21-Day Energy Clearing and Healing Offering ~ Starts March 17, 2018

This Energy Clearing Session will help you release energies from the past season, and infuse your energy with new light for the Spring.   

Energy Work Testimonial

Summer Ellwood, USA, past Energy Clearing and Healing participant

Energy Clearing and Healing Session goes through the Spring Equinox.
So, if you want to clean out your energetic closet, GET IN ON THIS ONE!!!!!

  • Are you ready to let go and clear out energy that is no longer serving you?

  • Are you ready to release energies that you simply no longer need?

  • Are you ready to move on from what is holding you back in life?

  • Do you just want to clear out any energies you may have picked up from others over the course of the past few years, or months?

  • Are you ready to take a step forward (even if you are nervous about doing so?)!

  • Are you ready to live the life you came here to live? To live your purpose?

If so, this Energy Clearing and Healing Offering is for YOU!


What Is A 21-Day Energy Clearing and Healing Offering?

Starting on Saturday, March 17, 2018, I am offering a life changing, old energy releasing, soul cleansing 21-Day Clearing and Healing session.  The final day of the 21 days of loving, light, healing will be April 7, 2018.

March 17, 2018 is also the New Moon ~ a time of starting fresh and setting your intentions! This is a group, energy clearing session; this healing energy work is accessible worldwide~ energy has no boundaries! The intention is that you will feel things shift in your energy and in your life. Whether you need mental, emotional, physical or spiritual clearing, this can help.

We will clear out anything (old energies, blockages, etheric cords, etc.) that is no longer serving your highest and best good and infuse your energy with new Light. It doesn’t matter where on planet Earth you live, you can take part in these long distance energy work sessions!

These are GROUP energy clearing sessions. You will not get personalized information on your past lives or specifics of what energy is being cleared or healed. If you want a PERSONAL reading/healing, you will need to do that separately.

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What Do I Need To Do for This Energy Clearing?

There will be very little you need to do. Just show up energetically and be open to the healing that will take place.

To show up energetically, all you need to do is:

  1. Make your payment below using the “Buy Now” buttons,
  2. Close your eyes,
  3. Take a few deep breaths, and
  4. Set your intention to be included in these sessions.

You DO NOT need to listen to 20 minutes of audios every day; you don’t have to sit and be quiet at a set time; you don’t need to ‘log in to listen’ to anything ~ just set your intention, and the energy clearing and healing will work no matter what you are doing. You can be sleeping, working, driving, on vacation, eating, or playing and the energy will work.

If you choose to enhance your energy clearing and healing sessions you can:

Every day, listen to the short meditation work I will be providing for you (less than 2 minutes and is optional).

Write a list every day of 3 things that you are grateful for, followed by writing thank you, thank you, thank you.

Participate in the 2 conference calls. They will also be recorded if you are unable attend them live.

I will host 2 conference calls for general questions and requests around the Energy Work Sessions. You need to be signed up to get in on the conference calls. The first call will be on Sometime just prior to March 17 (exact date TBA). The call is optional, you can still register for the energy work until March 16.  It will include strategies for setting intentions and making the most of your 21 Days of Healing, Clearing and Creating New in your life. The second call will be during the week of April 7 (a few days before your last clearing energy work session), and you will have the opportunity to share (optional), what you have felt transform for you and ask general questions of me.

This healing energy work can help you to transform your life. Take some time and read what others have had to say about past energy clearing sessions below.

After the 21 days you may continue to see and feel changes in your life for weeks afterwards.

The cost of this 21-Day Energy Clearing and Healing Offering is $111.11 USD.

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What Gets Cleared During these Energy Clearing Sessions?

Each 21-Day Energy Clearing and Healing session is unique to those of you that are in it, but over the past energy clearings some of the things that have come up for clearing are:

  • Past life issues/attachments
  • Energy cords or hooks
  • Karmic issues that you no longer need
  • Issues from childhood or parents
  • Issues from past relationships
  • Energy from your home
  • Chakra healing, clearing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Heart and High Heart work
  • Aura Clearing
  • Sometimes clearing of a workspace or vehicle
  • Money patterns
  • Relationship patterns

I never know for 100% certain what will come up for you until I sit and do the work! This is just a list of common things that have come up in most of the prior energy work sessions, it certainly isn’t limited to this list!

I am really excited for everyone who will be taking part in this last session of 2017!

