Energy Healing and Clearing for the Remainder of 2017

Energy Healing and Clearing

All week I have been working on my own personal energy.  I had a little vacation spending time with an amazing friend for 11 days during July and the rest offered me the opportunity to take a really hard look at where I am and where the energy of the planet is going.  For the past 5 days I have been asking questions of Sam (my collective peeps), and have come up with a clear direction of my next steps.  I know that once I take these steps more directions will present themselves as they always do, but here is where its at right now.

I have been trying to give energy alerts through this year, the energy has been very overwhelming at times.  This year and what we do with it will form our future.  It will impact our lives for the next 9 years.  I personally want to make darn sure I am clear and am manifesting/creating what I want by the time December rolls around, and I want to help as many others as I can in the process.  We really are in this together.

I have been holding love and light for our planet, as have many of you.  This is done through meditation and prayer.  There is nothing WRONG with our planet.  We are ascending.  When we hold the love and light for our planet through these times it does help.

We cannot wait for anyone to ‘save us’.  As the Hopis said “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”.

I do a LOT of energy work for myself, and sometimes I get outside help.  In order for us to change, we actually have to SEE what needs changing ~ OR, we need to enlist the help of someone else that can SEE what we cannot.  This has been a big lesson for me this past week.

So many little things to say, I don’t even know where to start.  I will do my best to explain here:

NO ONE is coming to ‘save you.  Not Aliens, not the government, not me, no one.  All of our changes and saving MUST come from within.  Stop thinking that the world is ‘bad’, it is not.  The more you focus on what is wrong in the world, the more wrong there will be.  We are in a time of MASSIVE change.  MASSIVE.  We have an opportunity to ascend.  We are all here for different reasons ~ OUR CHOICE.  We chose our parents, we chose our choices, we chose options for our ‘exit strategies’.

We can chose to focus on the love in the world, or we can try and find a ‘guru’ to save us.  Most of you reading this chose to be here during this time of great transition, you wanted to come and spread the love and to witness the positive changes that are occurring.

Why is Energy Work and Awareness Important, and why I offer energy work when “no one is coming to save us” and no guru can save us.

First off, I do not offer this energy work to come to your rescue and I am certainly NOT a guru.  If you really wanted to do this work on your own you could.  I do most of my own energy work, and for the most part it is very effective for me in my life.  Thing is, I meditate EVERY SINGLE DAY, usually at least TWICE.  Sometimes if I am extra busy I only do it once, and sometimes I meditate 4 or 5 times if I feel the urge.

I pay attention to and write down 100% of my dreams.  I listen to my intuition and what my peeps (Sam), are saying.  My purpose for being on this earth at this moment in time is to hold a high vibration so that it will spread out to those around me (or those of you who read my words).  I quit my day job so that I could focus on this 100%.  I live my life in service to others, while taking care of myself physically, emotionally and spiritually so that I can do what I do.  If I did not take care of myself I would not be able to do what I am doing ~ I learned this from personal experience ~ I got burnt out when I took too much care of others without taking care of myself.

Can you do this work yourself?  Absolutely.  WILL you do this work yourself?  Probably not.

Why have someone else do energy work for me and clear me out?

We cannot clear, fix, remove (pick your word), what we cannot see.  That sums it up nicely really.  As much as I see a lot and meditate a lot sometimes I have something in my energy that I simply cannot “see”.

I have had energy work done in the past where past live stuff has come up and has been removed by someone else.  I could not SEE this past life stuff because it was such a part of ‘who I am’.  I was so accustomed to feeling/seeing/experiencing the energy of it I did not even recognize that it was affecting me.  It came with an energetic implant that had lasted for many lifetimes.  Even once I was told about it, I could not ‘feel’ it, it was a part of me just like the nose on my face.  Luckily for me another healer saw it and took it out for me.  It changed my life.  After it was removed is when I found my voice and started to write more and do more readings for others.

We can have energy cords that we don’t even know are there.  If you are holding anger, resentment or any other negative feelings towards another, you are attacking them psychicly, and you have cords attached.  If someone is holding you as their object of attention and thinking negatively, then you are under psychic attack, and have energy cords.  You cannot remove them if you cannot see them.

