None of us are really Wrong, We just have different perspectives

We all incarnated here on earth for our own reasons. We are here to do what WE came to do.  It is a very personal experience for each and every one  of us.

I have seen conversations between souls before they incarnate on earth. I have channeled messages from Higher Selves that explain why certain things are happening for some people.  All of them are related to experiencing this time of change on our planet and on holding a space of LOVE.

We all chose to be here at this time of change on Planet Earth. We are ascending to a higher dimension.  Before we came, we decided what type of life we would live.  Our souls are as individual as our personalities.  All of us are connected, all energy is connected, what impacts one CAN impact all, but we are also separate.  We don’t have to be the same as everyone else.

We all came to help in one form or another ~ generally. I know that my reason for incarnating was to assist with the process by proving that death is not real, it is just a change in form, that we really can connect with energy, and that everyone can ~ specifically.

So generally, we are here to help. And it’s the specifics, the way in which we do that, that is different for each of us.

I do a lot of energy work, and if I get too caught up in trying to explain it with science, it takes me off my path. I get extremely excited when I discover some science that explains what I do (it makes me feel less crazy), but I can’t go in search of science and explanation without dulling down my gifts.  It dulls down my gifts because it gets me too ‘in my head’, and has me questioning too much about the ‘how’ of my gifts work, rather than just doing it.  It puts my gifts ‘outside’ of me and stops the flow.

My husband on the other hand, wants to solve the puzzles. He came here to help (general), but more specifically, he wants to explore science.  He wants to know how the energy works with the science he learns.  His soul came here to do a puzzle ~ much like someone who does crosswords or jigsaw puzzles.  This helps with the evolution of the planet, just in a different way than I do it.

Everyone has come here for a different reason. Each and every one of you has a role to play.  Some are very connected to animals, some to mother earth, some to simply be very loving and add that loving energy to the collective, some want to be parents (I cannot list all the different aspects, there are thousands).  Not everyone understands that they chose to be here, but eventually they will figure it out ~ even if it is not until the body dies and they go back to energy.

Your trick at this point in time is to figure out what makes your heart sing. What makes you happy?  How do you want to spend your time?  Answer those questions and that will help you to find why you came here.

It doesn’t even matter if people don’t ‘get’ you. BE YOU and you will find ‘your people’.  It’s important that as you allow yourself to be you, you also allow others to be who they are, don’t try to change people.  They may be here for a very different reason and be on a different path than you are (this includes your family and children).  We can all co-exist ~ quite happily if we just all be ourselves.

And remember, it doesn’t need to be what ‘the masses’ would call special. You don’t need to be famous, you don’t need to impact hundreds or thousands of people.  You need to take care of you.  We need you to take care of you.  Happy, loving people make for a happier more loving collective.  One happy person, someone who smiles, who shines from within, can have a huge impact on everyone they come into contact with.  One loving, happy interaction can change everything.

Trying to fit into someone else’s mold will only make you unhappy. Please, BE YOU.  We need a happy you.  Whatever that is FOR YOU.




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spiritual ascension






Energy Alert ~ Full Moon in Taurus ~ November 4, 2017 ~ Where we are now

There are a lot of things being illuminated during this full moon. One of the biggest is seeing where you are being a victim.  Are there areas of your life where you feel like things are being ‘done to you’.

We are all on this journey together. Sometimes when we feel like things are being done to us we feel powerless.  What if, in certain areas of your life, things are being done for you, not to you?

We are going through the process of ascension. The energy of the entire planet is changing.  This process has been going on for decades, and will be continuing for quite some time.  You chose to be here for this.  It can be difficult, but mostly because we have been and are constantly being programmed to feel powerless.  The news, social media, the radio ~ we are constantly bombarded with negativity.

Have you ever heard on the radio “Call in and tell us what your pet peeve is?”, or “Call and tell us what you hate about (fill in the blank)”.

This has you focusing on all that you do not like in your life. You hear things like this and you immediately come up with a list in your head of things you don’t like.  Guess what, the more you focus on something, the more you get of it.  People milk this stuff.  They get passionate and engaged with this type of energy.  That is why it works so well and that is why you feel so powerless.

In news stories, if there’s a line-up of people stuck in a traffic jam because of a mud slide, who do they interview? People who are angry that they are stuck in traffic.  People who say things like “They should have done something about this, how could ‘they’ let a mud slide happen here!  Someone needs to be held accountable!  My whole world is falling apart because I am stuck in traffic”

People who say, “Stuff happens, not much you can do about a mud slide, this has been unprecedented rainfall this week. I’ll eventually get where I’m going.  Who knows, maybe this is my higher self’s way of protecting me from something up ahead.”, do not make the newscast.  They aren’t ‘newsworthy’ because they aren’t bitching and complaining.  How exciting is it to be calm?  Not much drama and victimization there.

So, this weekend, look at your life and see where you are playing victim. It’s not what happens in life, it is how you perceive it.  Perception is everything.  Have you really been screwed-over, or have you been offered an opportunity to change and grow?

Your belief systems shape your reality. It might be time to really look at what your belief systems are and make a conscious decision to change the ones that are not helping you.  You can ya know.  It starts with practicing awareness of what it is you are thinking.  Get off ‘auto-pilot”.  Your subconscious controls over 95% of your life.  The more ‘conscious’ you can be the more you can change your life.  Where do your thoughts go when you aren’t paying attention to them?