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See What Past Participants Had To Say About These Energy Clearing and Healing Sessions:

From Michele Brown, Chilliwack, BC, Canada:

Thank you so much for the energy healing! Feel free to use any or all of this as a testimonial

Wow — this is a great program! The 21 days being a participant in Tamara’s Energy Healing and Clearing has been truly amazing! Tamara facilitates powerful energy healing on so many levels. I experienced continual healing and letting go, and openings, and I know it continues. My physical energy is moving so much more freely. Just one example: Part way through the 21 days, I had an opportunity to teach a dance movement class called Shake Your Soul®; a program I had not led for quite some time. In the state I was in prior to the energy clearing, I would have had a lot of hesitating and self-judgement about this challenge, however that just didn’t happen! : ) Instead, I experienced flowing, trusting and joy! Tamara’s guidance during the energy healing has given me a fresh perspective in so many life areas at time when a number of transitions are on the horizon. I am especially grateful for the clarity and confidence building that continues to expand, as I take next steps in my business. I am altered at a cellular level. Thank you Tamara; I am so grateful for you and your work! (which never feels like “work”) : )
With love and gratitude!

Michele Brown, Holistic Life Coach, Founder
Urban Oasis Expressive and Healing Arts.


From Ross in Vancouver, BC, Canada:

“Hi Tamara,

I hope all is well. I wanted to thank you for your help and that I am really glad that I participated in this healing group. Over the last 3-4 weeks I have had many physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental shifts. I actually feel different. My mind is quieter, I’m seeing and sensing people and situations differently now, less in fear, more at peace. People are seeing and reacting to me differently as well. The last few years have at times been hard and difficult but now I am starting to come out of the fog and feel like myself again. I feel that momentum is starting to build and that I’ll continue to “Peel The Onion” and continue to grow and heal. I appreciate your compassion and wisdom and look forward to working with you again. Thank you!”

Love, Peace, and Joy!

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From Melanie in Vancouver, BC, Canada:

healing and clearing

WOW! What a revelationary and truly clearing and healing experience! The Universe definitely answered my call with this one! Tamara Hawk’s format is so easy and so accessible; all that was required of me was to remain open to the process, process what was revealed to me and mindfully release what was no longer benefiting me, (so much easier to do with the strength of Tamara’s energy work on a daily basis).

Tamara’s 21-Day Energy Clearing/Healing Offering, along with her informative conference calls, clarifying and enlightening messages throughout have proven to be an excellent and positive resource in my growth. As well as, a comforting and requested guide towards the next steps on my Soul journey 🙂

Deep thanks, Tamara! I look forward to your next one and am excited for your other energy work offerings.

Melanie, Vancouver, Canada


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From Frits in Chilliwack, BC, Canada:

“Thanks Tamara,
I am peeling away layers of discord like an onion with ups and downs over the last 15 years however in the 21 days I felt the changes towards more clarity, direction , less aggravated without hurting myself in any way. In the process of being supported by you any growth happened with ease and grace. So much so that you can put my name down for next time.”

With gratitude

From Deb in Dodge City, Kansas, USA:

“Signed up for 21 day cleanse in 12/2015, with no expectations. Never dealt with this or a physic medium before. It wasn’t expensive and I was curious, being on all sorts of medicines for a year caused me to just close up, and I felt very anxious and scattered.
From day one, I could feel each area of the body that Tamara was working on, and I began waking up each morning at about 5:15 am with a clear head. Didn’t listen to both conference calls until final days of cleanse so didn’t get in on journaling or breathing exercise, but the energy came through anyway.
A huge event for me was the spontaneous absence of emotional pain when dealing with an issue from 45 years ago, and the deep anger I felt over it. The people were still in my thoughts, but there was no hatred or anger, and now I rarely think about them at all.
Felt more in tune with my angels and guides, and one of them actually pushed me to do an act of kindness, I would have never had the courage to do.
There are so many other wonderful feelings that came with the cleanse, being grounded, seeing more beauty and laughing a lot more. Felt in very good, positive and compassionate hands with Tamara. she’s truly remarkable and a great communicator.”
Deb McNamara

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From TF in Richmond, BC, Canada:

