Are You Insane?

Sometimes I think our entire world is insane.  We have a small number of people on this planet that are trying to control the masses by keeping them unaware of how quantum reality really works.

From birth we are bombarded with messages that we have no control over anything.  That people are out to get us (think about the Middle East, Survivor, Big Brother etc.).  That we need to do as they say, we need protection.  We hear on the news how bad things are and that we are powerless to do anything about it.

Some of us are lucky enough to have parents that taught us differently (or these days, access to blogs like this), that teach us we do have some control over our own circumstances.

Some people use Albert Einstein’s quote as the definition of insanity “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Technically speaking, that is not the definition of insanity.

According to Ryan Howes PhD, in an article published on “Psychology Today”:

To be clear, insanity is a legal term pertaining to a defendant’s ability to determine right from wrong when a crime is committed. Here’s the first sentence of’s lengthy definition:

Insanity. n. mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct her/his affairs due to psychosis, or is subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior.”

According to this definition (and Einstein’s definition).  Most of you are insane.

According to many folks, I would be considered insane, but for different reasons than ‘the masses’ would be insane.

We are not taught What IS, We are taught what they want us to learn

As I wrote above there are certain people in this world that do not want us to know our own power.  We are taught from a young age what to think, how to think, whether or not we should even bother to think (or just follow along).

Now, THAT is insane.   We are being treated like rats in a cage.  Its unfortunate that so many of the rats in the cage have just rolled over and taken what is given to them as gospel.

So back to the definition of insanity, mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct her/his affairs due to psychosis, or is subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior.

So, what is fantasy and what is reality?  Many would have you believe that talking to dead people and psychic abilities are ‘fantasy’.  However, if you have had experience with this, you know its not.  You have experienced it.  Most of you who have had psychic experiences do not exhibit uncontrollable or impulsive behaviour due to this “fantasy”.


The way I see it.  The BS we are being force-fed from birth is the fantasy

We are told we must go to school to learn what they want us to learn, and that’s it.  There are books going back more than a hundred years (that I have read, I’m sure there are ancient texts as well that I have not been privy to) that acknowledge quantum reality, and some of it has now been PROVEN in scientific experiments, but it is still not being taught in school.  NOT TAUGHT.  Our children are being taught incomplete and inaccurate science.  (not to mention all the other political crap, but maybe that would just make this post too long).

We are trained, via television, our parents, our schools, society in general that we must consume.  That we have no personal power, we have no control.  No control over what we ingest (we are addicted to booze, drugs, sugar, bread), no control over how we feel (people make us feel, we don’t have any responsibly for our own feelings), no control over what we are supposed to spend money on (Keeping up with the Jones’), where we live, or what we do for work, our happiness, our debt, what car we drive, what clothes we wear, nothing.

Our lives are lived on auto-pilot with no awareness of how we are being programmed.

Now back to our definition of insanity:  mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct her/his affairs due to psychosis, or is subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior.

Those bolded parts are what I want to point out to you.  Every time you say “someone made me feel”, “its not my fault“, eat too much, go shopping when you have no money, get drunk, buy more house than you can afford, buy a car that takes you more than 3 years to pay off, get addicted to something, YOU ARE INSANE.

You have allowed yourself to be on auto-pilot, you have relinquished all control over to the ‘programming’ you’ve been subjected to, you are no longer able to feel your own strength, and the worst part is that now that its been pointed out to you, you think there is nothing you can do about it.

That could not be farther from the truth. You could start out with one little tiny realization. Thoughts are things. Thoughts have energy behind them, and they are the beginning stages of every manifestation you will ever have in your life. Thoughts create your feelings, and if you feel lousy, it is TOTALLY, 100% because of the thoughts you are allowing yourself to have.

You can control your thoughts.  You have been told that you can’t (see above about what we are taught in school), but you most certainly can.  Just STOP IT.