Do you blame? Do you victimize yourself?  Do you believe the world is broken and needs fixing?  Do you allow your happiness to come from outside yourself?  Do you get sucked into thinking negative thoughts when you are around negativity or do you turn it off and think about how great parts of your life are?

All of these things create your vibration, your next steps, and your life.

I just want to add, that if things are not going well, just as we don’t want to blame others, you don’t want to go into blaming yourself either. You have always done your best and done what you could do with the information you had at the time.  It serves no purpose to rake yourself over the coals and get mad at yourself.  Remember, whatever you are thinking is what you are vibrating and what you will create more of.  So rather than say “I’m dumb” (or any other negative self-talk), say “I’m glad I realized that!  I’m so grateful to know more now.  Now I can begin to take some next steps to create differently!”

Just as you wouldn’t get mad at a child for crawling before they could walk, do not get mad at yourself for going through this process in stages. And all of these stages are necessary.

We are in a “1” Year

We are presently in a 1 year in numerology. You may be feeling like things just aren’t getting off the ground right now.  You’ve got all these ideas, all these projects, and nothing is happening! Where is the movement?  The payoff?  The reward!?  We are in a 1 year, we are supposed to be beginning new things and they aren’t coming!!!

Well, the energy of the 1 year is certainly going strong. We have had huge energetic transformations since August (and of course the stresses before that!).  During this year, we are laying groundwork.  We are seeing what needs to be shifted and adjusted and hopefully we are making some internal changes.  We have choices, we can play victim, or we can make decisions to shift things for ourselves.  That is why so many victim stories are coming out in the news.  People are coming out, calling out, and are saying “I won’t be a victim anymore, I won’t let anyone else be victimized.”

This is a shift in the energy of all of us.

As you are going through this, you have a choice. You can either heal what is coming up for you, or you can re-live it over the next 9 year cycle.  If you refuse to be a victim, if you refuse to get sucked into the energetic vortex of victimhood, your life can begin to move forward. This next cycle can be different.

In this 1 year, you are preparing for what you want for the next 9 year cycle. Your thoughts and ideas might not come to fruition by the end of the year, but the momentum you build up over the next couple of months will serve you well through the entire next cycle.

That is actually why I decided to do the Energy Clearing and Healing Sessions for the last 4 months of the year.  We don’t want to be repeating all these old patterns!

Who are you? Who do you want to be?

You are a powerful creator. You might be feeling a little bit stubborn during this full moon.  If you find yourself ‘hanging on’ or being stubborn about something, maybe it’s time to take a really good look at your situation.  Are you resisting change?  Are you trying to control someone or something?  Are you truly “in the right”, or are you just being stubborn, trying to hang onto old belief systems?

This weekend is a great time to get out of your head and start listening to your soul. Your soul wants you to allow things to change for the better for you.  Your soul is not a victim.  Your soul knows why you came here, knows what it wanted to experience, to overcome, to learn.  If something is not working for you, then something needs to change.  Dig deep, what can you change?  If you remove the energy of blame, being a victim, and being stubborn you will be surprised at what your soul will share with you.

There will be some people reading this that will actually email me or comment and argue for their limitations. They will actually tell me that I am wrong, that they are a victim, and that I simply do not understand.  They will give me lists of things that are wrong with their life, they will hang on like a pit-bull to all the disempowering energy and beliefs that they have.  It happens every single time I write about us creating our life.

I am not saying that it is always easy. I am saying that anything is possible.  It all depends on your perspective and the way you choose to view things.  Remember the ‘bigger picture’, focus on gratitude and appreciation.  You will get more of it!

With Love







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Full Moon in Scorpio Channel, May 10. 2017 The shifts are coming fast and furious now

I really had no intention of doing a post or energy alert today, however I went outside to do some energy work and ground my energy, and started getting a very clear message for you.  This one is straight from my peeps.  I have never before written and referred to myself in the 3rd person, but this message is not from me, (not one word I don’t think).  It took some courage for me to step aside and let them talk directly to you, but they were so insistent on taking over that I could not really do this channel any other way.

I added a few words for clarification that are me.  Anything you see in this colour is something I added after the channel.

We have a Full Moon in Scorpio today and it is a really good time to let go of things that are no longer serving you.  The below channel is about the shift in our dimensions.  Maybe today would be a good day to ponder leaving some of your 3D beliefs behind?


love and peace

Message from my peeps, affectionately/collectively known as Sam

We are entering a new energy on earth.  This shift has been pre-destined and if you are reading this you have incarnated at this time to experience and assist with this shift.  To help raise the vibration of the planet.  This in turn will have an impact on the entire universe.   You asked to be here, right now.

Do not be afraid.  Things are changing quickly.  You have asked for this change, you have been expecting this change.  Many of you have been asking for more…  more intuition, more synchronicities, more love, more peace, more oneness and equality.  The time is here.

The 3rd dimensional reality that you have been living is coming to an end.  The earth is shifting into the 5th dimension.  Tamara has written about this before, she has been writing it for many years.  Her understanding of this shift has expanded exponentially since she first started to experience it.

What we want to share with you is that when you expand from the third to the fifth dimensions, you do not need to leave your body.  Many of you have been afraid to allow this shift because you have been afraid that if you do, you will need to die and leave.  This is not the case.  The 5th Dimension is a state of being.

