The Art of Relaxing ~ How to Relax Your Mind, Body and Soul

Yesterday I wrote a blog post about our need to take it easy and relax this weekend.  I heard from a few of you that you have a really hard time just letting go and allowing yourself to relax.  You get so wound up in your head and your thoughts that you cannot even take a day or a few hours and truly enjoy the moment and just be.

This post is for those of you who would like to get better at the “Art of Relaxing“.

The Art of Relaxing


7 Top Ways (to Learn) to Relax

1.  Live in your NOW moment.  Whenever you cannot get out of your head and allow yourself to just let go, you are living in a different time.  Of course there are times when you have things to do, but I’m not talking about that.  I am talking about times when you wish you could relax but you can’t.  All of the things you are worrying about are generally either in the past or in the future.  Your first step to being able to relax is to be here now.  If you are thinking of things you have to do later and you are afraid you will forget, simply write them down, they will still be there for you to do tomorrow.  It serves no purpose whatsoever to be thinking of them today.  Stay in your Now and observe what IS.

2.  Write a gratitude list.  Get some white paper, and using blue ink, start to write down all the things you are grateful for in your life.  If you do not have the ability to relax it is likely related to things you are worried about in some form.  If you start to write down all that you are grateful for, you will change your vibration, and it will help you forget about your worries and be more able to focus on your present moment.

3.  Write a list (or letter) of forgiveness to yourself.  As your thoughts are spinning, if you find they are going more into the past and “should’ve could’ve would’ve“, it might be a really good time to forgive yourself.  You cannot change your past, however, by forgiving yourself, you will enable yourself to release any old dense energy, and start creating better things in the future.

4.  Meditate.  Even if you haven’t mastered meditating on your own, you can listen to audios from others’ that will help to take you to somewhat of an altered state (whether it be relaxing, or sleeping).  If you look to the right on this page, you will see a list of categories.  Click the “Video” category and pick a meditation that you feel drawn to.

5.  Release the Energy Cords from people in your life that taught you relaxing was a bad thing.  This often comes from a parent that was always busy (whether they actually ever got anything noteworthy done or not).  Try this Etheric Cord Cutting meditation, and release cords from anyone you have been influenced by that is unable to relax themselves.  (Cutting these cords can be a first step to changing your belief systems as far as whether or not relaxing is good for you ~ which it is).

6.  Ground your energy.  When you get all scattered and your thoughts are going off in all different directions, and your energy cannot focus anywhere, you are ungrounded.  You can do some work on your Root Chakra to ground your energy, or read this post on Centering, Grounding and Protecting your energy, and give it a try yourself.

7.  All of the above are very much ego based thoughts/feelings.  Our ego does play a role in our life, but if you can go to your heart space and hold your focus there, you will feel so much calmer.  You can try this Fastest Stress Buster Ever, and I guarantee it will work for you.




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I Turned 49 This Week

So I am officially “pushing 50″ now, and I love it.  So many of you are worried about getting older, or you are my age or better and thinking you are old.

I personally think that maybe 50 is the new 16 because I feel fantastic.  Not that I would want to be 16 again, but I had a really fun day on my birthday.  No partying, no drinking, but boy I laughed all day long!  I can honestly say that this was the best birthday week I have had in years.

I feel good and I am really happy with my life.

When we reach ‘a certain age’ we have some choices to make.  I know some people who think 40 is old, and I know some people that are in their 80’s that are still very young.  Age really is just a number.  We can age gracefully, or we can allow our bodies to atrophy and get ‘old’.  A lot of the time its a choice.  As we age and stop using our muscles, we lose muscle cells.  They don’t always grow back once you hit a certain age, but if you use them, you won’t lose them.

Also, as we age toxins do build up in our bodies and we have a choice of whether to do something about it or not.  Toxins really are unavoidable, between chemtrails, our food, our air, our water… but we can eat foods that help detox us, or do a cleanse.


If you think you cannot change your body or your life after a certain age, you cannot.  If you think you can change after a certain age, you can.  It does take effort, but it can be done.  Just as you cannot lose weight without some attention to food and exercise; you cannot age gracefully and healthfully without some effort on your part as well.

I read a study when I was in my 30’s that in cultures where women are revered when they get older, there are no menopausal symptoms.  In cultures that embrace aging, and where women are respected as elders or wise women, menopause is easier.  There are adjustments to the body, but they are not ‘bad’ and they do not create unnecessary discomfort.  20 years ago, I decided to make this a part of my belief system.  It was my choice to decide that.  So far so good.  I am embracing getting older, and loving every minute of it.

