Energy Alert ~ Full Moon in Gemini ~ Mercury Retrograde ~ December 3, 2017

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Energy Alert ~ Full Moon in Gemini ~ Mercury Retrograde ~ December 3, 2017

Oh what exciting times!!!  We have big energy events going on right now.  Lots of changes and shifts and ascension opportunities.

Who are you?  What do YOU want?  You really can have it.  You really need to focus on what it is you want.  I’ve written a lot lately about blame and victimhood, and being your authentic self.  These energies are coming to a head this weekend.

Its time to stop living small.  Its time to stop living someone else’s life.

There can be fear that comes along with these changes.  Have you gotten complacent?  Have you given up?  Have you been doing the same things for so long you don’t know how to do things differently?

A really good ritual that you can try is to write out your belief systems via your life stories.  It is often helpful to write out things you would like to release on the Full Moon, I do this myself on most months.  I write out what I want to release and then I burn the piece of paper (safely).

At the time of this Full Moon, Mercury is also going retrograde.  I’ve got to tell you, mercury retrograde isn’t a bad thing.  Its had a bad rap and a lot of you dread it.  Stop doing that to yourself, you are a creator and the more you dread it the more you open yourself up to having things go sideways on you.  You might not want to install new software on your computer, or buy a new car, or have too-deep conversations with loved ones during mercury retrograde, but it can really be a powerful time to release the past.  It can be a powerful time to dig deeper into things that are important to you.

Here is how you can use these energies to your advantage over the next few days:

This will be easier for some of you than others.  Those who have taken part in a 21 Day Energy Clearing and Healing Session may have an easier time of it, simply because they are coming into it with clearer energy.  You are only needing to work with your mind not your energy as much.

You are doing this so you can let it go, not so you can blame or stay stuck.  If you remember nothing else, remember that it needs to be acknowledged so you can let it go.  Constantly saying “Well, I don’t think that way, I AM thinking positive”, or “I don’t have any baggage”, or “I am NOT like my parents”, or “I don’t let old programs run my life!”, won’t work.

Every single one of you has subconscious programs and belief systems running.  They are called sub-conscious for a reason, if they were ‘conscious’ you’d know what they were ~ you would be consciously thinking about it.

Those of you who deny having subconscious programs are the ones that will suffer from them the most.  You MUST acknowledge it so you can consciously make changes to your programming.

Most of our lives are lived sub-consciously.  Our subconscious mind helps us to pump our blood, breathe, protect us from harm, do repetitive tasks without thinking about them.  The subconscious plays a pivotal roll in our lives.  We need it.

Sometimes though, our subconscious can sabotage us if the messages that got in there were disempowering messages.  You all have them, I have them.  We can’t be alive in our society today without getting programed with some negative things.

Do you even know what you really believe?  Deep down inside yourself.  You might not.  You can’t always recognize what is SUB-CONSCIOUS, (because it is NOT conscious).

So the ritual you can try over the next few days is to think about what is NOT working in your life.  Not so you can hang onto it, so you can let it go.

Grab a piece of white paper, and a blue pen, and start writing.  Whether you have issues with ‘relationships’, or money or living your dreams, or whatever.  Just start writing.  As you allow your pen to flow, more and more will come to you.  You may find you write a small story about something that happened in grade 2.  Or something you overheard when you were 5 years old.  Or maybe its something more recent.  Where someone ‘wronged’ you.  Where you were told you were wrong.  Where someone told you you weren’t quite good enough, or you shouldn’t talk that way, or be that, or do that.  Don’t hold back.  Give yourself some time to just get it all out.

We ALL have examples in our life where we were told “You can’t…” or “That’s dumb…” or “Nice try, but you simply aren’t good enough”.  Times where we had some feelings that were negated by someone else.

Some of you had hard childhoods where nothing you ever did was right.  Some of you had good childhoods, but maybe money was always tight.  Maybe you had a great childhood, but something happened to you in your 20’s that changed the way you thought of yourself in your life.  These things caused you to create a subconscious program, and it IS running.