Tamara used to say that she did not want to give up the 3rd dimension completely because she had so much fun playing with all the physical aspects of life.  Since allowing and embracing the 5th dimensional energies she has not lost any of what she has always enjoyed – on the contrary, her enjoyment of life is much more enhanced.  She appears on the surface to be the same person/soul she always was (and really she is).  However, she now spends very little time in a 3rd dimensional reality if any at all most days.  The things that have changed the most for her are her ability to manifest her daily experiences, and how she feels.  She still eats and sleeps and does everything she used to do, she plays, and sings (only when she is alone, we are working on that) and drives a car, and still loves cuddling.

On some level she always knew it was like this because she has always seen other dimensions.  But the part of her that was based in a 3D reality was afraid.  When she would connect with loved ones on the ‘other side’, she would see them doing all the things that other humans do, but they did not seem to have the (physical/dense) ‘bodies’ and they only did them because they wanted to do them.  They built things with their hands because they wanted to, not because they needed to.  It appeared to her that on the ‘other side’, no one had to do anything, (any thing they wanted would simply manifest for them) but if they wanted to, they could do it.

This is where the planet earth is headed.  In the 5th dimension there is much less striving, less having to do things, more creating things, more experiencing things.  The experiences you have will be based on your beliefs and your habits of thinking and creating.  The reason why most of you feel like you are suffering through this is because you are resisting the changes.  You are unwilling to let go of your old limits.  You are afraid.  You were programmed to be afraid.  This is not a fault, it is a progression. (something to be let go of)  The more you allow these energies to flow through you, the easier it will be.  If the biggest worry you have is that you will die if you allow your progression to the 5th dimension, then that is a small worry indeed, the 5th dimension is a state of being that can be attained while having a physical body ~ and there are much worse things than being back in spirit.  On the other hand, fighting the dimensional change, being fearful of the dimensional change will be one of the most uncomfortable things you have ever experienced.

Not everyone on earth will accept this dimensional shift.  Those that choose not to will need to wait until their next incarnation to experience the level of love and happiness that can be found in the newly experienced 5th dimension.  You will see many people that resist this change ~ you are seeing them now in your daily experience.  They are stressed, they are angry to the point of being aggressive at times, they are suffering.  You do not need to suffer.  As you allow your own personal ascension to a higher dimensional state you will be able to feel love for others that you did not feel before.  You will be understanding without judging and without seeing them as ‘less than you’, you will allow everyone their own experience.   

Do not be afraid by the changes you are seeing.  Your politics, your financial systems, your religions, your personal spiritual awakening, the resonance of mother earth, the shifts on her surface, these are all a part of the change.

Thinking that any of these things have control over you is what causes you the most discomfort.  In the 5th dimension, you are the only one that creates your experience.  No one can take you from you unless you willingly allow it.

End of Channel

I want to reiterate something Sam said.  That the 5th dimension is a state of being.  “Death” is a completely different dimension, it is not the 5th dimension, far from it.

Okay, so that is what they had to say.  I have no words to describe the love I felt while channeling them.  I did add some words in blue above in hopes to explain a little bit more of my oh so human perspective.

With love and gratitude



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Energy Update, May 6th 2017 – Solar Flares, Schumann Resonance and Changing Dimensions

Have you noticed things being a little weird lately?

Coincidences, numbers or names showing up, fatigue, headaches (off and on), dizziness or issues with woozy feelings in your legs/feet, feeling ungrounded, changes in eating habits, weird moods ~ super happy, or depressed….

Not sure how to say this in any other way, but we are changing dimensions.  For the past 10 years (or  more), I have been writing about the earth moving into the 5th dimension.  This has been really ramped up now.  There are many of you that have already been spending a fair bit of time in the 5th dimension but for a lot of you just coming across this blog post its fairly new (yet another “coincidence”, of getting just what you need when you need it ~ this is 5th dimensional energy).

We have been going through a lot the last couple of months.  For about 30 of the last 60 days we have been experiencing solar flares.  Solar flares help us upgrade and change our DNA to ‘higher’ level of understanding.  As we experience these, we are assisted in raising our vibration.

The Schumann Resonance has also been off the charts.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Schumann Resonance it is the vibration, or ‘heart beat’ of the planet.

The norm for the Schumann Resonance has been 7.83 since around 1952.  In 2014 it spiked up to the unheard of numbers between 15-24.  In February of this year it spiked to 36 and stayed there for a few days.  On April 17, 2017 it spiked to 90. (here is a link to the Schumann Resonance Wiki page for more info no what it is)

Why is this important?

We as humans with bodies and minds also have an electromagnetic ‘resonance’.  The resonance of 7.83 is where our brains are very susceptible to hypnosis and suggestions.  (Low alpha states, and high theta states.  I wrote a blog post almost exactly 2 years ago talking about the states if you would like more information).   At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, we most certainly are susceptible to what the media tells us, or subliminal messaging while in this state.  That is why so many people are questioning what they have been told, why there are so many uprisings, why ‘organized religion’ is on its way out, why the talk about the ‘Cabal’ or the ‘1%’ ~ because we — you are waking up from your hypnosis and feeling/seeing more.

When the resonance is around 36 it can really impact our nervous systems.  It can cause high anxiety, tension and nervousness.

