What is Karma?

Do you believe in Karma?  A lot of people do.  What comes around goes around is one way to define Karma.  I was talking to a friend the other day and she put it very eloquently.  The word “Karma”, is a very small word to describe a very big thing.

I don’t necessarily believe in Karma in the sense that most people use the word.  Most people use the word incorrectly.  Someone once said to me that their example of Karma was:  “If someone steals a piece of pie, they will choke on it while eating it”.  While this is a very simple version and might be a good way to define Karma to a child, it is not necessarily correct.

I don’t believe in Karma in that sense.  I do however know that everything is energy.  The energy you put out is the energy you will get back.  Just because someone steals something doesn’t necessarily mean that they will  have “bad karma”.   What if they do not think there is anything wrong with stealing?  It is the energy behind things that creates our reality.  If they don’t think there is anything wrong with it, they will not create a negative energy about it.

You can think whatever you want with the logical part of your brain, but really it is the feelings behind what you think that will create your life.

You could do something that you think is a good thing, yet feel it is a bad thing and that may create negative Karma for you.

Take what I do for example.  I do what I do with the intention of helping people on their path.  Throughout my life I have felt that this was what I was here to do.  I was also exposed to a religion as a child that bombarded me with images that what I did was not a positive thing.

If I listen to my heart, feelings and inner guidance system, it tells me that what I am doing is a “good” thing.  If I were to get “stuck” on what some scriptures say, then I would be constantly doubting that what I am doing is a good thing.  I might even create some Karma for myself if I had the belief that what I was doing is wrong.

If you do things that create ‘negative’ energy for you, then you very well may experience what some people call Karma.  Really, it is just getting back the energy that you are putting out there.

There are many people out there that help others’ and suffer themselves.  This more likely comes from their belief system. They may have a belief system that says they are meant to suffer for others.  It is not necessarily Karma.

There are also many people on our planet that appear greedy and selfish (think big banking, oil barons etc.), they may not suffer “bad Karma” as most people define it.  The majority of them have no idea what type of energy they are putting out.  All they know is what their belief systems tell them, which is often “Survival of the Fittest”.  They think they are doing just fine.  They won’t necessarily suffer the effects of “bad karma” in this lifetime.

This is a very short post to cover a very big subject.  The way I have described it is a very basic take on the energies we are dealing with in this lifetime.  Take a look at what you really believe and see what type of “Karma” you are creating for yourself.

Psychic Awakening – Course Review

Psychic Awakening is an online course that you can download. I mentioned it briefly at the end of this blog post How Much Control Do You Have Over Your Life

Over the years I have taken on mentoring clients, and still do once in a while. I have also thought many times about offering an online mentoring course that includes what I do for the in-person mentoring. I have files and folders full of things that I have wanted to teach and share and make a part of an online course. This is something that I seem to have had on the back-burner for about two years now. There always seems to be other things that come up, that, in the moment, are more important for me to accomplish.

When I came across Anna’s Psychic Awakening Course I couldn’t help but notice that it was very much like what it is that I teach my clients during their mentoring sessions. I had heard about Anna from a mutual friend and he spoke highly of her psychic development training.

I had a couple of emails back and forth with Anna, and I got a copy of the online course from her. Since then, I have spent some time checking it out, and listening to some (but not all, there is a lot), of the recorded course material.

I’ve realized that what Anna offers is similar enough to what I teach, that I can highly recommend it to my clients. If you have wanted to learn how to tap into your own intuition and have a connection with Source and your guides, this course will help.

The cost of the course is $250. It comes with a 97 page e-book for instant download which is full of very useful information. There’s also 20 files to download with recorded information, and a written bonus chapter on “Developing the Mindset to be Successfully Psychic”.

To find out more about what the course contains, you can visit Anna’s website here.

If you have been considering taking your own abilities to another level, or considering learning how to tap into your own gifts, this e-course is the perfect start.

Exercise, Blood Sugars and Feeling Better

I came across this video this week and wanted to share it with you.  It is by Dr. Doug McGuff and in it he speaks about exercise and blood sugar levels.  He has written a book called “Body by Science” and mentions it in the video, but it is NOT a sales type of video.  It is full of a lot of good information that may help you if you want it.

A lot of my clients are suffering from fatigue and soreness.  Many doctors will tell you that this is “Fibromyalga“.  I am no doctor, however, I can tell you that some of the symptoms are due to our diet and exercise habits.