These are all the things you want to let flow on paper and acknowledge.

So what do you do once you get it all out there?

Well the LAST thing you want to do is dwell on it.  Simply acknowledge it and see how it might be playing out in your life right now.  Once you recognize the old programs, you can use your conscious thoughts to reprogram yourself.  Look at what you wrote, and then dig deep and find examples of how this story is not true

If you believe that all men/women are jerks, you will attract jerks and if you happen to attract one that isn’t a jerk you will have trust issues and your subconscious programs, which create your ACTIONS, will screw it up.  Try and think of men/women you know that are nice, caring loving people, they are there.  Your thoughts are not true.

If you believe that money is scarce and that no matter what you do you will NEVER get your bills paid off, or get ahead, or be abundant, you will create more of that.  If you do get ahead, your subconscious will take over and create more bills for you, or give you excuses to use your credit cards, or have you giving up on taking inspired actions to make more money ~ because, after all, you have a program that tells you “you will never be abundant”.  Think of ways in which the world IS abundant.  You will find many ways in which it is, clean water, food, heat… the electronics you are reading this on (look around a LOT of people are doing well in this economy ~ same economy you are living in, they just have different thoughts about it ~ and they take different actions).  Your thoughts about lack are not true.

With work, if you have been programmed to believe that all bosses are greedy jerks, you will create more of that too.  You can see your boss as a greedy jerk, or you can realize that YOU are programmed to believe that so you will find it, even if it isn’t there.  There are many ‘bosses’ that are leaders because they want to lead, empower, pay, share with employees.  I am a ‘boss’ and I think I’m super nice.  Its all a matter of perspective.  You thoughts about all bosses are not true.

Health, same thing.  If you believe that your body is meant to fall apart at a certain age it will.  If you constantly find yourself saying “I’m getting too old for this crap”, or “I can’t do what I used to do”, you will age faster because you will take zero inspired action towards getting healthier ~ after all you don’t ‘believe’ subconsciously that its possible, so why try?   There are hundreds of thousands of examples where people have gotten MORE healthy after 50.  Google it.  (I believe I can get healthier after 50, so I’m trying this, if it works for me, I WILL be sharing it with you)  Your negative thoughts about your body and health are not true.

So once you’ve done the writing and realized where your blocks might be coming from, you can burn the written words if you want to release them.  For some of you, you might want to hang onto them so you can go over them later.  Only hang onto them if you are going to make the effort to re-phrase them for yourself ~  if you have the diligence to watch what you are thinking, and practice awareness of where your thoughts are going.


This is already so much longer than I first set out to make it!  Oh my goodness, that happens a lot with me.  I sit down to share a little and a lot comes out.

I used to be told that I “talked too much”.  I believed that for 42 years.  I was constantly apologizing for ‘talking too much’.  I thought it was my biggest fault and that my talking made me selfish and uncaring.  Yup, I really thought that.  It wasn’t until I was 42 when I realized that my ability to talk was in actuality one of my biggest gifts.  Now people pay me to talk.

At 42 is when I started blogging on a more regular basis, when I started to put myself out there to do readings for ‘the public’ instead of just friends and family.  All it took was removing that program that told me my gift (of the gab) was a bad thing.

So, whatever it is you have been telling yourself when your conscious mind is otherwise engaged, pay attention, practice awareness, challenge it, rephrase it.  Change the words you are saying to yourself, change your life.

With Love,





If you are feeling blocked and think that some energy work will help you, your group, remote (long distance energy work), energy clearing and energy healing session for 2017 starts on December 18, 2017.  This will be the last session for 2017 until March 2018.  You can see more details here>> 21 Day Energy Clearing/Healing Offering ~ Starts December 18, 2017

If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

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Your words and thoughts have physical power – Will Smith

Found this video of Will Smith talking about how your thoughts and words have physical power.  Its a montage of different clips where he talks about his success.  Interesting perspective on talent, skill, work ethic and making other peoples lives better.

