Conciously Create Through Awareness

You are the Creator of your life experiences.  Create Consciously.

You are the Creator of your life experiences. Create Consciously.

Look within to create the life you want.

The Law of Attraction is real.  It isn’t often taught in the right way, but it does exist.  Thoughts are things, they are energy, energy creates.  What we think about is what we attract and create.  What we focus on we create.  We ARE creators, we are creating our lives every minute of every day.  No exceptions.

The big difference between those of you who get what you want, and those of you that don’t, is all in how conscious you are of your creations.  You can choose to create consciously, or unconsciously.  And YES, it is a choice.

It is actually very simple, but most of you cannot be bothered to consciously create.  You think it is easier to blame fate, or the economy, or any person or circumstance other than yourself.   I am NOT suggesting you blame yourself.  I am suggesting you take responsibility for what you have created thus far.  The minute you take responsibility for your creations is the minute you take back your power.

By blaming you are essentially saying to yourself “I cannot create my life, everything that has happened or is happening, is the result of something outside of me”.

Did you know that over 90% of the thoughts you will have today are the same thoughts you had yesterday, and the same thoughts you will have tomorrow?   That is a LOT of thoughts, and a lot of creation.  The problem occurs when you are thinking these thoughts and going through your day on auto-pilot.  You may wake up to your alarm and think “I don’t feel like getting out of bed, I’m so tired, I wish I could go back to sleep”.  That is a thought that is beginning to create your day for you.

You may start getting ready to go to work and think “I hate my job, my boss is such an ass.  These customers all think that the whole world revolves around them and they can be so unkind”.  More creation on your part.

You are driving along, and traffic is bad, or you see someone speeding or cutting someone off (or you are the one speeding through traffic and are thinking about how slow everyone else is), as you are having those thoughts, you are creating.  Creating more of the same traffic woes.

You get off work, think of the day you had and wonder “Will I ever get rid of this debt that I am working to pay off?  I work and work and still have debt, this is BS, I want to be debt free”.  You think you are focusing on being debt free, but really, you are still focusing on your debt, and, you guessed it, CREATING MORE DEBT!

If you want your life to be different, you have to do something different.  In order to do something different, you have to start thinking something different.


Is to start being aware!!!  Get yourself off of Auto Pilot!!
As long as you keep allowing your brain to rehash the same thoughts, to allow your subconscious mind to create for you, your life will just stay the same.  I guarantee it.

You must live in your present moment.  You must become aware of your thoughts.  When you find yourself on auto-pilot, bring your energy back into your body and your present moment.  Remind yourself that you are creating your life with your thoughts.

The first day you try this, you will probably do it for a couple of minutes, then wind up back on auto-pilot.  Then a few hours later, you might remember that you were supposed to be aware and you might be able to live in your moment for a few more minutes.

Here is the good news.  If you can manage to do this even for a part of your day, or for a few minutes a few times a day, you will find that it will get easier as time goes on.  Just as most of the thoughts you have today, you will have tomorrow, as you practice awareness today it will be easier to do tomorrow.  If you are diligent with it, you will find that within a month, you will be much more aware of most of your thoughts.

Then as things happen in your life, you will be able to see exactly how they were created.  How YOU created them.  Take credit for the good you start to see in your life.  As you become more aware, you will find that synchronicities and coincidences happen more and more.  You will find yourself saying “I was just thinking of that, and there it is!”  Good, bad or indifferent, you will see how your present moment was created with a thought.  Thoughts are things, they are energy, energy creates.

What if…?

What if you really could have anything you want?

When you are thinking or talking, and you say “What if….”, what do you follow it with?

Do you follow it with all your fears and the things you do not want in your life?

Thoughts are energy and create our feelings.  Our feelings create our next steps.  Our next steps create our life.

Everything we have in our lives, we have co-created.  Everything we have, started with a thought; a “What if?”.

Successful and happy people have different ‘What if’s” than, unhappy or stuck people.

If you would like to see things show up differently in your life, you need to change your what ifs.

If you find yourself saying the following What If’s, you may be at a sticking point in your life.

What if I lose everything?
What if I can’t pay my bills?
What if my partner cheats on me?
What if I lose my job?
What if I can’t find another job and I am stuck in this job for the rest of my life?
What if I am stuck in this relationship?
What if I try something new and I fail?
What if I get hurt?
What if I get sick?
What if I don’t have enough money to retire?
What if my car breaks down?

All of these statements, whether said aloud or just to yourself are creating your life.

Why not try these instead?

