Are Your ‘Hopes and Dreams’ Congruent with Your Actions?

We are creators and we are attractors.  The Law of Attraction is real.  What we think about and focus on is what we create.  These are FACTS.

So what do I mean when I ask you if your hopes and dreams are congruent?  Is what you intend to happen really going to happen?

I have a few examples that I would like to give you, and you can decide for yourself if what you think you want is actually what you working towards, or if you are blocking yourself with actions or belief systems that will get you exactly what you don’t want.

Manifest your Dreams

Special Relationships, with Spouse or BF/GF

So, you want a good relationship.  One where you have someone who is respectable like you are.  Has similar values, even if they like different activities than you.  Someone who you can talk to, that respects you and that has as much love to give you as you have to give them.

At the moment you are trying to ‘manifest’ that your current relationship improve.  You live with a drug addict, but just know that if you treat them right and you keep working on ‘manifesting’ the perfect relationship, they will get help and stop using.

You cannot change or ‘manifest’ for other people.  What is likely to happen in this situation is that your current relationship will get worse and worse until one of you can’t take it anymore and the relationship ends.

This will free you up to have the type of relationship that you were imagining (see the first paragraph of this section).

If you pine over the lost relationship you are essentially blocking anything new coming in.  If you do not allow yourself to heal from the lost relationship, you are blocking anything new.

The harder you try to hang onto the current (unhappy) relationship, the less congruent your thoughts and actions are and the longer it will take to finally manifest the relationship of your dreams.


So you would like to ‘manifest’ having your debt paid off and having money in the bank.  Seems doable enough, just work hard.

Yes, that can work and often does.  But your actions need to be congruent with what you want.  If you keep spending money on ‘wants’ you will most likely never get your debt paid off.  Especially if it is credit card debt.  If you have credit card debt, pretty much every single penny you spend is spent on credit.  Every penny!

So, when you go out shopping, or start to focus on things you want and then spend money on them, your thoughts are not congruent with paying off your debt.

This isn’t to say that you NEVER spend anything ever on a want.  It means to be AWARE that if you spend that $5 on coffee, or that $100 on an outing, it is ADDING TO YOUR DEBT.  Anything that keeps you paying interest on a credit card, and not paying off the balance of what you owe, is the opposite of what you say you want to manifest.

It is not ‘what you want’ that isn’t manifesting here.  It is that your actions are different than what you say you want.



There are a couple of different scenarios here depending on whether you are working for someone else, or self employed so I will cover them both.

You are working for someone and you hate your job or want more money.  Or you really want to move up or do more, use more skills, but haven’t been able to.  You keep thinking about it, every day, but you don’t seem to ever make the time to look for more or apply for something else.  You just keep imagining what it would be like to be doing something else.  You are hoping for a head-hunter to find you or for the “job-fairy” to tap you with his magic wand and put you into your dream job.

Then you lose your job.  You think you have been trying to manifest a better job and suddenly you don’t even have one!  WTH!  Well, you manifested that.  Now you have to go out and look for a different job.  What you make of the situation will be up to you.

At this point many people will just feel sorry for themselves, feel desperate and only look at the same type of job they just left.  It is okay to take a job at this point to take care of your immediate needs, IF you ALSO (at the same time) apply for the type of job you would really want to do ~ your dream job.

You will fare much better if you just take responsibility for your creation, realize you must be a pretty powerful manifester to have done that for yourself, and keep focusing on the type of job you want.  Apply for the types of job you want.  You have already proven you can manifest in a big way, ride that wave and apply for jobs out of your comfort zone.

Self Employed

Okay, so you are self employed and are doing ‘okay’.  There are a couple of scenarios here.

1.  You start to feel successful and you are pretty busy so you STOP doing all the things that got you to that point.  Advertising, visualizing, schmoozing, talking to people; the list goes on ~ just think of what you did to get busy.

Then you stop it.  Work gets slower and slower and you wonder why.  It is because you STOPPED doing all the things that made you a success to begin with!  You ‘manifested’ your success with your actions, now you’ve stopped your actions, what do you expect to ‘manifest’ next?

2.  You get tired of what you are doing and decide that maybe you want to do something new.  You put all of your focus on being done with what you were doing and work slows down immediately and just to your liking.  You think, “Hey, I’m a powerful manifester and my work dried up, I don’t have to do that crap anymore unless I feel like it”.

