Abraham Hicks talking about Your Manifestations

This is a really good audio about manifesting I wanted to share with you.  Its titled “Why am I Bothered by People” ~ but its not really about that.

It explains how to redirect your thoughts, why sometimes affirmations don’t work, and how sometimes what you think is the ‘issue’ is really a different issue ~ but one that has the same feelings active.  You get what you vibrate (think about).  How and why “I can’t” will keep you stuck.


It also delves into your programming and subconscious beliefs and how they impact your life.  I had written about that a few days ago (May 18).  The woman asking the question actually says “Am I doomed?”  I have had people ask me that question in psychic reading/psychic counselling sessions.  And Abraham, via Esther Hicks gives a really good answer to her.  Along with a way to help yourself feel better in any situation.

Hope you enjoy it, its a good one…



 If you are very confused about where you are vibrating, or would like some additional help with clearing your energy, or figuring things out, please feel free to contact me for a psychic reading, or life/energy coaching.

You will always have challenges

Life can be challenging at times.  Sometimes your challenges come from something that is outside of yourself and sometimes it comes from within.

The thing is, you will always have them.  If you don’t you will suffer boredom and maybe even depression.  You need challenge.

When something happens that is outside of your control it is challenging.  You cannot control other people or things, and sometimes it can be painful to deal with challenges that have been bestowed upon us by others’.  Thing is, you will get through it.  You need to believe in yourself and your higher power and allow yourself to see a different future for yourself.

aug 2014 017

Nothing ever stays the same forever.  We are either growing or dying and without change we would wither.  Good things evolve, and bad things evolve.  We can help or hinder this process with our thoughts and the energy we choose to put out into the world around us.  In any given moment, we have a choice on where to project our thoughts.  Sometimes it can be more difficult to redirect our thoughts, but it is never impossible.

Even if there are no external challenges in your life, you will create some.  That is the nature of being in human form.  You came here to experience life and you will have experiences.  If you have no challenges you will get bored and you will need to do something.  Even if you are in a healthy, happy relationship, and extremely healthy and wealthy, your Soul will call you to embrace a change or a challenge.  Look at Richard Branson, I don’t even know how many companies he has started, but it seems like he’s always got his hand in something new.  This is because he needs a challenge; it is apparent he is not doing it because he needs more money.

My life is pretty good; sometimes it even gets boring.  I don’t have a job I have to drive to, so no commute time; if I want time off I take it; if I feel like sitting in the sun in my yard, I work (or relax) outside.  I have some minor health challenges, and sometimes I have minor financial challenges; but really because of the way I perceive them, they are hardly ‘challenging’ at all.  They are simply a part of life.  If something comes up and it doesn’t feel good, I do what I can to change it

That is why I chose to blog every day.  This is day 143.  Writing something for you every day is challenging.  I do a lot of my own technical work as well, that is challenging.  These are challenges I set up for myself so my life would not be boring.  I have had boring in my life and its no fun either.

So if you have challenges in your life that you need to get through, just focus on one day at a time and keep moving.  If you keep moving forward, pretty soon that particular challenge will be behind you.  Then you can get on to the next one.  Most things take some time.

If you learn how to use energy to your advantage and if you straighten out your vibration and live in your now, you will be manifesting the life you desire in no time.  And it will still be challenging!




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What is more important; “Working” at Clearing Limiting Beliefs OR Practicing Awareness?

How important is it to know what your subconscious limiting beliefs are?

I have written about belief systems before.  Your conscious beliefs, and your subconscious beliefs.  We all have them engrained within our minds.

I would like to start by explaining in very simple terms the four main states of consciousness.

make your own path

What are the States of Consciousness?

Beta.  When you are in the beta state you are alert and wide awake.  You can concentrate.  Your brain makes connections quickly and can do work that requires attention.  Neurons fire quickly, and it is easier to come up with ideas and solutions to problems.  (Beta training biofeedback is sometimes used to treat ADD).

Alpha.  In alpha state, you are relaxed, can visualize and is the best state for creativity.  Alpha is much more relaxed than Beta.  Brain activity is more like waves than rapid fire.  In this state you can expand your awareness and you may experience feelings of peace.  You are less fearful, and much more relaxed, your heart rate and breathing will slow down.  This is a good place for visualizing what you want to create in your life.   Going into the alpha state ‘on purpose’ will help to alleviate stress.

Theta.  The theta state is the state you are in when you mediate.  It creates memories and it is where intuition comes from.