Think its pretty interesting and inspiring so wanted to share it with you.

will smith

Your words and thoughts have physical power – Will Smith


If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.

Stop Judging Other Lightworkers for Having a Different Path Than Yours ~ there is more than one way to get things to change

I’ve seen a lot of posts on Facebook lately that slag people who choose to see the good in just about everything (yes, this is where I come in).  I have the ability to see multiple perspectives and energy behind every situation.  There are NO situations in life that are just black or just white, everything has more than one perspective.

Some of these posts I have come across say we (people like me) are “New Age Spiritualists” that have our heads up our asses.  That we are ignoring the real issues, and pretending they don’t exist.  That nothing can change if we don’t get in the game and start acknowledging all the evil and bad stuff in our world.

energy alert


We are all here for different reasons and it takes ALL of us and ALL of our views, perspectives and ‘ways of being’ to help make the world a better place.  I don’t slag anyone who has opinions that are different than mine.  We all have something to contribute.

The Energy Workers

The world needs love.  There are some of us that have incarnated here in order to help empower other people to be their true selves and to make their life better ~ and by doing that, these souls are able to make more of a difference in the lives of others.  Some of us have even incarnated specifically during this time FROM OTHER PLANETS.  Mother earth and her people need a lot of love to help through this transition and there is a HUGE transition team here right now that are assisting with raising the vibration of the planet.

Those of us who were born with the ability to feel energies and consciously play with energy and manifest things more easily choose to use this ability to raise the vibration of the planet via positive reinforcement.  We know just how powerful we are when we use our energy in a certain way, and we USE IT.  We infuse light into situations, and transmute energies, that those living in the old earth energy cannot even fathom.

Those that Spread the (Bad) News far and wide to bring awareness to situations

There are some souls on this earth that are here to bring things to light so that transformation can occur.  These souls are more likely to share things and bring up uncomfortable subjects.  Some are outraged at what is going on on planet earth and they want to tell everyone!  They say “Do something dammit, don’t ignore this!!”

Sometimes these are the worst offenders for pointing the finger at those of us who are here to spread light and love, (while accusing us of “ignoring the issues”).  Most of them have some understanding of energy, but they don’t feel it in quite the same way that some of us do.

The Protesters

There are some that are here to protest and march against injustice.  I am grateful for these brave souls that risk injury or jail time in order to change things for other people.  They are the bravest of the brave and they put their energy into physical action.

I am sure there are many more, but these seem to be the 3 most prevalent ‘types’ of Lightworkers I have come across.  All of us have our role to play.  No one is wrong, however we all come at it from a different angle.

I am here to teach and to spread love.  I know about all the lousy stuff happening on the planet, but it would be hard for me to teach love, empowerment and compassion if I spent my time being upset about what is going on.  I don’t have to ignore it, I just focus on what I want to see more of.   If I can empower more people, then there will be more people empowered to make changes on the planet.  It matters not if I am empowering/helping energy workers or protesters or somewhere in between; empowerment works on every level.

All change starts from us.  Whether the change comes from within, or is focused on from without, change will happen.  Some of these changes need a 3 tiered approach, they need someone to shine a light on the injustices, they need an infusion of love, and they need people to stand up and march and protest to help change happen.  Without ALL these energies working in conjunction with each other the changes might not happen quite as quickly.

We cannot help anyone until we help ourselves.  If I was broke and miserable, I highly doubt that I would be able to make such an impact in this world.  It takes a lot of my time and energy to write these blog posts, do readings, and engage with people.  It takes my money to run a business and a website.  If I did not work on empowering my own self first, I would not be doing what I am doing.  I would be working for someone else to ‘make ends meet’ and I’d be lucky to do one reading a week and one blog post a month (been there done that).