“I’m feeling hurt” ~ okay, think of anything else (preferably something you like) for 67 seconds (or 5 minutes), and if you allow your energy to follow your new thought, you won’t feel hurt anymore.  That’s it, it really is that easy.

Ditto for “I can’t do the job I want, earn the money I want, lose the weight I want etc”.  You need to change your thoughts so your energy can change.  Once your energy changes in these situtations you will be able to listen to your inspiration/intuition.

Remember, you have been programmed.  Programmed to be powerless.  Programmed to be INSANE (according to the legal definition).  Think about that one for a while.



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Arnold Schwarzenegger – 6 Rules of Success

I loved this so much, I just have to share it here.  Who do you want to be?  What makes you happy?

6 rules of success

I don’t think I even need to say much about this except, “Watch This”


You Are Responsible for Your Life

You are responsible for your life.  Not someone or something else, just you.

People can “do you wrong”, or “rip you off”, or make mistakes that impact you, but the more responsibility you take for yourself, the more empowered you will feel and be.

I was watching the news during Hurricane Sandy and they had a woman on and she said “Someone needs to tell us what to do!”  It was a while ago now, but I hear those words in my head over and over as I watch more and more people not taking responsibility for their own lives.  In this case it was a weather disaster and there wasn’t much that the government could do beyond what was already in place.  Rather than do anything at all, she was screaming and crying “someone tell me what to do”.  Say what?  Um, calm down, hunker down, get water, food and blankets and wait for reinforcements.  DO NOT run around the neighbourhood choosing to do nothing except wait for someone to tell you what to do.

Some of us will never be in a situation like that.  Not the hurricane/weather event situation ~ the hopelessness of needing someone to tell you what to do to help yourself situation.  Most people had warning of the hurricane.  A lot of them had food and clean water on hand, generators, candles ~ they had prepared for what was about to happen.  They were not asking for someone to tell them what to do, they were doing what they knew to do.

Snow Calvin

I also was watching a program about pharmacists being under a lot of pressure and screwing up prescriptions or not catching drug interactions.  One story was a woman who apparently stayed on a drug that was interacting with another drug for weeks.  She got very ill, went to the hospital, came out of the hospital and then wound up back there.  She was in the hospital for a long time after.  Now, I do have compassion for her, but having some personal power and responsibility in your own life goes a long way to keeping you safe.  If you start an new drug and get sick ~ hey maybe question the drug ~ look it up online even, the information is there for you, stop taking it ~ do something to take some responsibility for your own health and life.

The government, pharmacists, doctors, police ~ they are all fallible human beings just like the rest of us.  I’m sure that some don’t really care about you.  I am also sure that MOST care about you more than you even realize.   The thing is, you cannot put all responsibility for your safety or your happiness in someone or something else and come out unscathed.

This can work for personal relationships too.  I was in a job where I didn’t want to leave because I thought my boss couldn’t manage without me.  I would have felt bad leaving.  Then my boss up and quit and I was left with a different (none to friendly) boss.  Meanwhile I had missed out on a good job opportunity.  Really, where would blame go here?  I am not big on ‘blame’ so to speak; however I do take 100% responsibility for the fact that I missed that opportunity.  My boss on the other hand wound up with a great job ~ not that he didn’t care for the people he left (me), he just took responsibility for HIS life and jumped at an opportunity (guess that was why he was the boss).

Even with spousal relationships you need to take some responsibility for yourself.  You cannot ‘blame’ your spouse for your life.  You created the situation.  You can stay or you can go, you can put up with stuff, or not; but it is on you to be responsible for you.  You can rely on each other for some things ~ I rely on my husband for some things, he relies on me for some things, however we would NOT perish without each other.  We do not normally blame each other for things or make each other responsible for our happiness.

If you have no idea where the finances are at in your household, who is responsible for that?  No sense in blaming your spouse for hiding money, or being irresponsible ~ you didn’t get involved enough.  If there is not enough money coming into the household, do you blame your spouse, or do you empower yourself, take responsibility and make more money yourself.

