21 Day Healing/Clearing Conference Call August 30 and Sept 18-16

Recording of the Informational Conference Call for the Energy Healing & Clearing starting September 1, 2016

We ended up having an impromptu conversation about meditation and energy after the first few minutes of the call.

Just as I said in the recording, I never know what will come up when I sit down to do the energy work ~ and I never know what will come out in a phone call either, I just go with the flow…

August 30 conference call. Information on Energy Work

Here is the recording of the September 18-2016 Conference Call

Sept 21-16 Energy Healing and Clearing Conference Call

During this call Catherine from the UK shared a great quote that her brother had penned.  She sent it to me after the call with permission to share with you:

“nothing matters – but everything makes a difference”  


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