In theta you are very relaxed.  Your brain activity is almost like that of sleep, but not quite.  Theta can bring up old memories that you had forgotten, it makes you more receptive, you are able to get more inspiration and inner images in your mind’s eye.  In theta state you may feel like you are floating, or like your mind is expanding outside of your body.  The deepest levels of meditation get you in a theta state, as does self hypnosis.

Theta is the best state for re-programming your mind, recalling dreams and learning things quickly.


Delta.  In delta, you are in a state of detached awareness.  This is where healing can occur and is also where sleep is.

Delta is the slowest of all the brain wave frequencies.   It is associated with deep sleep.  Some frequencies in delta release HGH (Human Growth Hormone), so it assists with regeneration and healing.  That is why our bodies need to rest when ill.

Our subconscious resides in delta.  Intuition also rises from the delta state.

Where do most of our belief systems come from?

Children are in theta state for the most part until they are around 7-8 years old.  Theta is the place in which our minds are programmed.  For most of us, the beliefs we hold, (even if subconsciously), were created in a time that we do not even remember.

Your beliefs around personal safety and security, money, health, aging, work, and how the world operates in general were mostly programmed into you before you were 10 years old.  They are often subconscious and you may not even know you are thinking them.  These come from your parents, your family, your tribe, your city, your surroundings and your experiences.

You can also pick up belief systems as you go through life based on your experiences.  If you allow yourself to be bombarded with TV or Radio programs that instill an idea into your mind, you are being programmed.  Think of magazines and television that shows girls unrealistic expectations of what it is ‘normal’ to look like; or of “reality” TV (Survivor, Big Brother) that shows people pitted against one another, or shows that have humans fighting over resources when the ‘modern world’ ceases to be (The Hundred, The Walking Dead etc.).  Or the news that shows how uncontrolled things are and propagates war and distrust against other countries.

You can pick up belief systems from someone in your life that introduces you to a new concept.  They tell you about it and you have no other experience with it.  They essentially tell you their truth, you accept it as your truth, and the Law of Attraction brings it to you.  This can be a positive or negative experience depending on their truth.  Be discerning; are they happy?  Are they miserable?  If they are miserable, do your own research on the subject before their beliefs become your beliefs.

You may have had a relationship where you were not valued, or worse yet were physically or psychologically abused.  You may have been told things over and over that eroded your self-confidence.  This can also shape beliefs of worthiness moving into the future.

All these things help to shape your belief systems.  I do have some good news though.

What is more important; “Working” at Clearing Limiting Beliefs OR Practicing Awareness

Most of you worry about which of your belief systems are ‘holding you back’ in your life.  You practice the Law of Attraction; you have at least a basic knowledge of how energy works; you logically believe that we create your own reality, but you still feel like you are held back.

You may do some energy work to figure out what these belief systems are.  You may work on clearing subconscious negative beliefs with Psych-K, or theta healing, or one of a hundred other healing modalities.

Now for the coolest thing ever.

What if you just practiced awareness instead?

What if you know that thoughts are energy, intention is everything, and energy creates.  What if you wake up one day and realize that by focusing on your upbringing or your life up to this point, and on trying to ‘figure out’ what your subconscious beliefs are you are actually thinking and vibrating your limiting beliefs?  The more you focus your attention on your limiting subconscious beliefs, the more they show up for you.

What if you simply allowed yourself to be aware of what thoughts you are having?  If you are aware of your thoughts, you will know what your beliefs are.  You will know if your beliefs are “limiting” beliefs or beliefs that help you based on how you are feeling when you are ‘talking to yourself’.   If you find yourself feeling a certain way that is uncomfortable (anger, discouragement, ‘I can’t’  etc.), then pay attention to that.  Why is it uncomfortable?  It is a given, 100%, that it is a thought you are having that is causing the discomfort.

Now you need to look at that thought and ask yourself if it is true for you now.

You too often go through your day on auto pilot.  You don’t know what your subconscious beliefs are because you let your subconscious rule your life while you are focusing on a different moment in time.

There is NOTHING more liberating that being in your moment and being AWARE of what thoughts are running through your head.  When you are aware of them, you can challenge them by asking if it is true in this moment.  That will lead you to become aware of what you have been vibrating and attracting more of, and it will also lead you be able to think different thoughts.

Your feelings are your guide.  Your feelings will tell you if your belief is true for you or not.  You can be programmed a certain way, but you can just as easily de-program yourself by being aware of what you are thinking and feeling.  You were programmed because you were told something at some point, you believed it, so it showed up for you that way.  The more it showed up, the more you believed it.  Now it is an ingrained belief.