You need to take responsibility for your own life.  You are powerful ~ stop acting like you are at the mercy of someone else.  Some of you will have a million excuses why this doesn’t apply in your situation.  I am sure there are exceptions but not very many.  If someone is doing something to you (or has done something to you), keeping the focus on them only disempowers you.  Why do that to yourself?   I have been ripped off, fought with, messed around on, and abused in relationships.  It happens (apparently more to some of us than others), but I learned many years ago that when that happens it is NOT the time to give the person even MORE power over you.  They obviously had some at one point, it’s up to you to say no more.

If you want to be and feel empowered then start from where you are.  Don’t think about someone else messing you up.  Maybe they did, but it’s up to you to take back your power and do something new.  Try writing a list of all the things you CAN do.  Then focus on that and start doing them.

walking in the rain

This blog post has been a bit of a rant, but I’ve just heard too many things over the past week where people were so very disempowered.  The intention of this blog is NOT to tell you not to trust other people either.  You can trust fully and still take some responsibility for yourself.  Pay attention to your life, practice awareness, double check things, prepare for the weather event if you happen to know it’s coming.  Don’t expect the government to bail you out if you get in a pickle, or when you retire.  You can do this.  It might be slightly out of your comfort zone to take some control over your own life, but it certainly isn’t impossible.

Start now, before something happens.  There is nothing more powerful than to be able to handle yourself in a sticky situation.

Are You Willing to Do What it Takes?

Some days it seems like everything in our lives takes a big effort.  Other days things just seem to flow for us and we wonder what all the fuss was about on the other day(s).

It doesn’t even really matter what the subject is, sometimes things are easy and sometimes things are tough.  Sometimes its our attitude, sometimes its our circumstances, but what it comes down to is how willing we are to allow ourselves to get through something.

Successful people are willing to do what others are not

For example, today I am tired.  I have talked to so many sad and afraid clients over the past week and I’m feeling a little ‘off’ myself.  I know what I need is a good clearing meditation and maybe a nap.  But, I also have a blog post to do today, AND another client in a bit.  So, the nap will wait, and probably just turn into an early night.  I have some really good excuses not to write today.  I’ve had some other really good excuses for not writing this year too.  Thing is, they are just that, excuses.  I said I was going to blog every day, so I am.  I may end up taking a few days off from blogging later this week (or over the weekend), but that will be a decision I make.  I have taken part in two 21 Day Blogging Challenges so far this year, and the next one starts next Monday.  So, as I said, if you don’t hear from me for a few days , I am taking a small break before I re-start.


Here are some common things people say they want

–  To lose weight
–  To be healthy fit and strong
–  To have a better relationship
–  To develop their intuition
–  To make more money
–  To have a better/different job (or start their own business)

Do you want any of those things?  A different thing?  What is it and …

What are you willing to do to get it?

You absolutely must be willing to take some action if you want any of those things.  You will never get what you want if you are unwilling to do something about it.

You must do it even when you don’t feel like doing it.  If you don’t you will never get to where you want to be.  You can create your life, but you can’t sit on the sidelines while you are doing it.

Is there something that you know you should be doing right now but that you are putting off?

If so  ….   Go do it  …. right now … no more excuses.


Stop Giving Up on Your Life & Dreams!

I had a totally different (logical) idea for a blog post when I first woke up this morning.  One that went along with the trend from this week about vibrations.  That one is going to have to wait though because I really feel a pull to write about something else today.

That’s what often happens to me when I write.  Most of my writing is inspired by source and flows through me.  It often feels more like the writing is happening on its own and I’m just along for the ride.  Blog posts for me are much like doing readings.  I write for you, and I trust that if I am being directed to write something different that means it is something that you need today.


Keep Going ~ You’ve Got This!

Life is a process.  I have done no less than 4 email readings in the past week where people are questioning whether or not they should just give up or let go of what it is they have wanted to do.  If you are reading this, then this post is for you and your answer is “You need to give it a little more time”.

