Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day is a time to show love.  Many of you think about Valentines Day being just for “lovers”.  Yes, it is a day for lovers, but more than just that, it is a day to show love to others.

Whether you have a significant other in your life or not, you can still feel and show love.  Show love to your kids, your extended family, your friends, people you see on the street, or as you go through your day.

I would like to take this Valentines Day to send some love from me to you.  I cannot say how much I appreciate you reading this.  I appreciate all your comments, your emails and the ‘good vibes’ you send in my direction.

Happy Valentine

Astrologically and energetically we are in a time of new.  Everything is new and in an energy of ‘looking forward’, rather than looking back.

So whether you are in a relationship, or not, know you are loved and try and look forward to a wonderful future of your creating….

You are God and Jesus was a Man

Yes, I just said that out loud.  I have known this for a really long time, but it’s not something that I have stated out loud publicly like this.  I think it’s time though.  I speak my truth, and if I lose a reader or two that is okay.  I have come to realize that you cannot please everyone, or be everything to every person, so I may as well.  Besides, I think most of you that are reading this will agree with me.  Will probably even be happy to know that what you feel to be true, deep inside, is shared by someone else.

I was raised Roman Catholic, so it feels almost blasphemous to put this in writing even though I know it is my truth.  I was also born psychic and seeing dead people though, and I was born in the 60’s so it took a while for me to state the truth of my psychic-ness out loud too.  For more than half of my life I told almost no one what I did, it was not widely accepted (at least not from where I was looking).  I was quite scared that I would lose friends, or that people would treat me differently or be afraid of me.

You Are God

So here it is.  YOU ARE GOD.  God is not a ‘man’ that lives in the sky.  God is not a force to ‘fear’.  God is not anything outside of you.  That is why ‘we are creators’.  Because we are God.  Source, Source Energy, God, Universal Energy … All GOD.  All different words for the same thing.  The life force, the creation, the creator of All That Is.   God is not a ‘he’, God is not a ‘she’, an it, or anything else.  God is Energy.  God is love.

You Are Love

You Are Love

Jesus Embodied the “Christ Consciousness”

Jesus was a man.  A lot of people will take issue with this.  A lot won’t.  One day I was speaking with the JW women that come to my door to discuss their religion and Jesus, and they asked me who Jesus was.  I did not tell them “Jesus was a man”, I didn’t want to freak them out too badly (I’ve already told them I have seen Spirits, although they have no idea that I am a medium and see and talk to LOTS of Spirits).  I said “Jesus was the son of God”.  They were quite happy that I got it “right”.  They went on to explain that there are some people who think that Jesus “IS God”, not the SON OF God.

I was like What????   What difference does it make?  Once again I did not say that out loud to them (I do sometimes know when to keep my mouth shut).  So here’s the thing.  We are ALL God, we are ALL the Son of God in a sense.  Nothing is separated out of Source Energy.  Source Energy is IN everything, Source Energy IS everything.  The entire universe is a giant swirling ball of Energy.  God is Energy.  We are not separate from God, or Jesus, or Mohammad, or Buddha or anything else.  They are not separate from us.

What people describe as God, is the love and life in all of us.  I don’t care who you are, or what your beliefs are, or if you are the biggest a-hole on the planet, you are still a part of God.

I have talked to Jesus, Jesus has talked to me.  He was/is a MAN.  A very enlightened man, a healer, a phenomenal teacher, a psychic.  He has taught me a thing or two, he has shared his strength with me when I have been afraid, he’s sat in my car with me and given me messages while I’m driving.  (Now that was a trip!)

The Second Coming

But Jesus was a man.  That is what the “Christ Consciousness” is.  And when “they” (sacred texts & those who preach them) talk about “the second coming of Christ”.  I’ve talked to him.  He’s not planning on coming back the way it’s been portrayed.  He’s not going to incarnate in the same body, and come floating down from heaven, where everyone is thinking of the pictures they have seen in the bible, and think “oh there’s Jesus, he looks just like his picture on Facebook!

It is not Jesus the man that is returning.  It is the Consciousness that he embodied.  The love, the awareness that we are God, the knowledge that we are healers, that we are creators, that we are all one.  That knowledge (Christ Consciousness) is what is returning.  And it HAS returned for many of you.  It has returned for everyone who is ready to acknowledge it.  If you are still stuck in separation, you won’t feel it.  If you think that God is outside of you, that your neighbor is any different than you, that competition is more important than cooperation, you will not understand this.