What if I were to find my perfect job?
What if money were to flow to me easily?
What if my partner loves me very much?
What if I can stay in this job as long as I want?
What if I found my perfect job?
What if I get out of this relationship and find a better one for me?
What if I try something new and it ends up being fantastic and propels me into a new and wonderful area of my life?
What if I succeed?
What if I take care of myself and am the healthiest I have ever been in my life!!!!
What if I can retire early?
What if my car lasts me a really long time, will I keep it?

Can you feel the difference in these statements?

Read them out loud to yourself.  They simply feel different.  The former list creates a feeling of being stuck, and of not wanting to move forward.  When you read that list you probably feel quite disempowered.  If you habitually talk/think like that list you probably feel afraid of making any moves or changes in your life.

Now when you read that second list you will find that your energy actually changes.  You start to feel more optimistic.  You start to feel more inspired.  If you have self-talk like on the second list, you will find that you get inspired to take action.  You may just be in the shower, or driving, or walking from your car into the store, and something that you CAN do will pop into your head.

You will feel happier.  You will create an energy in your Aura of feeling good, and with your new-found optimism you will find that people and circumstances will just come into your life, just like magic.  You will find yourself saying “What a coincidence” (even though you know there is no such thing as a coincidence).

Give it a try.  Just for a week, (or even a day if a week seems like too much).  Observe what happens in your life, you will be pleasantly surprised.


You Can Feel It – Energy Alert – August 2014

It’s time to move.  So many of you feel the urge, the pull, the desire to change something.  Anything.  The NEED to change your life or move forward, and you are terrified!

The energies of the moment are pushing you to start moving.  Sometimes the energy feels like a power surge, and you MUST DO SOMETHING!  Sometimes it is a little more subtle and you just feel an inkling that maybe you should expand in some area of your life.

Get used to this feeling, it is going to prevail for the next little while.  Some days it will be stronger than others.  The thing is YOU HAVE TO ALLOW YOURSELF TO HAVE MOVEMENT.

You will never get what you want if you don’t go for it.  You are being pulled to get out of your comfort zones.  Change will not happen gracefully if you try to stay where you are.  I am talking to so many people right now that feel disempowered.  Are you kidding me!  We are in one of the most POWERFUL times that we will see in our lifetimes!
The reason you are feeling so disempowered is because you are relying on people and things outside of yourself.

You are afraid to move on and out of your comfort zone.  Even if you are in a relationship that is uncomfortable (personal or professional), you are not letting yourself move out of your comfort zone.  THAT IS WHERE YOUR DISCOMFORT IS COMING FROM.  Your Soul is trying so hard to grow and to move forward and you are not letting it happen.  You have to move out of your comfort zone.

No one else has control over you or any aspect of your life unless you let them – NO EXCEPTIONS.  I have talked to 3 people just this week who have had relationships either come to an end or change drastically.  Some of them are terrified.  How can I do it on my own?  Or worse yet, “I can’t do it on my own”.  Yes you can.
Sometimes you even think “But they have all the control”.  No they don’t.  They may have control over themselves, but they do not have control over you unless you flat out give it to them.

When you tell yourself you cannot do something, you cannot do it.  When you tell yourself “I can do this, I don’t know how, but I can do it,  I can do it by and for myself”, then you can do it.  When you say those words to yourself, you take back some of your power.  You start to feel a little bit better.  Your intuition starts to come back.  Your guides are better able to talk to you.  You begin to realize that all those recurring thoughts are really insights into what your next step should be.  You stop talking yourself out of stuff and start to get inspired to take little actions.  Sometimes you take big actions.  Either way, you MUST get out of your comfort zone.  ESPECIALLY if your “Comfort Zone” is “Uncomfortable”.

Say to yourself, I will trust the process, I will get out of my comfort zone, I will let go and let God, and trust that any movement I make will work out for my Highest and Best Good.

The energies of the Universe are pushing you to go!  Don’t let yourself stay stuck in whatever space you feel you are stuck in.  You have a lifeline from the Universe – grab hold and take it!

Even if you cannot change everything right this minute, you MUST change something.  Remember, the Law of Attraction brings you more of what you are experiencing now.  The subject does not matter so much as the feeling.

If you are feeling powerless in a relationship or a job, you will create more opportunities to feel powerless.  It could show up as a car accident, illness, something going wrong with your home and you needing to put out money you do not have to fix it… the subject is not as important as the feeling …. All these things make you feel powerless, it is not an accident that they showed up in your life.  Like energy attracts like energy.

