Energy Alert ~ Feeling a little emotional lately?

Just wow!  We’ve got some seriously intense energies going on.  You are not alone if you are feeling it!  Its been off and on all year (mostly on).

We sure are being pushed to allow for change ~ What has your intuition been telling you?  It is time to listen.

What do you need to do to step forward into your next phase of your life?  Do you need to start saying YES!! to yourself?

This doesn’t mean saying yes to other people and what their wants and needs are, it means saying yes to yourself and what YOU want from your life.  Maybe you need to say no to others’ in order to say yes to what you want.

As much as things are changing for us personally internally, there are also so many things going on in our world.  Most of the shifts and changes are not being fully put ‘out there’ in the mainstream media, (some are) but things are changing.  There are massive shifts going on as far as things coming to light in our world.  Watch the first months of next year for more of these shifts to ‘come out’ to us.  As things come out in the media, don’t ‘lose it’, just be prepared to be surprised.  That is the energy we are living in ~ shadows coming out into the light so they can be transmuted.

Weed, Flower, or Wish Granter?

There have been massive arrests of high-ranking people all over the world.  The imbalance of power is beginning to become more balanced.  Pedophile rings being disbanded, people being called out all over the place for abusing their power.  This is a part of the change.  Humanity is beginning to shift and change.  We are speaking up for ourselves.  We are no longer rolling over and allowing ourselves to be victimized.

These changes include you.  What is coming to light for you?  What needs to change.  What parts of your shadow self are coming to the surface?  Where have you felt like a victim?  Where are you speaking up for yourself?  What are you willing to change?

What have you always dreamed of?  What do you want?  START IT NOW, you are supported, its time.  The choice is yours and once you decide and make your choice you will find that things fall into place for you.  If you don’t want to keep going on like you have been.  Step out of your comfort zone.

Even our light-bodies and physical bodies are changing.  Our DNA is being upgraded as you read this.  It has been for years, bits at a time.  Wherever you were, expect there to be ‘more’.

I myself have had some weird physical symptoms.  Every now and then my heart will race, last month I had pressure in my head that felt like I was wearing a hat (this was crown chakra work for me), more recently I have had some dizzy spells.  I’ve been super motivated to exercise.  I am starting a new Vitamin Protocol that I have been called to for the past few months that I was putting off (I just signed up today ~ mostly because I DO listen to my peeps and it is part of the ’embracing change’ that I am encouraging for you).  Some of my family have been taking it and they are feeling really good, I think its my turn.  If it works for me and I end up loving it as much as my extended family does, I WILL be sharing it with you.

I have taken on a leadership role (Vice President) at the Chilliwack Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC) (if anyone who is a holistic practitioner wants to attend a meeting the public is welcome to come for up to 2 meetings before joining).  This is the Facebook Page for Chilliwack HCC, they have chapters of the Chamber all over North America though.

So, what can you do to help yourself through these massive energy shifts?

  • First off, you MUST listen to your intuition if it is telling you to move or change or invest in yourself.  That is the most important thing.  If you keep having this feeling that you should be doing something, the little voices in your head that say “maybe I should try that”, or move there, or learn/research that, or get off my butt ~ LISTEN TO THEM!
  • It is time to look at ALL your relationships.  Your significant other relationship, your work relationships, your friendships, your family (including your parents and kids) your relationship to yourself.  You need to decide what needs to stay and what needs to go.  You may need to cut some people out of your life, but if you really look closely at your relationships, without judgement, without trying to control, without wishing someone was different than they are, with a little more acceptance of the fact we are all different, you may find that a simple change in your perspective can transform your relationships.  (If you need some help with this, you can always book an appointment with me).
  • Remember, you are not the only one that is going through this.  We ALL are.  So if there are some people around you that appear to be feeling
  • Look at how you are treating your physical body.  Ask it what it needs.  Start loving it instead of being mad at it for not looking or feeling like you want it to.  Your thoughts have an impact on the physical reality around you imagine what your thoughts do to the physical reality inside you?  (You can Google Bruce Lipton and Epigenetics if you want to know more about this).
  • Stop complaining.  How many times a day do you get really passionate about what you don’t want?  How many times a day do you affirm what is wrong?  How often do you get sucked into a conversation with others where you are all talking about the ‘horrible state of _______ (the world, finances, health, traffic, your boss??)”  Don’t join a huge negative morphic field of negativity (join a morphic field like this one instead)
  • Seriously, STOP IT!  Take one day (or even just a few hours), and get really aware of what is coming out of your mouth.  Your thoughts create your words ~ and your thoughts create your life ~ so what are your words doing to your reality?   If someone says “What is your pet peeve?”  Run the other freakin’ way!!!!   Radio stations do it, people on social media do it, your friends do it in conversation.  STOP THAT TOO!  Your time is much better spent focusing on (and creating) things that you LOVE in your life, NOT on things that have you listing all the lousy things ‘out there’.
  • Remember to cut other people some slack.  Just as you are going through shifts and changes so is everyone else, they are probably feeling just as emotional as you are.  Smile at your kids, your spouse, people who serve you, random strangers.  Spread a little goodness around.

In closing, I think I’d just like to tell you that if you are feeling emotional its not just you.  Its our whole world, the collective consciousness, the planetary alignments, the numerology.  We are being called to look at our shadows and transmute them.  It can be challenging sometimes, but you WILL make it through.

With Love


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