We carry emotions in our energy body that impact our physical health, we carry our toxins, our baggage, our fears all in our emotional and physical bodies.  It really is a choice, when you decide to do something about it, you feel better.

This is not to blame anyone for their ‘disease’, sometimes illness is a part of our Spiritual Journey; but health and healing can also be a part of that same journey.

Once you reach a certain age, if you have been able to mature, you care a lot less what other people think of you.  You seem to worry less about what is going on around you, and you think more about what is within you.  What you can share without giving away your own peace and health.  This way of thinking is a choice though.

There are many of you that are near my age that are complaining about aches and pains and the fact that you thought you would be better off by now.  That’s what a mid-life crisis is:  thinking you should be somewhere else on your journey.

Your journey is yours and yours alone.  At any moment in time, you can change your mind and change your life.  It is possible, and with every thought you think you are in the process of creating.  Do you want to create more of what you have, or do you want to create something better?

I personally know that by the time I am 50 I will be in the best health I have been in since I was a kid.  I have my physical issues, but I started doing something about them, and I continue to do what I can to keep myself as healthy as possible.  This is my only body, and it deserves to be treated as well as I can treat it.

I will admit though that I am not a vegan, I smoke some cigarettes and I drink some beer once in a while.  Sometimes I stop smoking, sometimes I smoke, I might or might not ever quit for good (it does ground me and seems to keep me on this planet in this dimension).  I will probably never give up having a beer in the yard in the summertime, and I may or may not ever give up eating some meat products.  There are a LOT of things I AM willing to do though.

I wrote this post two years ago now and I really did take it to heart for myself and I started living differently.     Lies I was told about Getting Older.  I cleared out my old crap, my old belief systems, I blogged about it and I started believing and living differently.

Getting older really is a blessing, be thankful that you have the chance.

With Love


Leo King David Palmer on Time, Free Will and Destiny

leo king

I quite like David Palmer.  He’s an astrologist and I will sometimes watch his videos to get an astrological perspective on what the energies on earth are doing.

I came across this one from him this morning, and thought it was worth sharing with you.

Hope you enjoy it,

With Love


Les Brown: I AM Going to Make It

les brownCapture

Wow, this is a really good audio.

Things really are moving for us now!  Things we have wanted for a long time are starting to manifest, and quickly.  I have noticed with a lot of you though that some things are having to fall apart, or leave your life in order to make space for the new.

Things have taken so long it can get scary when the changes start to happen.  Keep going, don’t falter ~ do what it takes.

Don’t give up.  You’ve got this!




If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.

Three words that will change your life forever (and they are not the ones you think)

You ever notice that we humans seem to always want to impose our will onto someone or something else?   I blog a lot about spiritual development and empowerment because there are so many things you can do and choices you can make to propel yourself into a future that you would like to see.  This includes developing your intuition.  The Law of Attraction is real and we can use it to our advantage ~ (for ourselves), or we can let it run our life without any conscious creation.

on earth as it is in heaven

Sometimes, you might mistake “Personal Power” for “power over others”.  These two things are not even remotely energetically related.  You have power over yourself, your actions, what thoughts you think, how you feel, and what you decide to do in any given moment.

Because you cannot control other people or external events to the degree that you think you should be able to, when you do try you come up against a brick wall.

You may try something ‘your way’, and when it doesn’t work the way you want immediately, you say “I can’t”.  Or you say “the Law of Attraction does not work”.  It does work though, 100% of the time which is precisely why you need to replace your “I can’t” with….

How Can I?

If you want to change your life very quickly, and easily, replace “I can’t”, with “How Can I?”

That one little tweak could change your entire life forever.

So many of you tell me “I want to enhance my gifts” or “How can I talk to my guides”, or “how can I develop my intuition”, or “how can I make more money” or “how can I find a relationship” (endless list, everyone has a unique question).

It is simple, stop blocking it.  You have the ability to use the Law of Attraction in your favour.  You also have the ability to use it against yourself.  You have the ability to get your own intuitive answers to questions as well.

You cannot get answers to questions you have not asked.  If you find yourself in a situation and you say “Well, I can’t do that” then the buck stops there.  The energy stops on that subject and your mind and your energy moves onto something else.  After all, “you can’t” and you are frustrated so there’s no point in trying.