Then you run out of money and realize that maybe you need to keep doing what you were doing before and come up with an exit strategy for your business instead.

Its not that you hated your job, you just needed a break.  Most of your clients were nice, and the cheques when they came were pretty awesome after all.

You have proven to yourself that you are a great manifester and you know that 90% of manifesting is your thoughts, feelings and attitude, so even though you are kind of broke you start reading inspiring books (or even my blog) to learn how to manifest even better.  You know you can do it, if you just focus and feel good, your phone will start ringing again.  You have your client base and some work will come.

Here’s the thing with that;  your ACTIONS are not congruent with what you want.  When you first started your business, you did all kinds of things to build it (see #1 above).  If you are not DOING, something, then nothing can happen for you.  Visualizing and ‘trying to manifest’ won’t work if you are not taking inspired action.

So, are your actions congruent with what you want?  Take a good look at what you want and then take a good look at your life.  If they don’t match up then it may be time to take a really close look at what you are doing or not doing.  Are you making conscious decisions or are you just ‘hoping’ that things will be better one day if you think about it long enough.

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7 Things You Can Do to Feel Better & Improve Your Mood

We all go through challenging times, me too.  This week has been somewhat challenging for me and I know that my thoughts will help to create my feelings and my feelings will help create my reality.

Thoughts, intentions, feelings ~ they are all energy.  We truly do attract into our lives what we are vibrating.  Sometimes when I find myself worrying or thinking about something I will make a conscious effort to change my vibration.

I would like to know that whatever is ‘on its way’ is better than what I am in the process of going through right this minute.  I know that if I lower my vibration I will just create more of the same ‘stuff’.

Feel good now

These are the ways that I use to get into a better mood

1.  I (always) stop thinking about things I can do nothing about.  There are a lot of things I can do, but there are a lot of things that are simply beyond my scope of control.  If I keep thinking about them it just makes me more depressed.

2.  I sometimes will listen to (or read) Esther Hicks channeling Abraham.

3.  I will sometimes go for a walk.

4.  Sometimes, if I am feeling particularly stressed and am having a hard time getting out of my head, I will just go to sleep.

5.  I will listen to a meditation that I need to follow along with in my head.  Hard to follow along and think about something else at the same time.

6.  This is one I do OFTEN.  I will write myself a list of things to do that will get me closer to what it is I want.  I wrote such a list last night, and today I have been going through this list.  If you do this, keep the list simple.  If you put too much on it you won’t do any of it.  My list for today had only 4 things on it.  There are many more things I want to do and that I probably will do today, but focusing specifically on this list keeps me from thinking about challenges.

7. Sometimes I will go out with a friend.  I am thoughtful with this one though.  If I think that by spending time with someone else will get me talking about what I DON’T want or having me focus on the ‘problems’ I have, then I make sure I spend time alone.

What do you do to feel better when you are in an uncomfortable mood or going through a challenging time?

Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

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Baby Steps

We live in such a rushed, ‘I want it now’, instant gratification world.  If only you could see what good things can come with a little bit of patience.

Energetically impatience actually slows things down.  When you are impatient, you are actually focusing on what you do not want, which is your present situation, which is ~ guess what ~ exactly what you will get more of.

Almost everything we have or want or will get in our lives will come to us gradually.  If you want to be in a committed relationship, you will not meet someone this afternoon and be married tomorrow.

If you want to have your bills paid off and money in the bank it will not happen overnight while you sleep tonight.  (winning the lottery is very rare and is not recommended as a retirement or debt payment plan).

Our children don’t start to talk and then run the day after they are born.

Having patience doesn’t mean you don’t still focus on, and work toward your goals and dreams.  It means that sometimes you have to take baby steps.

Most rich people got rich by waking up each morning and doing something towards their goals.  They either earned or saved or sold or learned.  They did something.  Maybe they earned and reinvested their earnings.  Maybe they saved up until they had enough to buy into an opportunity.  It took time and baby steps.  They did not “get rich quick” ~ they got rich by laying the groundwork and one baby step, one dollar at a time.