All you need to do is practice awareness of what you are thinking and change what is not serving you.  Even you that are reading this that are logical thinkers can do this.  You understand the ‘concept’ of energy and the Law of Attraction.  So if you take the next step, this will work for you.


How do I challenge a belief/reoccurring thought/creation pattern


You were raised to parents that had very limiting beliefs around money.  You constantly heard:

  •  the little guy never gets ahead
  • the ‘people at the top’/government are all corrupt and will just screw you over, take your money, you will never get anywhere because the world is just like that.  The people who have lots of money are evil and do harm to others.
  • you may as well spend all your money and run up your credit and have some fun, because you will never get ahead anyway, life won’t be worth living if you don’t
  • just get a union job in the mine (or at the manufacturing plant, or wherever) and work there your whole life, it is the only security you will ever have

Because you have these ‘subconscious’ thoughts in your head, they pop up at the most inopportune moments.  When you are thinking of saving up for something, your beliefs keep you from doing it, you spend instead.   You were never exposed to the concept of having money work for you.

When you are thinking of doing work that is ‘outside the box’ your subconscious tells you that you shouldn’t do that, its not safe unless you have a ‘good job’ that will provide money for you.

Even if you manage to get a job outside the box or start your own business, if you have been programmed with negative beliefs you will sabotage yourself.  If you have a belief that successful people with money at the top of their field are evil, you will constantly do things subconsciously that hold you back from success.

At every turn your subconscious is running your life.  But if you were to practice being aware of these thoughts, you could challenge them, and make them disappear.  Essentially, clearing them out.

So you think of following your heart and intuition and getting a job you love.  Your subconscious plays all these programs for you, its not safe, if you do well you are evil, you will never get ahead etc.  What if you were to say to yourself “is this true?”  Then what if you could look online and find dozens (or thousands or millions) of examples that prove to you that its not true.  Then what if you could practice having different thoughts?

Now that you know what they are they do not need to have power over you anymore.  If thinking differently causes you anxiety, you could do some EFT Tapping to relieve the anxiety so you can forge ahead with your plans.

Remember you have had years, or a lifetime of proof that your beliefs are true ~ simply because the Law of Attraction works and you have attracted examples for yourself that support your beliefs.

The trick is to replace the beliefs with new ones, NOT to keep looking for more limiting beliefs, and NOT fighting the ones you have.  Its all about creating new belief systems for yourself.

Give it a try and see just how easily it can work once you go with it.


If you are very confused about where you are vibrating, or would like some additional help with clearing your energy, or figuring things out, please feel free to contact me for a psychic reading, or life/energy coaching.





Energy Alert, Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ahhh…. the energy has released a little bit.  This week we’ve been bombarded with energies that didn’t exactly have us feeling at our best.  It feels so much freer today.  Anyone feel like dancing?

We have been getting a lot of downloads lately.  To help with Ascension, to help with changes to our DNA required to cope in the higher frequency dimensions.

Just a reflection

Some manifestations you may be noticing:

  • You might be hearing strange things.  Either ringing in your ears, or high pitched noises, or (what I hear), is almost like a high pitched white noise.  This is due to some of the energetic downloads we are getting.
  • You might be having some weird heart palpitations.  This is an energetic download.
  • You might be having some serious ‘coincidences’ show up in your life.  Or just be having downright ‘psychic’ moments.
  • You may find your dreams are more prophetic, or you think of something and it happens, or people that you think about show up in your life.

I said to my husband this morning “we need to build something with Lego’s today”.   (because I have some Lego’s that I am re-homing, and thought it would be nice to have a picture of them put together).  His response was “Oh my God, I just had a dream last night that I was building with Lego’s!”   (for the record, building with Lego’s is NOT something that’s the norm in our house).

  • Or you are looking for a something very specific, and you put the intention out, and suddenly what you thought about is right in front of your eyes.  Like maybe there’s something you think “would be nice to have one day”, or “maybe I should get a new ____”, and you come across someone selling it at the side of the road, or you see it in your Facebook Newsfeed ~ the exact thing you were thinking of; at the exact price you wanted to pay and can afford.  Or ever better yet, someone offers it to you out of the blue (this happened to both my husband and a friend of mine; they both had someone give them something that they thought they would like to have ~ no focusing, no wishing; just a simple thought “I think I want one of those”).
  • Or you think “wow, some people sure are miserable”; and then the next store you shop at has a miserable clerk (just be nice to them anyway, maybe they are just having a bad day).  Spread that love you feel in your heart all over the place.