Dear Tamara,
Thank you, very much, for doing the 21-day group energy clearing with those of us who signed up for it. I’ve been to so many people for chakra clearing/balancing, energy work, energy shifting over the past 5 years, but it’s through your work that I finally achieved the breakthrough. I listened to the group conference calls you held, and read/studied/appreciated all of the status update/explanatory emails you kindly sent to us throughout the 21-day process to explain what you worked on for us each day. You really did a lot to shift the energy. You focused on different aspects every day (chakra balancing, relationships, money, etc.), which resulted in a very comprehensive overall treatment. It’s through your help that I have finally achieved a huge breakthrough shift in energy. I feel incredibly calm and at peace now, regardless of the behavior of other people toward me. It’s remarkable. The general sadness/dark cloud/negative energy that’s surrounded me for far too many years has finally lifted. I feel so much happier, lighter, and free. I have also learned to love and accept myself over the last few weeks!!! I finally love myself now, 10 out of 10. Plus, I am already noticing other huge shifts in my life!!! My #1 focus is on feeling good and doing things everyday that make me happy. Thank you for teaching us that. I’m really trying to learn, “do the work,” and help in my own healing. Thank you Tamara for supporting me (and the group) through this process, by doing what you could on your end to shift the energy, and also by educating us throughout the process. You’re awesome! Thank you Tamara!

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From Ron Javorsky in West Jordan, UT, USA:

testimonial “Tamara:

I was very interested in signing up for the 21 Days of Healing.

The problem i have is that i think about these negative thoughts from the past and i immediately start biting my index finger on either hand.

In the past my index fingers looked terrible. My wife would often not even hold my hand because of the roughness and the calluses on these two fingers.

I have tried other things in the past. I have gone to fire ceremonies and smoke clearings done and they did work temporally. But in the end, i always came back to these negative thoughts.

I can be sleeping and in a very deep sleep and the second that i get up, i have these negative thoughts going through my head. I jump out of bed and bite my finger and walk around and then i have trouble going back to sleep because of all these negative thoughts that i have going through my head.

Sometimes, i may get up at 3 am and not get back to sleep again and then i get up at 5:30 am to go to work. I drive to work and during this drive, i think about all these negative thoughts from the past and i bite my finger while I’m thinking of these thoughts.

Why am i having all these negative thoughts from the past and why are these thoughts the main focus the first thing in the morning?

What can i be thankful for:

#1 I always said that “love’ was one of the most important things in life. I love my wife and my wife loves me and we do all sorts of things together and we have family and friends that love us.

#2 We are living in a Vacation area and working so it’s not costing us much to see all these great vacation spots since we are living in the middle of it all

#3 Our health is still good and we are thankful for that.

From the very start of the 21 days of healing I wrote down all the things that i was thankful for and i honestly have a lot of things to be thankful for.

I do notice that i do not have negative thoughts first thing in the morning and i do not have all these negative thoughts on my drive to and from work. My fingers have never looked better. The best they have looked in the past say 7 years or longer. They still have a long ways to go but they are looking better and better.

Do the negative thoughts still come up? Yes they do but not nearly as often and only for very short periods of time. Tamara you told me to a flip on these thoughts and i am doing that and it all helps. So when a negative thought comes about, i immediately think of a positive thought and this negative thought just goes away.

So what i have learned up to now is the present and the future are important. The past is the past and it doesn’t matter anymore. There is no sense thinking about how could i have changed the past. The past is done and all over with. I have to think about the present and the future and where all of that is going to take me.

Today is January 4th. I noticed today that there was no negative thoughts and no biting the fingers and relaxing ride to and from work. And this has been the norm. And i am very thankful for that.

Thank you very much Tamara for helping me.”

From Star Bradley, in Abbotsford, BC Canada ~ Readings by Star:

Hi Tamara! And Happy New Year!

The last 3 weeks has been a real game changer for me, to say the least. I have learned how effective this energy work and healing really is. The biggest reason why I joined the 21 Day Energetic Healing and Clearing was to get help with grounding my energy in general; or my lack of energy and over abundant energy (at the same time) to be exact. LOL! I have discovered that attitude & gratitude are my key components to having my energy grounded, healed & “realigned”. I can literally feel the change, the shift, and the healing. Thank you for working through it with us.

Each day as I did my gratitude work & contemplation time (yes I discovered I do my best meditation lying down & I am OK with that) the things that I had been holding onto for such a long time just lifted and released. Especially the relationships that were not serving me and the negative thoughts I have had for years around them. My mantra through the last 3 weeks when I got any kind of stinking thinking as I call it, is to tell myself, “IT”S NOT MY MONKEY!” then let it go and change my thought: like I would change the subject if I didn’t want to talk about something. And it works. I have had to let go at least in my own mind some family relationships that became one sided on my side. And I have come to the understanding that if they are to be rekindled it will have to be from their side. I can’t give out to them anymore, but I will most certainly if they want to breathe some life into them. And although it is not the norm for me I am OK with it. I have accepted that reality. For me that’s pretty much my whole battle is to get out of my own way and leave things be.