I would love to be doing amazingly well enough one day to actually be able to help more people in more ways; if I do not take care of myself, I will have nothing to give.  Yes, I could spend my time complaining instead, and ‘getting the word out’ about the injustices on our planet, but that is NOT WHY I CAME HERE.   Some of you are here to do just that and I applaud you.

PLEASE just think twice before you judge anyone who has a different role to play during the Earth’s time of transition.




If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.




The Art of Relaxing ~ How to Relax Your Mind, Body and Soul

Yesterday I wrote a blog post about our need to take it easy and relax this weekend.  I heard from a few of you that you have a really hard time just letting go and allowing yourself to relax.  You get so wound up in your head and your thoughts that you cannot even take a day or a few hours and truly enjoy the moment and just be.

This post is for those of you who would like to get better at the “Art of Relaxing“.

The Art of Relaxing


7 Top Ways (to Learn) to Relax

1.  Live in your NOW moment.  Whenever you cannot get out of your head and allow yourself to just let go, you are living in a different time.  Of course there are times when you have things to do, but I’m not talking about that.  I am talking about times when you wish you could relax but you can’t.  All of the things you are worrying about are generally either in the past or in the future.  Your first step to being able to relax is to be here now.  If you are thinking of things you have to do later and you are afraid you will forget, simply write them down, they will still be there for you to do tomorrow.  It serves no purpose whatsoever to be thinking of them today.  Stay in your Now and observe what IS.

2.  Write a gratitude list.  Get some white paper, and using blue ink, start to write down all the things you are grateful for in your life.  If you do not have the ability to relax it is likely related to things you are worried about in some form.  If you start to write down all that you are grateful for, you will change your vibration, and it will help you forget about your worries and be more able to focus on your present moment.

3.  Write a list (or letter) of forgiveness to yourself.  As your thoughts are spinning, if you find they are going more into the past and “should’ve could’ve would’ve“, it might be a really good time to forgive yourself.  You cannot change your past, however, by forgiving yourself, you will enable yourself to release any old dense energy, and start creating better things in the future.

4.  Meditate.  Even if you haven’t mastered meditating on your own, you can listen to audios from others’ that will help to take you to somewhat of an altered state (whether it be relaxing, or sleeping).  If you look to the right on this page, you will see a list of categories.  Click the “Video” category and pick a meditation that you feel drawn to.

5.  Release the Energy Cords from people in your life that taught you relaxing was a bad thing.  This often comes from a parent that was always busy (whether they actually ever got anything noteworthy done or not).  Try this Etheric Cord Cutting meditation, and release cords from anyone you have been influenced by that is unable to relax themselves.  (Cutting these cords can be a first step to changing your belief systems as far as whether or not relaxing is good for you ~ which it is).

6.  Ground your energy.  When you get all scattered and your thoughts are going off in all different directions, and your energy cannot focus anywhere, you are ungrounded.  You can do some work on your Root Chakra to ground your energy, or read this post on Centering, Grounding and Protecting your energy, and give it a try yourself.

7.  All of the above are very much ego based thoughts/feelings.  Our ego does play a role in our life, but if you can go to your heart space and hold your focus there, you will feel so much calmer.  You can try this Fastest Stress Buster Ever, and I guarantee it will work for you.




If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.

You will always have challenges

There will never be a time in your life that you are not challenged in one area or another.  Never.  Even if your life is relatively good, you will still have challenges.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a way to enjoy each challenge as it came along?

There is…

Your thoughts are what create your feelings.  Your thoughts and feelings are what creates your next steps.  Unless and until you can look at each challenge on its own, and see it for what it is, and work to get past it, you won’t allow yourself to be happy.

Funny phrase you won’t allow yourself to be happy.  A lot of you will say that you want to be happy, that I am full of it.  But really, it is you who is creating this.  Not your boss, your mate, your kids, the government.  It is you.