If you want your bills paid off and money in the bank, chances are you cannot be there tomorrow.  You can start to focus on what you want (savings and no bills), and you can do something every chance you get to get there.  Every chance you get in this case might be forgoing the morning coffee at your favourite coffee place and putting $4 towards a credit card bill.  This might not seem like very much but if you did it every day for a year (5 days a week), you would have your debt paid down by OVER $1000 dollars.  That is a BIG baby step.

If you want a relationship ~ a good one ~ you need to first be okay with yourself.  If you aren’t presently 100% happy with who YOU are, you need to start taking some baby steps to feel better.  (My website and blog are full of ideas so look around and keep reading).

If you do feel good with yourself, your next step would be to actually get out (or get online), and start to meet people.  Baby steps.  You cannot get married or have a relationship without first meeting someone.  So take that step and GET OUT.

one step at a time

You have probably heard that the “Universe will conspire to give you what you want”.

Another way that I heard that while I was growing up was “God helps those who help themselves”.

So, be patient, take some baby steps.  You WILL get to where you want to be if you are willing to be grateful for all the little things.  They will add up and become big things.





You Are a Creator

We are creators. That’s it period. Really absorb that thought WE ARE CREATORS. What does that mean?

It means that whatever your life looks like, you made it that way. If you are stuck somewhere and feel like you can’t get out of it, then the thought that “I am stuck”, is YOU creating more of being stuck.

It is human nature to look at “reality”, or “facts”, and say ‘that’s just how it is, nothing I can do about it’. Even those of you who are aware of, and try and practice the “Law of Attraction”, get stuck in this. You may work on trying to attract the life you want, you do your affirmations, you ‘think positively’, you smile, you work on being nice and kind to others. You try and ‘feel good now’. Yet nothing changes.

We are more than just “attractors”, we are creators. Sometimes the harder you try and attract something into your life using the law of attraction, it seems the worse things get. Usually this happens because you are focusing on what you have, not on what you want.

Creating vs. Manifesting

My first lesson in this was a small thing, but it really taught me the difference between the two. I had a carpet that I put outside so that we could bang the dust out of it. It was during a two month dry spell. I kept looking at it, and thinking how hard it was to get help to bang the dust out.  After a long time, when autumn was about to arrive, I started thinking “we should get to that carpet, I don’t want it to get wet”. Every time I looked at it, I thought “I don’t want that carpet to get wet”.
Much like staring at something and thinking about something to get it to “manifest”.

So, what happened. The carpet got wet. What was I focusing on? Initially, if I had focused on “let’s get that carpet clean”, I would have created the inspiration to actually ask for help and get it done. I would have be so focused on a clean carpet, I would have “manifested” it; and in this case, by manifest, I mean CREATE.

This is a really simplistic way to explain it, but hopefully it works for you.

If you want things in your life to change, you have to change things in your life. That’s all there is to it. It isn’t even really magic, but it can seem like it is. Sometimes we sit and hope and wish for change, but it seems like it never happens. It is because we are focusing on what we don’t want (wet carpet, I have no money, I am all alone etc.), and we lack the inspiration to change anything in our lives.

Hawk Creating

Positive creation comes with change and with inspired action.

Doing nothing, or doing things that you are not inspired to do will not create positive things in your life.  You are always creating; but for positive creation, you need inspiration MORE than just motivation.

Even if you have a job now that you do not like or do not think you want to do long term, how you look at it is what will create the next part of your life. You may say, I am not inspired to do the job I have right now. But then, you may not be in a position to quit that job just yet.

Your perceptions are what will help create what comes next. If you go into work loathing it, and thinking about how much you do not like it, it will not provide much for you (except perhaps stress). If you go into your job and do your work, and appreciate what it does for you right now (provides some income), then you are on your way to creating more of what you want. If you are not inspired by the actual work you do, then let yourself be inspired by the paycheque in the short term. As you are appreciating the paycheque (it could be worse, you could have NO job), you can allow yourself to be inspired by being paid. As you are grateful for the work you have, and you are feeling good, you will start to be more inspired in a positive way to do other things. You may need to stay in your current situation/job for a while until your new inspirations will work, (or you find a new job), but it is your outlook, attitude and gratitude that will get you more.

Once you understand the concept that you are creating in every moment, you will find that you want to be more aware of your thoughts and what you are creating for you next.

