One Step Forward Two Steps Back

I have a lot of you coming to me saying that this is how you feel.  Like you start to get somewhere and then all of a sudden you are propelled backwards and you feel worse off than you were before.

It doesn’t need to be that way.  What is it you are trying to manifest for yourself?  Are you able to let go when you start your forward movement or do you move forward while trying to hang on to old stuff?  The ‘stuff’ can be ways of thinking or being, or fears or actual physical things or people.

Do you go with the flow when things start to move forward?  Or do you start trying to dictate exactly what it is going to look like?  Are you able to redirect yourself when something goes a little bit sideways or do you fight it tooth and nail and end up going backwards (instead of just sideways a little?).

Do you find that when things start to move forward you get a little bit nervous and then stop moving?

When things go forward do you allow yourself to practice gratitude about what is moving?  Or do you complain about what hasn’t yet come into form?  Do you always seem to find something to complain about even when things are going well?

I’m not writing this to place ‘blame’, or to make you feel lousy when you feel as if you move backwards.  I am writing this to bring your attention to why things work the way they do for you.  Mostly because I hear so often that when things start to get good, they then get worse than they were before.

If you can learn to celebrate the slightest movement forward, you will find that you are less likely to slide backwards.  Going backwards is a practiced vibration.  If you believe in “Murphy’s Law”, you will create Murphy’s Law moments occurring in your life.

If you are always allowing drama into your life and are constantly celebrating your ability to ‘overcome adversity’ you will in essence create more adversity to overcome.

What you focus on and what you talk about is what you will create more of.  So when a little thing goes well, if you talk about that and focus on that, then more will go well for you.  If you rant and rave and constantly talk about what is good in your life and really feel it and really appreciate it, you will get more of that!!
something better waiting


Do NOT mistake Wishful Thinking for Manifesting

A lot of you also think that if you wish for a specific thing hard enough you will get it.  Sometimes it works that way, but when there is something you want it is generally a feeling that you are wanting.

Lets say you want to move into a specific house.  What you really want though is the feelings that you will have if you get that house.  You may see things moving in a positive direction for you moving.  You may even find that events and circumstances seem to be keeping you away from that particular house.  This could feel like you are moving forward, but then when that particular house isn’t available you feel as if you’ve gone two steps back.  What if you were to go with the flow and be grateful for where you are at and how far you have come.  You would find that although you might be at a bit of a standstill for a while (things going sideways on moving into that specific house at this specific time), if you were to go with the flow and keep your vibration high, you would wind up in the perfect spot for you whether it was that house or a better one (based on your high vibration).

This example would work the same for a job or in other circumstances, including finances, as well.  Like if you started to be saving up money and paying down debt and are working to keep your vibration high and attract good things to yourself.  Then your car breaks down and you wind up with either part of your savings gone or your debt back up.  If you keep your vibration high and go to a place of gratitude for having the money to fix your car, you will get more to be grateful for.  If you go to thoughts and a lower vibration of being angry or feeling like you are going backwards, you will create more circumstances that make you feel as if you are moving backwards.

Hoping and wishing that things will be different won’t work without the proper vibration on your part.  Making promises, even to yourself, that you are in no position to keep (yet) won’t make things ‘magically’ happen.  As a matter of fact, they can keep things away from you because the stress of knowing you don’t have it yet can actually create a vibration within you that will keep it away from you.

Your Expectations of Other People can also Create a Feeling of Moving Backwards

You cannot control other people or things.  If your are moving forward while having expectations from other people and they do not do what you want them to do when you want them to do it, it can feel like you are moving backwards as well.

In this case, you aren’t really moving backwards, your forward movement just stopped because you were wishing that someone else would do something and they didn’t do it.

If you can train yourself to know that you create 100% of your life, then you will be able to train yourself to keep your vibration high and roll with things that don’t look exactly like you thought they would.  You will be more able to keep moving forward without the feelings of being flung backwards.  You will begin to see setbacks as opportunities for re-direction rather than a “negative thing that keeps happening to me”.  This takes a lot of practice (and awareness) and it isn’t always easy, but it does make for a more comfortable, flowing life.

Here is a great audio from Abraham that expands on this and will help you to raise your vibration.

Abraham Hicks, how to leave fear out of your life and start attracting

(This audio in this ends around the 11:24 mark even though the video continues on after that).




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The Path of Least Resistance

creating my own reality

Thoughts are Things

This is a great Abraham audio.  No matter what you want, or what your challenge might be, this will help.  It has a really good explanation about your beliefs and your subconscious and your vibration.  I think all of you that are wanting something should listen to this.