Because you will always have a challenge in your life, if you decide that this challenge is too hard, will never go away, or is someone else’s fault, you won’t be able to move past it.  Your intuition cannot buck the current of your determination to place blame somewhere.

allow yourself to be happy

I’m not saying this to make you feel badly.  I am saying this because its true.  You are so very powerful.  You are a creator.  It is totally in your power to overcome any challenge that may come your way.  Your first step is to always realize that you have personal power, personal power over yourself and your own thoughts, feelings and actions.

Some challenges are bigger than others, that is a given.  Being challenged in your scope of work, or in a sport is easier than losing someone you love or having an illness.  But big or small, there are ways you can support yourself through your challenges.


What is the difference between people who get past big challenges and people who don’t?

  • People who get past challenges take responsibility for their own feelings right now, they don’t wallow and blame.   Try it, this can create a huge shift in your energy immediately.  Huge.
  • They acknowledge that sometimes life just isn’t fair.  Because its not.  If you walk around thinking that life should be fair, chances are you will be disappointed ~ a lot.
  • They look at a challenge as a reason to change something.  You are either growing or dying.  If you never change anything, you aren’t growing, so what does that leave you?
  • They don’t wait for someone else to come in and change something, or rescue them, or put the past back the way it used to be.  They take action.
  • They don’t look to the past and wish it was still the same.  Sometimes life throws you curveballs.  You can’t go back.
  • They don’t turn to drugs, alcohol, food, sex or other self-destructive behaviours.  They know that they are responsible for themselves, and they generally don’t treat themselves badly like that.
  • They don’t glorify the past.  “Oh that was the perfect job, relationship, home…”  If it was perfect, it would still be there.  See things for what they are NOW.

You have absolute power over how you choose to feel and the actions you choose to take.  Every time.  Way too many of you were disempowered by your parents or other important people in your life.  Isn’t it time that you started to forget all those disempowering things you’ve been told?

Even in a 12 Step Program they say, “we admitted we were powerless”.  Don’t believe it for a minute.  People wouldn’t heal if they were powerless.  Sometimes we do need to surrender, but there can be a lot of power in surrender.

You are never powerless to overcome a challenge unless you choose to give away your power to something external (just for the record, praying is not external You are God.)  Whether you give it away willingly to another person, or unwittingly by your thoughts, that is the only way you aren’t powerful in certain situations.  Do remember though, you are still creating, even if you feel powerless.  I can tell you from personal experience, it is much more comfortable to create with intention rather than by default of thinking there is nothing you can do.





Remember…You’ve Got This

You are so very powerful.  I don’t always know why I write what I write but I always trust that its what you need to hear.  You are reading this for a reason.  Whether you are reading it on the day I am writing it, or 100 years later, this is for you.

You are powerful, you have forgotten that.  Whether it is people in your life, or circumstances, or whatever, you might be struggling a little bit right now.  Things are changing here on planet earth.  There is no doubt about it.

When we resist these changes is when we feel as if things are being done to us.  This note is your reminder that you are a creator.  You are God, and you are so much more than you realize.
you've got this
If you can manage to look at all that is going on in your life and imagine what might unfold if you could just surrender.  Surrender to God, your Higher Self, ask the Angels for help.

Take a good look at who is around you and ask yourself if having them in your (head) space is healthy for you.  As you are going through your day, do you find that you have words or phrases running through your head that aren’t even really yours?  They belong to your partner, your parents, your disempowered friends?  If so, you need to replace them.  If you have empowering phrases running through your head, that is good.  If they make you feel like giving up, or that you don’t have any say in your own life and what you want anymore, then it is time to replace them.

You are powerful.  This doesn’t mean you have any power over others, it means you have ultimate power over your own thoughts, choices, manifestations.  You are not required to live in fear.

If you are feeling anything less than stellar at the moment, I want you to go and get yourself a piece of paper.  White paper, blue pen, and write down all the positive potentials of what you could create in your life.  Your potentials, your creations, your “what if everything turns out perfectly for me, what would that look like”.  If you hear any negative voices that don’t belong to you, replace them with your own voice.

