Lighten Up!

Wow.  I was just watching a bit of the news, (which I do once in a while, but no where near as often as I used to), and I’ve realized the message of the day is to lighten up man.  This is crazy.

It amazes me what people get mad at or worry about or take seriously.

Here are a few things I’d like to share, take what you want, let go of the rest…

– Its only STUFF!

– Only the end of the world is the end of the world

– Let other people have their opinions!  Why on earth get mad because someone doesn’t think or act exactly like you do?  Are you kidding me, who cares?  It would be a pretty boring world if we were all exactly the same.

– Gas prices are lower, its good Yay!

– Gas prices are lower, its bad OH NO!!

Gas prices are just being manipulated to screw Russia over anyway, not much to do with anything else.  Don’t fall for it.  The people who “run the world economy” have it all under their control.

– I want that newspaper and I am in line for it.  I don’t care if you don’t have any.  I am going to yell at you for an hour, just because I WANT ONE!  (sound like any 2 year olds you know?)




Up to this point this post has been a little tongue in cheek and to make you think about what’s important in your life and to lighten up.

Don’t fall for all the crap you see out there, its not worth it.  I’m going to stop writing now because I’m not going to lower my vibration to that of the news or the uptight people on it.  Don’t you let it happen to you either.

Life is good, you have something to smile about, (if nothing else, know you are loved).  So smile, and have a nice evening.



How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions ‘Stick’ in 2015

Make Sure Your New Year’s Resolutions Are Really Yours 

So often in our lives we do things simply because we think it’s what we should do.  Or what society or other people in our lives think we should do.  When you make a decision to do something and it is based on doing it for someone else, your chances of success are pretty slim.

For example, if you are happy with your weight, but your spouse thinks you should lose a few pounds, you probably won’t keep off what you lose.  The minute you get upset with your spouse, you will gain some back just to spite them.  In order for a resolution to ‘stick’, it has to be something that you really want and that you are motivated to do.  When you add or remove something from your life for someone else, you don’t have the same motivation as you would if you did it for yourself.

If you really want to be healthier and feel more fit and you focus on health and fitness, you will succeed.  What you focus on is what you create.  If you want to make more money because YOU want more money, you can do it.  You will put your focus on generating more income for yourself.  It will work.  If someone around you thinks you can do more but you really don’t feel like it, it doesn’t matter what you do, you will not sustain it.  It’s not for you, you won’t really care that much, you will eventually lose focus.

If you are making resolutions, make sure the timing is right.

If you are making resolutions, make sure the timing is right.

Is Now the Best Time for A Resolution?

Sometimes you may find you make a resolution just because it is a New Year.  It’s not something that you would necessarily do at this time, EXCEPT, that it is New Year’s and you ‘need’ a resolution.  If you have a bunch of parties to attend in January, or are going on a vacation to Disneyland, maybe January 1st isn’t the best time to start a new habit with your diet or your finances.

Goal setting, having dreams, and being inspired to take action is important.  Just make sure that when you decide to do something it is not at a time when it would be almost impossible to succeed.  You need to set yourself up for success.

If NOW is The Time For That Change – 5 Things You Can Do to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

If you decide that now is the perfect time for a change for yourself, it’s for you, something you want, and you are motivated and inspired, there are a few things you can do to help yourself succeed.

1.  Think about what it will be like when you have it.

Don’t think about things as they are (I’m broke, I’m fat, I’m … whatever).  Think about what it will be like when you have money or a more comfortable body.  Sometimes you may not be able to dream too big at first, but everything comes in steps.  You won’t wake up in the morning 25 pounds lighter, or with a million dollars in the bank, but every day you can do something to bring you closer to your goal.  Keep focusing on, and thinking about that.  Get in the habit of thinking like the type of person you want to be.  Thin people don’t eat pizza 2x a week, and rich people don’t blow money that they do not have and live on credit.

2. If you screwed up yesterday, just forget it and move on.

So you ate crap last night, today is a new day.  If you think about what you ate yesterday, you are more likely to eat like that again later today.  It is what you will be focusing on and what you will get more of.  Think about what a healthy person does, and go do that!
Same if it was a financial thing, or a smoking thing.  Move on.  What happened yesterday doesn’t need to happen today unless you keep thinking about it.  Think about what you WANT, not about what WAS.

