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ShawTV video of Psychic Medium, Tamara Hawk on “You Don’t Say”, February 2014

I was lucky to be born into a very loving, caring and psychic family. I have been aware of my contact with the other side and psychic abilities since childhood and have been encouraged by my family to nurture and grow this gift throughout my life.

As a psychic medium and, with gifts of clairaudience and clairsentience I have been helping people to communicate with their guides and spiritual teachers for as long as I can remember. I am also able to access your Akashic Records in order to give you a blueprint of what is going on in your life.

With this ability to talk to your guides, teachers, loved ones that have passed on, your own higher self, and by looking at your Akashic Records, I am able to assist you to make your own informed decisions about your life path in this moment. I can help you to understand the past, deal with the present and tell you about future influences that are prevailing upon your life.

I am able to communicate with your loved ones if they are willing and able to share and to project their feelings. Often, people have more than one person on the other side that wants to communicate. Our path is not always clear, I can help you see things with a new perspective.

In September 2009 this new website was launched.  Up to this point in time, I was mostly doing readings for people, by phone, in person, or email. I would also write the occasional article (these can be found in my blog posts now).

It was through the summer of 2009 that I realized just how much things were changing for me.  Things have been changing for a couple of years now but with this year comes many bigger changes. It is no longer my ‘life purpose’ to just do psychic readings for people.

With the start of my new website is the start of a new way of life for me.

I will do my best to do a new blog post at least once a week, and I have one book that I have completed, and have quite a few more books in me.  You can find information about my completed meditation book in my blog.

Here you can find more information on my Mission, Vision and Values.

So please do come back and visit this site often.  Hopefully some of what I write will resonate with you and will help you on your own life path.

Love Tamara

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