When you get angry or frustrated or sad ~ that just exacerbates the situation.  Now you are adding lower vibrating thoughts (energy) to the mix of “I can’t”.  There’s usually lots of feeling behind that statement!

Once you say “I can’t” it doesn’t matter what anyone says to you that is contrary to your “I can’t”, you won’t believe them.  No one can buck your current of “I can’t, its impossible”.

I want you to try an experiment and leave me a comment on this blog post, or on Facebook.  I want you to start out by practicing a bit of awareness so that you can recognize how often you say “I can’t” to yourself.

Then, every time you find yourself saying “I can’t”; I want you to replace it with this phrase:

I don’t know how, but I’m open to finding out.

That’s it.  One little phrase will change your whole life.

Your guides, the Universe, God, Source, your loved ones, Angels… none of them can help you without your permission.  The minute you say “I don’t know how, show me”, you WILL get an answer.  YOU WILL GET AN ANSWER.

Sometimes the answer will be on how to specifically do what you were thinking about.  Sometimes your answer will be a parallel thought/feeling that will get you to the same end result you were thinking of, but via a different path.  Sometimes your answer will be no.  Sometimes your answer will send you off in a completely different direction.

It doesn’t matter HOW it comes, what matters is that you open the energetic doors to be able to hear your ‘intuition’ or helpers.


Its also important to remember that you cannot use the Law of Attraction on, or manifest things for, someone else.  That is their job.  If someone around you has a situation that you want to help with, you can ask “How can I help”, but you must be open to receiving the message that you cannot help them.  Also, it will not work with “How can I manipulate this person into getting back together with me” ~ you cannot control other people ~ however, you could ask “How can I be happy, or how can I get ready for a relationship” ~ these questions are about YOU not someone else.

So try it.  Whatever you have been thinking you want or working towards, ask the question “How Can I?”

It will change your life.

How Long is it Going to Take for You to Realize You Are Not Broken

You are not broken, although there are certain aspects of life on earth that are.  You have spent so much time trying to improve, repair, release, and figure out what is wrong with you ~ you have convinced yourself that you need to be ‘fixed’.

What if there is nothing wrong with you?  What if you were to begin to realize that you are a perfect Child of God and that it is the whacked out ‘pretend’ matrix of the earth that has you all messed up?

I get it.  You are sensitive, so am I.  We feel things very deeply and the ails of the people around us and the world can really impact us in a huge way.  You sometimes feel things that don’t belong to you and they feel dense and fearful and like there is something inherently wrong with the planet.

Firstly, the planet is fine.  Second, you are fine.  Some of your discomfort comes from your sensitivity.  What is ‘wrong’, is that you have been programmed to think that what you want is somehow wrong.

You watch TV, you talk to people who watch TV.  You stare at your phone and watch cat (or goat) videos, you play video games, or you zone out on Facebook.  You look at people who are living a ‘certain type’ of life, and think that maybe you should be doing something else.

You are bored.  There is a big part of you that knows there’s more to life than this, but you are a prisoner.  You are stuck in your job, and/or the place you live.  It feels like a prison and that there’s no way out.  The reason for this is because everywhere you turn you are being told you are broken and need to be fixed.

What if you aren’t broken.  What if you are just stuck in a matrix and you don’t know how to get out.

BE yourself

Thoughts are things, everything is energy, intention is everything

This is a big one and it can change your life to really ‘get it’.  You need to stop saying “I don’t know what is wrong with me”.  Or, “Something is wrong with me and I don’t know what it is, I need to fix it”.

I have done that; asked that question, and I will tell you now that it will lead to depression if you do not stop yourself from asking.  I have had other people’s energy attached to me and felt a bit ‘off’.  At least it started out that way.  After a while, instead of realizing what I was feeling wasn’t even my own ‘stuff’, I started to question things.  “What’s wrong with me, I’m so sad” or “OMG I am so sad, I don’t feel like I will ever feel good again, this came on so suddenly, there must be something wrong with me ~ I’m broken and I need fixing”.