We Are Here

We Are Here

If you don’t understand it, that is okay too.  We are all on our own journey and we will all take whatever path we want to take; that we are drawn to take.  Those that have “found Jesus” as something outside of themselves are not wrong.  Like I said, I’ve met him, and finding him and having his support is fantastic ~ what a great Soul to have walking with you.

Hard pill for some to swallow, but for those of you who were wondering… this is where I stand on the subject of God.

Interview With A Psychic

In 2008 I met a couple and did readings for both of them, separately, a few months apart.  Paul asked me to do an interview for him, so I did!

Below is the interview from 2008.  Since the time of this interview, we have become friends but prior to 2008, I did not really know either of them.  I mentored Drea for a few months, (around 2009), and now she is also doing readings and Reiki healing/teaching, as her main line of work.

Here is the INTERVIEW WITH A PSYCHIC (as first published on Paul’s website many years ago).

An Interview With a Psychic

By Paul Piotrowski on Aug 1, 2007 in Spirituality

Just over a year ago, I asked myself the question of “Are psychic’s real?” and “If so, how do they fit into the realm of personal development?”   Naturally, mainstream science and what we’re taught in school tells us that psychics are not real because their abilities have not been scientifically proven yet by mainstream science.  However, if their abilities are not real, then how come some law enforcement agencies in North America use them to solve crimes?  I mean, aren’t police officers some of the most skeptical people out there?  Why do movies continue to show psychic characters and how they fit into the world around us in different ways?  Is it because deep down, we know that it is possible?  Or is it just superstition?

I decided to look into this further, but I wanted first hand experience instead of someone else’s biased opinion so I ordered a few readings online via email.  I asked some questions and got some answers.  Although the answers were very insightful, and the advice very practical, I was still not convinced that there was any psychic phenomena involved in delivering the answers.  There could have been, but the answers also could have been given by anyone who has read my blog and used it to get a profile of who I am etc.  I was looking for more “proof”.

Shortly after, for my wife’s stagette party, her bride of honour hired a psychic to do readings for them as one of the activities during the day.  This is when things got a little weird.  The psychic that they had do their readings was Tamara Hawk.  For my wife’s reading, my wife didn’t have any specific questions so she just got the psychic to give her a general reading.  After telling my wife a few things relating to her, she started telling her some information about me and the kind of things I was struggling with at the time and what would happen.  My wife told me about this the next day and I was rather surprised because she was pretty much bang on in terms of describing the things that were happening in my life, and these were not things that you could guess by being in our house, or by reading my blog or anything like that.  My wife was really impressed, and asked Tamara to leave a brochure.  When I looked at the brochure and saw a picture of Tamara, I instantly knew, intuitively, that she was real.  Don’t ask my why, but I trust my intuition.  I didn’t pursue a reading at that time though, and I’ll admit that I was a bit scared.

A few more months passed by and I had another email reading done with another psychic, and once again the answers were great but not convincing.  I was back to square one, more confused than anything.  Shortly after that I decided to get a reading done with Tamara.  I checked out her website and found out she also does email readings which is what I was looking for.    This time, however, the questions I asked had zero interest in “testing” whether psychics work, but rather I wrote my questions from the point of view of already believing the psychic is real.  I did this because I wanted to make sure that this time I had zero intention of “testing the psychic”.  This is something that Tamara and most psychics will tell you blocks their ability to give a proper reading.  If you’re simply doing a reading to test if the psychic is real then your ego will block everything and you might as well save your money.  I wanted to get my ego completely out of the way on this one.  I sent her some questions and anxiously awaited my answers.  Since these readings take a bit of time, a few days passed, I got busy at work and I forgot all about it.

I don’t remember exactly how many days it took to get my reading back, but I do remember all of a sudden thinking “Oh yeah, I wonder if that reading is done yet.” and checking my email and in that exact moment my reading came in.  Tamara’s reading came at the perfect time, and I remember having a smile on my face because in the reading she said “I hope it arrives just at the rigth time”.  The reading answered the questions I asked, but more then that she gave me some insight into a few things I didn’t specifically ask about.  This is where I was shocked.  She told me that amongst my spirit guides there was talk about a move coming up very soon for me, and she described the circumstances of the move and how the move will provide my family with more comfort especially in terms of space and lifestyle, and that the move will be slightly outside of my comfort zone moving into a new city.  I was excited.  She was bang on with her reading.  We had just gotten an accepted offer on a home we were trying to buy, outside of the city we lived in on a property about 40x the size of our current home (talk about more space!).  The thing is that besides my realtor, my wife, the seller, and I think one other person, nobody even knew about this yet.  I can hear you skeptics thinking she somehow did a lookup on the public property records for real estate, but that’s not possible because we only had a signed accepted offer not a completed sale with title transfer, so there was no public record of us buying the home yet.  I give this example, not to convince any skeptics as obviously this won’t do it for them.  In fact, nothing you read ever will, so if you’re truly interested in knowing the truth you’ll have to do what I did and experiment on your own by getting some readings done personally.  I’m just relaying one of the things in the reading that was bang on in terms of telling me something I didn’t even ask about, that nobody except a very small group of people should even know about.  The rest of the reading was also pretty amazing, but I won’t go into details as that is not the purpose of this article.