It works the other way too.  Let’s say you are in a relationship or a work situation that you feel powerless in.  If you can say to yourself what I wrote above, (and I will write it again here because it is important)  “I will trust the process, I will get out of my comfort zone, I will let go and let God, and trust that any movement I make will work out for my Highest and Best Good.”  You will feel empowered.  If you can say that, and FEEL it, you will feel more empowered than you do now.  As soon as you take back a little bit of your power, and start to allow yourself to feel that power things will begin to improve.  IT IS LAW.

You may not be able to quit your job right now, but you could start looking for something else.  Or more likely, once you allow yourself to feel that powerfulness that is in you, you will be INSPIRED to take an action. It will actually FEEL GOOD.  You will be hard pressed to NOT take it because it feels so good.  All you did was allow yourself to feel a little bit more power and you felt immediately better.  Things and people will show up for you that make you start to think “I can do this”.  The Law of Attraction will bring more things to you that have that same feeling.  Maybe someone at work will surprise you and change their attitude, maybe someone that you feel has never valued you will say some words of appreciation, maybe you will come across a job posting that looks just perfect for you (you may not get that job, but it may inspire you to realize that there are other things out there).  No matter the circumstance, or what it looks like ‘exactly’, the feelings will be the same, and empowered feelings will assist you in moving forward and will via LoA attract more of the same feelings.

If it’s a relationship, you need to remember you cannot control other people, but you can change your thoughts and your actions.  Instead of thinking “I am stuck in this house, with this person, in this state”, replace it with “What can I do right now to feel more empowered and feel better?”.  The answer might be to pull your energy back from that person a little bit and put the focus back on yourself.  The answer might be to get a job so that you will have money.  Once you bring it back to you, and realize that you have power over yourself and your feelings, you will feel better.
Sometimes people are afraid to feel powerful in a relationship if they are unhappy in it because they think if they were to have their own money, or power, then they would leave their spouse and that would certainly bring them out of their comfort zone.  Sometimes that does happen, BUT sometimes the relationship just changes.  The thing is, you will not know unless and until you focus on yourself.

If you are uncomfortable or worse yet, miserable, now, what have you got to lose?


How to Get Through a Time of High Stress

If you are feeling very stressed out, and feel as if you are having a meltdown, or like you might be going bonkers, hopefully this post will help you.

Step one.  Realize that it will pass.  During times of high stress or anxiety it is easy for us to keep thinking about our stressful situation.  You may have thoughts about how bad things are.  You start to imagine how many other things could go wrong.  One of the most common phrases you tell yourself is “what if, (insert bad outcome here)”.

So, you need to start telling yourself something else.  If you are human, chances are you have been in a similar spot, with similar feelings before.  You got out of it and you are still here.  If the most positive thing you can come up with is “this will pass, I will not feel this badly forever”, then use it!  You emotionally, intuitively, and logically know that it will pass.  Every time you start to go down a negative thought ‘road’, replace it with “I will get over (or past, or through) this”.

Step two.  BREATHE.  Focus on your breath and bring your breath deep into your belly.  Keep focusing on your breathing.  If you are thinking about your breathing and feeling your body, you cannot be thinking about what is bothering you.  You can only have one thought at a time.

Step three.  Relax your muscles.  It is physically/psychologically impossible to be angry, upset, stressed or have otherwise ‘negative’ feelings when your body is relaxed.  If you are having uptight thoughts, your body is stressed and your muscles are tight.  If you can relax your arms and your back and your torso and legs, and focus and think about relaxing, you cannot be feeding the stressful thoughts and feelings.  Its physically impossible.

Step 4.  Think of a time when you were in a similar situation and overcame it.  Think about how good it felt the last time you felt good (even if it feels like it was 100 years ago).  Relive it in your mind (in the case of a break up, don’t think of the person you just broke up with.  Think about a different break up you had before that that you go over).

If you have lost a job you enjoyed, think of the last time you were in a career that you enjoyed that ended before you got the one you just lost.  You got another one that time, you will get another one again.

You need to trick your mind by feeling better feeling thoughts until your emotions can catch up.

I must say that if you have lost something that you did not like anyway, then count your blessings and look upon it as divine intervention to move you forward from a spot you were stuck in.  It’s likely a place you would not have left without some “help”.

There are physical as well as energetic things going on when you are stressed or upset.  Our body produces many hormones and enzymes and chemicals (natural) at different times, depending what we are going through.  Endorphins when we are happy, cortisol when we are afraid.  (plus many others, I’ll keep this simple for now).

Let’s say, you are at the height of your stress and one of your hormones kicks in and is at a 10 on a scale of 1-10.  So, not only are you dealing with a stressful situation, you are now dealing with a hormone that is helping you to be more stressed out.  So our hormones have kicked in, our mind is running all kinds of negative scenarios through our mind, and we are essentially “losing it”.