If this has happened to you before, keep reading because:

Here is your Cure:

  • Firstly, do some clearing meditations.  Ask Archangel Michael to help you.  Do a lot of them if need be.  One should do it, but sometimes your mind gets in the way and thinks you need more ~ if your mind & thoughts think you need more, then you need more.  Your thoughts create, so thinking you need more clearing, creates the need for more clearing.  You need to clear and then trust its okay.
  • Make a conscious decision to disconnect from that which does not serve you.  Really.  I didn’t know this before, but as an Empath it is much easier to disconnect from the energy of others than I thought.  It mostly just takes practice.  Practicing to not take on others’ stuff, and practicing recognizing it and clearing it when you do.
  • Practice awareness.  Be very aware of the words you are using and make sure they are for your “Highest and Best Good”.  Your self-talk is very important.  Don’t say “I take on the energy of others’ and I can’t help it”; instead say “I sometimes take on the energy of others and I am really good at diffusing negative energy, but every day I get better at letting it go”.
  • “I don’t need to keep the energy I diffuse for others, I can let it go, and I do, EASILY”.  These are affirmations, and they will help you.  Just as being an empath is energetic, so are the affirmations.  Your thoughts/words to yourself will create your reality.  You can create something different.
  • When you are going to talk to someone that you know impacts your energy, make a conscious decision ahead of time to protect your own energy and stay in your own energy.
  • See an energy worker for help, I often help people with this during psychic readings when its required.


What if you don’t need healing so much as you need to let go of what no longer serves you?

So many energy workers and healers are stuck in a really bizarre place.  They feel differently than most people do, they are in jobs with people who are stuck in unawareness and they feel like the life is being sucked out of them on a daily basis.

The world is waking up but there are still a lot of people on the planet that really don’t have a clue.  If you were to talk to them about ‘energy’ in the way I write they might think you are a bit loopy, or worse yet become afraid of you.

So, you don’t talk about it.  You try to fit in, to conform to what you think is ‘normal’.  To what you see on television, or hear about at work or at family gatherings.  Sometimes as you are listening to other people talk you think “Where am I?  Am I stuck in some weird movie where things that are not important are what seems important; and what I know and feel is really important is ignored?  Are these people crazy?  Am I crazy?  It must be me because they are all in agreement and I am the only one standing here talking to myself.”

I know there are a whole bunch of you that just read that last sentence and thought “OMG, I’m not the only one!!!!”

And nope, you’re not.  There are millions of us.  We just really need to learn to meet each other.  It starts with being your lovely self.  Other people that are like you won’t be able to find you if you hide.

You will need to be discerning though.  Sometimes if you go to a “metaphysical event” you will meet some pretty freaky woo woo people who think they are stuck and broken themselves (they think, therefore they are), and you won’t relate to them any more than I do.  However, you may also meet some people who are a little more down to earth, (like myself), that just like to hang out in decent energy.  I went to just such an event yesterday and most people there had very lovely energy and I made some new friends.

One of the reasons I don’t ‘work’ these events normally is because they attract people who want someone to fix their broken selves, and quickly.  They don’t want to take part in their own healing journey, they want someone to wave a magic wand and ‘bam!’ ~ all fixed, you broken soul.  Even better if they can get it for free!


Which leads me to…

I know a lot of beautiful wonderful energy workers and most of them that do work for others have a ‘day job’ that pays their bills.  They might charge for their services, but they charge very little because they believe (mistakenly), that they should be giving their services away for free.

They know that they cannot ‘heal’ anyone; all healing comes from within, so when someone comes to them essentially they heal themselves.  They have a really hard time getting their head around charging for something that seems so simple.  Or MORE COMMONLY, some of them think they aren’t “good enough” ~ this is a super common occurrence for those of us who are ‘different’ in this way.  After years of being told you are different or worse yet, broken it can take a while to begin to value yourself properly again.

This isn’t really fair to these energy workers, but it is their ‘belief’ that energy work is secondary to the matrix of slavery for money that is what made you feel broken to begin with.  I have done it before myself.  I used to have a day-job and charge less for my readings.  I helped way less people of course and it was harder to get in to see me.  It took me a long time to embrace the belief that I do help people, and that it is okay if I want to work my own hours, and live in a house, and take a trip every now and then.

I must say, that just because you are sensitive and different and feel ‘broken’ doesn’t mean that you have to turn your gifts into a career.  There are many light workers that work in other fields.  It doesn’t matter what you do, or where you work, or if you don’t work ~ just embracing all of your complete, unbroken self can work wonders for those around you and the world in general.