All You Ever Have is Now

We’ve all heard it … “Live in the Now”.  Why though?  Why is it important for us to live right where we are?  Live in the now

Some people simply live in the past.

Everything they do is based on what happened before.  From your present state of awareness, you cannot change what happened before, you cannot re-live what you lived before.  What once was, will never be again, not in the exact same way you remember it at least.  Even if all the external factors and people were exactly the same, you are different than you were before.  Your perspectives are different, you have more and different knowledge.  The past will not EVER come back the way you remember it; EVER (good or bad).  You may be able to create something similar, but it won’t be the same, so there is no sense in living “back there”.  You need to live in the now and feel good now; then you can create in your NOW.  You may create similar good (or bad) feelings as before, but things won’t be exactly the same…so think about being okay now.

Live in the Moment

As for the future, you are creating it as you go along.  There are so many variables, so many things that could happen.  Most of what you experience is based on your perception of it anyway, so there is no sense in looking forward and projecting onto your future in any way except to dream of positive things.  Even if you are dreaming of a positive future though, you still need to LIVE now.  Otherwise you aren’t really living at all.

Why worry about what the future may hold?

You may be rich, you may be poor, you may be in a relationship or single, but it will not make one bit of difference.  If you do not have the ability to live in your “NOW moment”, you won’t enjoy it later anyway.  If you are rich later, you will worry about what the future will hold, and you will not enjoy your riches.  If you are alone later, you will just live in the past thinking about when you had someone.  There will be no more enjoyment in your “future” than there is in your “Now” because at some point your FUTURE will BE your NOW, and if you have not yet learned to enjoy your now, you will not ever enjoy any future you may have.

No matter where you are on your timeline or on your way to your goals IT IS ALWAYS NOW.


5 ways to figure out what your true Beliefs and Expectations are and to change them if you need to:

I wrote a blog post yesterday called “What do you Really Expect“.  I got a good question in the comments, so I am taking the opportunity to answer that question in another blog post.

This was the comment/question:

“The tricky part is to know what your sub-conscious is expecting. So, how do you know?
Because sometimes I have expectations and beliefs about certain things, and what comes into my experience is almost the opposite… Even though I felt pretty certain what my deep- down beliefs and expectations were.”

This is my answer:

1.  You can try a muscle testing modality such as Psych K.
2.  You need to become very aware of your thoughts and feelings.  In the restaurant example in my last post, if you have a bad experience, you need to be aware of what you thought when it happened.
Was your thought “Bad service again!  What the hell, I expected it to be good, I thought I was over this creating bad BS”.  Right there, with that thought, where did your focus go?  Certainly not to a place that supports your energetic expectation it would be good.
What if you were to say “Oh, everything always works out for me, my server must be having a bad day, think I’ll smile at them, appreciate them and send them some nice energy”.
Right there you are NOT even thinking about whether you are creating good feeling or bad feeing things, you are just appreciating someone/something.
3.  If it involves someone else, disconnect your energy from them.  You can send them that loving energy without getting angry psychic ties in there.  Put yourself in their shoes.  It is their bad day, don’t make it yours.
4.  Realize that maybe it’s not always about you.  Yes, you had the bad experience to shine a light on something for you.  We are constantly creating things.  But what you do with it (the information/feedback from an experience), is what will help to form your beliefs.
5.  Maybe, just maybe, you are in the space you are in so that you can send love to a situation.  Put yourself in the shoes of the other person, if you do this, you will be able to soften any resistance.  Maybe your beliefs ARE what you think they are (positive), and they are so positive you have the ability to change someone’s day (or life), just by staying positive in a seemingly negative situation.