Make sure you keep your thoughts positive.  You are seeing everything through the ‘eyes’ of your vibration.  You are creating moments and you are seeing what is to come.  ALL OF IT will be easier for you if you can see the good in life in general.

These are exciting times.  Remember who you are.  Even the Angel Cards for this week said just that.  Remember who you are.

We are all vibrational beings, and we all have the ability to consciously create with our vibration.  Remember who you are so you can create from a higher vibration.  There is NO NEED for the same old same old ‘auto-pilot’, pre-programmed matrix that we have lived in up to this point.

All it takes is to be aware of what you are thinking and vibrating.  If it is good and focused on what you want, then keep it up.  If it is not what you want, then change your thoughts.

I am really excited for you, this is an amazing time we are living in!

Love Tamara

Okay, I have to add this P.S. to this blog post because of something that happened when I was getting ready to publish it.

Yesterday I was thinking of some things that I might do or change in my life.  Just at the pondering stages.  I did a little bit of research online, and ‘put it out there’ to the Universe knowing that I would get direction.

Last night I had a dream that told me quite clearly that the subjects I was pondering yesterday were NOT the way to go.  So today, I was like “Okay, send me in another direction then”.  And I just left it.

When I was done this post, I went to my Facebook Page to take a look and to get ready to share the post on Facebook.  This is what I saw:

Facebook Page

You will see that this is a post from last fall.  I had it as a ‘pinned post’, which meant it should show up at the top of my Facebook page until I took it off.  It DISAPPEARED off of my Facebook page, newsfeed, everywhere, poof it was just gone last October 1st.  I couldn’t find it anywhere, and when I queried FB it said that ‘sometimes pinned posts will just disappear’.

So, I am going to listen to the Universe and I am going to do another workshop.  It will likely be at my home in Sardis and will be limited to 6-8 people or something like that.  If you are reading this, you are ‘hearing it first’.  If you think you may be interested pop me an email or comment on this post.  I will see how much interest I get before I pick a date.

New Moon April 18, 2015

It is a New Moon tomorrow.  I am writing this post a day early because I know a lot of you read this at night and this post will help you for tomorrow.

new moon

The New Moon is a perfect time to focus on manifesting what you want in your life.  It is a good time for healing and personal growth.  It is time to plant your seeds of intention.  As the light of the moon grows over the next month, so will your wishes.

So at some point tomorrow, take some time to focus on what you want in your life.  Write down a list of anything and everything you would like to see come into your life.  It can be something concrete, or a feeling, or way of being.  It can be related to anything, relationships, work, money, home…there are no limits.

You can set goals or plan for the future.  Remember to keep it positive and focus on what you want to see in your life.




We all have the same opportunities….

Over the years I have had people tell me that I have it easy.  Even as a teenager my sister told me that I was “lucky“, she said “you always get what you want” etc.  Some people say that to me now as well.

I do realize that I am a little bit different than a lot of people.  But if you are reading this you are different than a lot of people too.  That’s the thing about us humans, we are all different.

Where we are in our lives basically boils down to a few things.  People who feel more successful think and do different things than people who feel unsuccessful.

You can have two people who have the exact same life and one will feel more successful than the other.  That feeling comes from within.  The one who feels more successful will be the one that looks ‘on the bright side’, the one who feels less successful will talk or think about what went wrong.  It is these feelings that will create more of the same old same old in your life.  Right down to the people that show up for you on a daily basis.  Do they annoy you, or uplift you?

the path you take today

So, what is the same for all of us as humans?

At our core you all want the same things (love, happiness, appreciation, to feel safe …), but how those things manifest for each of you is different.

  • Our opportunities are the same.
  • We all have the ability to practice (and use), our intuition.
  • We all live on an abundant planet.
  • If you are reading this you have access to the internet, which is training, information, knowledge, friendship.

What’s Different?

  • The decisions you make.
  • Where you put your focus.
  • Your knowledge and education.
  • Your amount of motivation.
  • The amount of time you will spend on getting what you want.
  • What you are willing to do to get what you want.
  • What you are willing to give up in order to make changes to get what you want.


It is your thoughts and your energy that create for you.

I’m loathe to focus on the negative parts of my own life, but I think that by sharing some things from my own challenges it will help you see that ultimately, LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.  I can share these things, then let them go.  But because I meditate every day, and “I’m over it”, I am pretty sure that as I share I will have very little feelings involved.  I can write this stuff out or talk about it with no ego involvement, just a detached observer.  I am actually very grateful for my challenges because it enables me to be a lot more compassionate when I do my readings ~ for a lot of stuff I see in readings, I’ve ‘been there done that’.  It helps me help you better.