I have been psychicly attacked by an entity from a client and didn’t know it for MONTHS!  I had a dream about it and felt the ‘ghost’ around me.  It followed me around the house in the middle of the night.  I was terrified!  I prayed and did energy work and thought I got rid of it because I could no longer see/feel it the way I did in the night.  I didn’t talk about it much because I didn’t want it to present to me again.  The thing is, it was just HIDING.  I didn’t want to see it, so I didn’t.  I didn’t realize until I talked to a healer that it was still there.  Once it was ‘seen’, it could be cleared.

The place you live can have energy in it that is not serving you.  If your home was a place where there was discord (war, fighting etc.), there can be an energy field in there that can affect you.  You might not feel it consciously, but it does come with an energy.  Even new-builds can have energy attached to the land.  When I moved into my home, I cleared out everyone and every energy I could see.  When I went to a healer, she saw certain things that I could not ~ things that had attached to me and then hidden themselves from me.  Their energy BECAME my energy, I could not tell the difference.  It was uncomfortable and I felt ‘off’, I just didn’t ‘see’ that it wasn’t even mine, I wondered what was wrong with me that I was having those thoughts.

Our DNA holds information from many generations back, and that DNA will be impacting many generations to come.  If at any point along that family line, ONE person heals any negative aspects of that DNA, it will impact all previous generations and all future generationsAs I heal myself, my living mother, dead father, ancestors, son, my unborn grandchildren all benefit.

Last little note on “what you cannot see”.  How often when you are driving do you really take notice of where you are or what you are seeing?  Are you present?  Or are you ‘in your head’ and don’t see much of anything?

At my home, my husband sees clutter but not dirt.  I don’t see the clutter quite as much, but I will notice if the baseboards are dirty.  My husband likely won’t clean (clear/heal), the baseboards EVER (unless I ask), because he simply does not see the dirt.

When I do the energy work for others I find that sometimes ‘downloads’ come in as well.  A download of abundance, or love, or courage.  It varies, but is worth mentioning because with healing sometimes it is a matter of what is ADDED in vs. what needs to leave.

Why I do these Energy Sessions

I do this for the planet and for the Universal Consciousness.  I am not even originally from earth, I am a Star Seed.  Years ago a call for help went out to the Universe, I am one from ‘somewhere else’ that answered the call.   Many of you reading this are also Star Seeds.  Coming into the density of this planet, it was easy to forget who you were and where you came from.

Someone asked me once:  “Do you do what you do for the planet or individual souls”.  My answer is: We are all one.  Planet earth, other planets, each earth soul, and each soul from any other dimension or Universe.  We are all of the same energy.  As I raise my vibration, I help you raise your vibration whether you know it or not, as you raise your vibration, you help the vibration of the collective, as the collective vibration raises, so does the vibration of the planet.

Energy Healing and Clearing Dates and Specials

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If you have actually read this far then maybe the Energy Healing and Clearing sessions are for you.  I have decided to do them EVERY month for the rest of this year.  That means, I will do one in August, starting August 21st that will go through to September 21st.  This is the longest energy session EVER and will bring us to the Solstice.

The next few will be less dependent on the Solstice, they will be 21 days starting on a New Moon.  Dates are as follows:

October 19th for 21 Days.

November 18th for 21 Days.

December 18th for 21 Days.

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Energy Update, May 6th 2017 – Solar Flares, Schumann Resonance and Changing Dimensions

Have you noticed things being a little weird lately?

Coincidences, numbers or names showing up, fatigue, headaches (off and on), dizziness or issues with woozy feelings in your legs/feet, feeling ungrounded, changes in eating habits, weird moods ~ super happy, or depressed….

Not sure how to say this in any other way, but we are changing dimensions.  For the past 10 years (or  more), I have been writing about the earth moving into the 5th dimension.  This has been really ramped up now.  There are many of you that have already been spending a fair bit of time in the 5th dimension but for a lot of you just coming across this blog post its fairly new (yet another “coincidence”, of getting just what you need when you need it ~ this is 5th dimensional energy).

We have been going through a lot the last couple of months.  For about 30 of the last 60 days we have been experiencing solar flares.  Solar flares help us upgrade and change our DNA to ‘higher’ level of understanding.  As we experience these, we are assisted in raising our vibration.

The Schumann Resonance has also been off the charts.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Schumann Resonance it is the vibration, or ‘heart beat’ of the planet.

The norm for the Schumann Resonance has been 7.83 since around 1952.  In 2014 it spiked up to the unheard of numbers between 15-24.  In February of this year it spiked to 36 and stayed there for a few days.  On April 17, 2017 it spiked to 90. (here is a link to the Schumann Resonance Wiki page for more info no what it is)

Why is this important?