It is okay to ask for help, you cannot always do it yourself

As much as I know you are not broken, depending on the spot you are starting from it sure can feel like it sometimes.  I used to feel broken myself, and I have gotten some really good healing energy work from other healers.  I have an entire circle of healers that I consult for different things.  I don’t generally need to consult them very often because I get a lot from my own Spirit Helpers; but on the occasion that I do need help, I most certainly will HIRE one of them to help me.  Most of them are my friends, but they are also business women (just so you know, this is just who I have been led to for myself ~ there are men that do this work as well, just none that I have had the pleasure to work with).

It can take years to clear yourself of your stuff if you do it on your own without help, and it can get rather uncomfortable in the meantime.  So it is perfectly acceptable to work with someone who has been where you are, or at least knows how to help you on the next steps of your journey.


If I can be of assistance to you on your journey I would love to help.  I do single appointments and mentoring/coaching as well.  You can contact me here.


Some Days are Just Like That

So I had a partly bad day today.  It started off pretty good.  I was on a roll with a bunch of projects I’m working on.  Emailed a few clients, tidied up a bit.  The sun was shining, birds were singing, dogs were sleeping at my feet.  I felt like I was really in the flow of what I wanted to accomplish.

Then all of a sudden something came into my awareness that was unpleasant.  So much so that it threw me right off.  I stayed calm, I just didn’t feel very good inside anymore.  It happens to all of us.  Maybe it happened to you today, the planets are a little skewed.

Feel good now

We are totally responsible for what happens in our life. 100%.  So what do you do when you are minding your own business and something hits you out of nowhere?

This is what I do automatically, and what you will need to learn to do to help yourself out if you want to progress away from discomfort.

The first thing I did is I asked myself what I might need to know/learn/change because of this situation.  I know that I’m responsible for my life, that everyone in my life is a player in my game, so whatever happened, somehow it was for me.  Not done to me, but for me.  So I asked myself some questions.  This is what you need to do; ask questions, expecting answers ~ your intuition will never let you down.

Once you ‘put it out there’ to your Higher Self, the Universe, whatever you like to call it, then you need to let it go.  The answer will only come if you don’t force it.

If it is something that “throws you off your game”, unless you want to be spun off track for days, your best course of action is to do something else.  I addressed what I needed to address as best as I could, I acknowledged that there must be some message in it for me.   Then I went and listened to a meditation.  I listened laying down in bed this time (usually I sit) and just let myself drift off to sleep for a while.

I woke up and stayed in bed for a few minutes.  Thinking of things I like and enjoy.  I didn’t rehash the crap from earlier.  I had been on a roll before the “event”, so I focused on the other things I wanted to do and that I was doing earlier.  I was hungry, I thought about eating dinner.  I still hadn’t done my blog post for the day, so I thought about that.  I listened to an uplifting and empowering audio while working at my desk.

I’m fine now.  I could have made different choice.  I could have stayed in that energetic space and argued my point.  I could have played over and over and over in my head how I was justified in feeling the way I felt.  For the record, of course I was justified for all my feelings, however I made a choice that what I was feeling didn’t feel good, so I changed the subject on myself.

You have that same choice.  If you want to use your spouse, kids, job as an excuse; STOP RIGHT THERE.  You have choices around all of that as well.  If you are finding yourself reading these words, and saying to yourself “well, she’s got it easy”, or “but I’m stuck in this situation”, or the absolute worst “someone did this to me”;  then you really need to read all the posts on this blog.  I’ve ‘been there done that’ with all that stuff and you can get yourself out of any situation.

Some situations are more challenging than others, but there is nothing that you are having in your experience right now that you cannot change once you take 100% responsibility for your own life.

And just for the record, it is “easy for me to say“.  I’ve lived it.  I’ve had the good, the blissful, the bad, the ugly, the indifferent.  I have worked with energy for my entire life.  I have practiced what I share with you, in the way I share it with you, for years, and it WORKS.  It works so well that even in my times of greatest discomfort, it is still easy for me to say.

With Love



If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.

In Honor of My Mom

Happy Mothers day

Hi Mom,

Happy Mother’s Day,  I hope you see this, I’m sure you will, I know you are one of my biggest fans.

Thank you so much for teaching me to accept people for who they are and not to judge others.  Thank you for teaching me to accept myself just how I am and for letting me know all these years that its okay to not be “Normal”.  Without you, I would not be the woman I am, and I love and appreciate you more than words can say.

