32 Energy Healing and Clearing Information and Conference Call Recording

CLICK THROUGH here to listen to the Aug 20- 2017 Conference Call Recording

Click Through here to listen to the Sept. 20-17 Conference Call

This is a YouTube video of Gregg Braden talking about how Energy works.  It provides a pretty decent explanation on how these energy sessions work.

Its not anything you ‘have to’ listen to.  Its just a bit of the “Science” behind what it is I do.  I really enjoyed listening to this because this is how I work and what I do.  I do not know all the ‘science’ behind it, I am not a scientist.  I was simply born with the ability to sense energies and work with them.

This video mentions how some healers in a group dissolved a tumour in a person in minutes (around the 7:30 point).  That is actually the reason that I mentioned it near the end of this recording.

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