We as humans with bodies and minds also have an electromagnetic ‘resonance’.  The resonance of 7.83 is where our brains are very susceptible to hypnosis and suggestions.  (Low alpha states, and high theta states.  I wrote a blog post almost exactly 2 years ago talking about the states if you would like more information).   At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, we most certainly are susceptible to what the media tells us, or subliminal messaging while in this state.  That is why so many people are questioning what they have been told, why there are so many uprisings, why ‘organized religion’ is on its way out, why the talk about the ‘Cabal’ or the ‘1%’ ~ because we — you are waking up from your hypnosis and feeling/seeing more.

When the resonance is around 36 it can really impact our nervous systems.  It can cause high anxiety, tension and nervousness.

However, this higher frequency carries more information.  The higher the resonance, the more information we have available to us.  That is why so many of you are experiencing heightened intuition ~ we are in a frequency that has more information.  The increases in frequency, cause an increase in awareness.  This awareness is more of a Gamma State, double that of Beta ~ super-consciousness, super-awareness AND more love.  And this was when the Schumann Resonance was around 36!  Last month, on April 17th, (‘coincidentally’ right around Easter), it spiked at 90 !  At 90, I believe more and more people will ‘intuit’ things and start to see and or feel things from other dimensions.

When this resonance spikes, it can feel stressful.  Simply because you are not used to it.  Our human brains WILL catch up and entrain to these frequencies.

That is why time can feel so strange right now too.  Technically there is no such thing as time, everything is happening all at once, even your past lives are happening NOW.  You may feel like one day time is dragging on, and the next day you wake up and realize a month just went by and you feel like “what just happened”.  It is not that time is changing so much, time is manmade and time is time, it is your perception of time, based on your current state (of awareness), that changes.

Here are some tips on what to do to help with this whole awakening/ascension process:

If you are feeling overwhelmed with how much you perceive you have to get done and you feel like you don’t have enough time.

Write yourself a SMALL list of just the biggest and most important things that need to be done.  Only put between one and three things on this list for the day.  Anything else you do that day will be ‘extra’.  Sometimes it is the biggest (or hardest), things that we have put off that make us feel overwhelmed.  I guarantee once you get that (those), ‘hard’ things done, you will feel better and will probably just fly through anything else you want to do.

Stop Giving to the point of uselessness

A lot of you reading this think that you are here to be martyrs and to give and give until you kill yourself.  Stop it.  Compassion is a good thing, love is a good thing ~ taking power (responsibility) away from someone else stunts (disempowers) them and drains you.

The best way to help someone else is to EMPOWER THEM.  When you save, rescue, help, (become co-dependent), you disempower others’.  We all have the same resources available to us, if you are around someone in need, show them the resources.  Let others take responsibility for their own choices, to see the consequences of their OWN actions ~ if they like the consequences they see, they will do more of something, if they don’t like the consequences, they will change (or continue with the same consequences).

I have had quite a few clients lately that have said “I feel used, I helped and helped and gave and gave, and this person doesn’t appreciate it” (or they left me, or _____ ).  If you find yourself in this situation, ask yourself:  were you “helping” or disempowering?

If someone asks for your help and you can help (empower), that’s fine.  Example:  “I will give you a small loan to get you through this challenge, and hold you accountable for paying it back because I know you are capable of making, manifesting or otherwise getting the money back to me” 

NOT:  I will continually keep giving you money while you make self-destructive, disempowered choices that keep you in your current state of helplessness.  I will see you as helpless, and I will continue to see you as helpless, so I can feel better, while you continue to feel lousy.

Doesn’t feel quite so enlightened when you hear it that way does it?

Take care of yourself

Realize that we are all going through this.  Some are handling it better than others.  You may feel like parts of the planet (or people around you), are nuts ~ this just means they are having a hard time integrating the new energies.  If it feels like your body is re-calibrating, its because it is, rest if need be.

If you feel like you are going a little coo-coo yourself remind yourself that you are expanding, ascending, feeling more, sensing more, have more information available to you than ever before an that it is different, not necessarily bad.  Rest, relax, take care of yourself, mediate, walk, get out in nature, spend time with friends (or avoid friends, whichever feels like the right thing for you).

You must take care of you first.  As you take care of you and feel more empowered and loving and loved, you will be better able to help empower others and project love to them as well (as opposed to projecting fear that ‘they can’t do it’ and disempowering them).