I find that you can change your energy just by thinking and feeling differently in any given situation.  A personal example from my own life is traffic.  I used to love driving.  Then for some reason I started to get more impatient with other drivers.  I would comment in my head about their driving skills or lack thereof, or I would get angry that someone was tail gaiting or on their phone and not paying attention to the road (and almost hitting me).  I knew how the energy worked, but I kept doing it.  Which of course helped to grow my belief that other drivers were nuts, driving was NOT fun, and was downright dangerous.
Then I got sick and tired of not wanting to drive.  I used to love driving, I found myself avoiding driving.  So I decided to challenge my Belief (that I created), that everyone drove like a freaking maniac and was trying to kill me.
Every time I got in my car, I did a small meditation, focusing on a violet flame and surrounding my car in a big bubble.  I would go out, and if I did happen to see something, I would just say to myself, “maybe they have a medical emergency and are rushing to the hospital”.  Or if someone was on the phone, I would think “maybe they have a young child that really needed to hear their voice right that second”.  I made up all kinds of excuses to be more patient with people.  And I sent them love energy.
And guess what?  I RARELY ever have experiences in my car that are stressful.  I can be on a crowded highway and look in my rearview mirror and there will be no traffic for miles.

This worked for me because I had a belief that it would work.  It worked because EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.  The minute I took my focus and energy off of ‘taking my life in my hands every time I get in a car’, it stopped being an issue.  If I see a crazy driver now I don’t think “What the hell, I thought I was over this”.  I think, oh, “Things always work out for me, so there’s a reason that person cut me off and is now in front of me.  I don’t know why, but it’s all okay”.  This kind of energy/statement is one that completely diffuses the energy.  It’s like a little blip on a radar screen that disappears.
Try it.  You can change your beliefs.  But you need to do it by replacing negative with positive.  And you need to BE AWARE, and you need to CONSTANTLY and CONSISTENTLY PRACTICE.

What Do You Really Expect?

You really do get what you expect to get.  How you are treated, your financial situation, in stores, from clients… the list goes on.  You get what you expect to get.

Many of you may be arguing this point already, but you are more than just your affirmations and statements.  More than 90% of your expectations are subconscious.  You can re-train your subconcisous to work for you instead of against you but it takes a lot of work.

Most of the world runs on auto-pilot and that is sad because the automatic thoughts most of you have are not positive or for your best good.  They are the thoughts that hold you back and hold you down.

I have been practicing this for years and years and sometimes I still get stuck in a subconscious thought pattern that I wasn’t aware of.  The biggest difference between you and me is that I consciously PRACTICE awareness every day.  When I do get stuck in an unconscious pattern I eventually see it and correct it.

You need to be very careful about what you read and who you listen to as well.  Even some very well intentioned people will have you focusing on what you do not want.  I remember a few years ago, I was following a coach who said “if you don’t have hater’s you haven’t made it yet”.  That made sense to me.  After all we cannot please everyone.  It was what happened after that that was the big lesson for me.  All of a sudden I had more dissatisfied clients.  I almost NEVER had dissatisfied clients (subconscious thought “I must not be successful yet, I don’t have haters”).  I can either read for someone or I can’t.  I don’t make stuff up, I don’t force a reading if I don’t get information right away ~ but I had some people that were really hard to read ~  I didn’t feel good after the reading and neither did they.

For the record, most of my clients were still very happy with their appointments, but for some reason 1 of every 20 or so just seemed to be extra hard.  I didn’t know what the heck was up.  I am really good at manifesting and this wasn’t what I wanted.  It was through my practice of awareness, and my practice of really KNOWING what I was thinking of that made me realize that that one statement from that one coach I looked up to had brought an expectation into my subconscious that I would have ‘haters’.  As soon as I realized what happened, guess what, I CHANGED IT!!   And it DID change, overnight.  I no longer attract clients into my life that have unrealistic expectations, or that don’t want to hear what I have to say.

It can be that subtle.  Now, no kidding, I can be sitting here on a day off thinking “oh, I should have booked work today, I’m bored and have nothing else to do”, and BAM all of a sudden I will get an email from someone who would like a reading today.  The reason it works this way for me is because I EXPECT IT TO.  I don’t THINK or AFFIRM about it – I EXPECT it.

Energy is very powerful.  We create and attract into our lives in EVERY MOMENT.  You need to be very aware of what you are thinking, because what you are thinking is what you are expecting.  And you will get what you really, subconsciously expect most of the time.

If you expect traffic to be bad, you will experience bad traffic.  If you expect to have bad service in a restaurant, you will get it.