This article is about doing an interview with a psychic named Tamara Hawk.  After my reading with her I knew I was dealing with the “real thing” so I started to do more research on psychics.  I read some books, articles and such and even played around with a Tarot deck for fun.  One of the books I was reading titled, “But You Already Knew That”, gave me a totally different perspective on who psychics are.  They don’t all work at the local fair with a crystal ball in front of them and a deck of Tarot cards.  Not all of them choose to do readings, but rather keep their abilities to themselves, while others only do readings for people they trust who won’t judge or ridicule them.  In fact, you could be working with a psychic or a few psychics at work and you wouldn’t even know it.  Heck, Bill Gates could be psychic and just choosing not to tell anyone!  Ok, maybe not.  But anyhow, I now had a lot more questions on my plate and I contacted Tamara to ask her if she would be willing to answer some questions about being psychic that I could post on my blog.  I was really excited when she replied that she would do it so I began working on my first set of questions for her.  Keep in mind that I was not interested in coming up with questions to try to prove/disprove her abilities, because that would be (1) pointless as nothing posted on this blog or any other will ever convince any skeptic, and (2) would be rather insulting and a waste of time for Tamara.  Instead I base all of my questions on the assumption that her abilities are real.  Pretend that you’re sitting in front of her, she has just proven to you in person that her abilities are real, (whatever it would take for you to be convinced), and now you’re all confused and curious how all this works.  That’s how these questions are written.

Ok, now that we’ve got the background out of the way, let’s dive into the first set of questions I sent her.  I hope you find them as enlightening and interesting as I did.

Paul: Tamara, tell us a bit about your history being a psychic.  Have you always been psychic or did the ability develop at a certain point in your life?

Tamara: Well, from what I hear from my family I saw and knew things as a child. I don’t really remember specifics but I do remember knowing things, I just didn’t realize that not everyone knew what I knew. I also remember that I had many friends that I played with that no one else saw.

There are many psychics in my family. My maternal grandmother saw many things, my aunt is psychic like me, my mother sees and knows things but doesn’t acknowledge it all that much, and my sister also sees people and is an awesome animal communicator (her whole life revolves around her animals and always has).

Before I even thought about the possibility of being ‘psychic’ my sister and I would play ‘psychic games’ for fun. I remember doing this all through my school years. We were not exactly rich so we shared a bedroom right up to the time we both left home. We had bunk beds and used to take turns ‘guessing’ what the other was thinking of.

I remember during those years that occasionally ‘someone’ (a spirit) would be around. One particular night I said to my sister “do you see that?” She said “the old man by the closet door with the hat?” I said, “yeah the hat with all the fishing flies” She said “Nope, don’t see him” and I said “me neither”, things like that made us nervous, not scared though, it was common in our family. This happened quite frequently to us but I still never thought of myself as psychic, I wasn’t the only one seeing them after all.

It was so ‘normal’ for my family. I was raised to be totally accepting of souls and visions etc. so I never really thought of myself as being ‘psychic’. In my mind, I just saw what was right there & figured that anyone could see it if only they were open to it.

Paul: How did the realization that you had an “ability” that others didn’t, and that is certainly not accepted by mainstream science yet, affect your life?  Was this something you kept secret?  At what point did you begin to openly express your abilities publicly?

Tamara:  When I was 15 my aunt was living out of town. She came for a visit one day and asked me to do a ‘reading’ for her using psychometry (holding an object and getting impressions). I told her that it was her and my sister that did that, not me!

She insisted that I try it to humor her. She remembered what I saw and did as a child and she knew the things that I took for granted as just being there, were not the norm so I tried it. I saw things and talked for over an hour – got kind of lost in the moment and what I was seeing.

After I was done, she told me that she had just been to see a psychic before coming into town and apparently I told her all the same things that the psychic had – and more.

