held in the shell of the old.  Sometimes the old has to fall apart before you can plant new seeds.

This is a great time to figure out what makes YOU happy and to do more of that.  Try and remember to play, to have fun.  The shifts we are undergoing on our planet are HUGE.  If you forget to make yourself happy, or keep yourself happy, you will be spreading more misery than you will love.

Take care of yourself, take care of yourself, take care of yourself.

Enjoy life, allow other people to be who they need to be right now, allow them to do what they need to do right now.  Even if it feels like they are wrong.  Who are you to say?

Just as you taking care of you is something you need to do without letting the opinions of others get in the way, you need to allow the same for those people in your life.

Hoping this helps,

with big heaps of love,