If you take step 2 & three above and do them, your hormone level may go down to an 8 or 7.  So now step one and step 4 are even easier.  So let’s say that after doing step 1 and step 4, your hormone levels go down to a 6. Phew, progress.

Now that you have managed to lower your hormone levels, maybe you can get onto the next step, which would be to distract yourself.  Go for a walk, wash dishes, meditate, read a book, whatever.  Anything to take your mind off your worries and help your physical self and hormones.

As you go through this process, keep remembering to breathe and relax (step 2 & 3).

Once you are feeling a bit more ‘under control’ of yourself or your attitude about your situation (there are plenty of situations you cannot control, but you can always control your attitude about them), your stress hormone level may get down to a much more manageable 2 or 3.

Now you will be in a position to make decisions and have movement in your life from a place of more power.  When you started out and were in a place of high stress there was pretty much nothing you could do to keep your thoughts positive.  Almost every thought you had was doom and gloom.  “I’m so sad”, “I’m so powerless in this situation”.

As you feel better, solutions to your problems will start to appear.  You will have inspired thoughts instead of fearful thoughts.  You will have relaxed your emotional and physical body to a point that your intuition can work, and your angels and guides can communicate with you easier.  You will find that just as you are coming into a more relaxed state, you will be inspired to take an action, or do something (or have a nap for that matter).  At this point, whatever it is that comes to you, will be much easier to accomplish.

Before you know it, the situation, (or issue, feelings, anger, depression, whatever is was, and however it manifested for you), will be behind you once again, and you will be able to say “I remember that time I felt just awful but I GOT THROUGH IT!!

Depending on the situation, your beliefs, your habitual thinking patterns, and your environment, this process could fix things within minutes, or it could take days, or even weeks.  Every person and every situation is different.  It WILL help you get through and past it though, that I know.

Repeat as required.

* Note: I am not a doctor, and this is not a replacement for any medical care you may require from a qualified medical practitioner.

Higher Dimensional Energies DO NOT Want to Tell You What To Do

We all have guides, teachers, angels, ascended masters, and loved ones, (perhaps ancestors we don’t even know) that spend time with us whether we realize it or not. I usually just call them my “peeps”.

Most of you reading this post realize this, at least on some level, or you probably would not have been drawn to my site.

Your peeps DO NOT want to tell you what to do. You need to really understand this, it is important.

We are on earth to have an experience. OUR experience. NOT someone else’s experience. This might sound harsh, but they DO NOT care what you do! They want you to be happy, they want to support you energetically to get what YOU want. NOT what they want for you.

In the case of loved ones who have crossed over, they may have told you what to do when they were here, but they DON’T CARE WHAT YOU DO AS LONG AS YOU ARE HAPPY.

Most messages that come from your peeps will be messages that empower you to be happy and create the life that YOU want. That’s it. They want you to be happy.

Most of the time, if you are talking about your problems you are just making your problems stick even more. Your peeps don’t always want to talk about worry, or guilt or problems.

All of your solutions lie in your vibration, your offering to the Universe. If you offer out crap, you will get back crap. Your peeps want to help you to help yourself. They don’t want to talk about your problems. They want to talk about what you are offering up to the Universe, what you are putting out there, what you are getting back.

Psychic Readings with me are all about solutions, NOT problems. If you need to let go of something in order to raise your vibration, that will be shared with you. If you need to add something (healing, meditation, training in something, etc.), that will be shared with you.

If you ask specific questions, often you will get specific answers. Sometimes you won’t. If it DISEMPOWERS you, or takes your free will and choice out of the equation, you will not get a specific answer. Not from higher dimensional energies, they won’t live your life for you.

Which Path Should I Take?

Sometimes it really does not matter all that much which direction you decide to head in.  No matter what happens through your lifetime, you CANNOT FAIL on your journey here.  We are here to have experiences, to live life to the fullest, to enjoy ourselves, and to love.

In these photos, as much as they all look very different, each of these paths will all take you to the same place.  Every one of them.  The path you go down, and the direction you take will alter your experience for sure.  However, if you want to head up-river and make it to the Bridge (as in these pictures), you will get there no matter which of these paths you take.

You can see clearly from the pictures that the scenery is quite different; some appear easier, some appear prettier, or harder, or muckier, or more boring.

From this vantage point, the choice really is yours.  Which path do you want to follow?  Which would make your life the most interesting to you?  Or the most comfortable if comfort is what you prefer?  The shortest?  The direction is in your hands…

If you need some help deciding which path will give you the experience you want in your life, maybe I can help. Visit this page to see more about Psychic Readings.