Very few things that are worth doing and growing are going to happen overnight.  You need to be able to trust.  Impatience is a dream killer.

You Need to Decide

Are you going to do this or not?  Do you have what it takes?  Can you do this and carry on until you make it?  It is your decision to make, but if you don’t decide it will not happen.  If you think to yourself.  Maybe this would be a good idea.  Could I make money at this?  Will this make me happy?  Maybe I will stick my toe in and see what its like.  I’m not sure if this is for me, but I will give it a try and if it takes off right away I will do it; if it doesn’t then I will throw in the towel.

If this is your thinking … stop now.  You won’t bother to…..

Take Some Action ~ Do What it Takes to Get What You Want!

If you don’t do something, then nothing is going to happen for you.  I am not saying that you do useless things just for the sake of doing something, but you need to take some inspired action.

As an example:  I DECIDED I was going to write a blog post every day.

When I am going to write, I don’t “wait for inspiration” to hit and then sit and write.  I sit and start writing and let the inspiration flow.  There have been many times when I have sat down and not known what was going to come through me.  BUT ~ I sat down at my computer.  I started, I did something!

There are other times when I am just going through my day, feeling good, and BAM.  Inspiration slaps me across the face and I need to stop what I’m doing and sit and write.  I have written blog posts on receipts and business cards and on my hand.  I have written at soccer games, in the truck while my husband is driving; I have taken a break in the middle of mowing my lawn to come in and write out a post.

You need to act when the inspiration hits you.  It doesn’t always last.  If you ‘wait until’ (you have more money, more time, more inspiration, more support from family), then you lose the momentum of what inspired you.

If money is what seems to be blocking you over and over again, then you need to do what you need to do to bring in money so that you have it when you need it.  (see above: Do what it takes to get what you want).  You may need to work for someone else for a while, or you may need to keep doing everything you can that doesn’t cost you anything ~ if its bringing you closer to your dream then do it!

If its your family or people around you that seem to be blocking you, stop telling them what you are going to do, and just do it.  If you do what you say you are going to do (even if you just say it to yourself), you won’t have this problem.

If you have a dream or a business and you are working on it every day and allowing things to flow and nothing has happened yet, don’t give up.  Everything takes time.  I totally understand that it can get discouraging, but you can’t let yourself stay discouraged.  When you look around you at successful people they all have one thing in common.  They didn’t give up.  It looks like they ‘made it overnight’, but years of work went into what they have.

You need to show up for your life so your life can show up for you

Sometimes the reason that things feel like they aren’t moving fast enough is because you just aren’t showing up.  Are you getting up early and getting to work?  Do you think about what you want?  Do you tell yourself, I don’t know exactly how this will work out, but it will work out.  Do you put in the time and the effort?

A lot of what I have written so far is about work life, but this really applies to every part of your life.   This post also applies to ….

Your health, your relationships, all of it.

If you want to be more fit are you showing up for workouts?  If you want a better relationship are you showing up for your spouse?  If you want your kids to behave themselves are you showing up for them?  Are you showing up for yourself?

Have you made any decisions?  If so, what do you do EVERY DAY to get you closer to the fulfillment of your dreams?  Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear it.

As I wrote above, You’ve got this.  You can do it.  You don’t need to give up on your dreams.  Sometimes you may need to work harder than you thought you would; or you will need to be more patient than you thought you could be; but you really can make your dreams come true if you stay the course and don’t give up.


The Double Slit Experiment

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”

~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

That is a great quote, and exactly true in so many ways.  When we can look at things differently, then we can perceive them differently.  If we can look at things with a different perception, it will change the way we feel, what we think and what we create.  It can and does also change actual ‘matter’ on a quantum level.

Intuitively I have known this for as long as I remember, I often perceive things differently than those around me.

I want to share the following video with you because it explains so well just how things can change just by us looking at them.