For the next 10 years I proceeded to practice and freak out my friends in high school and then later the local pub with my ability to hold one of their objects and see things about them. It got to the point in the pub when I was older that I couldn’t walk in without someone coming over and asking me something. After a time, I realized that I didn’t really need to hold anything of theirs. I found that I would start to get visions, or information or whatever you want to call it, the minute that they walked over with the intention of asking me a question. This rather baffled me because I was very used to having the ‘crutch’ of holding an object. I was also concerned that if I let on that I could see things without holding an object that people would start being afraid to talk to me.

Then I started to have spirits come in while I was talking to people. I tried to mostly ignore them for a long time, but occasionally one would come through that would not go away until I mentioned them to the person I was sitting with. By this time, most of the people around me knew what I did so it wasn’t overly disturbing to them when I told them that someone was there who had something they wanted to say.

As for keeping it secret.  There’s still a lot of people that I don’t share it with.  Some of my neighbours know, some don’t.  I don’t mention it to other mom’s at my son’s school much.  I seem to always ‘know’ when I can tell people though.  In my personal sphere I mostly keep what I do to myself unless I get a feeling that the person I am talking to will be receptive to it or if they ask me.  A lot of people are scared of what I do for numerous reasons and I don’t want to put them in that position.  The people who know most about what I do are people that are led to me or who are looking for someone like me.

Paul:  How have your abilities affected your personal relationships with family members, relatives etc?  Were you raised in a family environment which believed in psychic phenomena and/or encouraged it, or was it a subject that wasn’t encouraged?

Tamara:  From my maternal grandmother on down, there are a lot of psychics in my family.  I remember my grandmother teaching me yoga and meditation and teaching me to be able to use visualization to see things.  She read every Edgar Cayce book there was and talked to all of us about it.  I remember my mom used to read us bible stories almost every night.  She would tell us we could do anything we wanted if we only had faith.

I had constant gentle reminders that anything at all was possible.

Paul:  What exact psychic abilities do you have?  Can you “see” the future, read minds, speak with deceased ones, etc?  What is the terminology used to describe your abilities?

Tamara:  I am a medium so I can communicate with spirits from the other side.  I don’t always see them like I would see you sitting in front of me.  I used to see them a lot as a teenager and they scared the heck out of me.  So I asked them to please not just appear in front of me like that.  Now I usually get messages from them in my head like telepathy and I can actually see them better with my eyes closed.  I can ’see’ them quite clearly this way and it saves me from being startled by having someone appear in my line of sight.

I am also clairvoyant (clear seeing – as in seeing things that have or will happen past/present/future), clairaudient (clear hearing – meaning I hear things that others can’t), clairsentient (psychic perception of smell, taste, touch, emotions and physical sensations), psychic.  I’ve heard that all mediums are psychic, but that not all psychics are mediums and this makes a lot of sense to me.

Its like there is this Universal Energy and everyone is affected by it.  You can call it an energy grid, a matrix, whatever name suits you.  Everyone taps into it to some degree (gut feelings, feeling strange in a certain place etc.), even ‘mass hysteria’ – this is everyone feeding off of everyone elses energy.  Its all energy.  The way it feels to me is that when I’m doing a reading, all the information is right there and all I do is access it.  Tap into the energy grid and there it is.

I often say I am talking to “Spirit”.  Spirit to me can be many things.  It can be departed loved ones or ancestors; it can be the ‘higher self’ of the person I am doing the reading for; it can be spirit teachers or guides; or the energy grid.  Spirit is an easy way to define it because the word itself encompasses so much.

As for ’seeing the future’ – I don’t believe that the future is ever set in stone so I don’t ever call myself a ‘fortune teller’, nor do I ever tell people I will ‘tell them their future’.

I have a lot of clients that say “it happened just like you said it would”.  I can see things coming up for people for sure.  The thing is, is that what I see coming up can be stopped.  I talk a lot about this in my writing.  We all have free will and choice in our lives.  We have crossroads in our life all the time where we could go one way or the other.  Sometimes I’ll see something coming up for someone and let them know that if they take road #1 this is where it will lead.  If they like that, then we can leave it at that.  If road #1 is leading somewhere they don’t want to go, options are provided saying — if you take this other road #2 then these different things will present to you.  There is always choice.