3. Keep a tracking system for your successes.

If you want to lose weight, track pounds, exercise done, what you have eaten, how your clothes fit.  Track something.  Look at it.  Focus on the successes.  See the numbers changing, (going up or down).
Or how many cigarettes you DID NOT smoke, or how much money you made, or saved, or bills paid off.  Track something where you can see even the small successes adding up.

4. Keep a journal too.

If you keep a journal and write your feelings out, you will begin to see correlations between what you are tracking and how you were feeling.  Feeling bored, upset or sad?  Maybe that would be a day that you exercised less….or more, or ate differently.  If you can be AWARE of what is going on, you can make positive changes based on what you see.

5. Add some gratitude to your journal.

Every day write down what you are grateful for.  What you focus on expands.  If you focus on gratitude, you will create more opportunities to be grateful.



New Year’s Resolutions aren’t for everyone, I don’t think I’ve made any since I was about 14 years old.  I do however set goals, journal and track things periodically throughout the year.   This year is slightly different though.  I joined a group 21 Days, 21 Blog Posts.  Not quite a “resolution” for me, but certainly something to strive for.

Decide what it is you want, decide the best time to start, and go to it!
You Can Do This!
Have a Fantastic 2015 Everyone!!!

What is Karma?

Do you believe in Karma?  A lot of people do.  What comes around goes around is one way to define Karma.  I was talking to a friend the other day and she put it very eloquently.  The word “Karma”, is a very small word to describe a very big thing.

I don’t necessarily believe in Karma in the sense that most people use the word.  Most people use the word incorrectly.  Someone once said to me that their example of Karma was:  “If someone steals a piece of pie, they will choke on it while eating it”.  While this is a very simple version and might be a good way to define Karma to a child, it is not necessarily correct.

I don’t believe in Karma in that sense.  I do however know that everything is energy.  The energy you put out is the energy you will get back.  Just because someone steals something doesn’t necessarily mean that they will  have “bad karma”.   What if they do not think there is anything wrong with stealing?  It is the energy behind things that creates our reality.  If they don’t think there is anything wrong with it, they will not create a negative energy about it.

You can think whatever you want with the logical part of your brain, but really it is the feelings behind what you think that will create your life.

You could do something that you think is a good thing, yet feel it is a bad thing and that may create negative Karma for you.

Take what I do for example.  I do what I do with the intention of helping people on their path.  Throughout my life I have felt that this was what I was here to do.  I was also exposed to a religion as a child that bombarded me with images that what I did was not a positive thing.

If I listen to my heart, feelings and inner guidance system, it tells me that what I am doing is a “good” thing.  If I were to get “stuck” on what some scriptures say, then I would be constantly doubting that what I am doing is a good thing.  I might even create some Karma for myself if I had the belief that what I was doing is wrong.

If you do things that create ‘negative’ energy for you, then you very well may experience what some people call Karma.  Really, it is just getting back the energy that you are putting out there.

There are many people out there that help others’ and suffer themselves.  This more likely comes from their belief system. They may have a belief system that says they are meant to suffer for others.  It is not necessarily Karma.

There are also many people on our planet that appear greedy and selfish (think big banking, oil barons etc.), they may not suffer “bad Karma” as most people define it.  The majority of them have no idea what type of energy they are putting out.  All they know is what their belief systems tell them, which is often “Survival of the Fittest”.  They think they are doing just fine.  They won’t necessarily suffer the effects of “bad karma” in this lifetime.

This is a very short post to cover a very big subject.  The way I have described it is a very basic take on the energies we are dealing with in this lifetime.  Take a look at what you really believe and see what type of “Karma” you are creating for yourself.

Spread LOVE, Energies of August 2013

As a collective, we need to focus on LOVE. Do not be afraid. We do not want a bunch of fear energy to permeate our planet. The governments may want that, the media may want that, but WE, do not want, nor do we need that right now. We need LOVE.

We have the ability to create whatever we want on this earth. Our experience depends on what we are projecting. If we are projecting love, we will feel and attract love. If we are projecting fear, we will feel and attract more fear.

We are in uncharted territory here. Our world is changing. We are changing. It is up to US. THE COLLECTIVE, what it is we want it to change into. Most reading this want to have peace on earth. We want to feel good, we want to feel love. It IS possible.