However, this higher frequency carries more information.  The higher the resonance, the more information we have available to us.  That is why so many of you are experiencing heightened intuition ~ we are in a frequency that has more information.  The increases in frequency, cause an increase in awareness.  This awareness is more of a Gamma State, double that of Beta ~ super-consciousness, super-awareness AND more love.  And this was when the Schumann Resonance was around 36!  Last month, on April 17th, (‘coincidentally’ right around Easter), it spiked at 90 !  At 90, I believe more and more people will ‘intuit’ things and start to see and or feel things from other dimensions.

When this resonance spikes, it can feel stressful.  Simply because you are not used to it.  Our human brains WILL catch up and entrain to these frequencies.

That is why time can feel so strange right now too.  Technically there is no such thing as time, everything is happening all at once, even your past lives are happening NOW.  You may feel like one day time is dragging on, and the next day you wake up and realize a month just went by and you feel like “what just happened”.  It is not that time is changing so much, time is manmade and time is time, it is your perception of time, based on your current state (of awareness), that changes.

Here are some tips on what to do to help with this whole awakening/ascension process:

If you are feeling overwhelmed with how much you perceive you have to get done and you feel like you don’t have enough time.

Write yourself a SMALL list of just the biggest and most important things that need to be done.  Only put between one and three things on this list for the day.  Anything else you do that day will be ‘extra’.  Sometimes it is the biggest (or hardest), things that we have put off that make us feel overwhelmed.  I guarantee once you get that (those), ‘hard’ things done, you will feel better and will probably just fly through anything else you want to do.

Stop Giving to the point of uselessness

A lot of you reading this think that you are here to be martyrs and to give and give until you kill yourself.  Stop it.  Compassion is a good thing, love is a good thing ~ taking power (responsibility) away from someone else stunts (disempowers) them and drains you.

The best way to help someone else is to EMPOWER THEM.  When you save, rescue, help, (become co-dependent), you disempower others’.  We all have the same resources available to us, if you are around someone in need, show them the resources.  Let others take responsibility for their own choices, to see the consequences of their OWN actions ~ if they like the consequences they see, they will do more of something, if they don’t like the consequences, they will change (or continue with the same consequences).

I have had quite a few clients lately that have said “I feel used, I helped and helped and gave and gave, and this person doesn’t appreciate it” (or they left me, or _____ ).  If you find yourself in this situation, ask yourself:  were you “helping” or disempowering?

If someone asks for your help and you can help (empower), that’s fine.  Example:  “I will give you a small loan to get you through this challenge, and hold you accountable for paying it back because I know you are capable of making, manifesting or otherwise getting the money back to me” 

NOT:  I will continually keep giving you money while you make self-destructive, disempowered choices that keep you in your current state of helplessness.  I will see you as helpless, and I will continue to see you as helpless, so I can feel better, while you continue to feel lousy.

Doesn’t feel quite so enlightened when you hear it that way does it?

Take care of yourself

Realize that we are all going through this.  Some are handling it better than others.  You may feel like parts of the planet (or people around you), are nuts ~ this just means they are having a hard time integrating the new energies.  If it feels like your body is re-calibrating, its because it is, rest if need be.

If you feel like you are going a little coo-coo yourself remind yourself that you are expanding, ascending, feeling more, sensing more, have more information available to you than ever before an that it is different, not necessarily bad.  Rest, relax, take care of yourself, mediate, walk, get out in nature, spend time with friends (or avoid friends, whichever feels like the right thing for you).

You must take care of you first.  As you take care of you and feel more empowered and loving and loved, you will be better able to help empower others and project love to them as well (as opposed to projecting fear that ‘they can’t do it’ and disempowering them).

I’m going to end this post for now, I truly could go on much longer, hoping it helps to explain a bit of what you may be experiencing or observing in your life.

With Love,



If you are feeling blocked and think that some energy work will help you, your next group remote energy clearing healing starts on May 25, you can see more details here. 28 Day Energy Clearing/Healing Offering ~ Starts May 5, 2017 This is a full week longer than this energy work usually goes.

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What is DNA Activation?

giant hugs

With all the energy alerts I have been doing lately I have mentioned our DNA a few times.  I have also been channeling a lot of information about love and about creating our reality.

I have used the words “our DNA is changing”, I have referred to other dimensions, and our light bodies and how everything is connected.

I came across this video about our DNA and it has some really good points.

It won’t be for everyone but I found it really cool and thought I would share it with you.


If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.

Stop Judging Other Lightworkers for Having a Different Path Than Yours ~ there is more than one way to get things to change

I’ve seen a lot of posts on Facebook lately that slag people who choose to see the good in just about everything (yes, this is where I come in).  I have the ability to see multiple perspectives and energy behind every situation.  There are NO situations in life that are just black or just white, everything has more than one perspective.

Some of these posts I have come across say we (people like me) are “New Age Spiritualists” that have our heads up our asses.  That we are ignoring the real issues, and pretending they don’t exist.  That nothing can change if we don’t get in the game and start acknowledging all the evil and bad stuff in our world.

energy alert


We are all here for different reasons and it takes ALL of us and ALL of our views, perspectives and ‘ways of being’ to help make the world a better place.  I don’t slag anyone who has opinions that are different than mine.  We all have something to contribute.

The Energy Workers

The world needs love.  There are some of us that have incarnated here in order to help empower other people to be their true selves and to make their life better ~ and by doing that, these souls are able to make more of a difference in the lives of others.  Some of us have even incarnated specifically during this time FROM OTHER PLANETS.  Mother earth and her people need a lot of love to help through this transition and there is a HUGE transition team here right now that are assisting with raising the vibration of the planet.