The tricky part is to know what your subconscious is expecting.  Many of you will say, well I expected such and such and it was the exact opposite.  I will use service in a restaurant as an example but with awareness you will be able to see this in ANY part of your life.  If you subconsciously expect bad service, but you affirm to yourself “I always receive good service”, you will still get bad service.  Why, because you are affirming one thing, but your subconscious is telling you something else.  You are stating that affirmation, but you are thinking about (and vibrating), all the times you had bad service.  You are stating that affirmation BECAUSE you have experienced the opposite so many times.  See how that works?

Psychic ReadingsYou need to become aware of when you are doing this and get more to the root of the issue.  So you had bad service before.  Okay.  Thinking about that bad service got you more bad service and it created a snowball effect and now you get bad service most of the time.  It is NOT AN ACCIDENT that you get to the restaurant at the exact same time as your server got some really bad news and is now not focused at work at all, nor is it an accident that you got there at the precise time that a table opened in that servers area.

In order to turn something like this around, you first need to become aware of it.  Once you are aware of it, the rest is much easier.  So, you say “I have had bad service in the past”.  If you can actually take responsibility for the “Coincidence”, of creating it, you can change it.  This time you say “wow, I created some really bad experiences for myself, I think this time I will relax, and be patient and kind, and see what happens.  I know and understand that everything that happens is a reflection of how I perceive it, so I will just see the good in all of it.  Even if something that some would perceive as negative happens, I will be happy because I know it will be showing me a reflection of what is in my subconscious and that alone can make the experience positive.”

This is like MAGIC!  It will change everything for you.  It will bring you into a state of awareness that you have never had before.  YOU are the Creator!  Isn’t that wonderful news!  Try this!  Next time you wonder ‘what the heck’ with ANY situation in your life, don’t just “affirm” something that you cannot subconsciously believe.  Recognize what your EXPECTATIONS are, and adjust them!

Do You Appreciate Yourself?

psychic readings

Appreciate yourself

You are always hearing about the need to appreciate what you have and to appreciate the people in your life.  How important it is to show gratitude and appreciation.

But, do you ever take the time to appreciate yourself?  Do you ever really think about what you do on a daily basis?  Do you take the time to practice awareness and really see all you do?

Do you feel unappreciated by others? Do you harbour resentment within that feeling?  What if you tried to appreciate yourself instead of looking for appreciation from others?  Looking for appreciation “out there” is based in ego and fear, not in love.  To be happy, to feel appreciation, you need to focus your energy into your heart and LOVE.

Do you feel appreciation in your job, in your home, as a parent, spouse, child, as a part of the “Oneness” of all life on Earth?

We are more than our bank statements, our home, our car, our career.  So much more.  There is a Universal Life Force and YOU are a part of it.  If you remove the ego, you will be able to appreciate the flow of life and love that surrounds you.

It does not matter who you appear to be on the outside, what matters is how you feel on the inside.  Nothing external really matters, it is only a reflection of what is going on inside of you.  Without ego, all that really matters is love.

Appreciate yourself.  Love your work.  Every job is important.  Do not devalue yourself when you think of your work.  Appreciate the work you do and do your best and do it with love.  It, and you, are important.

Don’t devalue yourself in relationships.  No one else can devalue you.  If you feel devalued by someone else, go to your heart, appreciate yourself, and if need be, let that relationship go.  Appreciate yourself, either the other person will start to appreciate you more, or you will appreciate yourself enough to walk away.

Appreciate your health.  If you are healthy, appreciate the fact that you are healthy.  Love your body.  Even if your body is not what you consider to be “perfect”, it is perfect for you, and for where you are in your life.  If you have an illness, appreciate what the illness is trying to tell you and the lessons you are learning from it; bring your energy into your heart and appreciate yourself and allow yourself to rest or recover.  Love and appreciate what you can do, even if you can only do a little.  Even if you cannot do much physically; energetically, you have the ability to impact the Collective Consciousness of our planet in a positive way, just by focusing on love.

You have the ability to make changes on an energetic level.  It is not that difficult.  Bring your energy into your heart.  Love.  Appreciate.  It all starts with self.  Your real self, not your ego self.

Love, appreciate, change the energy that surrounds you.  We all start somewhere, start with making a list of all the things you appreciate about yourself, our world needs you.


According to Greg Braden as written in “The Divine Matrix”…

“The minimum number of people required to jump start a change in consciousness is the square root of one percent of a population.”