For those of you that could relate to the relationship posts I have posted in the last couple of days, especially the one from yesterday, What are You Willing to Bring into a Relationship, this audio will probably help you a lot on that subject as well.



Abraham Hicks, You Don’t Need People Validating You



If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a phone psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.

What if There is Nothing Left to OVER-COME? Now it is time to BE-COME

For years now we have been in an energy of letting go, overcoming challenges, removing blocks, clearing chakras and energy fields, and trying to get rid of what is no longer serving us.

What if that is all over now?

It is for a lot of you.  You’ve done the work.  You have succeeded in clearing out all the old, now what?

It’s time to BECOME who you want to be.  You can.  And it doesn’t need to be the least bit difficult.

All you need to do is let go of “how things have always been”.  Our world HAS changed, we HAVE changed.  Its already done.  Any discomfort you are feeling now is trying to bring the old world into the new world.

It simply won’t work.  The old paradigms won’t work in the new energy.  This goes for the monetary system, how and where we live, what we eat, the energy of competition vs. the energy of cooperation, how we get our electrical power, the old reliance on oil, being immersed in masculine energy without embracing the divine feminine energy,  the separation from our earth and between different races of people; think you get the meaning, everything has changed.

If you try to bring your past into your present it won’t work.  You have a clean slate now.  What do you want to create?  Who do you want to Become?


It really can be easy if you let it flow.  The hardest part is making a decision.  Once you make your decision you will find that things fall into place for you quite easily.  The Law of Attraction will bring you people and circumstances that will assist you in moving forward and creating the life you imagine.

You might not have much more to clear.  During September we truly were scraping the bottom of the barrel of what needed to go.  Things we thought were done with may have come up so that you could release the last remnants.

ITS ALL NEW NOW.  Embrace the new energy, allow things to change, imagine the life you want.  Then simply go for it!!!  Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing or what society or the ‘news’ tells you.  YOU are the creator, create what you want, you’ve got this!





If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.

Time to Put Your Ideas to Work – Get a Plan!

We are in such a great time of creation on earth right now.  Its time to get with the program and get a plan to get this energy working for you instead of against you.

I am a big proponent of going with the flow and doing what you are inspired to do in any given moment and this really does work ~ most of the time.

For myself, I meditate at least once a day, usually twice, and sometimes even more than that.  I have been writing a blog post every day this year so far.  The more I write and share my channels and inspirations, the more inspired and the more channels I get.  This is the Law of Attraction at work!

I have opened a doorway for myself.  I set the intention to share what I know, and to share what Spirit shares with me.  Thing is, it doesn’t always come to me at a time when I have the time to sit and write.

I have so many subjects and blog posts I want to share with you, plus the energy alerts have been coming fast and furious the past few months.  There have been times when I am just sitting watching TV with my family, and I need to get up and write down a blog post for the next day.  Or we will be driving somewhere and something hits me so I write down all I can about it on my phone and email it to myself (only when I am a passenger of course).  Or, another common occurrence, is when I’m lying in bed and BAM!  Out of the blue Spirit starts sharing something with me so that I can share it with you ~ I just have to get it written down to share.

This is awesome, and I have no complaints at all.  I love the flow, the information I am getting for you (and for myself as well), and the inspiration.  It feels so good.

Thing is, I also have a lot of other projects on the go right now.  I sat down on Sunday morning last week and thought of all the things I am inspired to do.  There is so much I want to do that I actually found myself getting just a little ungrounded.

Being ungrounded when you have so much on the go can really slow you down….

sometimes you need a plan

Here is where my plan is coming in

I will share my plan with you and maybe you will be able to use aspects of it to help yourself as well.