This is why our future is changeable as well.  When I do readings for people, I often see things that are coming up in the future, but just by being aware of and observing ‘the future’ we have the ability to change it.

Dr. Quantum, The Double Slit Experiment.

Are You Successful Yet?

This could be a pretty loaded question.  Everyone seems to have different definitions of success and some people feel successful while others look at them and think they aren’t the least bit successful.  Then you have the people who feel like a failure, when someone might look at them and think they are successful.

The dictionary defines success as:  the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Why do some people appear more successful than others?  It totally depends on what type of ‘glasses’ you are looking through.

If you value money and you see someone with a lot of money, you will automatically label them as ‘successful’.  Even if the rest of their life is falling apart.

If you value relationships and are not in a relationship you may see yourself as ‘unsuccessful’, even if you are financially ‘rich’.

If you think the only people that are successful are ones that have careers that were bought and paid for with years of University training, then anything less than a PHD will scream ‘unsuccessful’ at you.

Every single one of you that is reading this is successful at something.  But that begs the question…


How do you become MORE successful in your life?

1.  You need to define what is really important to you in your life.

2.  You need to do something every single day that takes you in the direction of what you deem to be success.

3.  You need to make some rules that you set up so that you are consistently winning ~ you win at something every day.

4.  You need to build on previous successes (if you do step #3, this will be easier).

5.  You will need to come to the realization that no matter how ‘successful’ you get, you will ALWAYS want something more, and this is okay.


Celebrate your success every day!

Even if you are not feeling particularly successful today, find something that you did well.  Are you a good parent?  Did you hug your dog?  Did you listen to a friend and help them feel better?  If you are unemployed and want a job, did you look for work?  If you want to be healthier, did you go for a little walk, or eat healthy?  If its a relationship you are after, did you do something to help you feel better about YOU?

No matter what your day looks like, there will be at least one thing you did that you could call a ‘success’.  You may have to look for it, but its there.  The more you think about it the more likely you are to do something you can call ‘successful’.

Law of Attraction works.  The more successes you can count in your day the more you will do to bring more success.  If you are constantly telling yourself you are a failure, you will continually be doing things that re-affirm that for you.  If you set it up so you are a success in something every day, you will feel and be successful.

Are Your ‘Hopes and Dreams’ Congruent with Your Actions?

We are creators and we are attractors.  The Law of Attraction is real.  What we think about and focus on is what we create.  These are FACTS.

So what do I mean when I ask you if your hopes and dreams are congruent?  Is what you intend to happen really going to happen?

I have a few examples that I would like to give you, and you can decide for yourself if what you think you want is actually what you working towards, or if you are blocking yourself with actions or belief systems that will get you exactly what you don’t want.

Manifest your Dreams

Special Relationships, with Spouse or BF/GF

So, you want a good relationship.  One where you have someone who is respectable like you are.  Has similar values, even if they like different activities than you.  Someone who you can talk to, that respects you and that has as much love to give you as you have to give them.

At the moment you are trying to ‘manifest’ that your current relationship improve.  You live with a drug addict, but just know that if you treat them right and you keep working on ‘manifesting’ the perfect relationship, they will get help and stop using.

You cannot change or ‘manifest’ for other people.  What is likely to happen in this situation is that your current relationship will get worse and worse until one of you can’t take it anymore and the relationship ends.

This will free you up to have the type of relationship that you were imagining (see the first paragraph of this section).

If you pine over the lost relationship you are essentially blocking anything new coming in.  If you do not allow yourself to heal from the lost relationship, you are blocking anything new.

The harder you try to hang onto the current (unhappy) relationship, the less congruent your thoughts and actions are and the longer it will take to finally manifest the relationship of your dreams.


So you would like to ‘manifest’ having your debt paid off and having money in the bank.  Seems doable enough, just work hard.

Yes, that can work and often does.  But your actions need to be congruent with what you want.  If you keep spending money on ‘wants’ you will most likely never get your debt paid off.  Especially if it is credit card debt.  If you have credit card debt, pretty much every single penny you spend is spent on credit.  Every penny!