If you are suffering from fatigue, or soreness, or obesity, or just want to feel better, it would be worth it to watch this one.

Body By Science from Pinpoint Multimedia on Vimeo.

One Hour Psychic Reading Special

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The Mayan Calendar, December 21, 2012

The Mayan Calendar, Dec. 21, 2012. The end of the world? Probably not.

This arrived in my in box this week and thought it was worth sharing with you.

Don’t Discount Being Human

Please remember that we are Souls having a Human experience.  Not Souls having a Soul experience.  As humans, we can foster a connection with the Divine, however, we do still live here on earth and we have come here to experience things from the perspective of being human.

Too many of you rake yourself over the coals when you are acting human or experiencing human things.  It is okay to be human, to feel feelings that are more “Earth Based”, such as fear or sadness.  Just because at our true essence we are Love, does not mean we don’t have bad days.

Illness and Being Human

I have a friend that gets upset when she has a cold.  Her whole family has gone through it, and now that it is her turn, she is upset.  “I am not supposed to be sick, I am above that!”

I am here to tell you, we live in human bodies, it is okay if we get sick.  It is okay if we get well.  It is okay if we transform.

Turns out I’ve got a bug myself this week.  It started on Tuesday in my chest, and this morning I woke up barely able to talk.  First thing I did was thank my body and my immune system for doing what it was meant to do.  Symptoms of a cold is your immune systems way of removing a virus.

My friend (the sick one), is coming up to Canada to meet me and we are going to a Matrix Energetics Seminar for the weekend.  So, her and I are both sick, however, we are going to a “transformational” and “magic” weekend, so I am sure all is how it is meant to be.  I suspect we will both feel better once we are in a different space.  Perhaps the timing is perfect and being away from the stress and responsibility of our lives will help us both.

Being Human and Loss

On Wednesday this week I had to put my horse to sleep.  He was an amazing soul (and I am sure he still is up in horsey heaven).  I have the ability to talk to dead people, and I perceive death in a way that is different than a lot of people do.  That does not mean it is easy for me.  Nor does it mean that I do not suffer and grieve the loss.

I am not a big crier, but I can tell you, I have cried every single day from last Friday until yesterday.  I feel like crying while writing this. (okay, so now I am crying lol).  This is a part of the process of being human!!  I know Josh is is horsey heaven and that he had a very peaceful and stress free passing in a good space surrounded by other horses and people he knew and loved.  He had no suffering with his crossing and I’ll see him again once my human existence is done.  It still makes me sad.  I am human.

So please, if you are reading this and you find yourself going through a tough time…let yourself.  No one can tell you how to grieve, or how to feel, or how long something is “supposed” to last.

It is important though to focus on the fact that ‘this too shall pass’.  Leading up to the decision to let Josh go I was all over the map with my thoughts and feelings.  If I could just…. then maybe he could be around longer…  the thoughts went on and on and it was like a roller coaster.  One of the hardest things I’ve been through in my life.

Now that he is gone, yes, I mourn, I cry, I miss him, but I will get past it.  The first couple of days I kept thinking, “Oh my God, he’s gone, this is permanent”.  My main focus was on questioning whether or not I did the right thing, and on how much of an empty space there is where he used to be.

I am working on focusing on him being in heaven, and not suffering and of frolicking in a field and playing with baby horses (he always loved babies).  I want to focus on how good he feels now ~ in his Spirit ‘Body’.  Nope, not easy at all, however I am human and I have the capacity to love and feel and move on (in my own time).

PS.  it doesn’t escape me that the day I called the vet was the day that my chest pain started.  Even though it was a cold that started in my lungs my lungs are at the centre of my chest ~ right at my heart centre.  I AM OKAY AND I WILL CONTINUE TO BE OKAY.  This is a decision my human self is making.



With Gratitude

I have had a lot of personal transformations over the past year.  As most of you that read my blog regularly already know, I had a really tough time last year with my health and my energy.

This is a post of gratitude for those that helped me through this time.

Soul Realignment  

The first person that helped me, back in June of 2011 was Kelly Kiss, her website is www.becominglight.ca .  She is a Soul Realignment practitioner based in New Westminster, BC.  I don’t even remember how I found her, but I am grateful.  I had a distance session with her and it was truly amazing.  I learned a lot about myself on a Soul Level that I did not know for certain before.  She also helped me to clear out my house and my aura from some things that were around me that were not here for my highest and best good.  I don’t want to get too ‘freaky’ with this, but there were some spirits around my house, other than the ghosts I knew of, that had cloaked themselves from me, yet were draining my energy without my knowledge.  She was also able to help me to recognize some past life residue that was still having an impact in my current life.  Having these things cleared out really helped my entire situation.  I felt physically better, emotionally better and my energy levels improved.