Okay.  So my parents divorced when I was 1 year old.  My dad hit my mom and I saw it.  My dad was an alcoholic and a heroin addict and I remember visiting him in jail when I was 10.  I also remember being afraid to see him because I never knew who would show up (someone on drugs & happy, or someone needing drugs and upset, or just drunk and mean).

I quit school 3 or 4 times in grade 10 and never went back.  (I got my GED in my 20’s because I needed it to get a promotion at work).

There have been times in my life where I completely ‘forgot’ that I was psychic.  And I mean completely.   I had zero connection with source zero intuition and felt just as lost as most other people on the planet.

In my 20’s I lived with a verbally abusive guy that did coke (then started freebasing).  I truly thought that I was the crazy one. (This is just one of many times in my life where I had ZERO intuition).

I also dated a few other alcoholics/drug addicts/abusive men.

I have been a single mom with a son.  Of course his dad also ended up being an abusive alcoholic, drug addicted abusive man that screwed around on me.  We were both happy when I became pregnant, and split up when I was 3-4 months pregnant.

I wound up on stress leave from work at one point when my son was 2.  My doctor prescribed anti-depressants for me (I didn’t take them, I worked on healing myself and my situation instead).  A LOT of ‘depression’ is simply caused by our situations.  Change the situation and the depression goes away.  That’s why I quit my high-paying government job for good when my son was 3.  I wasn’t ‘clinically’ depressed, I was in a bad situation.  My health was more important than the money.

I have been physically ill as well.  Where for months I couldn’t do squat.  If I ever had to do anything, I had to do it first thing in the morning, because after about 10 am, I needed a nap.  I was in constant physical pain, exercise made me more tired…

let go of the past

Its not always easy but what is your excuse?

If you look at the lists above, where do you fit in?  Can you get yourself into that “What’s Different” list and start making changes?  What is it that you are willing to do to make changes in your life and feel better?

No one can rescue you.  You need to make some decisions and take a good look at the list above to see what is different in people who are more successful.  What is different in people who overcome difficulties?

I had a mentor when I was going through some of these things, and she was a great help to get me to where I am now.  She taught me so much in my 30’s that I am sure she was instrumental in helping me get my energy (and life) straight.  Without her, I would not be where I am today I’m sure.  As much as no one can rescue you, some people can help you create the life you want.


I am presently taking on more mentoring clients.  If you are truly ready to make a change, to do what it takes, to release the old and embrace the new, I can probably help you.

You can look here for a bit more information on psychic coaching and mentoring.

Take note.  I DO charge for mentoring. If you are not ready to make a financial commitment that equals your energetic commitment then it might not be for you at this time. You can take a look at my psychic readings page if you would like just a one-off appointment.


Will I Win The Lottery?

I know many people that are absolutely convinced that they are going to win the lottery.  That is their entire life plan.  Win the lottery and then everything will be okay.

They have watched The Secret, and they think they have learned all there is to know about the law of attraction.  They study, they read, they watch videos, read my blog, and they think that if they put it on a vision board the lotto win is pretty much theirs.

The thing is, I am pretty sure that the odds of the 5 people closest to me ALL winning the lotto are pretty slim.  They all feel it coming though.  Every one of them says “I feel it, I am going to win the lottery”.

This is a feeling.  What if it’s not that they are going to win the lottery, but that they truly believe they will feel better – later.  They think winning the lottery will make them feel better.  What if it’s not the lottery, but that our financial system is going to go to crap and everything will melt down and all this financial stuff won’t matter later?  Same feeling as winning the lottery.

What is in the energy field of people who think they will win the lottery

They know the “Law of Attraction” is what gets them what they want.  They think that if they just keep focusing on the lottery and buying tickets they will win eventually.

The reason they are less likely to win the lottery is because they limit themselves to thinking that that is the ONLY way they can get ahead, get what they want, or dig out of debt, or out of their current situation.  In thinking about the lotto every day, they totally limit every other source of abundance from coming to them. They shut down inspiration, that connection with their higher self, their ability to create.

There could be a lot of money just waiting to come to them, but they won’t take action towards it because they are so depressed about their current situation they talk themselves into the fact that only a lotto can get them out of this mess (this mess that they created).  When they have an inspired idea, they push it aside because they ‘can’t afford it’ ~ at least not until they win the lottery.

If you spend $10 a week on lotto because that is the only way you can see yourself succeeding in life you are essentially taking $520 per year out of your pocket (savings, investments, debt reduction), and blowing it.