I’m going to end this post for now, I truly could go on much longer, hoping it helps to explain a bit of what you may be experiencing or observing in your life.

With Love,



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Sugar Coated Bullshit is still Shit

If you eat that sugar coated shit, you’ll get sick.  I need to write this for you today, not sure why, or who needs it, I think it’s a lot of people so here goes.


There is such a huge push to “think positive”, even if a situation is bad – its “think positive”.  Well, yes, we need to try and think positive when we can. BUT – If you are going through something, or see something that upsets YOU NEED TO LET YOURSELF FEEL IT!

Bullshit is bullshit, whether its covered in sprinkles and sugar or not. I’m not suggesting you try and feel badly, I’m not suggesting that you walk around angry all the time.  I AM suggesting that if you are having a negative feeling, DO NOT SQUISH IT DOWN.  Yes, things always work out.  Yes, gratitude and positive thinking can be really helpful, but if you try and bottle up a “negative” feeling, you will make yourself sick.  I KNOW THIS FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

We are in an energy of releasing a bunch of stuff. I’ve been writing about it for weeks, or months (or years) now.  About our need to let go of things and move forward with life.  You cannot let go of something that you do not acknowledge.  I have talked to so many of you that are afraid of feeling anything but happy.  You don’t dare vent your anger anywhere in case you manifest something.

This post is your wake-up call. We’ve been going through very emotional times the past few years ~ especially this year.  YOU MUST LET YOURSELF FEEL AND RELEASE YOUR EMOTIONS.

I am an extremely positive person, happy almost all the time, can always perceive something better, have an innate ability to see how things will work out in the long run etc. BUT, I had a bit of an uncomfortable medical condition come up myself over the past 3 months.  It was mind boggling to me, because I am REALLY HAPPY.  I’m not faking it, I’m not pretending, I’ve become a master manifester, and my life is really good.  I know what’s been coming up for the “collective”, but I  thought that because I was so happy, I wasn’t being impacted.  Ha ha on me!

I asked my peeps about my medical condition AND I read up on a couple of things and this is what I got.

What my medical condition showed me, as uncomfortable as it was, was that there was something I wasn’t letting myself feel. I still don’t even really know EXACTLY what it was (as in a specific subject/situation).  Last weekend, I spent two days just with myself, meditating, working a little bit, but mostly working with my own energy.  I was told by my peeps (SAM), that I wasn’t feeling my feelings and that is why my health suffered some.  I can honestly say that I didn’t get it when my peeps told me that.  I’m so freaking happy most of the time.  According to Louise Hay, in “You Can Heal Your Life”, some of my condition pointed to “fear” and “anger”.  I had a hard time even reading that because I do not consciously feel fearful or angry.

What I have been doing with this information I have been given is to try really hard to let myself feel everything. I didn’t think I was sugarcoating things for myself when I was seeing the positive in things, but maybe I was…  that is what my condition was pointing to.  I know that our bodies are extremely intuitive and I know they hold energy.  OUR BODIES NEVER LIE.  Your body will let you know when you are blocking something.  My body was telling me something that I could not feel or intuit any other way.

I have a couple of friends that did not listen when this information first presented to them. Because they held back and held back on feeling or saying anything but “positive” things, they ended up losing all faith in (in their words), “New Age Positivity Bullshit”. They have gone from being “too positive”, to “too negative”.  Don’t let this become you.  We need a balance of light and contrasting dark in order to be balanced and live an authentic life.

I wrote this in Miami!

I wrote this in Miami!

Signs that you are blocking or pushing down (holding onto) negative feelings rather than allowing yourself to feel them.

  • You have an illness but can’t figure out how to heal it or why it’s there.
  • You are drinking too much (or smoking, or eating or ??). I know way too many women (and probably men too), that were having a glass of wine at the end of the day, that are now having a bottle of wine a day.  THIS IS NOT HEALTHY.  You are blocking some feelings and holding them in your energy field and body if you are masking your BS with any substance.
  • When you are feeling a bit depressed you are afraid to reach out to people close to you because you think that they will just tell you how good you have it and that you should think more positively.
  • When you feel angry at something, you tell yourself that its silly to be angry, that you should feel better, that other people have it worse, or some other thing that keeps the anger in your energy/body.
  • When someone near you dies, you know they are fine so you don’t let yourself grieve. You tell yourself, that you know they didn’t really die, they just changed dimensions and left their body behind.  Maybe you feel them around, it must have been their time, so it’s silly to wallow in that.  Grieving is NOT wallowing ~ its sadness at loss, and is a necessary process to go through – NECESSARY.  If you are suffering a loss and not letting yourself grieve, you are pushing your feelings down.
  • For the record, this applies to any loss. Work, marriage, home, anything.  Let yourself grieve the loss.  Grieving releases energy, it doesn’t make it worse.  It doesn’t ‘manifest bad things in your life’.