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Which Path Should I Take?

Which Path Should I Take?



My Guides are My Life Coach

Over the past few months I have been blogging a lot about Creating.  Creating our own reality, creating our lives.  I have been coaching and mentoring for quite a few years now, and I decided that maybe I needed a coach myself.  As I was looking for answers and a coach, my Guides stepped forward and offered to be that for me.  Normally our Guides do not interfere with our lives, and my guides are no different. They are not interfering, but they have offered to give me some extra help and the little “push” that I need to start living my life purpose.  I have asked, and they have answered, for this I am very grateful.

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to do.  We have so many things we want, so many things that seem to be missing from our lives.  I see it in my own life, the lives of my friends and family, and in the lives of my clients.

Most people I come into contact with know there is more to life than what is manifesting right now.  Many of you have studied the Law of Attraction and it just doesn’t seem to work a lot of the time.

The Law of Attraction is like the Law of Gravity.  Whether you are aware of it or not it is there.  It is impacting your life every second of every day.  Ignoring it or being unaware of its existence does not mean it is not there.

Thing is, a lot of the information available stops short of telling you what to do or how to do it.  You cannot meditate and affirm your way into the life you want.  You need to take action.

Sometimes you don’t know what action to take.  Because you have gone through so much of your life not being aware of the Law of Attraction, (it is new to you), now that you know about it, you have no idea what to do with it.  So much of what you read is contradictory.  Do this, but not that, this way, not that way.  It might seem to work for you for a few things, or for a short time, then things go off the rails again.  It can get very discouraging.

I am a firm believer that we CREATE our reality, and that constant change is necessary.  We need to follow our inspirations and our gut feelings, even if they feel uncomfortable.

It is for that reason that I have done up a new website.  I will keep this website up and I will continue to do readings for those that want them.  However, I have been told quite clearly that I am to start teaching even more than I have in the past.

I have a very clear connection to my Guides, Angels, God and the Universe and always have.  I am blessed in this way.  I am going to focus more on Coaching and Mentoring, and on teaching you how to connect with your divine purpose in life and to create the life that YOU want.

I have asked my Guides to be my Life Coach and Mentors.  I am ready to listen and to change and to create what I want.  I feel I was given these gifts and this knowledge so that I can share them.

You all have the gifts I have inside of you.  Don’t you think its time to learn how to use them?  If you would like help to create the time of your life check out my new website. “Personal Training for Your Soul”.

You can find Empowering Perspectives on Facebook too!!


Who Said You Can’t

Stop letting people tell you that “you can’t”.  Stop telling yourself you can’t.  YOU CAN SO.  You can do pretty much anything.  It will take some ACTION but you can do it.

We are so programmed to think we can’t do things.  It’s ridiculous.  It’s SAD.  Start being more aware of your thoughts and you will realize that you probably say ‘I can’t’ many times in a day.  You are probably also told by others that you can’t.

Think about it for a minute.  Let’s say you are thinking of switching jobs.  You have an offer or opportunity but you have a pretty decent paying job now that is as secure as they come these days.  You have been thinking about moving on for a while, but have been afraid.  You think about it, and say “I can’t change jobs, I have a good one now, what if the new one doesn’t work out”.  Well, first of all, if you don’t move or make a change, nothing will ever change.  Praying for change won’t do a dam thing if you are constantly thinking ‘can’t’ and you refuse to take some action.  So what if it doesn’t work out?  You get another job and change again ~ unless “you can’t”.  YOU CAN.  If you can do it once, you can do it twice or more.  Why not?  What would stop you except for your thinking that you can’t do it?

My son wants to change schools next year.  I have been asking him about his motivations for changing in order to help him with his choices and decisions.  He’d be entering grade 9 and still needs some direction from me.  I am certainly NOT going to just arbitrarily tell him ‘you can’t’.  I truly cannot think of a good reason why to say no.  I also will NOT tell him he can’t change back if he does not like the new school.  What would I be teaching him if I told him “Okay, but if you make this decision you are stuck with it, you can’t change again later”?  I am actually quite proud of him that he is brave enough to think about making such a big change at this time of his life.  He’s got lots of friends at his present school, and is having no issues.  He’s not trying to run away from anything, he’s trying to experience new friends and something new.  Not something that a lot of us can easily do.  In this situation, I REFUSE to tell him “you can’t”.  If he were to change and hate it, I would not say “You can’t change schools again” ~ if I were to do that, he would likely never be brave enough again to make such a big move.