Those of us who were born with the ability to feel energies and consciously play with energy and manifest things more easily choose to use this ability to raise the vibration of the planet via positive reinforcement.  We know just how powerful we are when we use our energy in a certain way, and we USE IT.  We infuse light into situations, and transmute energies, that those living in the old earth energy cannot even fathom.

Those that Spread the (Bad) News far and wide to bring awareness to situations

There are some souls on this earth that are here to bring things to light so that transformation can occur.  These souls are more likely to share things and bring up uncomfortable subjects.  Some are outraged at what is going on on planet earth and they want to tell everyone!  They say “Do something dammit, don’t ignore this!!”

Sometimes these are the worst offenders for pointing the finger at those of us who are here to spread light and love, (while accusing us of “ignoring the issues”).  Most of them have some understanding of energy, but they don’t feel it in quite the same way that some of us do.

The Protesters

There are some that are here to protest and march against injustice.  I am grateful for these brave souls that risk injury or jail time in order to change things for other people.  They are the bravest of the brave and they put their energy into physical action.

I am sure there are many more, but these seem to be the 3 most prevalent ‘types’ of Lightworkers I have come across.  All of us have our role to play.  No one is wrong, however we all come at it from a different angle.

I am here to teach and to spread love.  I know about all the lousy stuff happening on the planet, but it would be hard for me to teach love, empowerment and compassion if I spent my time being upset about what is going on.  I don’t have to ignore it, I just focus on what I want to see more of.   If I can empower more people, then there will be more people empowered to make changes on the planet.  It matters not if I am empowering/helping energy workers or protesters or somewhere in between; empowerment works on every level.

All change starts from us.  Whether the change comes from within, or is focused on from without, change will happen.  Some of these changes need a 3 tiered approach, they need someone to shine a light on the injustices, they need an infusion of love, and they need people to stand up and march and protest to help change happen.  Without ALL these energies working in conjunction with each other the changes might not happen quite as quickly.

We cannot help anyone until we help ourselves.  If I was broke and miserable, I highly doubt that I would be able to make such an impact in this world.  It takes a lot of my time and energy to write these blog posts, do readings, and engage with people.  It takes my money to run a business and a website.  If I did not work on empowering my own self first, I would not be doing what I am doing.  I would be working for someone else to ‘make ends meet’ and I’d be lucky to do one reading a week and one blog post a month (been there done that).

I would love to be doing amazingly well enough one day to actually be able to help more people in more ways; if I do not take care of myself, I will have nothing to give.  Yes, I could spend my time complaining instead, and ‘getting the word out’ about the injustices on our planet, but that is NOT WHY I CAME HERE.   Some of you are here to do just that and I applaud you.

PLEASE just think twice before you judge anyone who has a different role to play during the Earth’s time of transition.




If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

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Are You Being Who You Really Are?

There is another really interesting energy dynamic happening right now on our world and I want to share it with you.  I strongly suspect that this will really resonate with most of you reading this.

There are millions of you on earth that are seriously evaluating who you are.  From trying to decide on what your name should be, to deciding what you want to do (who you want to be) next.  This is coming from a place of knowing that its time to step into your skin in a new way.

It is related to the changing of dimensions, the light code downloads, and the merging of other dimensions into this one as well.  We have been going through changes for decades, but since the early 2000’s its been more extreme.  Then again in 2006 and 2012 huge shifts.  Those are not the only ones but those are the ones that most can relate to in the biggest way.

As for ‘given names’, I myself, was named Tamara when I was born, but went by Tami (or sometimes Sam) for most of my child and adult life.  About 12 years ago, I started going more by Tamara.  I have many friends that just know me as Tamara, not Tami.  A lot of people now call me Tam because they don’t know which to call me.  I could really take or leave being called Tam, and for my work am sticking to Tamara.  When I introduce myself in a crowd that has nothing to do with my work, I may end up just going back to Tami.

There is a certain energy in my personal life that ‘likes’ Tami.  My professional life of doing readings has a different energy to it and prefers Tamara most of the time ~ not to mention that’s the name on my website 🙂 .

I was talking to someone very close to me about this (us humans really defining who were, who we are and who we want to be, including our names) and she is observing the same thing about her name.  She has been looking in the mirror in the mornings and stating “I am…”  She is not sure how much she really embodies her name.  She’s feeling like she’s waking up from being asleep for a few years and just getting back into embodying who she is (or was before our energy got all wonky in the early 2000’s).

Are you noticing this too?  I’d love to hear comments from you.

who am i

Who are you anyway?

It is not just our names that are being evaluated, it is who we are right down to our core essence.  You have gone from being in a sheeple state, to ‘becoming enlightened’ and searching, to now really beginning to embody this new energy.  Its time to decide who you want to be now.

We are in a completely new energy and our manifestations are coming faster than ever.  With the change in the energy on our planet it is so much easier to play with the universe, or be magic, and manifest fantastic things for ourselves.

So what is it you want to be?

I have noticed some other ways this change in “Who am I?” is manifesting as well:

Here are just a few of the more common ones, but really the change can be anything.