  • The first thing I needed to do is ground my energy.
  • I can be a workaholic.  I am well aware of this fact and sometimes neglect my ‘downtime’ and my friendships.  So the second thing I did was schedule my downtime and friend visiting for the week.  I tend to make it a fairly low priority most of the time, but I know how much it can energize me to just let loose once in a while.
  • I picked what days I was going to work with clients and I blocked them out on my calendar and booked clients in.   I knew I may end up working with clients on other days as well, time permitting (see the point above about being a workaholic), but I have my ‘set’ days picked already.
  • I wrote SEVEN blog posts on Sunday last week (including this one ~ with minor edits this morning).  As much as I never seem to run out of inspiration (apparently I write as much as I talk), I now had 7 blog posts all ready to go for the week.  I will still likely do more through the week as the inspirations hit (or if I channel an energy alert, I will post it on the day I get it which I did on the New Moon), but I was now free to work on some of my other projects.  I won’t have to stop in the middle of anything else to get a blog post done.  I will likely still be emailing myself in the middle of the night with outlines, but I will be free to focus solely on my moments without worry about getting a post done.
  • I have blocked out time for other writing as well.  Whether its an inspired blog post or some work on a book, writing time is scheduled in.
  • I have  a couple of things I want and need to learn about, so I have given myself time in my plan for that too.
  • I am working on a lot of projects around the house.  I’ve scheduled in time for these projects, and time for shopping as well.  Over the past couple of weeks I have found myself starting house projects before the sun even comes up.  Something peaceful about getting started before the rest of the world.

So I now have a plan.  I made sure that I did not put MORE into my plan than any reasonable person could expect to get done.

It all started with grounding my energy.

As I wrote above I really do like to go with the flow and live in every moment and allow inspired actions to take over most of the time.  It is just in the making of the plan that enabled me to start getting things done.  I’m not one to set things in stone for myself but in not having any plan at all I was feeling very overwhelmed and ungrounded and like I would never get to everything I wanted to get to.  The Law of Attraction will help here as well.  Feeling good and knowing that I do indeed have time to do all I want to accomplish will bring me more ‘good feelings’ and more ‘accomplishment’ in my experience.

I have left lots of ‘wiggle room’ in my scheduled plan to do other things, but it turned out to be a very productive week.

If you try these tips I’d love to hear how they work for you.


How Facebook Works Just Like the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction will bring to you what you are focused on whether it is something you want or something you do not want.  For example, if you are focusing on war or poverty, you will find that war and poverty come into your awareness all the time.  The ails of the world will bombard you constantly and you will have a harder time keeping your vibration high.  If your vibration is not high, you will be less able to spread love on our planet and our planet needs lots of love right now.

This is a really over-simplified explanation, but I think it will do the trick.

So, how can Facebook teach you to use the Law of Attraction?  Its simple.  Just look at your newsfeed.  I often will hear people complaining that there is so much negativity on Facebook these days.  Or too many cat videos, or any other number of things.

I can tell you that on my newsfeed I rarely see anything negative ~ and I only see cat videos if I have taken the time to watch a different cat (or any animal) video in the recent past.

Law of Attraction

Why?  Because Facebook uses algorithms to see what you look at, what you spend time on, the articles you click, the things you “like”, comment on and share.

If you come across something negative on your Facebook news feed and take the time to “read more”, or share it saying “this is so negative”, or click through a link to the article, Facebook will give you more of it.  Facebook doesn’t care if you say “I hate this” in the comments, they just see that you commented, so you must want to be engaged with that type of content.

Voila, more negative content for you.

The universe works that way too.  If you give something your attention, the universe says “he/she must like this and want more of it because that is what they are giving all their attention to” ~ so that is what you get more of.

Next time you find yourself saying “everything is so negative these days”

Ask yourself, “What am I giving my attention to?”

I can guarantee that what you are giving your attention to is what you are experiencing more of.




If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.

Controlling your vibration

you can control your vibration

Have you forgotten that you are a vibrational being?  That you can control your vibration, and that you can get what you want with the Law of Attraction if you are aware of your vibration.

Most humans have forgotten they are vibrational beings, and they are acting like observational beings.  Observing what is, rather than changing your vibration and creating what is.  Are you stuck on how things “should” be, or are you focused on solutions to what is?

This has some similar points to a post I wrote a bit ago called “Three Words that Will Change your Life Forever“.

So, another audio by Esther Hicks, channeling Abraham.





If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.


Manifesting and the Law of Attraction

something better waiting


We are manifesting things much more quickly than we ever have before.  Sometimes what me manifest looks exactly as we imagined.  Other times, it appears that we don’t get what we wanted or what we asked for.

That is why when we use the Law of Attraction to manifest things in our lives we need to focus more on how we will feel when we get what we want, rather than the details all the time.

In relationships for example, we may be picturing our perfect relationship with the person we are with now, but maybe the person you are with now is unable to be who you want him or her to be.  In that case the Law of Attraction might actually have you end your current relationship so that the perfect relationship can come.

I want to re-share a couple of posts I did from 2010 that talk about the fact you cannot control other people or things in your life.  You can control how you feel, what you do and how you do it, but you cannot control everything in your life.  Sometimes your higher self will take over and get you what you want in a different way than you thought you wanted it.  Once you are there though, you realize that it is better than you could have imagined.