Your Thoughts Really Do Create Your Life

“Your thoughts create your feelings.  Change your thoughts, your feelings will change.”


Did you know that over 95% of the thoughts you have today are the same thoughts you had yesterday and will have tomorrow?  That is a lot of repetition.  Repetition creates habits, beliefs, and the way our life looks.

Our thoughts are energy.  Many of you reading this have a basic understanding that our thoughts create our reality.  Unfortunately for many, most of your thoughts are just habitual and have no awareness to them.  You wake up, have the same thought you had yesterday, and begin to create the same type of day today, that yesterday was.

Anything you think in any given moment is impacting how you feel.  If you think a good thought, you have a good feeling.  If you think a negative thought, you have a negative feeling.

What you are feeling in any given moment is what is going to create your life for you.  If you are feeling lethargic, bored or overwhelmed, chances are you are not going to engage in things that make you happy.

If you are feeling perky, energetic and optimistic, you are going to create a day that contains happiness and enables you to do things you enjoy.

If you are feeling down, the best thing you can do for yourself is to keep trying to change your thoughts to better ones.  You don’t need to go from being depressed to being ecstatic, but you can go from depression to hopefulness ~ just by changing your thoughts.

Even with really bad stuff, or stuff from the past, it is your focus on them that creates stress or angry/depressed feelings.

Some people will get stuck on something that happened long ago, or stuck on not feeling 100% perfect health.  They keep thinking about being sick, or about how they were ‘wronged’ in the past.  This perpetuates a loop in thinking.  The more you loop in your negative thoughts the worse you feel.  It can be easy to spiral downward from there.

If you find yourself thinking about something and you are not feeling good, then it is imperative that you think about something else.  And YES, it IS possible.  If you cannot find anything in your life to feel good about, or feel gratitude about (most of you can), then get yourself out into nature and really connect with it.  Sit in the grass, or on a park bench and really observe the beauty that surrounds you.  Look at bugs, look at trees, look at a leaf, look at the perfection in the creations of the Universe.  You cannot focus on something amazing and awe inspiring and focus on ‘problems’ and what is bothering you at the same time.

Physically smiling, or walking with your head up, looking up and far into the distance can change brain chemistry and help you feel better.

As for thoughts creating reality.  If I was focused on being unhappy, or on things in my life that were not working out very well, (and yes there are some), I would not be able to write this.  I cannot write inspiring notes when I am depressed.  It does not flow the same way for me.  I only write when I can be my authentic self, my connected self.

Trying to write positive and uplifting posts when I am unhappy or overwhelmed doesn’t work.  It just frustrates me more.  Trying to write or be creative when overwhelmed is like herding cats.  Almost impossible.

This is how thoughts create your reality.  If you focus on “overwhelmed”, you just get more and more overwhelmed and the less you get done and the more it seems lands on your plate.  You know what you want from/in your life, but it seems so elusive.  Just try relaxing your mind and your body.  “Trying to make it happen”, can be your biggest block.  Sometimes you simply cannot make things happen.  It is too often dependent on other people.

Try and relax.  Focus your thoughts on things that make you happy or relax you.  If you think about those things, you will find yourself feeling more happy and relaxed.  You may find yourself saying “yes, but this thing!!!!”.  “This thing”, isn’t going anywhere, stop thinking about it.

If you keep thinking about it and feeling badly, it will NEVER resolve itself.  It will hang on, kicking and screaming all the way.  No amount of thinking about how it could go wrong, or how badly you feel will help.  The only thing that will help is being in a state where you are relaxed enough to allow your inspiration and divine guidance to flow.

Once you are there, in a happy spot, and your inspiration and flow start, YOU HAVE TO ACT ON THEM.  As much as it is important to ‘go with the flow’ of positive thoughts and feelings, when you are in this state if you get INSPIRED to do something, then do it.  If you do not follow your inspiration and begin to CREATE with it, then you are not allowing your positive thoughts and feelings to create for you.  You may end up just saying, “Well, that was nice, I felt good for a bit, but now I just feel crappy again because nothing has changed”.

Often “nothing has changed” because you have not taken it that next step further and changed anything.  In order for your thoughts and creation to come to fruition, you actually have to act on the inspired thoughts that you get.  Remember, most of the thoughts you had yesterday are the same as today.  You need to get yourself past that.  Act on your inspired thoughts with inspired action.  The inspired action, will bring new thoughts, new inspiration, new creations, new life.