You will not win the lottery if you keep thinking that that is the ONLY way.  It is the energy behind it.  What if there is an investment, job or business opportunity that is staring you right in the face and you decide that you cannot do it unless you win the lotto.  You really want it, but you’ve convinced yourself that you will win the lotto; you are well versed on the LoA and just know that if you win the lotto THEN you can do what you are thinking of.  If you don’t win the lotto, you won’t ever be able to fulfill your dreams.

This is the most limiting thought anyone can have, and it is sad.

I swear that “the people at the top”, put the movie “The Secret” out there just to keep people from taking any action in their lives.  “Hey, let’s tell them that all they have to do is create a vision board and they will have everything they want.  They don’t have to work, they don’t have to strive or try, just imagine.  Most people will buy into this in a heartbeat, no one wants to think they have to work.   Our world is changing and energy and creating is getting easier for all of us.  They intuitively know that energy can help them, let’s put it out (in a movie) in such a way that they actually get this new earth energy working AGAINST them.  Then they will stay disempowered, say energy doesn’t work, it’s all BS, and be even more screwed up then they were before.”

What a perfect plan.  That will keep them (you) in line.


How to let the Law of Attraction work in your favour:

Don’t limit yourself to ‘winning the lottery’ to get where you want to be.  Do be open to the fact that there are bazillions of ways for money to come to you.  Most of them aren’t even on your radar.  Focusing only on the lottery creates an energy of lack and of not believing there could be another way.

When you have an idea of what you want your life to look like later, what you are striving to have, DON’T tell yourself, “I can’t do that until I have the money, I will need to win the lottery to make this happen”.

When you are inspired to do something positive, do it.  If you need to wait for funds before you do it, then feel good about what you want to do, and say something like “I don’t know how, but this is a really good idea, so I will do what I can to start getting it going”.  This may involve researching what it is, or completing something else, or just cleaning up some aspect of your life as it is now (see below).  Or even working with someone like me, or an energy healer that can help you move past your limiting beliefs.

If you are overrun with debt, don’t say “I know I owe money, it’s too much, it’s always there, I’ll never pay it off unless I win the lottery anyway so screw it, there’s no sense in trying.  I may as well have something for myself now.”  Instead of saying that, say.  “I have a lot of debt, I lived beyond my means (if you didn’t you wouldn’t owe anything).  I am going to pay this off no matter what.  I don’t know how, but I WILL pay it back”.  And then DO IT.  Even if it is $10 at a time, PAY IT BACK.  You borrowed, you spent, pay it back.  If your debt is what is holding you back from being able to invest in other things (like yourself), you need to make paying back your debt a priority.

The Law of Attraction WILL bring you what you feel.  If you truly feel that winning the lotto is the only way to go, you will shut down any road to money that is NOT the lottery.  If your energy is on “I don’t know how, but I will do it”, then what you want can flow to you because you are not dictating EXACTLY what it is supposed to look like, you are not shutting down the other avenues that could potentially be available to you.

How to Get What You Want

  • Celebrate the little things.  The more you celebrate the little things and realize how little things can add up, the more flow you allow in your energy.  It is called gratitude.  Gratitude will get you a LOT more than entitlement ever will.
  • If you buy coffee at Starbucks you could say, its only $5 per day.  Well that is $1800 per year.  If you want/need money, have dreams, want to “Manifest” better things;  then saving $1800 per year will get you closer.  The energy of saving (or paying back) $1800 is much different than the energy of “I work hard, I’m entitled to nice coffee every day”.
  • You think you need to win the lotto, but what if you had an idea, job, investment, or whatever that paid you $300/day.  Even if it only paid you $300 day on weekdays for 10 months of the year, that would be $90,000.
  • I see a lot of you that make $300 (over any timeframe, day, week, fortnight) and say “that’s not enough, I need to win the lottery”.  Right there BAM, you shut down any opportunity you have to make your next $300.  “It’s only $300, I want/need more, its not enough.”  Are you grateful for the $300 (enabling more flow to you), or are you entitled to more?
  • The LoA works.  If you use it to your ADVANTAGE, you would say “Wow, I just made $300!  That’s fantastic, lets do it again!”  Then you would let go of any expectations you have and feel really good about the $300 you made.  LoA would bring you more of that feeling ~ whether it comes in $2, $20, $200, or $2million, increments.  It won’t even matter to you, because you will know there’s always more and it’s on its way.   You will have that feeling no matter the amount.
  • Don’t mistake this with “Oh, I will spend my rent money on a nice dinner date, there’s more on the way”.  That will NOT create the energy you are looking for.  It will do the exact opposite if you have been the least bit worried about your rent or debt.  What it does in that case, is you get the money, you spend it on a want instead of a need (because you have a subconscious belief that you never get what you want anyway), and your needs still aren’t met.  You have just “proven” to yourself that the Law of Attraction DOESN’T work, because you are still worried about paying rent ~ and that worry energy will shut down more flow.