Its important that people know this.  A lot of psychics will tell people that this lousy thing is coming up, sorry, your life sucks.  There are always options or other ways of looking at things or changing things.  If I see something coming up for someone that may be uncomfortable, I’ll give them ways to get through it easier, or a lot of the time, ways to avoid it completely.  I think that its really important that people do not give their power away to a psychic.  We are here to help people to get through things, provide gentle guidance and timely advice (or yes sometimes warnings).  We are not here to exert power or control over another person, nor to live their lives for them.

I could go on and on about ‘future’ and things, but we’ll save that for another time.

As for reading minds.  No, I’m not a mind reader.  I can pick up energies for sure.  There’s the “I was just thinking about you” thing, when someone calls you.  This is usually energy, not mind reading.

I don’t have any desire to know what everyone is thinking.  I’m sure we could all do it if we tried hard enough, but that’s not my thing.  I connect with people’s souls (or higher self), not their mind.

Paul:  How long have you been doing readings, and what made you decide to pursue that as a path in life?

Tamara:  I started doing readings when I was about 15.  Through my 20’s I was a ‘career woman’ and didn’t put much focus on doing readings except for fun or if someone asked me.  I had other things to do and it wasn’t my focus (although in hindsight I still always knew certain things).

Here I was, going along in my career, working my way up the corporate ladder, doing really well and something told me this was not what I was supposed to be doing.  I ignored it of course, this is what I’d been working on for 10 years, I was making a name for myself.  Not to mention the money I was making.  After a while, I decided that it would be okay to put myself out there and do readings for more people and make it like a ’side job’.

Then I got sick and had to take about 6 months off work.  Talk about a reality check.  My day job started to suck the life out of me.  I went back to work, for over a year.  Then I was ‘told’ (by spirit) to quit.  Scary thought.  By this time I was listening to my guides and higher self a bit more though.  I decided that if “X” happened, then I would leave the next spring (6 months).  Within about 48 hours “X” happened.  I figured it couldn’t be much clearer than that (this was in the fall of 2003).  In March 2004 I ‘retired’ from my government job at 38.

I still wasn’t sure exactly what I would be doing.  I just knew that I had to take one step at a time and keep moving forward and trust.  The more I listened to ’spirit’, the more things fell into place for me.  One thing led to another, and doors kept opening (once I looked in the direction of the door).  So here I am.

Now, I put a lot of trust into messages I get and I will follow my intuition even if it feels uncomfortable at the time.  I always land on my feet and wind up just where I need to be when I connect with and listen to my higher self.

Thanks Tamara for sharing with us some great insight into your life and I look forward to diving into this further with some more questions soon.  I’m sure my readers will enjoy this article.  In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about Tamara, you can visit her website at www.TamaraHawk.com and if you’d like to book a reading with her over email, MSN Chat, phone or in person you can visit her contact page at http://www.tamarahawk.com/contact/.



2014 A New World, or Same Old Same Old?

Both, neither, depends on where you are on your journey.

We have been in the 5th Dimension for quite a long time now (since the end of 2011).  In the 5th, it is easier than ever to consciously create for ourselves.

Things are changing for sure.  As a planet we cannot go on as we have before.

2013 was a big year for releasing things that no longer served our highest and best good.  I released a lot of ‘old stuff’ myself (subconscious thought patterns, habits, things I didn’t even know were there).  In May I basically asked my Angels and Guides to help bring to the surface anything that I was not consciously aware of so that I could deal with it and release it.  It was uncomfortable to go through some of the things that came up, but I feel so much better now.


Physically I had a very healthy year myself (I think 2011 was my biggest year of ascension symptoms), but I know many people who became quite physically ill.  A lot of the illness was due to ascension, changes in our DNA, and I know a lot of people went through a big shift and detox as well.

With our creative ability being so much stronger in the 5th Dimension, if there are things you would like to do health-wise, like getting in shape or eating better or releasing illness, this year is the perfect time to start.  Do NOT focus on being sick, focus on being well ~ what you can do to be well, and energy work (and visualizations) of being well.  Some of you will see miracles this year.


In 2008 there was a financial meltdown like no other.  So many people seem to think that it has been over and done with and that it has been back to ‘normal’ for the past few years.  Its not, not really.  It is a really big illusion and it is only a matter of time before things go all weird again.

So many of the worlds currencies rely on the US.  The US says it is recovering.  That is so untrue it is not funny.  Nothing has changed there.  They are simply printing more and more and more money.  It boggles my mind that most people cannot see that for what it is.

Its much like you going out and getting 15 credit cards, a line of credit on your mortgage, a couple car loans and then using credit to pay the mortgage and car loans, and  just spending on the cards.  Eventually your credit will run out.  It may appear to your neighbours or your kids that its business as usual and that you are doing well.  Thing is, credit will only last for so long.