Part 1 – How Much Control Do You Have Over Your Life?

Part 2 – You Cannot Control Other People or Things


If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.

June New Moon ~ You Are Creating in Every Moment

Its a New Moon today.  What do you want in your life?  All year we have had infusions of light energy that are empowering us to create the lives we desire.  Our manifestations are getting faster and faster and stronger and stronger.

Unfortunately, a lot of you are still stuck in playing the ‘blame game’ and thinking of yourself as small and powerless.  You may see things seemingly falling apart for you.  You may think “I didn’t sign up for this, why is everything going wrong?”

It is because its time to MOVE.  You need to take 100% responsibility for your life and you need to stop pouting when things don’t look exactly how you thought you imagined them; and you need to keep your focus on what you WANT.

You need to stop blaming;  the economy, the government, your boss, your spouse, the big ‘corporations’, society, the banks…..  Yes, some of those things may seem like big blocks to your success, but they aren’t.  If you are not successful, you are the block to your success. 

When things work out for you, maybe you hold the energy that you are kinda grateful, but hey, things could be better.  You might be happy for a few minutes, maybe even an hour, but then your focus goes right back to what is wrong, or could use improvement in your life.

This is not to be mistaken with an energy of “Wow, I mastered that!  Onward and upward to the next challenge!”  The energy I’m talking about, that you need to get rid of, is “Wow, that was great; but I still have so much lousy stuff to deal with”.

Maybe when things go a little sideways you are kinda PO’d, and then you start blaming someone or something else for what has happened.  The ‘stupid’ company decided to downsize.  The ‘stupid’ corporations/grocery stores raised the price of food again.  The ‘stupid’ 1% raised the price of gas again.  All BLAME.

No, you can’t control your company, the price of food, gas or anything else, BUT, you can control yourself and your thoughts.  Every time you complain about something like that you create more of it.

You may find yourself saying, yeah, but I’m usually a positive person, and I am truly grateful when things go well, but they only go well for a short time and then I’m screwed all over again.

I can tell you exactly what is going on here and you probably won’t like it and that’s okay.  You do need to consider it though if you want things in your life to change.

So, you may be grateful that you have a job ~ then you continually bitch about your boss, coworkers, rate of pay or customers.

If you are self-employed, you may be grateful when you get clients or customers, but when you get paid you think “I’m grateful for this customer, but my bills are so high and there are things I want that I can’t have today, I am never going to get ahead at this rate”.

he who has gratitude

You have a home, and you may say you are grateful to have it, but then you complain about what it looks like or a room that needs paint, or furniture that is old, or it is cluttered or hard to keep clean, or…..

You are in a relationship and you say you love your spouse and are happy, but then you complain about their habits, their attitude, the way they treat you, the fact they are too tired after work to do anything with you, their weight, their eating habits, whatever.

All of these thoughts/things are you creating.  They are you being happy situationally.  You are not authentically happy ~ you choose to pin your happiness on what all these little external things look like.

This doesn’t mean that you are never allowed to be in a bad mood, or sad, or cry, or mourn a loss.  It does mean that you must take every measure necessary to NOT wallow in it.   Nothing wrong with thinking “well, that threw me for a loop, I didn’t expect that” and to actually be a bit angry or down for a little while.

However, if you choose to wallow in it, rant on and on about examples of how this “always happens” and say stuff like “well I was happy, and then this happened, so now I’m not happy anymore” and then you follow it up with, “I don’t know why this keeps happening to me”.

I can tell you why this keeps happening to you.

It is the Law of Attraction

We are manifesting now faster than ever.  You squandered your opportunity to be really grateful when something good happened by saying, “thanks, but its not enough, now I am still lacking….”

AND when something went even a little bit wrong, you ranted about it for HOURS.  “Oh, the inequality of it all”.

If you would put as half as much energy into the gratitude for the little positive things, as you put into the dismay at the little negative things, you would see EVERYTHING turn around for you, AND FAST.

You are not to blame yourself either!!!

There is a huge energetic difference between blaming yourself and taking responsibility for yourself.  You have done what you know up to this point.  No sense in feeling guilt and blame for something you did in the past.  I wrote last week about the need to forgive yourself.  That was a precursor to the energy of the day today.

If you blame yourself, you are just energetically sending yourself right back into victim mode.  That won’t get you to where you want and need to be.