Here is what you can do if you are afraid to feel negative feelings.

  • Probably the MOST important, is find someone you can talk to about your feelings.  Someone you trust to allow you to feel without telling you that you are just being negative.  Someone that can listen without adding on more negativity, and who won’t let you wallow either.
  • Do some meditations and some inner child work. Sometimes it’s useful to look back at your first memories of your childhood and look closely at some of your  ‘go to’ phrases and belief systems.
  • You don’t need to keep focusing on negative crap, however you can allow it to come up so you can look at it, question it, see it for what it is, and let it go.
  • When something pisses you off, rather than immediately turning it around to something more positive, let yourself feel it for a little bit. Essentially blowing the energy OUT, instead of pushing it down.
  • Recognizing that “this sucks” and feeling your way through it is NOT being negative. Letting yourself acknowledge that it sucks and getting angry, sad, etc. and THEN moving forward afterwards is okay.  You must acknowledge that shit is shit and not just try and cover it up.
  • Think of the grieving process as releasing energy.
  • Do NOT look for old crap from your past that isn’t there. If you notice something, notice it, feel what you need to feel, and move on.  You don’t need to MAKE yourself feel negative emotions, you need to ALLOW yourself to feel the ones that come up.
  • Pray to Source, and ask your Angels for help, they are there for you. Ask them to help you feel.  If you get afraid of your feelings, then ask for help with that too.

Too many of you are suffering because you are not letting yourself feel.  Please feel.  Don’t be afraid, don’t hide.  Allow your feelings to help you weed out what isn’t good for you anymore, to help you grow.  Sometimes powerful negative feelings are just what you need for positive change to happen in your life.


For those of you who are offended at the profanity in this post, I apologize.  I was raised to ‘watch my mouth’.  I do however swear, sometimes a lot, sometimes not at all.  This is simply the way it was presented to me, and how it chose to come out in this post.  In the vein of feeling what I feel, and of living authentically, I chose not to ‘sugar coat’ my language.

As always, with Love



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If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

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Inspiring Audio from Jim Carrey – We are Eternal

Jim Carey

There is no separation….

I heard this audio today and really wanted to share it with you.  It talks about how everything is energy.

Hoping it helps inspire you through the weekend.





If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.

Try this, it will change your life

Change is so hard, yet it is so easy.  We are so habituated to our patterns sometimes that any deviance from those patterns can make us feel uncomfortable.  That is the hard part, the discomfort of doing something differently.

The easy part is that once you change your mind the universe conspires to help you make those changes.  Once you have made your decision there is nothing that can stop you.  You get momentum behind you and things just begin to flow in the direction of your thoughts.

Once you have decided that something needs to change how do you keep your thoughts on what you want and what do you do next?  What steps can you take to keep your vibration high enough that things flow to you in an easier way?

Do this…

When you go to bed tonight and when you first lie down, think of things you are grateful for.

Gratitude works like magic.  Just like when we complain, we get more to complain about, when we practice gratitude we get more to be grateful for.

Thinking of the things we are grateful for raises or vibration and allows for more positive things (energy) in our lives.

If you are someone who has a hard time relaxing your brain because you are thinking of all the things on your to-do list for tomorrow then bring a pen and paper to bed and write down those things as they pop in for you.  Don’t worry about them, just write them down and let them go.  If they are important you can deal with them when the time comes ~ which is tomorrow. 

Mt. Cheam out my office window on a cool February morning.

Mt. Cheam out my office window on a cool February morning.

When you wake up tomorrow morning, decide to let yourself do one thing differently from what your normal routine is.

Get off autopilot.  You want changes to come, you are trying to allow them to flow, make one even small decision and stick to it.

  • Take a different road as you are driving to work.
  • Buy a different type of coffee, or the same type from a different place.
  • Go for a walk at lunchtime if you don’t normally do that.
  • Get in that exercise you have been putting off
  • drink more water
  • skip the donut

It doesn’t really matter what the change is or how big or small it is.  Just do anything differently.  You can do more than one thing differently if you want, but keep your changes manageable so that you barely notice them.