Since about the first week or so I have not had the exhausted – energy serge in my body; I still lay down a lot but I do my meditating instead of sleeping. I don’t feel depressed like I did, that has almost totally lifted. I have also realized that because I am empathic I need to cleanse my aura, my chakras etc. more. I live in a 55+ condo (we are actually a registered village in Abby) that has 500+ people residing and I think Ron & I are the youngest ones here. The average age is like 80 and I feel there is a lot of negative, depressed vibes that maybe get passed to me, psychically. We have only been here like 2 years and all of this really bad depressed, negative energy etc. stuff for me started really bad when we moved in here. So I am going to start smudging a lot and really soul cleansing often during the day to get rid of any residual crap from others in our little village here. I always feel better after doing a reading because I release any energy that I have tapped into. So that’s something huge & wonderful I have learned in the last 21 days.

Prior to these 21 days the feeling was one of real indescribable urgency. Like if something didn’t shift I would literally explode. Around mid-December I had a really bad surge of energy and it physically hurt, like crazy. I even went for a drive and ended up at my sons place and he could notice I was really in pain. So I explained the feeling, like restless leg x a million through my whole body. So I went home, went to bed and woke up the next day at a normal time (7am) with a completely different feeling, a real calmness. I knew whatever was pent up for so long was gone, done and finished with. And I did my gratitude work that day with a whole different exuberance! Pretty much every day since I have been able to go to bed early (by midnight LOL!) and get up at a decent time, by 8am with a whole different mindset. That’s the key for me to change my mindset. My circadian rhythm is actually starting to get in sync. I have decided I need to make life about me first, then bring it out to my surroundings. If I am not centered and balanced I can’t help anyone. I am a helper & a nurturer. I am a healer. Man that makes my soul feel good to say that. I have always said it like I was ashamed of it or afraid of what people would say about it. I have always questioned it but after these 21 days it is as clear as crystal for me. I have been a healer all my life. That is my soul purpose for this life and the ones gone past. But I have to be OK first, and then I can bring it to others. I think maybe this is why I have been learning how to effectively deal with my own energy so I can help others to learn to deal with theirs or be able to clear theirs for them so they can take the next steps?? There is always a reason why we have experiences right?? Oh man I am so grateful beyond belief for this light bulb moment and your help!!

I have always been a vivid, in color, full on dreamer and it has magnified during the 21 days. Going forward I will record them nightly. I get a lot of my visions and answers about life & healing from my dreams, both waking and asleep. I can literally ” awake daydream” something into existence. Weird but true. I will be doing more studies on this because it is such a HUGE part of my life. I always said if I had a nickel for every novel I could have written just from the story lines I’ve dreamed I would be rich. Well maybe there is something more to it. Since I started the 21 days the dreams are even more vivid (didn’t know they could get any more real & vivid) and quite prophetic but I don’t know the relevance of them yet. Maybe it can aide me more in my Tarot readings??? We shall see; but my mind is clearer and it feels so, so, soooooo different. Pinch me please!
I am really looking forward to the next 6 months or so rather than dreading even stepping foot out of bed. That right there alone has been worth the 21 days.

I will continue to do the chakra cleaning once a month at least if not daily and release shit from my life as it comes up. No more holding onto stuff, people, things, thoughts, patterns, beliefs, habits, and food etc. that does not serve me to my highest good. Even my hubby Ron said he notices a big change in me. He said my step seems lighter and I don’t seem so depressed. Don’t get me wrong it is a daily struggle but I don’t feel the same dread & urgency that I did. Ron is even OK with making some positive changes in himself in the next while. WTF!!!! That fricken blew me away. He came home on Thursday, the day after the earthquake and I told him how scary it was for me. About an hour or so later, we were both lying down because I didn’t sleep well after the quake and he said sorry for the first time EVER. His words exactly were, “he was soooooo very sorry I had to go through feeling so overwhelmed and scared and he was sorry I had to be alone through it.” He’s never said sorry to anyone especially me for anything ever since I’ve known him. His whole negative attitude is changing because he sees a positive change in me maybe??? Don’t know but I am for sure going to keep this on a roll; maybe negative and depressed causes negative and depressed?? If I change myself for me maybe this will spark a change for him and those who see the change in me?? Maybe I will be a ripple effect out to all in my world?? Maybe that’s all the focus & purpose I have needed all this time to save my life and my marriage?? These 21 days was my last resort. And by golly it is working. Thank you so much!!

There are so many more things to say but you get the picture. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing the stand in work for us and doing the energy healing. It was so worth the time and effort! I have learned so fricken much!! I will do it again in the future. It would be good for me to do at least twice a year.

With much love and blessings to you . . . Star*

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