  • Mom’s are becoming ‘a woman’.  They are still mom’s but they are focusing more on who they want to be for their kids instead of floundering in their own lives.  It is no longer necessary for a woman to lose herself in motherhood.  She can embrace motherhood while still being herself.
  • Single career women are deciding to become mothers.
  • Dad’s are becoming ‘men’.  Not just men who are going to work or being dads.  Dad’s who were not there for their kids are trying to be more present and enjoy their moments with their kids.  Some are re-evaluating their work and relationships with others as well.
  • Some of you are finding it very hard to come up with something to follow “I AM”.  (not that anything needs to follow the words ‘I am’, but you really don’t know who you are).
  • Workaholics are calming down (some even quitting their jobs to follow their passions)
  • Some people are just up and moving to another part of the world
  • Young people are going for ‘experience’ over ‘schooling’ (some of them doing very well at it)

Chances are if you think back to who you used to be you probably won’t recognize yourself at all.  The stresses of life have gotten to you over the past few years and EVERYTHING has changed.  You’ve been going along the past few years dealing with crisis after crisis.  Letting go of one thing after another; jobs, relationships, even ‘ways of being’ in the world.  You have been reinventing certain aspects of yourself over and over.

You are wondering who you are now.  You do not recognize the person from 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago.  You don’t recognize the person you were 2 years ago or last month.  What is going on?  Where am I?  Who am I?

You have been living your lives through other people and their expectations of you.  Of what society says is the thing to do.  You’ve been living in whatever way you had to to deal with your circumstances.

With the changes in the planetary energies and the infusions of light that have been hitting you on a very deep spiritual level, many of you are really beginning to know that there is more to you than meets the eye.  More than you ever dreamed possible.

You are finding that you need to re-define many aspects of your life just so you can feel comfortable.  Its like you have been wearing shoes that do not fit for years, and you’ve just been given the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever worn.

You aren’t even sure what to do with them.  They feel good, but you aren’t sure if you should wear them outside.  What if they get ruined?  What if they don’t “fit” with the weather or your outfit?  What if, when you wear them out in public you get judged?

Thing is, it doesn’t matter.  Allow yourself to be comfortable in who you are (in your new shoes), it doesn’t matter if they match your outfit (that is just how other’s perceive you and that no longer matters), nor does it matter what the weather is like (you will be you no matter what is going on ‘outside’ of you, and you WILL be okay).  You cannot ‘ruin’ your new shoes, they are yours ~ they signify who you are in this world and you can change, but you won’t ever be ruined.  And once you realize how good those shoes fit, you really won’t care what anyone else thinks because you will find so many other people wearing the same or similar shoes to you.

I really hope this explains why you are feeling the way you are feeling.  It can feel a little bit discombobulating to realize that you aren’t who you thought you were, but I assure you that once you step into who you really are you will be so very happy.

So take some time to ponder who it is you would really like to be.  Write down some hopes, dreams, wishes of what you would like to see manifest in your life.  You will feel better, and believe me, when you really trust the guidance you get from your Higher Self, you will pleasantly surprised at what it shows you to help you get to your next steps.



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If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.

Energy Alert, Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ahhh…. the energy has released a little bit.  This week we’ve been bombarded with energies that didn’t exactly have us feeling at our best.  It feels so much freer today.  Anyone feel like dancing?

We have been getting a lot of downloads lately.  To help with Ascension, to help with changes to our DNA required to cope in the higher frequency dimensions.

Just a reflection

Some manifestations you may be noticing:

  • You might be hearing strange things.  Either ringing in your ears, or high pitched noises, or (what I hear), is almost like a high pitched white noise.  This is due to some of the energetic downloads we are getting.
  • You might be having some weird heart palpitations.  This is an energetic download.
  • You might be having some serious ‘coincidences’ show up in your life.  Or just be having downright ‘psychic’ moments.
  • You may find your dreams are more prophetic, or you think of something and it happens, or people that you think about show up in your life.

I said to my husband this morning “we need to build something with Lego’s today”.   (because I have some Lego’s that I am re-homing, and thought it would be nice to have a picture of them put together).  His response was “Oh my God, I just had a dream last night that I was building with Lego’s!”   (for the record, building with Lego’s is NOT something that’s the norm in our house).

  • Or you are looking for a something very specific, and you put the intention out, and suddenly what you thought about is right in front of your eyes.  Like maybe there’s something you think “would be nice to have one day”, or “maybe I should get a new ____”, and you come across someone selling it at the side of the road, or you see it in your Facebook Newsfeed ~ the exact thing you were thinking of; at the exact price you wanted to pay and can afford.  Or ever better yet, someone offers it to you out of the blue (this happened to both my husband and a friend of mine; they both had someone give them something that they thought they would like to have ~ no focusing, no wishing; just a simple thought “I think I want one of those”).
  • Or you think “wow, some people sure are miserable”; and then the next store you shop at has a miserable clerk (just be nice to them anyway, maybe they are just having a bad day).  Spread that love you feel in your heart all over the place.

Make sure you keep your thoughts positive.  You are seeing everything through the ‘eyes’ of your vibration.  You are creating moments and you are seeing what is to come.  ALL OF IT will be easier for you if you can see the good in life in general.

These are exciting times.  Remember who you are.  Even the Angel Cards for this week said just that.  Remember who you are.

We are all vibrational beings, and we all have the ability to consciously create with our vibration.  Remember who you are so you can create from a higher vibration.  There is NO NEED for the same old same old ‘auto-pilot’, pre-programmed matrix that we have lived in up to this point.

All it takes is to be aware of what you are thinking and vibrating.  If it is good and focused on what you want, then keep it up.  If it is not what you want, then change your thoughts.