There are waves of peace flowing all over the planet. So many of us are focused on love and peace, and if you are not one of them, then now is the time to start. Be aware of where you are vibrating and projecting in every moment. No matter what is happening in your life, focus on feeling loving thoughts. Even if your circumstances do not feel very loving at this moment, there will be some spot in your past that you can focus on. A spot where you felt love, you felt safe, you felt happy. Remember and focus on that. What you focus on you create. If you focus on that it will change your vibration and bring more loving, safe, and happy circumstances into your life.

Countries all over the world are shutting down their embassy’s in many parts of the world. They will tell you that it is due to a terrorist threat. They are full of crap. It has more to do with the governments of our world fighting with each other. The cold war is getting pretty hot at the moment. Once again, do not be afraid of this. LOVE. This is a changing time in our history. It’s time to let go of everything that doesn’t matter, and focus on LOVE and PEACE.

It doesn’t need to come down to some horrible apocalyptic end. For the record, I don’t think it will. What it will come down to is the awakening of the planet. Don’t you think it’s time to quit believing all the crap you are told by those that want to control you and start thinking for yourself?

You may ask yourself, “what can I do”, all of this is out of my control, I am only one little person. While it is true you cannot control other people or things, you CAN control yourself. You can control your thoughts, feelings, and energy. We are ALL ONE. If you are focused on love, you are spreading love energy, you are taking part in the raising of the vibration of the planet.

Just as if you put one drop of poison into 25 gallons of water, it would likely not kill you, don’t let the media or governments poison you. Be a pure drop of water in the 25 gallons, diffuse the poison. Use LOVE. There are so many more of us that are focused on love and peace, than are focused on war and control. Ignore what you are hearing. Focus on what you KNOW in your heart. As a collective, we can diffuse ANY and ALL negative situations on the planet. WE ARE POWERFUL. Don’t ever forget that. And do not let ‘fear mongering’ lower your vibration.

Now is the time to focus on and create what we want on our earth. Please, be one of the ones that focuses on PEACE AND LOVE. Don’t let all the BS they are trying to spread get you down. We need you. We need your LOVE. We need your positive thoughts and affirmations. WE can do this. WE can BE THE CHANGE. It is so very very simple and easy. Just keep LOVE in your heart.

Our World IS Changing

Fasten your Seatbelts!!

I’ve written before about moving from the 3rd Dimension into the 5th Dimensional energies.  There are still a lot of 3rd Dimensional energies here on our planet.  Our Souls have come to earth to have a 3D experience.  Maybe one day I will explain how we can have 3D and 5D, but for now, this post is about something else.

The best part of this, is that from the 5th Dimension, we can create what we want.  Many people are waking up and choosing love and light.  People are tired of running on the treadmill that just a few on the planet have put them on.  I wrote a post many years ago stating that there was enough on the planet for everyone.  And there is.

It just so happens that there are a group of people on the planet that control our banks, government, food, media, energy, pretty much everything that we rely on or use.  They want to keep us disempowered so that they can have their “elite” lives, and we can do all the work for them.  They have helped turn our governments into dictatorships, and they are spying on us and trying to shut us down.

They came up with the phrase “Conspiracy Theory” so that anyone that questioned them could be labeled a “Conspiracy Theorist”.  Once they did that, they said that Conspiracy Theorists were simply nuts.  I don’t believe that EVERYTHING we see is a conspiracy, nor do I believe everything I read.  I do however, KNOW that a lot of what we think is real is not.

This small percentage of people, we will call them the “Elite Class”, are really scared that we are waking up.  They are trying really hard to keep control, but its not working anymore.  People are coming forward and speaking up.

I have been blogging about this change since 2008.  It is upon us.  We need to keep feeling LOVE and PEACE.  No fear, no anger.  Just LOVE and PEACE will get us to the new reality we want.  What we focus on is what we create 100% of the time!  Please focus on LOVE & PEACE!

I have so much to tell you about this.   I try and keep my posts short but I will be writing a lot over the next little while.  About 3D stuff and what is really going on.  I am not a Conspiracy “Theorist”, but I see and feel what is going on.  WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER.  We don’t have to stay under that control of the Elite (they control the Government).