Your Higher Self Wants to Talk to You

You need to be heard.  Your higher self needs to be heard by your human self.  You have access to your own intuition via your higher self.  Your higher self wants to talk to you.  You just need to get rid of the chatter of all the other people in your life.  Get rid of the chatter of your ego.

You do not need to be anything for anyone (except if you are a parent, but that’s a different story, and you still need to take care of yourself).  If you could be or do or have anything what would it be?  Write it down.

Some of you are so focused on what others want for you you can’t even answer imagine potentials.  Keep working on it, you will get there.  You need to empower yourself to be what you want to be.  Not what someone else wants you to be.

Sharing and cooperation are good, losing yourself is not.  Remember sharing and cooperation are a two way street.

If you can get quiet with yourself, your intuition will help you find your way.



If you think you would like some help connecting with a part of yourself that you think you have lost (which isn’t really lost, its just been ignored for a while), I can certainly help with that.  You can see more about psychic readings, here.

Power vs. Control

We are in some very powerful times on our planet.  2014 was a really intense year for all of us.  So much came up for us to evaluate or re-evaluate.  Some things just needed to be rejigged but a LOT of stuff needed to be let go of.

The good news.  Finally the energy from last year is clearing.  The bad news.  If you didn’t bother to practice some awareness and allow things that needed to go, to go, you are likely really uncomfortable right now.

More good news though.  The Universe and the changes of the collective consciousness on our planet are extremely supportive of each and every one of you awakened humans.  2015 is proving to be a fantastic year for stepping up and living your life ~ on your terms.

For all of you reading this, whether you are dealing with old energies or new, you are being prodded to step back into your rightful place of Power.  You are a powerful creator and you no longer have to be ruled by external forces.  There is nothing that you cannot do or be if that is what you want.  The trick here is to realize what you can and cannot control.

Being Powerful doesn’t necessarily mean you have any Control at all

Your power is a personal thing.  It is how you feel and how you create and how you do things in your life.  It is all about you.

It comes from within and is activated in you when you wake up in the morning knowing that you are creating your day with your thoughts and actions.  If you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.  You are using your power.  You have the power to create, the power to tear down, the power to expand or the power to contract.  Every time you use your power to remind yourself that you can do it, you are “Em-Powered”.  If you use this same power to tell yourself you are stuck or that nothing is within your control you are “Dis-Em-Powered”.

Control is something that humans try hard to maintain.  It rarely works though because you seem to be constantly trying to control external things or other people.  Because it is impossible to control other people or things, when you try, you give your power away.

In this disempowered state, you then affirm that “they made me feel”, or “they made me stuck”, or “this situation/economy/job is causing me to… (fill in the blank)”.   Not that they made you, they just didn’t do what you wanted them to do.  Or in the case of the economy or your work, you are only stuck if you believe you are.  Suddenly it feels like they have (or it has) all the power and you feel powerless.

power and control

Power comes from the Soul.  Control comes from the Ego.

The only thing you need to do in a situation where you feel powerless is to state it differently.  You are never stuck unless you give up.  Giving up doesn’t always mean doing nothing.  Sometimes giving up means taking action.  Sometimes ‘giving up’ means fighting for what you want.  Giving up in this instance, means giving up control.

When you give up control you can find your power.

If you are in a relationship and the person you are with is acting in a way you do not like you feel powerless.  In this case, you are powerless to change them.  You cannot control them.  However, you are not the least bit powerless.

If you release them (or it) from your expectations and stop trying to control them (or it), you immediately get your power back.  It really is that simple.

When you are able to bring yourself back into your own power, you can say to yourself “okay, here I am, here they are, there is nothing at all I can do to change them”.  Then you can succinctly state what you want.  “I want to feel better” or “I want more money”, or “I want to work or live somewhere else”.