For all of you that read my blog:

On this Mother’s Day I want to share my favourite “Mom-isms” that I got from my mom.  These are things that she said to me repeatedly over the years that helped shape me into the person I am today.  At certain times I hear her voice in my subconscious mind saying these things to me.

I hope you get as much from them as I still do.

Whenever I would get all pouty and start with a “woe is me” attitude she would remind me:

“Life isn’t fair”.  She never put a negative spin on this, it was just a gentle reminder that sometimes things happened and it was best to just move along to the next thing.

Whenever I got scared or nervous about speaking in public, or putting myself out there in a bigger way she would say:

What are they going to do, throw tomatoes at you?

Or if I was nervous about anything, a test, meeting new people, doing something I hadn’t done before:

It will be over and done with by this time tomorrow (or in 3 hours or whatever time frame)

When I was younger and would occasionally get into ‘drama mode’ about something that might happen:

In 100 years from now who is going to care? (will it matter)

This is still one of my favourites to this day, really helps to keep things in perspective:

Only the end of the world is the end of the world

This one is pretty self-explanatory, I heard this one a lot when I was a teenager and kept doing the same stupid things over and over again:

If you were sorry you wouldn’t have done it

This was another ‘biggie’ for me throughout my life.  It kept me from chasing after people that really didn’t want to be in my life, and I am sure it saved me months or even years of misery.

Never pursue a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to be with you

I find myself saying these words to others too, especially my son.  I am grateful for my mom and all she taught me over the years.  I am grateful that these are some of the subconscious programs I have running from my childhood.

And my two very favourites that I always find myself saying to myself….

Everything will work out, it always does…


Treat others as you want to be treated

Hoping you find some inspiration in these words today, just as I get inspiration from my mom.  Happy Mother’s Day.




Do it Now

This is the note I have on my fridge

This is the note I have on my fridge


I have a note on my fridge that says “Do it Now”.  I used to have them all over the house but they started getting in the way so I cut down on how many I have up.

I’ve had a mantra for myself for years of “Do it Now”.  I put the notes up mostly for my family.  So many of us have a habit of having an idea and then not following through.

It is really important that when you are inspired to do something you do it.  I came across this video yesterday and really wanted to share it with you.  This woman has some really good points.


How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over

Set your Intention, Then Let Go….

When working on manifesting in your life, you need to set your intention and then let go and let the universe do its job.  Intention is everything.

In your asking, you are already in the process of creating what you want.  A lot of people will tell you that you need to look at a vision board over and over, and say affirmations over and over, but this will only work for some of you.  Why?  Because if you do not hold the belief that you are a creator, and if you find your energy going a place of lack when you look at your board, or affirm positive things, you will essentially be focusing on the exact opposite of what you want.

see it when you belive it

There is a big difference between Belief and Hope

If you truly believe that you are a creator and can use the Law of Attraction to get what you want, you won’t be constantly focusing on what is missing in your life.  You will know that you can write something down, or intend for something to happen, without timeframes or dictating where it will come from or how it will happen, and you will sit back and wait.  You will vibrate patience because you know it is on the way.  You know that every time you focus on the lack of what you intend to have (impatience, upset), you send it farther away.  So you trust and wait and know.  How long to wait?  As long as it takes for your vibration to catch up to your intention.

If you just Hope that the Law of Attraction works, you will be in a constant state of doubt (maybe even just subconsciously), that you can actually create what you want.  When you do this, every time you focus on what you want, your limiting beliefs or subconscious programs will remind you that you don’t have it.  Then your focus will be on NOT having it.  You will look at your vision board and think about what you want, and then after you stop looking, you will go back to your old vibration of “here are pictures of things I don’t have”.  Or with affirmations, you will look in the mirror and maybe you can say to yourself “I love you”, but really your subconscious beliefs are screaming at you “Wow, do you ever have bad skin” (or whatever else you rake yourself over the coals for).

You need to align what you want with your vibration.  If you cannot look in the mirror and say “I love you”, can you sit down with a pen and paper and write out one (or 10) things that you can at least like about yourself?  That would be your best place to start in this case.  If you can’t believe it, then when you affirm it, you will just be affirming the opposite.  You need to start where you are at.  And if where you are at is in just with small things then start there.  As you get better and better at the small things, you will expand your energy to the bigger things.  Don’t get ahead of yourself or you will just set yourself back to step one.