Set yourself an alarm to go off every 90 minutes and breathe

Every 90 minutes (or whenever you think about it), stop what you are doing for 2 minutes and practice breathing.  Breathe deeply, all the way into the bottom of your belly.  Relax your body, let your shoulders fall, feel your ribcage expanding.  Do this for five breaths every 90 minutes.  That’s it.

Just for today (or tomorrow) ~ try it, I promise you will notice a shift in your energy.  Try it for a week, or a month, and you just may change your whole life.

You need to become more aware of your habits and your ways of thinking.  Allowing yourself to be on auto pilot all the time is ruining your life.

Doing even these 3 simple steps will begin to make changes in your brain and the way it works.  Keep it up for 21 days and you will have formed some new habits and some of your old neuro-pathways will have been replaced.




If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.

Why is it important for you to clear your energy?

We all pick up on the energy of other people, places or things.  If you are reading this you are likely more sensitive than a lot of people.  You are all intuitive.  You walk into a place and can feel if it feels “nice”, or “homey” or “dense” and like you want to get out of there.  That is your intuition.  It is you feeling the energy.

Some of you feel this energy more than others, some of you are outright empaths, some of you pay attention to these energies, and some of you walk around completely unaware that you are ‘wearing’ the energy of other people.

It can be compared to a campfire.  When you sit around a campfire you end up smelling like a campfire.  You might put your clothes in the laundry hamper, and then a couple of days later you open the hamper and it smells like campfire.  If you left the clothes for a month or a year they would still smell like campfire.  You need to wash your clothes in order to get the smell of the campfire off.

Most of us shower every day (or every couple of days), and we wash off our hair and our skin.  If we didn’t the dirt and sweat would keep on piling up.  It wouldn’t just go away on its own, it needs to be cleaned off.

mediation visualization

It is also important that you wash your energy

Just like the smell of smoke from sitting around the campfire, the feeling of energy can stay with you for a long time unless you make a conscious effort to clean it off.

Sometimes doing some energy work, meditations, or clearing your energy can completely change your mood, energy levels, or sometimes your entire life situations.

This is a list of some of my favourite guided meditations to clear this energy.  I suggest you do at least one of them daily to help clean your energy and improve your life.

Meditation to Heal from Negative Energy – I especially use this one if I have been around someone who is really angry or negative or venting in my direction.  It clears you and your whole house (or workspace, or any other place that you focus on).

Guided Meditation/Visualization for Cutting Energy Cords – I use this one if I feel like someone has stuck an energy cord in me.  This can happen if there are ever negative feelings, going either from them to you or you to them.  Energy cords can also attach if you care just a bit too much about someone else’s ‘stuff’.  This works well to cut cords to past relationships, and to your parents.  Love energy stays, just what is no longer serving you goes.

Clearing and Shielding With Archangel Michael – this one is good too.  Very quick, easy and effective.  Helps to put up your shield of protection as well.

Dragon Sun Grounding Mediation – this is another quick and easy one you can do.  For those of you who find there is drama at work, this is a good one to do when you get home.  It is generally very good for simply grounding your energy as well.



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What if There is Nothing Left to OVER-COME? Now it is time to BE-COME

For years now we have been in an energy of letting go, overcoming challenges, removing blocks, clearing chakras and energy fields, and trying to get rid of what is no longer serving us.

What if that is all over now?

It is for a lot of you.  You’ve done the work.  You have succeeded in clearing out all the old, now what?

It’s time to BECOME who you want to be.  You can.  And it doesn’t need to be the least bit difficult.

All you need to do is let go of “how things have always been”.  Our world HAS changed, we HAVE changed.  Its already done.  Any discomfort you are feeling now is trying to bring the old world into the new world.

It simply won’t work.  The old paradigms won’t work in the new energy.  This goes for the monetary system, how and where we live, what we eat, the energy of competition vs. the energy of cooperation, how we get our electrical power, the old reliance on oil, being immersed in masculine energy without embracing the divine feminine energy,  the separation from our earth and between different races of people; think you get the meaning, everything has changed.

If you try to bring your past into your present it won’t work.  You have a clean slate now.  What do you want to create?  Who do you want to Become?