The minute you give up on trying to control them and you put your focus back on yourself your personal power kicks in.  Once you begin to feel your power your intuition will be able to kick in.  You won’t be blocking it by trying to control external factors.  You will free up that energy to be able to steer you in the direction you want to go, and you will find that you start to get NEW ideas flowing to you.  You will never be open to the new ideas, unless and until you let go of the need to control the way other people or things are.

What you focus on really is what you create more of.  The steps are simple, decide what you want and then stop blaming other people or circumstances for why you don’t have it yet.  Listen to your intuition.  Make some changes.


If you would like some help figuring things out in your life a psychic reading can help.  You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.





Projecting Your Now into Your Future

I know you do this.  I do this sometimes (much less than I used to).  We all do this.  We project whatever is happening for us right now into our future.  Whether it is real or not.

I write a lot about living in the Now.  And the mindfulness of the now really is a nice place to be, but as humans we have a tendency to bring our now into our future, and sometimes it can feel pretty bleak.

When we are going through a hard time it is easy to project that hard time into the future.  It is too easy to think that things will stay like this forever.  To feel badly, and not be able to see our way clear to a time when things might be better.  You cannot see a potential future where you might feel happy and comfortable because NOW is uncomfortable.

Here is an example of projecting your present into your future

My husband is in construction and usually does ‘one-off’ jobs.  Meaning, he will work at one job site for a day or two, and his next job will be at another jobsite.  There are times where he is working a huge project with ongoing work, but those are few.  Most of the time his phone rings, he books work for the next day, or next week, and that’s it.  Sometimes he is booked up until the middle of the next week.

Sometimes though, he has nothing booked at all.  Has no calls to return, nothing.  In this case when my husband has no work booked business seems slow.  We may or may not have accounts receivable due in.  But in a circumstance like that it is easy for him to project into the future from this moment.  The way things look right this minute business is slow and it looks and feels depressing.

It doesn’t even matter what the subject is.  Business, relationships, finances, it could be anything.  If you are wanting a relationship and don’t have one, if you are feeling lonely, don’t project that into your future.  You won’t be lonely forever.

If you look at your life, it has been a series of events.  Most of the big positive events in your life came out of nowhere (now here).  Jobs, relationships… one day you wanted one, one day you got one.


Make it a good one!

Make it a good one!

As an example, my husband, today, has no work booked.  That doesn’t mean his phone won’t ring and he won’t have work for tomorrow, it just means he has none today.  He had none yesterday either, and on Tuesday he only worked for half a day.  In the past he would have freaked out and projected that into his future. (He’s so lucky to have me 🙂 lol)

There is nothing that he or I can do to MAKE his phone ring.  He spends a little bit of time on his business every day (because that is what you need to do when you work for yourself), sometimes its visiting jobsites, sometimes working on his website, sometimes just catching up on paperwork, or fixing tools, or any of the other things he does that I don’t have a clue about.  He ‘works his business’, whether he has a paid job that day or not.

He has learned to not let desperation or hopelessness sink in — he has learned not to project today into tomorrow.  In the past when he has created a vibration of lack, or of not having enough, all that happens is he attracts clients that have the same vibration.  These clients end up not wanting to pay a fair price for equipment and hard work.  He either doesn’t get the job or works for free.  Either way he’s wasted his time and ends up still being in a place of lack.

Those feelings don’t feel good.  Those feelings don’t need to last.  You don’t want to create a future for yourself based on those uncomfortable feelings.  You need to do what you can do in this moment for yourself, and you need to feel as good as you can.

This week, instead of spending his time projecting his present into his future, we went down to Home Depot and got some drywall and paint and we are doing some much needed work in our bathroom.  We haven’t had time and its something needs to be done.  Because he is not wasting time and energetic resources projecting ‘lack of work’ into his future, he is doing something that is making him feel good, and will also likely get his phone to ring for work next week.