If you truly believed that the Law of Attraction could work FOR you instead of AGAINST you all the time, you would take care of what you NEED to take care of, KNOWING that your wants will come.  It’s just that most of you spend on your wants instead of needs and it perpetuates this never ending circle of ‘I can’t get ahead unless I win the lottery”.

Its Not Your Fault

I swear these are the most disempowering words in the English Language.  Its not your fault.  So many of you yearn to hear those words.  So many of you use those words when you talk to yourself.

“Its not my fault”

Its not my fault the Law of Attraction doesn’t work.  I can manifest small things, but not big things so the LoA must not work.  I can manifest some things quickly, but not others.  Its not my fault the Law of Attraction only works some of the time.  I can manifest bad things almost instantly, but the good things take forever to show up, if they bother to show up at all.

I have some good news and some bad news.  The Law of Attraction does work, and if it is not working in the way you would like it to, it is because you have some subconscious beliefs engrained in your energy.

That’s it.  That is the good news and the bad news all in one sentence.  How good or how bad it is depends on how you look at it.

I was having a discussion with a healer friend of mine last night and we were talking about our own manifestations in our lives.  We were talking about all the positive things we were in the process of manifesting.  We also talked about the seemingly ‘negative’, or more aptly put challenging things that we were going through.

The only difference between me and her and the rest of you, is that her and I both take 100% responsibility for what happens in our lives.  We know we created it, we take credit for the good and the bad.  When it is something ‘bad’ (uncomfortable), we both immediately ask ourselves the question, “Why is this happening, why did I create this for myself?  What do I need to be aware of?  Where in my life does something need to change and why?”

No blame of others, no blaming of ourselves, just questions that brings awareness.

You cannot fix what you don’t acknowledge.  The minute you say, this is not my fault, I am doing everything right, I have no limiting subconscious beliefs, the Law of Attraction isn’t real, or something outside of me sucks, is the moment you give your power away and you start down the road of getting the ‘same old same old’.  Nothing in your life can change.

This is your choice.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  It doesn’t have to stay that way.


How do I start to clear subconscious blocks

Stop blaming energy for acting like energy.

Acknowledge that maybe there is something going on that you are not aware of.

All it takes is a whole bunch of self-awareness (it takes more than ‘a little’ self awareness, most of you reading this have some self awareness).  The willingness to acknowledge that maybe your subconscious mind is tricking you and is in fact in control of your life.

If you had no subconscious blocks you would have what you want or at least know exactly why you didn’t have it.  You would be able to see with your conscious mind exactly what was holding you back.

There are many modalities that can help you recognize and clear your blocks.  Psych-K is one of them, the Millennium Method is another, a psychic reading with me can help you recognize and clear your blocks, Akashic Records readings can sometimes help.

You can get good at meditation and listen to your own Higher Self when it (*you), tells you what subject matter you need to work on.  That is how I usually do it, (that or the Millennium Method) but I realize most of you are not interested in spending the time it takes to make this effective (that is why you hire others as mentioned in the previous paragraph to help you).

There are a lot of ways that you can find healing for yourself; but none of them will work if you don’t first acknowledge that you are responsible for your life, and if you want things to work out the way you hope they will, you will have to change something.

Stop saying “its not my fault, I think positive but things just never work out, these people who talk about the Law of Attraction are lying”.  Start saying, “Wow, I have studied the Law of Attraction and I think I know how it works but I keep attracting things I don’t want, maybe I have a limiting belief that I need to acknowledge and clear”.

Then get to work and clear it.


If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.





Do You Do What You Say You Are Going to Do?

Do you make commitments?  Do you keep your commitments?

Vibrationally speaking, it is important that you do what you say you are going to do.

When you break your commitments, you are energetically connecting with a specific morphic energy field.  It is not one of the morphic fields you want to connect your energy to if you want to be successful.  Once you start breaking commitments and connect to that energy, it gets way too easy to continue breaking commitments.  Then one after another after another get broken.  The Law of Attraction will work perfectly for you in this instance, to your detriment, but it will work.