As much as Kelly clears things out for you, there is ‘homework’ that needs to be done afterwards.  It is fairly simple and involves 21 days of repeating things that she has written out for you.

I was so impressed with Kelly, that within two weeks of my session with her I had her do a clearing for my husband too.  I can certainly say that his energy, attitude and ways of looking at things have improved too.  His business has picked up considerably and he is moving forward and expanding more than he ever has before.

I also learned my planet of origin from Kelly.  There are many of us Starseeds on Earth at this important time in our human evolution.  I always knew I was one, but I knew very little about them.  My original incarnation was from Hadar.  You can read more about it here if you are inclined. http://reallifespirituality.com/starseeds-hadarians/   It helped me to understand better who I am, what motivates me, why I am here and what I am doing.  It also explains to me why I feel that love is so important and why I blog about it so often.

Shamanic Healing

Another person that helped me a lot was Mara Clearspring (http://www.maraclearspring.com/) who does Shamanic Work.  Mara is in San Diego, California and I also worked with her on the phone.  She is an amazing woman with great energy.  When working with Mara I managed to clear out the last of two ghosts that were stuck in my house.  I could see and feel them, but I couldn’t manage to help them.  She also helped me intuitively with a few other things that were happening in my life.

Mara has also taught me some additional energy work that I have been using for the past few months.  I will be doing more work with Mara over the next while, hoping to learn from her so that I can share more with you.

My Clients

I cannot neglect to mention my clients and my readers.  I am grateful for each and every one of you.  Many of you were patient with me when I needed to take some time off, or when it took me a long time to get back to you.  I also thank those of you who sent me love and healing energy.

As much as it is my path to help you, doing this work also helps me.  Without you, I do not know if I would be so inspired.  You inspire me to learn, write, teach and grow.  I learn from you too and for this I thank you.

Valentines Day Presence

Valentine’s Day is a great day to show your love.  So many people put importance on what their love is going to get them or do for them on Valentine’s Day.

What if, for Valentine’s Day, you give your love your Presence?

So many of us are rushed.  We are home and we think about work.  We are at work and we think about what needs to be done at home.  We drive our cars with no awareness whatsoever about where we are or what we are doing.  We get home from where we were and have no recall of the actual drive.

Most of us could use a little more presence in our lives.  Living in the NOW can be a wonderful thing when we let it happen.  Flowers, candy, a dinner out…all nice gifts to be sure.  But how enjoyable is any of it without some presence?

You don’t want to be out for dinner looking across at the love of your life while they are on the phone with someone else, or off in never never land thinking about their workday.  Don’t do that to them.  If you have a love in your life, and you really want to give them a gift, make sure you do it with some Presence, it truly is the best gift of all.



Prophecies and Religious Views

I’ve been thinking of writing a blog post for a while about fear and religion and how it fits in with what I do.  Those of you who have been clients for a long time, know the difference between a Fortune Teller and a Psychic and Medium and what I do.  When I connect with your energy, I can usually see where you have been, where you are and where you are headed.  I tell you what direction you are headed in and I assist you to make your own choices based on the path you are on.  You are either happy with the path and continue on, or you are not happy with it and make adjustments to change things.  It is so very rare when I see something for someone that seems like it cannot be adjusted.

I often have discussions with people about this.  Or maybe I should say, I often have people tell me that what I do is an “evil” thing that must be messages from Satan.  When I had my computer fixed in the fall, the fellow that fixed it deduced what I did based on the things that were on my computer.  He shared a scripture with me that included phraseology that said “our loved ones do not prophesize and they do not know what will happen in our future, if you get these messages then it is coming from Satan”.  I put this in quotes, but I am sure I haven’t quoted the scripture exactly, this is just what I got out of what he said.