This post isn’t meant to be all doom and gloom.  Just saying it like it is.  What you chose to do with your finances will be a big indicator of how 2014 and beyond will look for you.

As an aside, if I had money in the stock market, I would be putting stop loss, sell orders on them, (I think that’s what they are called).  I personally won’t be buying stocks until they go way back down again, and they will.

Work and Career

Now is the PERFECT time to make changes if that is what you feel drawn to do.  It is all about Service.  Service to self and service to others.  As old 3D systems break down, there needs to be a focus on other human beings.  We need to love each other.  There are so many of us on this planet and we all have different gifts, different wants and needs, different points of view.  Community is important, service to others is important.  If you focus more on Service to Self ~ via doing work that you enjoy; and more on Service to Others ~ by providing wants or needs for someone else via your work, you will feel very fulfilled going into the future.

*** you can certainly still do 3D work, you may just need to change your approach to it, and your thoughts about it.

For myself, I am going to be doing a lot more teaching, mentoring and training.  I will still do some readings, but I have been doing them for many years and I think it might be time for me to do more work with helping you understand, and enhance your abilities.


October of 2013 was a crazy time for relationships.  The planetary influences and the energy of the planet both added to volatile situations.  Many long term relationships were challenged, and got better.  Some ended.

For 2014 it is smoother sailing for relationships IF you resolved your issues in October.  If you realized in October that you were in the wrong relationship for you, and you stayed in it, it will not likely get any better (I am sure there will be a few exceptions to this, but not many).   Expect major upheavals if you decided to stay; you may find that you end up being somehow “forced” to let it go.

If you find yourself in this situation, just remember, You Are a Creator.  How you respond to any changes is how you will create your new situations.

You are in for an amazing year if you decide to walk into your future with confidence and love.  Your ability to have, be and do whatever you want is magnified beyond anything we have ever seen before.  We’ve always been able to do it, it is just so much easier energetically now.

For those that cling to the old outmoded energies of the 3D world without any awareness or appreciation for the New 5th Dimensional Energies, things may not be quite so rosy.

It will be extremely important to refrain from judging things this year.  A lot of our 3D systems and ways of doing things will be breaking down and/or changing.  We cannot go on as we have.  As you live with and observe what is happening, do not judge it as ‘good or bad’, it just is.  2013 was a challenging year personally for many of you, well 2014 might end up being an even more challenging year for our “systems”.  Keep your thoughts focused on what you want and how you want to feel through any changes.

Whichever Dimension you find yourself in, remember, You Create.  Yes, you attract, but more than that, You Create.  Monitor your thoughts carefully, because it is your thoughts that create your reality.   Allow yourself to DREAM, and DREAM BIG.  Focus ONLY on what it is that you want, and you will find that things come flying into your life, as if like magic.

Love, and Happy New Year,




Things Have Changed – September 2013

I love the times that we are in now. Mother Earth being in 5th Dimensional Energy. I have had many clients lately that are in the middle of BIG transitions. Major changes. These changes can be really scary sometimes. We as humans, wondering how things will work out.

I would like to share with you that I have been through a transition myself. It started happening gradually and I was very open to it, excited at the thought of it. What I did though, and what many of my clients are doing, is I procrastinated with the changes. I felt the changes, I acted on SOME of the changes, but I kept holding onto the old stuff. I have been doing Clairvoyant readings my whole life and I kept trying to hang onto that.

I didn’t start blogging about the changes, I didn’t post the changes on my website. I had considered closing this website and starting another (which I may still do). I did, finally, change some of the text on my home page, and am working on a brand new draft of my “About” page.

I have been working more and more with higher dimensional energies. Energies of Ascended Masters (including Jesus who channels to/through me quite often in my private meditations these days), Arch Angels, Source etc. When I am working at this level, I see less of our 3rd Dimensional world. Because our 3rd Dimensional world is just a reflection of our vibration. At this level, the what is much less important than the feelings and creations we are living.

I am a clairvoyant. Always have been. I often see things very clearly as they are coming up. On occasion, I still work with Guides and Teachers, but less often now. Up until recently, I kept trying to force myself to do more Clairvoyant readings. It is what I had always done. I realize now that trying to hang onto that 3rd Dimensional energy is sucking the energy out of me. Working with 5th dimensional energies is so much easier for me now. Trying to lower my vibration to the how or the what is too draining. I would much rather speak to your soul and provide guidance that way.