What about where you are living?  I know at least 3 people in my immediate sphere of family/friends that are very unhappy living where they are living.  Very unhappy, miserably unhappy.  All 3 of them constantly say “I can’t” move.  They have valid excuses (I mean reasons), why they can’t move.  But with all three it would be doable if they really wanted to move and used their repetitive thoughts FOR themselves instead of AGAINST themselves.  They are so used to saying “I can’t”, that they are unable to see a way out.  They have completely shut down their inspiration and ability to create new situations.  Every time they think about moving, they lower their vibration by focusing on all the reasons why it wouldn’t work.  All it would take for them is removing the statement/constant affirmation “I am unhappy here but I can’t move”, and replacing it with “I don’t know how I can move, but I can, and I am happy”.

Two of the three people I am talking about are aware of and kind of use the law of attraction, and positive thinking route.  But it’s not been working for them, all because of a little phrase “I can’t”.  I guarantee, that if the phrase was to change from “I can’t”, to what I wrote above, inspirations will start flowing.  Pretty much everything in our lives has started with an idea or an inspiration.  Nothing shuts down inspiration more than that “I can’t” phrase.  The minute you say that you shut down 100% flow from the Universe.

By saying that you don’t know how you release the resistance of trying to figure it out.  If you could have figured it out, you would have done it by now.  When you use this statement , you free yourself up to get inspiration and ideas from your Guides, Teachers and Angels.  By saying I can and I am happy, you raise your vibration and allow higher vibrating thoughts and ideas present to you.

Saying you can’t do something and being afraid of change and movement will keep you stuck.  Imagine if you had done this your entire life, from the time you were born.  Imagine if when you tried to walk your parents said “No, you can’t do that, you might hurt yourself!”  It sounds ridiculous but that is what you are doing to yourself every day.  If you weren’t you would have what you wanted by now.

If you truly couldn’t do it, you wouldn’t be doing anything that you are doing now.  You wouldn’t even be reading this because there was a point in time that “you couldn’t”.   Everything in our lives starts with an idea followed by inspired action.

Sometimes changing (jobs, homes, life), can take some time.  It’s not always instant.  Maybe you really can’t “right this second”, change your living situation for whatever reason.  Thing is, that if you change the way you think, you CAN get there over time.

When I first started working out hard two months ago I couldn’t lift a certain weight, I couldn’t do quite a few of the extreme boot camp exercises we were doing.  I didn’t say “I can’t do these exercises”. I did not go in on the second morning saying “I’m doing it today”, that would be silly (talk about a useless affirmation).  It truly was a case of “I can’t”, physically it WAS impossible.  BUT ONLY IN THAT MOMENT.  NOT ONCE did I say “I can’t do this exercise” to my trainer.  Not once.  There were a few times where I said “is there an easier way for me to start to work the same muscle group, this particular exercise is physically hurting me” ~~ notice my focus was on what I COULD do, not what I couldn’t do.

Every morning that I go to work out I am so freaking happy to be there.  I visualized, focused and affirmed for over 6 months that I wanted to be able to afford to attend that gym.  Every week, I get stronger, I can do more.  Things that my body was not capable of before are now easy for me.  It’s called practice.  The more I focus on what I do, the more I can do.  I still “can’t” run.  It hurts me.  I don’t say “I can’t run” though.  I say, I want to be able to run, I will keep working at it and getting stronger UNTIL I can run.  I am putting my focus on what I want.  If I only focused on the fact that I can’t run, I would never be inspired to try, to get stronger, to work towards my first run.

The rest of life is like that too.  You need to focus on what you want.  You don’t have to know how to get it, let God and the Universe take care of that.  First, you need to stop saying you can’t, and you need to believe you can.  Once you do that you will get ideas coming in for you that are ‘out of the box’ of where you would normally think.  Then, the next and for now, the MOST IMPORTANT step ~ TAKE SOME ACTION when you get the ideas.  Just like I cannot sit on my ass at home and THINK about working out and get stronger and fitter, you cannot sit on your ass and THINK about what you want to do without doing something to get yourself there.

You CAN do it!!






2014 A New World, or Same Old Same Old?

Both, neither, depends on where you are on your journey.

We have been in the 5th Dimension for quite a long time now (since the end of 2011).  In the 5th, it is easier than ever to consciously create for ourselves.

Things are changing for sure.  As a planet we cannot go on as we have before.

2013 was a big year for releasing things that no longer served our highest and best good.  I released a lot of ‘old stuff’ myself (subconscious thought patterns, habits, things I didn’t even know were there).  In May I basically asked my Angels and Guides to help bring to the surface anything that I was not consciously aware of so that I could deal with it and release it.  It was uncomfortable to go through some of the things that came up, but I feel so much better now.