So, when you go out shopping, or start to focus on things you want and then spend money on them, your thoughts are not congruent with paying off your debt.

This isn’t to say that you NEVER spend anything ever on a want.  It means to be AWARE that if you spend that $5 on coffee, or that $100 on an outing, it is ADDING TO YOUR DEBT.  Anything that keeps you paying interest on a credit card, and not paying off the balance of what you owe, is the opposite of what you say you want to manifest.

It is not ‘what you want’ that isn’t manifesting here.  It is that your actions are different than what you say you want.



There are a couple of different scenarios here depending on whether you are working for someone else, or self employed so I will cover them both.

You are working for someone and you hate your job or want more money.  Or you really want to move up or do more, use more skills, but haven’t been able to.  You keep thinking about it, every day, but you don’t seem to ever make the time to look for more or apply for something else.  You just keep imagining what it would be like to be doing something else.  You are hoping for a head-hunter to find you or for the “job-fairy” to tap you with his magic wand and put you into your dream job.

Then you lose your job.  You think you have been trying to manifest a better job and suddenly you don’t even have one!  WTH!  Well, you manifested that.  Now you have to go out and look for a different job.  What you make of the situation will be up to you.

At this point many people will just feel sorry for themselves, feel desperate and only look at the same type of job they just left.  It is okay to take a job at this point to take care of your immediate needs, IF you ALSO (at the same time) apply for the type of job you would really want to do ~ your dream job.

You will fare much better if you just take responsibility for your creation, realize you must be a pretty powerful manifester to have done that for yourself, and keep focusing on the type of job you want.  Apply for the types of job you want.  You have already proven you can manifest in a big way, ride that wave and apply for jobs out of your comfort zone.

Self Employed

Okay, so you are self employed and are doing ‘okay’.  There are a couple of scenarios here.

1.  You start to feel successful and you are pretty busy so you STOP doing all the things that got you to that point.  Advertising, visualizing, schmoozing, talking to people; the list goes on ~ just think of what you did to get busy.

Then you stop it.  Work gets slower and slower and you wonder why.  It is because you STOPPED doing all the things that made you a success to begin with!  You ‘manifested’ your success with your actions, now you’ve stopped your actions, what do you expect to ‘manifest’ next?

2.  You get tired of what you are doing and decide that maybe you want to do something new.  You put all of your focus on being done with what you were doing and work slows down immediately and just to your liking.  You think, “Hey, I’m a powerful manifester and my work dried up, I don’t have to do that crap anymore unless I feel like it”.

Then you run out of money and realize that maybe you need to keep doing what you were doing before and come up with an exit strategy for your business instead.

Its not that you hated your job, you just needed a break.  Most of your clients were nice, and the cheques when they came were pretty awesome after all.

You have proven to yourself that you are a great manifester and you know that 90% of manifesting is your thoughts, feelings and attitude, so even though you are kind of broke you start reading inspiring books (or even my blog) to learn how to manifest even better.  You know you can do it, if you just focus and feel good, your phone will start ringing again.  You have your client base and some work will come.

Here’s the thing with that;  your ACTIONS are not congruent with what you want.  When you first started your business, you did all kinds of things to build it (see #1 above).  If you are not DOING, something, then nothing can happen for you.  Visualizing and ‘trying to manifest’ won’t work if you are not taking inspired action.

So, are your actions congruent with what you want?  Take a good look at what you want and then take a good look at your life.  If they don’t match up then it may be time to take a really close look at what you are doing or not doing.  Are you making conscious decisions or are you just ‘hoping’ that things will be better one day if you think about it long enough.

If you would like some help with moving in any direction in your life a psychic reading can help.  You can contact me here.

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7 Things You Can Do to Feel Better & Improve Your Mood

We all go through challenging times, me too.  This week has been somewhat challenging for me and I know that my thoughts will help to create my feelings and my feelings will help create my reality.