If you acknowledge your past and consciously forgive yourself and then take responsibility for yourself, you will change everything.  You will realize that everything that has happened up to this point in your life was your doing.  It may have been uncomfortable but it is discomfort that promotes growth.  If you were always comfortable you would never change, learn or grow.

By taking responsibility you can take a good look at all that has happened.  You can see how your thoughts, (which created your actions), brought you to where you are today.  Then you can change your thoughts and your vibration and give ‘er to create what you want more of.

When you can look at the events of your past and your present with gratitude for what they are showing you ~ THAT is when you will be able to empower yourself to do, have and be differently.

Change your thoughts, change your life.




If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.

Three words that will change your life forever (and they are not the ones you think)

You ever notice that we humans seem to always want to impose our will onto someone or something else?   I blog a lot about spiritual development and empowerment because there are so many things you can do and choices you can make to propel yourself into a future that you would like to see.  This includes developing your intuition.  The Law of Attraction is real and we can use it to our advantage ~ (for ourselves), or we can let it run our life without any conscious creation.

on earth as it is in heaven

Sometimes, you might mistake “Personal Power” for “power over others”.  These two things are not even remotely energetically related.  You have power over yourself, your actions, what thoughts you think, how you feel, and what you decide to do in any given moment.

Because you cannot control other people or external events to the degree that you think you should be able to, when you do try you come up against a brick wall.

You may try something ‘your way’, and when it doesn’t work the way you want immediately, you say “I can’t”.  Or you say “the Law of Attraction does not work”.  It does work though, 100% of the time which is precisely why you need to replace your “I can’t” with….

How Can I?

If you want to change your life very quickly, and easily, replace “I can’t”, with “How Can I?”

That one little tweak could change your entire life forever.

So many of you tell me “I want to enhance my gifts” or “How can I talk to my guides”, or “how can I develop my intuition”, or “how can I make more money” or “how can I find a relationship” (endless list, everyone has a unique question).

It is simple, stop blocking it.  You have the ability to use the Law of Attraction in your favour.  You also have the ability to use it against yourself.  You have the ability to get your own intuitive answers to questions as well.

You cannot get answers to questions you have not asked.  If you find yourself in a situation and you say “Well, I can’t do that” then the buck stops there.  The energy stops on that subject and your mind and your energy moves onto something else.  After all, “you can’t” and you are frustrated so there’s no point in trying.

When you get angry or frustrated or sad ~ that just exacerbates the situation.  Now you are adding lower vibrating thoughts (energy) to the mix of “I can’t”.  There’s usually lots of feeling behind that statement!

Once you say “I can’t” it doesn’t matter what anyone says to you that is contrary to your “I can’t”, you won’t believe them.  No one can buck your current of “I can’t, its impossible”.

I want you to try an experiment and leave me a comment on this blog post, or on Facebook.  I want you to start out by practicing a bit of awareness so that you can recognize how often you say “I can’t” to yourself.

Then, every time you find yourself saying “I can’t”; I want you to replace it with this phrase:

I don’t know how, but I’m open to finding out.

That’s it.  One little phrase will change your whole life.

Your guides, the Universe, God, Source, your loved ones, Angels… none of them can help you without your permission.  The minute you say “I don’t know how, show me”, you WILL get an answer.  YOU WILL GET AN ANSWER.

Sometimes the answer will be on how to specifically do what you were thinking about.  Sometimes your answer will be a parallel thought/feeling that will get you to the same end result you were thinking of, but via a different path.  Sometimes your answer will be no.  Sometimes your answer will send you off in a completely different direction.

It doesn’t matter HOW it comes, what matters is that you open the energetic doors to be able to hear your ‘intuition’ or helpers.


Its also important to remember that you cannot use the Law of Attraction on, or manifest things for, someone else.  That is their job.  If someone around you has a situation that you want to help with, you can ask “How can I help”, but you must be open to receiving the message that you cannot help them.  Also, it will not work with “How can I manipulate this person into getting back together with me” ~ you cannot control other people ~ however, you could ask “How can I be happy, or how can I get ready for a relationship” ~ these questions are about YOU not someone else.

So try it.  Whatever you have been thinking you want or working towards, ask the question “How Can I?”

It will change your life.

Ready to attract … Abraham Hicks

how to attract

The title of this audio is about relationships, but it actually talks much more about our relationships to that which we want.

If you are trying to get in and stay in your vortex and create good things in your life, this is a ‘must listen’.

 Abraham Hicks – Ready to attract a relationship