Physically I had a very healthy year myself (I think 2011 was my biggest year of ascension symptoms), but I know many people who became quite physically ill.  A lot of the illness was due to ascension, changes in our DNA, and I know a lot of people went through a big shift and detox as well.

With our creative ability being so much stronger in the 5th Dimension, if there are things you would like to do health-wise, like getting in shape or eating better or releasing illness, this year is the perfect time to start.  Do NOT focus on being sick, focus on being well ~ what you can do to be well, and energy work (and visualizations) of being well.  Some of you will see miracles this year.


In 2008 there was a financial meltdown like no other.  So many people seem to think that it has been over and done with and that it has been back to ‘normal’ for the past few years.  Its not, not really.  It is a really big illusion and it is only a matter of time before things go all weird again.

So many of the worlds currencies rely on the US.  The US says it is recovering.  That is so untrue it is not funny.  Nothing has changed there.  They are simply printing more and more and more money.  It boggles my mind that most people cannot see that for what it is.

Its much like you going out and getting 15 credit cards, a line of credit on your mortgage, a couple car loans and then using credit to pay the mortgage and car loans, and  just spending on the cards.  Eventually your credit will run out.  It may appear to your neighbours or your kids that its business as usual and that you are doing well.  Thing is, credit will only last for so long.

This post isn’t meant to be all doom and gloom.  Just saying it like it is.  What you chose to do with your finances will be a big indicator of how 2014 and beyond will look for you.

As an aside, if I had money in the stock market, I would be putting stop loss, sell orders on them, (I think that’s what they are called).  I personally won’t be buying stocks until they go way back down again, and they will.

Work and Career

Now is the PERFECT time to make changes if that is what you feel drawn to do.  It is all about Service.  Service to self and service to others.  As old 3D systems break down, there needs to be a focus on other human beings.  We need to love each other.  There are so many of us on this planet and we all have different gifts, different wants and needs, different points of view.  Community is important, service to others is important.  If you focus more on Service to Self ~ via doing work that you enjoy; and more on Service to Others ~ by providing wants or needs for someone else via your work, you will feel very fulfilled going into the future.

*** you can certainly still do 3D work, you may just need to change your approach to it, and your thoughts about it.

For myself, I am going to be doing a lot more teaching, mentoring and training.  I will still do some readings, but I have been doing them for many years and I think it might be time for me to do more work with helping you understand, and enhance your abilities.


October of 2013 was a crazy time for relationships.  The planetary influences and the energy of the planet both added to volatile situations.  Many long term relationships were challenged, and got better.  Some ended.

For 2014 it is smoother sailing for relationships IF you resolved your issues in October.  If you realized in October that you were in the wrong relationship for you, and you stayed in it, it will not likely get any better (I am sure there will be a few exceptions to this, but not many).   Expect major upheavals if you decided to stay; you may find that you end up being somehow “forced” to let it go.

If you find yourself in this situation, just remember, You Are a Creator.  How you respond to any changes is how you will create your new situations.

You are in for an amazing year if you decide to walk into your future with confidence and love.  Your ability to have, be and do whatever you want is magnified beyond anything we have ever seen before.  We’ve always been able to do it, it is just so much easier energetically now.

For those that cling to the old outmoded energies of the 3D world without any awareness or appreciation for the New 5th Dimensional Energies, things may not be quite so rosy.

It will be extremely important to refrain from judging things this year.  A lot of our 3D systems and ways of doing things will be breaking down and/or changing.  We cannot go on as we have.  As you live with and observe what is happening, do not judge it as ‘good or bad’, it just is.  2013 was a challenging year personally for many of you, well 2014 might end up being an even more challenging year for our “systems”.  Keep your thoughts focused on what you want and how you want to feel through any changes.

Whichever Dimension you find yourself in, remember, You Create.  Yes, you attract, but more than that, You Create.  Monitor your thoughts carefully, because it is your thoughts that create your reality.   Allow yourself to DREAM, and DREAM BIG.  Focus ONLY on what it is that you want, and you will find that things come flying into your life, as if like magic.

Love, and Happy New Year,




Have you forgotten how to dream?

The ONLY time we forget how to dream, is if we do not think our dreams can come true.

There is nothing that we can have in this life that did not start with a thought, a Dream. Our thoughts are energy, and are very powerful. Whatever you think about you create.