Our reason for being on this earth is to live in love and joy and to be happy. That’s it PERIOD. These are the messages I get most often these days. Ways for you to be happy. It is not that I cannot ‘see’ things clairvoyantly. It is that from the Higher Dimensions, it is usually not important.

It can sometimes be helpful to know what to look out for in future events, (whether its something positive or not so positive), but it is not a good idea to live your life though someone else’s clairvoyant images. YOU are creating and re-creating your life in each and every moment, and with every thought you have.

My readings are much more ‘feeling’ focused than ever before. They are all about helping, and healing, and releasing and moving forward and creating the life you want. When you come for a reading with me, expect to hear what you can do to improve your vibration, how you can enhance, or use, or change your energy in order to change the circumstances around you and of your life. DO NOT show up just expecting me to tell you how to live your 3D life. You will be disappointed. There are many other people out there that will do that for you, its just not something you will find here.

Much love and gratitude to all of you.

Our World IS Changing

Fasten your Seatbelts!!

I’ve written before about moving from the 3rd Dimension into the 5th Dimensional energies.  There are still a lot of 3rd Dimensional energies here on our planet.  Our Souls have come to earth to have a 3D experience.  Maybe one day I will explain how we can have 3D and 5D, but for now, this post is about something else.

The best part of this, is that from the 5th Dimension, we can create what we want.  Many people are waking up and choosing love and light.  People are tired of running on the treadmill that just a few on the planet have put them on.  I wrote a post many years ago stating that there was enough on the planet for everyone.  And there is.

It just so happens that there are a group of people on the planet that control our banks, government, food, media, energy, pretty much everything that we rely on or use.  They want to keep us disempowered so that they can have their “elite” lives, and we can do all the work for them.  They have helped turn our governments into dictatorships, and they are spying on us and trying to shut us down.

They came up with the phrase “Conspiracy Theory” so that anyone that questioned them could be labeled a “Conspiracy Theorist”.  Once they did that, they said that Conspiracy Theorists were simply nuts.  I don’t believe that EVERYTHING we see is a conspiracy, nor do I believe everything I read.  I do however, KNOW that a lot of what we think is real is not.

This small percentage of people, we will call them the “Elite Class”, are really scared that we are waking up.  They are trying really hard to keep control, but its not working anymore.  People are coming forward and speaking up.

I have been blogging about this change since 2008.  It is upon us.  We need to keep feeling LOVE and PEACE.  No fear, no anger.  Just LOVE and PEACE will get us to the new reality we want.  What we focus on is what we create 100% of the time!  Please focus on LOVE & PEACE!

I have so much to tell you about this.   I try and keep my posts short but I will be writing a lot over the next little while.  About 3D stuff and what is really going on.  I am not a Conspiracy “Theorist”, but I see and feel what is going on.  WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER.  We don’t have to stay under that control of the Elite (they control the Government).

I think the first thing we need to tackle is the “Global Threat to the Internet”.  Calling people “Conspiracy Theorists” and “nuts” didn’t work, so now they are trying to shut down our internet.  This is not widely known and is being left off of the “Regular News” media.

Too many people are waking up and listening and sharing online.  “They” want to shut us up.  WE CAN BE THE CHANGE.  Please check out this link and sign the petition (I did 3 weeks ago and never got spammed so don’t worry about that).  It will take you a minute and its important.  Let your voice be heard.

Our last petition worked here in Canada (the one where they were trying to charge us a lot of extra money for bandwidth and being online).  That was ‘their’ first go at getting people off the internet and it didn’t work.  This one, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP) is worldwide.   Together lets stop their second attempt.

Don't let them shut down our Internet.  Sign the petition, BE THE CHANGE

Don’t let them shut down our Internet. Sign the petition, BE THE CHANGE



I’m tired of people telling me what to do!

There is an energy out in the world right now that is really pushing us to be our authentic selves. We really need to be true to US. Who WE ARE. What we want. We need to stop worrying about what other people might think or say or do.  We have been PROGRAMMED (mostly by the media).  They keep telling us what to do, or who we need to be to fit in.

Stop being so afraid to be yourself!  You are wonderful!  You need to let your OWN light shine, NOT someone else’s idea of what or who you should be.

People can Respond to us being us, or they can React to us being us, but either way, that is their ‘stuff’ not ours.