It really can be easy if you let it flow.  The hardest part is making a decision.  Once you make your decision you will find that things fall into place for you quite easily.  The Law of Attraction will bring you people and circumstances that will assist you in moving forward and creating the life you imagine.

You might not have much more to clear.  During September we truly were scraping the bottom of the barrel of what needed to go.  Things we thought were done with may have come up so that you could release the last remnants.

ITS ALL NEW NOW.  Embrace the new energy, allow things to change, imagine the life you want.  Then simply go for it!!!  Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing or what society or the ‘news’ tells you.  YOU are the creator, create what you want, you’ve got this!





If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.

Dependency ~ it is NOT a positive vibration

We need to get away from this energy of dependency.  It is not healthy for the dependent person, nor is it healthy for the person being depended on.

We absolutely DO need to come together in cooperation and sharing; but dependency is another thing altogether.

Yes, your children are dependent on you.  But only for a short time.  If you “child” is an adult and they are dependent on you, they are stunted.  If your teenager cannot do things for themselves and cannot make a decision to save their life, they are overly dependent.

There are exceptions to this of course for medical reasons, but for the most part we need to allow others to grow and we need to allow ourselves to grow.

Dependency is where we cannot take care of ourselves ~ or when the people in our lives cannot take care of themselves without us.

If we allow others to be overly dependent on us, we are stunting them and we are controlling them.  We are saying that we do not trust them to take care of themselves and make good decisions.  We are taking away their power.  It is more about controlling them than helping them and it is more about us than it is about them and their abilities (and personal power).

create your reality

If we are overly dependent on someone else, we are giving away our personal power.  We are not trusting that we can get things done and create our own lives.  We set ourselves up to be blindsided.  We set ourselves up to be controlled and manipulated.

When we are in a relationship with a significant other we need to remember that we are two souls having a human experience.  We come into these relationships to share and grow.  NOT to control, not to rely fully on someone else for our happiness and well being.

Your well being is your job.  Your spouse’s well being is their job.  If you take too much responsibility for someone else, you are stunting them.  If you expect someone else to take care of you and you depend on them for everything, you are stunting yourself.  You and they will get tired out.

There are also a lot of people dependent on the government.  On ‘them’.  Dependent on the system to feed them, to provide hydro power, to provide safety and security.  This can work when everything is going well, but all you need to do is look at the news.  At people who go through a natural disaster or something and because they are completely dependent on ‘the systems’ they fall apart.

You need to empower yourself.  You need to help empower those that are dependent on you.

There are many ways in which we DO need to come together to support each other, cooperation is a good thing and there is strength in numbers.

But one person can only carry someone else for so long.  It is not sustainable.  Not if either of you want happiness.

Just as ‘the system’ can only carry the ‘masses’ for so long; and only so long as things remain static.  Any changes to the earth, the financial system, the balance of power, and ‘the masses’ will need to depend on themselves.

This is not meant to be a doom and gloom post, quite the contrary.  You are stronger than you think.  The people who are in your life that are dependent on you are stronger than you think.  We all need to cooperate together and to empower one another.  It will make the world a happier place.




If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a phone psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.

Meditation: Clearing The Past From The Emotional & Mental Bodies

clearing the past meditation


I looked up this meditation for myself last night and gave it a listen and I liked it so I’m sharing it with you.  We cleared out all summer long, and the energy of September is helping us clear out even more now.  Mercury being retrograde also brings up things (people) from our past at times and this can bring to our attention things that we thought we were “over” but aren’t.

For some of us its like we had a dirty bucket full of water.  We have thrown out all the murky water over the last three years and now we are scrubbing out the bottom of the bucket.  The good news is, its almost clean of anything that is holding us back.

Anyway, this meditation from Ellaeenah JadeFire just might assist with some residual energy that might be ready to go.

Its okay if you want to turn it on before bed and you end up falling asleep to it, it will still help.

Meditation: Clearing The Past From The Emotional & Mental Bodies



If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.

How To Stay In Your Own Energy ~ Quick Tips for Empaths


Okay, so this is my first video blog post.  I did it in one go rather than redoing and editing etc. so its not perfect, but at least I finally did my first one.  I have been thinking about doing some video blogs for ages.

This is all about Staying in Your Own Energy, and not being blown about by the energy of everyone else all the time.  I also talk a little bit about how to protect your energy.

Hope you find it to be helpful.

I’d love some feedback.  Unless you hate it, in which case I don’t need feedback.  🙂



If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.