Thoughts, intentions, feelings ~ they are all energy.  We truly do attract into our lives what we are vibrating.  Sometimes when I find myself worrying or thinking about something I will make a conscious effort to change my vibration.

I would like to know that whatever is ‘on its way’ is better than what I am in the process of going through right this minute.  I know that if I lower my vibration I will just create more of the same ‘stuff’.

Feel good now

These are the ways that I use to get into a better mood

1.  I (always) stop thinking about things I can do nothing about.  There are a lot of things I can do, but there are a lot of things that are simply beyond my scope of control.  If I keep thinking about them it just makes me more depressed.

2.  I sometimes will listen to (or read) Esther Hicks channeling Abraham.

3.  I will sometimes go for a walk.

4.  Sometimes, if I am feeling particularly stressed and am having a hard time getting out of my head, I will just go to sleep.

5.  I will listen to a meditation that I need to follow along with in my head.  Hard to follow along and think about something else at the same time.

6.  This is one I do OFTEN.  I will write myself a list of things to do that will get me closer to what it is I want.  I wrote such a list last night, and today I have been going through this list.  If you do this, keep the list simple.  If you put too much on it you won’t do any of it.  My list for today had only 4 things on it.  There are many more things I want to do and that I probably will do today, but focusing specifically on this list keeps me from thinking about challenges.

7. Sometimes I will go out with a friend.  I am thoughtful with this one though.  If I think that by spending time with someone else will get me talking about what I DON’T want or having me focus on the ‘problems’ I have, then I make sure I spend time alone.

What do you do to feel better when you are in an uncomfortable mood or going through a challenging time?

Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

If you find that you need more guidance than I have shared in this post, you can book a psychic reading here.

Baby Steps

We live in such a rushed, ‘I want it now’, instant gratification world.  If only you could see what good things can come with a little bit of patience.

Energetically impatience actually slows things down.  When you are impatient, you are actually focusing on what you do not want, which is your present situation, which is ~ guess what ~ exactly what you will get more of.

Almost everything we have or want or will get in our lives will come to us gradually.  If you want to be in a committed relationship, you will not meet someone this afternoon and be married tomorrow.

If you want to have your bills paid off and money in the bank it will not happen overnight while you sleep tonight.  (winning the lottery is very rare and is not recommended as a retirement or debt payment plan).

Our children don’t start to talk and then run the day after they are born.

Having patience doesn’t mean you don’t still focus on, and work toward your goals and dreams.  It means that sometimes you have to take baby steps.

Most rich people got rich by waking up each morning and doing something towards their goals.  They either earned or saved or sold or learned.  They did something.  Maybe they earned and reinvested their earnings.  Maybe they saved up until they had enough to buy into an opportunity.  It took time and baby steps.  They did not “get rich quick” ~ they got rich by laying the groundwork and one baby step, one dollar at a time.

If you want your bills paid off and money in the bank, chances are you cannot be there tomorrow.  You can start to focus on what you want (savings and no bills), and you can do something every chance you get to get there.  Every chance you get in this case might be forgoing the morning coffee at your favourite coffee place and putting $4 towards a credit card bill.  This might not seem like very much but if you did it every day for a year (5 days a week), you would have your debt paid down by OVER $1000 dollars.  That is a BIG baby step.

If you want a relationship ~ a good one ~ you need to first be okay with yourself.  If you aren’t presently 100% happy with who YOU are, you need to start taking some baby steps to feel better.  (My website and blog are full of ideas so look around and keep reading).

If you do feel good with yourself, your next step would be to actually get out (or get online), and start to meet people.  Baby steps.  You cannot get married or have a relationship without first meeting someone.  So take that step and GET OUT.

one step at a time

You have probably heard that the “Universe will conspire to give you what you want”.

Another way that I heard that while I was growing up was “God helps those who help themselves”.

So, be patient, take some baby steps.  You WILL get to where you want to be if you are willing to be grateful for all the little things.  They will add up and become big things.