I am really excited for you, this is an amazing time we are living in!

Love Tamara

Okay, I have to add this P.S. to this blog post because of something that happened when I was getting ready to publish it.

Yesterday I was thinking of some things that I might do or change in my life.  Just at the pondering stages.  I did a little bit of research online, and ‘put it out there’ to the Universe knowing that I would get direction.

Last night I had a dream that told me quite clearly that the subjects I was pondering yesterday were NOT the way to go.  So today, I was like “Okay, send me in another direction then”.  And I just left it.

When I was done this post, I went to my Facebook Page to take a look and to get ready to share the post on Facebook.  This is what I saw:

Facebook Page

You will see that this is a post from last fall.  I had it as a ‘pinned post’, which meant it should show up at the top of my Facebook page until I took it off.  It DISAPPEARED off of my Facebook page, newsfeed, everywhere, poof it was just gone last October 1st.  I couldn’t find it anywhere, and when I queried FB it said that ‘sometimes pinned posts will just disappear’.

So, I am going to listen to the Universe and I am going to do another workshop.  It will likely be at my home in Sardis and will be limited to 6-8 people or something like that.  If you are reading this, you are ‘hearing it first’.  If you think you may be interested pop me an email or comment on this post.  I will see how much interest I get before I pick a date.

The Biggest Shift in Vibration Planet Earth has Ever Experienced

I have written about Star Seeds before.  This time I want to talk about Star Seeds, Earth Souls and what is going on here on earth as has been shared with me via my channels.  I am a Star Seed, there is a high likelihood that if you are reading this you are as well.  Or at the very least you know that something is going on and you want to be a part of the change.

I know I am different, you may know you are different too.  I perceive the world from an different energetic viewpoint than most of the population.  One of my greatest gifts is the ability to be a bridge between what has been going on here on earth, what is going on in other dimensions, and what is changing.  A bridge between 3D reality and the higher dimensions.  I live here on Earth but I remember where I came from, and I remember how to positively use energy.  I am quite simply, here to help.

The earth is going through a shift, it is changing vibrations and density and ALL souls are being encouraged to change with it.  There are a lot of earth souls that have been stuck in the density of earths vibration for eons.  Together, whether you are an Earth Soul or a Star Seed, we can change this.

on earth as it is in heaven

If you search the web, you will see a whole bunch of blogs about how the Earth is really a prison and there is no way out.  That earth souls thinking they can create their own reality are mistaken, are caught up in an energy of deceit.  That when an earth soul dies, they are reborn very quickly and are stuck in the same karmic cycle over and over again.  That there is no light and dark, that lightworkers and angels are just a part of the same darkness paradigm and they are trapped, destined to forever repeat the same lives as slaves in this prison system.  That the Earth herself is the only thing that is of a higher frequency.

This vibration and way of perceiving comes from a couple of places.  For one, eons ago, there were some Star Seeds that were brought to earth as slaves.  These souls, when they reincarnate on earth again, feel as if they are still in a prison, slaves to what was.

There are also earth souls that have gotten stuck in the density of the planet, and when the reincarnate they experience the same challenges over and over again.

Then there are us.  Starseeds that have been observing from afar.  All over the universe, different soul energies have been watching what has been going on on your planet for a very long time.  The Earth is important to the universe, and she needs to change.  And she is.

Millions of Starseeds from other parts of the universe have come here to help raise the vibration of the planet.  WE have come to help the earth shift into her new dimension.  One of light and love and pure potential.

There are so many of us now.  Many of you don’t remember why you came here.  That is why you feel so uncomfortable.  You feel as if you don’t belong, but can’t explain why.  You have forgotten where you came from.  Don’t let this get you down, work to remember who you really are.  The more of us that can remember and spread the vibration that we came here to spread, the better it will be for everyone.  Star Seeds, earth souls and the rest of the universe.

You heard the call, you came.  You have a front row seat to the changes taking place.  It is an exciting time for sure.

We Are Here

We Are Here

Some of you are Earth souls that feel trapped, and you have been.  The earth has NEVER shifted to this degree before.  Yes, the earth has had shifts before (Atlantis, the Mayan’s etc.), but never like this.  Before the times of this shifting the earth was getting denser and denser.  It was repeating over and over again, the same energy of karmic debt and prison.

It is no longer like this.  It doesn’t need to be that way.  I totally understand why certain people feel this way, I really do.  It is because they have been stuck in this cycle for eons.  I am not here to convert anyone, but if you are one that has been stuck in the cycle, just know that we are here to help.  It will NOT stay this way.  You will be free.  Free to incarnate how and where you like, you will no longer be stuck in the density of this planet unless you choose to be.

The call went out.  We answered.  We are here to help.  WE WILL be successful whether you realize it in this incarnation or not.

Those of us that have come from outside the earths grid of density and prison energy, KNOW it can be different.  It is okay that some earth souls cannot even perceive this ~ yet.  Some of us star seeds have been called “New Agers” that have our heads up our asses.  That we sit back and don’t “do anything” to ‘fight’ the oppression.  That we refuse to ‘see things as they are’ and are a part of the problem.

I understand why some souls perceive it that way, but something we “New Agers” also understand is that we cannot ‘fight’ and get what we want.   We come from places that were much lighter and have not experienced this oppression in this way.  We sometimes have challenges with the density of this energy on earth, but when we go within and are balanced, we KNOW what we are capable of.  We have lived it on other planets and in other dimensions.  WE are not any better, we’ve just lived lighter and want to share that with our earth soul brothers and sisters.  THAT IS what we came for.  We did not come to fight, we came to uplift.