On February 2nd, I committed to write a blog post a day for 21 days ~ again.  I committed to write a blog post a day for 21 Days at the end of December as well.   Just for kicks, I ended up writing a blog post each day in between those two commitments too, so I am on day 43 now. I wasn’t sure I could do it.  After all, if you look back at my blog over the years my blogging was pretty sporadic.


Originally the main reason I kept it up is because I do what I say I am going do.  I had a pretty busy work day today.  I wasn’t sure if I would even have time to do this blog post.  I’ve got other things on my mind, my son needs to use my computer for his schoolwork (don’t know what’s wrong with his, he prefers to use mine though).  BUT, I said I would do it, I made the commitment to do a post every day and so I am.

I suppose that something ‘big’ could happen and I might not be able to write a post, but it would have to be something pretty big for me to break a commitment.  I don’t want to get sucked into that morphic field (basically of breaking promises).  That field exists and that is the other “main reason” I won’t break my commitments.

Another reason I am keeping up with my writing though is that The Law of Attraction does work and I am using it to my advantage.  I am finding that the more I write and share, the more I have to write and share about.  It works that way.  Thoughts are things and thoughts create.  And as I think about writing, teaching, sharing, channeling, I attract more things to write about.

If I had thought “I don’t think I have time to write today, I don’t know what to write about, I might have to skip today, I don’t want to do a lame blog post…”  etc. etc.  then I probably would have come up with an excuse not to do it.  Excuses are great for getting you sucked into an unproductive morphic field.

Instead, my repetitive thoughts go something like this, “I said I would do it, I have to do it, I will do it, if I sit at my computer something will start flowing through me that I can share, I will just do it.  I think I will get started and do it now, then it will be done.”

Voila!  Here we are.

Do What You Say You Are Going to Do

Do What You Say You Are Going to Do

Something else I have to share…….

I wrote this whole blog post out, even with my time constraints, and LOST IT.  The whole thing except for the very beginning of it!   This is my second time writing this post.  The first time, even though I save my posts every minute or two, it freakin disappeared on me!

I cannot remember exactly what the original of the post said verbatim, but I did have a paragraph in there saying that perhaps being in the hospital, or my computer breaking or some other emergency might keep me from writing today could come up, but that I have a thing about the energy of keeping my commitments so it would take something HUGE to keep me from writing a blog post and sharing with you.

Then BAM!!!  The whole thing was gone!  All that time and me being strapped for time, and IT WAS GONE!  I had to re-write!

Good thing I made that commitment and that I know how energy works, or I’d have given up after that.

Now that you also know how the energy works, are you going to be doing anything differently in your life to ensure that you stay ‘on a roll’ in the direction that you would like to see your life go?


Are You Successful Yet?

This could be a pretty loaded question.  Everyone seems to have different definitions of success and some people feel successful while others look at them and think they aren’t the least bit successful.  Then you have the people who feel like a failure, when someone might look at them and think they are successful.

The dictionary defines success as:  the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Why do some people appear more successful than others?  It totally depends on what type of ‘glasses’ you are looking through.

If you value money and you see someone with a lot of money, you will automatically label them as ‘successful’.  Even if the rest of their life is falling apart.

If you value relationships and are not in a relationship you may see yourself as ‘unsuccessful’, even if you are financially ‘rich’.

If you think the only people that are successful are ones that have careers that were bought and paid for with years of University training, then anything less than a PHD will scream ‘unsuccessful’ at you.

Every single one of you that is reading this is successful at something.  But that begs the question…


How do you become MORE successful in your life?

1.  You need to define what is really important to you in your life.

2.  You need to do something every single day that takes you in the direction of what you deem to be success.

3.  You need to make some rules that you set up so that you are consistently winning ~ you win at something every day.

4.  You need to build on previous successes (if you do step #3, this will be easier).

5.  You will need to come to the realization that no matter how ‘successful’ you get, you will ALWAYS want something more, and this is okay.


Celebrate your success every day!

Even if you are not feeling particularly successful today, find something that you did well.  Are you a good parent?  Did you hug your dog?  Did you listen to a friend and help them feel better?  If you are unemployed and want a job, did you look for work?  If you want to be healthier, did you go for a little walk, or eat healthy?  If its a relationship you are after, did you do something to help you feel better about YOU?

No matter what your day looks like, there will be at least one thing you did that you could call a ‘success’.  You may have to look for it, but its there.  The more you think about it the more likely you are to do something you can call ‘successful’.

Law of Attraction works.  The more successes you can count in your day the more you will do to bring more success.  If you are constantly telling yourself you are a failure, you will continually be doing things that re-affirm that for you.  If you set it up so you are a success in something every day, you will feel and be successful.