It is very important to Dream, to imagine what you want in your life. The sad thing is, many of you have forgotten HOW to dream. So many things have happened over the course of your life that you think have happened TO you. If you can see how you helped to create them, then you will see that you are very powerful indeed. You will realize that you have what it takes to allow yourself to dream differently.

If your Dreams have turned into Nightmares, the following steps can help turn your life around.

Forget everything that has happened up to this point
There is no sense re-hashing all that happened to get you to where you are. Acknowledge that you are where you are because in some way you created it. You got here based on decisions that you made, and actions that you did or did not take. Once you take 100% responsibility for being where you are, you can begin to look forward instead of back.
An affirmation of “I created where I am, I can create where I want to be” may help.

Stop saying you can’t change
This is your ego talking. Of course you can change. You are never too old, too sick, or too stuck. You may not be able to change people or things around you, but you can change YOU. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Forget everything you have been taught
Often, our parents didn’t know how to consciously create their lives, they lived in a different dimension than we are living in now. In the past there was not the awareness that we have available to us now. They may have told us that dreaming was a bad thing, we had to “live in reality”. Things are different now, and “Reality” is whatever you want it to be. Living someone else’s “reality” can keep you very stuck.
School doesn’t teach this stuff either. Many of us learned the opposite in school. Go to school, get a job, have a family, be stuck in the cycle. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Stop making excuses
We could all come up with excuses why something won’t work. No matter what the situation, you can create an excuse for anything. If you cannot give up your excuses, you cannot allow yourself to Dream. If you are in the habit of making excuses, every time you start to dream, you will automatically, from habit, come up with an excuse why it won’t work. This will stop you before you even get started.

Stop blaming other people
Yes, it can be really hard to stay positive and look forward if you are living with someone who is very negative. BUT, you are responsible for where you are, and you and only you are responsible for who you let into your life. If you say you can’t get out of your situation, then you are making excuses. Take all of these steps together and use them to remove negative people from your life. Or remove your life from negative people. You are a powerful creator, if you can dream it, you can do it. Start imagining a life without them, instead of always thinking about your life with them.

Be willing to give up what you have
This can be the hardest one. Change is change. If you want things in your life to change, you have to change things in your life. If you are unwilling to give up your home, you cannot have a new home.
If you are unwilling to give up your relationship, you cannot have a new relationship. Sometimes you MUST give something up. Too often, you think “I worked so hard to get this, I can’t let it go now”. Unless you are 100% happy where you are, there will be something you have to give up to get what you want.
I guarantee you, that if you are stuck with trying to hang on to what you have, you will never be able to create new. All of your focus and energy will go to hanging on to what you have.
This does not always mean that you HAVE to give something up. However, you must be 100% WILLING to give it up. A closed fist cannot receive.

If you are so hell bent on hanging on to what you have, and are unwilling to let go, that is where your thoughts, and therefore your energy will go. You will continue to get even MORE of what you already have. In order to dream, you need to be able to look forward. To trust the universe will give you what you need. When your whole focus is on WHAT IS, you cannot possibly be dreaming about what COULD BE.

Stop focusing on the HOW of what will happen
You need to be able to see your dream, trust that it can/will manifest for your highest and best good, and then LET IT GO. Too often, you have a dream, and then you start to wonder “How can that happen? I’d have to win the lottery or something.” This thinking will get you nowhere. It is NOT up to you to know HOW it will happen. It is just up to you to Dream about it happening. To believe it CAN happen. You created what you have. You CAN create what you want.

Take some ACTION
This is the most important step. If you allow for the things already discussed this will be easy, you will feel inspired and your energy will flow in the direction you want to go. If you haven’t allowed yourself to do the above, it will feel down right impossible to do.
If you say “I can’t”, or “It’s not my fault”, or “I’m not giving that up” you are speaking from your ego, and there is no way to create a better situation from there.
If you say those things to yourself, you will never take any action. Why would you? After all, you have convinced yourself that ‘you can’t’.
Action doesn’t always need to be big action either. No matter where you are, spiritually, physically, emotionally, if you allow yourself to dream, where you want to be is always somewhere else. Taking action, simply means taking a step in the direction that you want to go. Even just reading this blog post over and over, and being willing to think differently can be a first step. Praying for help can be a first step. In the past I myself have prayed “help me be willing to change or see things in a new way”.

You cannot just meditate and affirm your way to a new life. It can help for sure, but it won’t magically create something for you if you won’t change anything or take a single step. There is not one successful person on the planet that got that way by ONLY meditating, dreaming or thinking. Every single one of them took some form of action to get them where they are.

With dreams it is important to realize that they happen over time. You are not going to just wake up one day and be living a different life if you have not allowed yourself to have a different thought first.

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