The earth soul energy has been infighting for eons.  It is time for the fight to end.  When earth souls realize that all they need to do is consciously disconnect from the morphic field of oppression and shackles in order to feel better, then they will.  As the earth goes through her shift, more and more earth souls will shift with her.  More and more souls from earth will begin to realize that it has all been orchestrated by some denser energies that have been running the show for a long time.

Even those earth souls who publicly tell whoever will listen that this planet is really a prison, that you are destined to reincarnate here and play the same karmic games over and over are feeling the shift.  Just the fact that they realize what has been going on for all the ages is a good first step.  They are now aware of what has been going on.  Their next step, which will come only if and when they are ready, will be to realize that just by knowing what is going on, they can change it.  They can disconnect from it.  They were stuck before because they had no awareness of what was happening.  They are only stuck now because they believe they are.  The natural progression of this is for them to realize that the shackles that bind them, are very weak and are only working now because they allow it.

It is very similar to the story of how they train elephants.  When elephants are very young, they use heavy chains to bind them to a post.  The baby elephants fight and fight and cannot break free.  They remember this.  As adult elephants that weigh TONS they can be shackled by a piece of string to a stick.  The elephant doesn’t even bother to try to pull themselves free because they believe they cannot.

Everything is working out perfectly.  I appreciate people who wish to protest or bring things to the attention of others.  For me it is not necessary to put my focus there.  That is not why I came.  I came to be of service and to share love and to share what I know.  That the earth is shifting, that the oppressive depressive energy is on the way out.  To explain the best way I can what is going on on your planet earth so that you can make decisions.  To let you know you don’t have to play in this dense morphic field anymore if you don’t want to.

Some Earth Souls are getting very afraid right now.  The oppressors are very afraid right now – they know they are outnumbered.  Things are changing, and they don’t know what to do about it.  They keep telling people how powerless they are.  That has been the programming for eons.

Earth Souls are afraid to take back their power.  They are afraid that if they try to feel powerful, then the “bad guys” will “get them”.  They feel much safer putting their fates in the hands of someone else, that is all they know.

The oppressors are afraid because so many of you are waking up.  Many souls are moving away from organized religions (even though they may still believe in God), and anything else that binds them to the oppression.  The oppressors are so frightened that they are creating more things to scare Souls; telling them that this is all there is and they will regret it if they think and feel for themselves.  It is much easier to control people who are fearful than it is to control people who know where they came from (and where they will return to).

Just know that you are here for the most amazing changes the earth has ever seen.  The view truly is beautiful from the heavens.

With Love and Gratitude






It is Time to Come Out of the Spiritual Closet

This means you.  What are you waiting for?  It is time for you to embrace your authentic self.  You are so much more than this physical body and you know it.

It is time for you to come out of the spiritual closet and BE who you are.  After the Spring Solstice/Equinox and our Super New Moon, and Solar Eclipse everything has changed energetically.  With every astrological shift you are getting more aware of who you really are and why you are really here. Many of you have heard these energy shifts called “Ascension”.

This doesn’t mean that you will go from zero to “all knowing”, but it absolutely will mean that you can see and feel more than you did before.  It is all relative to where you were.

I know most of you reading this can feel it.  Some of you might be confused about what your next step might be.  Your FIRST step needs to be embracing your Authentic Self.  Some people aren’t going to understand you once you embrace this, but its okay.  Those people who are meant to be in your life and stay in your life, or (best yet), come into your life, will.

you are a lightworker

The Council of 12

One of my personl shifts is the energy of my council.  They have been with me for as long as I can remember.  I see them all standing there when I do my meditations.  They almost look like a choir (lol).  I call them my council because I haven’t yet asked them for a specific name.  They don’t really call themselves anything.  Maybe sometime soon they will tell me something that I can call them.  They aren’t really “my” anything.  They are a collective of 12 beings that are here to help us all.

They often take over or give input when I am writing.  They have been there a long time, and they have helped me out a lot over the years.  They have also helped many of you over the years if you have had a psychic reading done by me or if you have been reading my blog.

I am just feeling them very differently now.  When I am sitting to write now I feel serious tingling in my upper back.  A lot of the time when I start writing it is coming out more as a channel.  This is a little hard to explain, as a lot of my writing over the years has been more channeled information than just ‘me’ (as opposed to coming from me, it comes through me ~ aka. inspiration).

Some of my messages are ‘different’ now though.  Some of the words coming out are coming out referencing “WE” more often.  “WE” being the council.  The more I connect with and channel my council, the more I am feeling like I am not from here.  So much of the information I am getting is the need for humanity to ‘get it together’.

I have always been happy that I can help you blend the Spiritual with the Physical in the way I do.  I don’t think that talking to my council is going to change that a whole bunch.  I won’t get all woo woo on you all the time, (although I might sometimes).  We do live here and we do need to function within the confines of the earth reality/human form.

I will continue to share ways that make your life here easier for you.

Are you ready to show your authentic self?

Yesterday, the first card of the Angel Card Reading of the week was Courage.  I think that card really applies here.  You will need to have the courage to let go of some of your ego and share yourself.  Share your gifts.  Share the wonderful human and soul that you are.

Courage to love, courage to share, courage to be who you are.



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