I want to share that I am going back to my maiden name for most aspects of my life.  If I call you now, you will see my maiden name on your call display.  If you join the Global Information Network as an Affiliate under me, you will see my maiden name.  My maiden name is Hadath.  Not quite as pleasing to some as Hawk, but Hawk became my surname in my early 20’s, I’m turning 47 this year and its time to change back!  (no reflection on my current relationship, his name is not Hadath or Hawk).

I am ME.  I am happy to be ME.  Proud to be ME.  I will take back my given name.  My website will stay the same because its been www.tamarahawk.com for almost 10 years and I will be easier to find that way.  But some other communications from me will say Hadath.

I had a “business professional” tell me that it would not be a good idea to do this, that it might confuse people or put them off.  I am going to do what I need to do and bet that you will be okay with it.  I will practice what I preach (and listen to the messages/nudging I get from the Universe), and I will be ME.

So far today I have “unsubscribed” to 4 email lists.  Yesterday I unsubscribed from two.  As they come in, I will unsubscribe from more.  Not that I have a lot more, but some.

There are quite a few that I will stay subscribed to, but I am tired of getting emails that tell me what I need to do to grow my business, or what I need to change about WHO I AM to be successful.  I will keep the ones that are encouraging me to be the best ME that I can be.

I already consider myself to be successful.  I have this picture on my wall that I bought about 5 years ago.  I look at it often, almost every day.

This is how I feel.  I feel successful.  I AM living my life in my own way.

There is only one Success ~ to be able to spend your life your own way.  Christopher Morley

There is only one Success ~ to be able to spend your life your own way. Christopher Morley

I was talking to a coach the other day, not my regular mentor but a coach.  (I coach people, but I think its important for Coaches to have a coach too!).  Anyway, he says to me, “I think you will just have to get yourself a niche, and change your specialization and/or what you say you do”.

I was like “WHAT?!?”  Are you kidding me!  I am who I am, I do what I do.  I am all for adjusting, learning, changing and growing.  I have changed many things over the years.  One thing I will NOT change is who I AM or what I do.


Brief Updates

Hello everyone,

Its been a long time since I have done a blog post.  I will likely have a new one up in a day or two.

In the meantime I just thought I’d touch base with a couple of updates.

I was a little ill in June and got somewhat behind on things, between that and school field trips with my son.  I did manage to get a newsletter out in June though which you will have gotten if you subscribe to it.

I’m determined to be enjoying life as I am working my butt off, so I have been camping a couple of times with my family and will be going again, I have had out of town guests, and have taken some time for exercise (no where near enough) and spending time outside, a couple of beach days, things like that.

Life is meant to be enjoyable and I have not always ‘practiced what I preach’ so I’m working on it.

At the beginning of July I took a Reiki Level I class with www.dreasintuition.com.  It was a lot of fun and, of course, I got my Level 1 Reiki Certification.  If you are considering taking Reiki, I highly recommend Drea as a teacher.  She is very gifted and has great energy.

I am trying to stay up to date with responding to emails and doing readings.  I had some flooding issues with my house so in-person readings have been challenging.  Phone or email psychic readings are a little easier at the moment.  My home is sometimes a busy place and finding a good space to meet with people can be a bit of a challenge (not insurmountable though).

I have also been taking a lot of training.  Its like I can’t get enough of reading and listening and learning right now.  I find that with learning life gets a little bit more exciting too.

I will also be doing up a page on my website for any of you who may be interested in being coached/mentored/trained by me.  Hopefully it will be up in the next week or two.

Here is a testamonial from Drea (the person I took Reiki from), on her experience working with me as a coach/mentor.

“I started Tamara’s coaching program in the spring of 2009 and it was one of the best things I have ever done in my life.  Prior to starting my sessions with her, I was living a completely different life.  I was unhappy, unfulfilled and I didn’t know the direction my life was taking.  Tamara gave me many tools to help me clear stuck energy from the past as well as tools to help me develop the intuitive gifts that I have.  Today I am living my life with purpose, passion and I feel truly blessed to be able to help others do the same.  Thank you Tamara!  ”


One Hour Psychic Reading Special

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Happy 2012 Everyone

Just a quick update on my status because its been so long since I have done a post.

As of yesterday, I am snowed in.  What that means is I have a little extra time on my hands to do some phone psychic readings.

The majority of my plans have been changed for the week to include a lot of time at home.  Most of the places I would go around here involve using my car and its hard to drive a sunfire safely in a foot and a half of snow.

So, if you’ve been holding off because you know January is one of my busy times, you don’t need to.  I’ve got more time for you in the next few days.

Love Tamara