That is the first step in changing or creating anything in your life.  Changing thoughts, feeling better, getting inspired, taking inspired action, creating new thoughts, new life situations.

You can do this!

The Big World-Changing Event 2014

Have you been waiting for “The Big Event”?  Many of you thought that Dec 2012 would be it.  There always seems to be some date floating around where everything will change and we can all be happy and live in peace.  Some think, ‘Armageddon’, some think of ‘Rapture’ and the return of Christ, some think it will be another world war, or the collapse of the financial system.  Or maybe you are waiting for all 13 Crystal Skulls to come together, or for Angels to come down and finally tell us everything we have always wanted to know.

Even when I do readings, many of you just want to know when will I meet someone and be happier?  When will I feel better, when will I get a new job, relief from my suffering, more money, the list of what we are “waiting” for can be endless.

What you need to realize though, is that all of this ~ everything ~ really is happening now (past/present/future).   You have the ability to live whatever reality you want right now.  You do not have to wait for anything.  All of the things in the first paragraph of this post are already happening NOW.  They have been happening for many years now.  Most of you just haven’t allowed yourself to fully feel the changes.  You are staying stuck in your head and the way things have always been.

Because you have put yourself into a state of ‘waiting’ you will continue to have to wait.  What if you actually allowed yourself to live in this moment?  Live in this moment as if everything you ever desired was just waiting for you to let it happen?

What if you made a decision to stop thinking so much, to turn within (to your heart and energy NOT your mind), and really figure out what it is you want, in the innermost part of your being?  Leave the ego and the need to control external things out of it.

The energy is shifting, has shifted.  For those of you who allow yourself to feel with your energy, you can feel it.  If you have not allowed yourself to truly feel with your energy and your heart and with love, things probably feel like ‘same old, same old’, even though NOTHING is the same as it was before.

If you can allow yourself to embrace this new energy that we are living in, you will find that you start to live more freely and a more happy life than ever before.  Not 100% free of challenges, but with an acceptance of what is, and a knowing that you are right where you need to be, and that everything will work out.

I see posts on Social Media all the time saying “Be the change you want to see in the world”, or “Your thoughts create your reality, chose them wisely”.  But when you post these things, do you really embrace what it means?  The statements are true (as far as being backed by our quantum science), but so many of you still cannot trust, and are still waiting for some event to change your circumstances for you.  If you truly believe what you are posting, and if you have any knowledge of the Law of Attraction, you should know that the energy of ‘waiting’, just creates more opportunities to ‘wait’.

Maybe it is time to stop waiting and start living.  How about that.  What if, just what if, you had everything at your disposal right now?  What if you could be happy now?  What if you allowed the knowledge in ~ intuitively?  What if you allowed yourself to realize that everything is possible?

Do you stop yourself from dreaming because you really feel you cannot have what you want?  If you have a circumstance that is uncomfortable for you (job, relationship, finances, health), and you continue to wait for the big event as if it is an external force that will change everything, you could be waiting for a really long time.  Not that big events don’t happen, its just that if you do not allow for the intuitive flow of energy, and you do not take any actions in the direction you want to go, the big event will never come in the form you expect.  Most of your “Big Events” come as a response to the energy you are vibrating.  Look back on all the big events in your life, in hindsight you will see that in some way or other you asked for the change that the big event brought you.  Hence, the big event was created by you and your energy, not by something outside of yourself.

Just as you cannot control other people or things, other people or things cannot control you.

We are living in an amazing time.  Most of the world is in the 5th Dimension where it really is easier to have what you want.  Maybe its time to challenge some of your thoughts, and to allow for this wonderful flow of love and oneness that is enveloping this planet to become more a part of you.

Between the planetary energies, the astrological and numerical influences, and the support we have from other dimensions, now is the perfect time to start living the life you want.  Focus on what you want, not on what is lacking, and you will become more inspired and motivated to take actions in your life that will begin to create the life you want, now and in the future.

If you think you need some additional assistance with your connection, I may be able to help.  If you would like to book an appointment with me, there is more information on my psychic readings here.

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