I thought about what he said for a moment, and I agree with him except the part about coming from Satan.  I guess I’d never given it a lot of thought, but when loved ones come in to a reading to speak to you, they don’t tell you what is going to happen to you, they don’t come across as fortune tellers or try to tell you what to do.  For the most part they come to say hi and let you know that they are okay.  Your guides do the same thing ~ they guide you, they don’t tell you what you must do.  Your own intuition works this way too.  Ever have a feeling you shouldn’t go to a certain place, or take a certain route home, and then later found out that there was an accident on the road you avoided.  You weren’t told “you are going to be in an accident”, you were told, “take a different road”.  That is how a reading with me works.  You get signs and guideposts and an idea of where you are headed, what the road might look like and a ballpark idea of how long it might take you to get there ~ what you do with the information is up to you.

I just got an the following email last Friday:

From: Brad Daley [mailto:gcanuck2@gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, January 20, 2012 10:41 AM
To: tamaraha@telus.net
Subject: Witchcraft 

Deu 18:10  There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch,

Deu 18:11  Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

Deu 18:12  For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee.

You are bringing your followers under a curse. Expect judgement.

Wow.  Believe it or not, I get this a lot.   There is a TON of fear in this email and I think it’s a shame.  I can pretty much say for certain that I don’t do “witchcraft”.  I do however work with energy.  Working with energy is more science and quantum physics than witchcraft.  Not that I have an opinion on witchcraft either way ~ I just don’t know much about it, and I do know that energetically speaking ‘what comes around goes around’ so I leave it up to you to decide for yourself what this means.

I am kind of getting off topic as far as my first sentence above was written, but I guess one of the (many) points I want to make is that a lot of what is written in religious scripture is written in a way to disempower people.   Just as a psychic that is inexperienced or not working with the light may disempower you, so may certain religious words.  There is as much in the religious scriptures about positive, uplifting prophecy and people speaking and listening to God, as there is about negative “prophets”.

If you ask certain highly religious people they will tell you that the bible was written by God.  When you ask, “did God take human form and pick up a quill and ink, and pen it himself”, they say, “well, no, he channeled it through his prophets”.  Then they will continue on to tell you that prophecy is negative (see above email).  Only my opinion, but this seems pretty contradictory to me.   We can all work with Divine Love and Light, or we can chose to work with the darker or more negative energies that are out there.


Working with/as a Psychic Advisor

Is your psychic working with the light, or do they have their own agenda?

There are some psychics out there who try to control your life.  They will tell you what is going to happen and then tell you that there is nothing you can do about it, that it is preordained.  Some of these people thrive on control;  some just don’t know any better.  They get so caught up in the fact that they can see things, they don’t realize that a part of having this gift and working with the light is to empower people.  When they tell people that things are beyond their control, it is a form of disempowerment.

Most of us who were born with this gift have a deeper understanding of how it works.  We have a true desire to help people, not to control them.  Most of us work with the light.  Some work with darker forces though.  Most of us psychics working with the light, know that there are many paths one can take throughout their lifetimes and that it is up to you to decide what experiences you wish to have.  I believe I was given this gift to empower you to make your own choices, I have no desire to live your life for you.

There are a lot of online courses and exercises that teach you how to develop your own psychic abilities.  A lot of them are very good, here’s an example. Developing your psychic abilities.  The thing that most of them do not teach you is that you need to think of why you might want to develop these abilities.  Do you want to help others, or do you want to control others?  Psychic abilities are great, however, they are also a huge responsibility.  There are many people that have readings with me and base life decisions on what comes through for them.  It is important that if you do decide to do readings for others, you always keep in your heart that it is for the highest and best good of all.  When this is new to you and you realize that your own gifts are coming through, it can be easy to get caught up in the fact that you can see things for people and want to blow their minds with your ability to prophesize their futures for them.

The thing is, you also need to realize that people need to go their own way.  Just like you, they are here to have experiences.  We all are.  It is not always a good thing to try and see so much for someone that you take away the experience of living.  As psychics, we are here to guide and to help.  We work with your teachers, guides and higher selves to help you along.  Your guides do not tell you what to do, they put things in your path that might assist you if you decide for yourself to look into it further.   That is what psychics are for also.  To guide you.

As a medium I can often also connect with loved ones that have crossed on.  Your loved ones won’t tell you what to do either.  When they come through in a reading, they come through to let you know that they are there for you, they are safe and they are still with you.  They do not desire to live your life for you, they just want to support you.

Just remember that when working with the light, you are doing things for a person’s highest and best good.  It is never in someone’s highest and best good to disempower them by telling them that there is nothing they can do.  Encourage them to follow their inner light to make the right choices.