Affirmations to keep from projecting your uncomfortable now into the future

1.  Tomorrow is another day.

2.  Everything I have in my life right now, was not there one day, and the next day it was.

3.  Everything always works out for me.


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Help from a Position of Strength

We are all one, and our energy sometimes shifts collectively.  This will create a ‘trend’ that I will see in my clients, and in my family, friends and myself as well.  It doesn’t happen collectively all the time, but it seems to be happening around this subject at the moment.

I had the opportunity to do some work with Cassandra at Devine You this afternoon, and the subject of helping others by helping yourself first ~ without rescuing them ~  came up for me as well.  I think it is worth sharing the words of Abraham at this point in time, and I hope it assists those of you that may need it.

These are not my words, but something that came up on my Facebook News Feed today posted by Abraham-Hicks.  (There are no accidents, its not coincidental that Esther Hicks also felt drawn to share these words today).

and only they can help themselves, let them...

and only they can help themselves, let them…

“When you are feeling the discomfort from seeing other people in a lackful or needy situation, and you decide to help them from your place of discomfort, no lasting value ever occurs, for two important reasons: first, you are not in alignment with the Energy of your Source, and so you have no real value to give; and second, your attention to their need only amplifies their need.

Of course, it is a wonderful thing to help others, but you must do it from your position of strength and alignment, which means you must be in alignment with their success as you offer assistance, and not in alignment with their problem.

When your awareness of their situation makes you uncomfortable and you offer help to make them feel better and to make yourself feel better, you are not in the Vortex and you are not helping. When you feel an inspired eagerness to offer something because you want to participate in their happy, successful process, your attention to their success harmonizes with the point of view of your Source; and the infinite resources of the Universe are at your disposal. And that does help”. – Abraham

(Excerpted from “Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD)

Love, Tamara

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Are you stuck in your comfort zone?  Are you bored as hell in your life?  Do you wake up some mornings and wonder what this is all for?  Do you contemplate running away from home to some place more fun?  If so, you are probably stuck in your comfort zone.

I was there.  I think its a phenomenon with us humans sometimes (in my case it was a mom thing).  We have families to take care of, we don’t dare step out of our comfort zones, that would require our families to step out of their comfort zones.  And we can’t do that!  We are supposed to be there for our families!

Comfort Zone Meme

I get it.  I am still here in my comfortable place ~ not as much as I was before my son turned 14 ~ but still more “comfortable” than I was in my 20’s when I figured ‘anything goes’ (almost).  I remember in 2009 I got asked to go to LA for an audition for a new “Medium” TV show.  I was firmly entrenched in my comfort zone of being mom (and wife, and with my work at home).  And that is exactly where I needed to be at that time.  I am NOT slagging motherhood or fatherhood.  I would not have felt comfortable leaving my family for any extended length of time, they DID need me in 2009.

However, now its different.  My family still needs me, but not as much as before.  It is time for me to stretch my wings a little bit.  I highly doubt I would move out of country and leave my family behind, but if I got invited to go away for a while, I probably could at this stage of our lives.

I refuse to let my ‘comfort zone’ become ‘the rest of my life’,  and you should too.  There are many of us moms and dads that give up so much of ourselves to raise our families ~ and that is good.  The problem occurs when our kids don’t need us so much anymore, and we stay where we have been for the last 18 (or more) years.

That’s sometimes why marriages break up after 20 years or so.  Because the comfort zone can be so boring.  We aren’t meant to be born, go to work, have a family, pay bills, be bored out of our minds and then die.  We are supposed to have a life in there somewhere!

In my case, it was raising a family that got me into my comfort zone ~ and it has been perfect!  That’s exactly what we all needed at the time.  For some of you, you are stuck in a comfort zone because of fear of judgement, or because you think you are different and can’t show your real self, or because you think you can’t afford something different for yourself.

You will never be able to live the life of your dreams from within your comfort zone.  Change is uncomfortable, different is uncomfortable, even wonderful, fantastic, exciting, exhilarating and new are uncomfortable.

What are you going to do to get out of your comfort zone?