I think the first thing we need to tackle is the “Global Threat to the Internet”.  Calling people “Conspiracy Theorists” and “nuts” didn’t work, so now they are trying to shut down our internet.  This is not widely known and is being left off of the “Regular News” media.

Too many people are waking up and listening and sharing online.  “They” want to shut us up.  WE CAN BE THE CHANGE.  Please check out this link and sign the petition (I did 3 weeks ago and never got spammed so don’t worry about that).  It will take you a minute and its important.  Let your voice be heard.

Our last petition worked here in Canada (the one where they were trying to charge us a lot of extra money for bandwidth and being online).  That was ‘their’ first go at getting people off the internet and it didn’t work.  This one, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP) is worldwide.   Together lets stop their second attempt.

Don't let them shut down our Internet.  Sign the petition, BE THE CHANGE

Don’t let them shut down our Internet. Sign the petition, BE THE CHANGE



Who Are You?

How do you define yourself?  What is it that makes you you?  Do you even know anymore?  Is your definition of yourself based on what the people around you tell you?  Or based on your health?  Your financial circumstances?  Where you live?  The work you do?

Who are you?  Really.  Think about it.  When you say to yourself “I am”, what follows those words?

Do you say, “I am a mom”,  “I am an executive”,  “I am a healer”, “I am sick”,  “I am struggling”, “I am a construction worker”, “I am busy”.

What are you?  Who are you?

Society tells us that without some clear-cut definition of ourself, a definition that must contain some third dimensional words, we have no purpose.  We are bombarded with messages that tell us we need to be busy.  I can’t even count how many TV commercials, shows, or Newscasts that I see that contain messages that we are busy all the time (think “Programming”).

When we see these messages, we think to ourselves that if we are not busy, or if we allow ourselves to just “be” or have some down-time, then there must be something wrong with us.  Maybe we aren’t working hard enough.  What is wrong with me that I am not all frazzled like everyone else, maybe I need to be doing more.  What can I add to my life that will make me more like everyone else?

What about the “programming” that tells us we are stressed, overworked, broke, stuck in a career and not really getting ahead?  We are told constantly that that is “how we (and things) are these days”.  The messages, and programs that we get bombarded with are there to keep us struggling.  We are told we have no power, no control, no peace, no calm.

Without some awareness that we are being “PROGRAMMED” it is really easy to fall into the trap of feeling completely dis-empowered and out of control of our lives.  We are not at the mercy of all these external circumstances.  WE ARE NOT!

We are only at the mercy of our thoughts, feelings, and vibrations.  What we think about is what we create in our lives.  Everything is energy.  Your thoughts and feelings are energy that cause you to vibrate at a certain level.  You can change your vibration by changing your thoughts.

There are many men and women out there that have no self-worth whatsoever unless they are ‘busy’.  They keep adding more and more and more to their plate in the hopes that someone, anyone, will recognize that they are worthy.  Please, tell me I am appreciated, please tell me that I am doing something right, please acknowledge that I am a someone, that the world would not be the same without me.

The problem with that is that your self-worth cannot ever come from someone else.  It needs to come from within.  No amount of doing, or busy-ness, or running around will get you what you want.  Chances are, the people around you are doing the same thing.  Do you even have time to acknowledge their contribution.  Most of the time, probably not.  Most people are too self-absorbed in playing this game of “busy-ness” to even notice others, never mind acknowledge their contribution.

It is a vicious circle.  The best way to get the recognition you deserve is from yourself.  Take a really good look at yourself and what you do.  Thank yourself for your contribution.  Do not resent the fact that you are busy and no one appreciates you.  Do what makes you feel good, and appreciate yourself.

There are some things that we must do.  Care for our children for example.  Do you care for your children in the hope that you will get some recognition for it, or do you care for your children out of a space of loving them and loving what you do for and with them? (If you do not have children, this could also be your job, your home, your relationships).

You need to treat ALL parts of your life like that.  Do what you enjoy and what fills your heart with love.  When your heart is full of love, recognition does not matter as much.  You end up recognizing yourself as a loving being, and worrying less when those around you are not loving.  You will be able to observe the fact that they are not loving ~ whether they are not loving themselves, or maybe not loving you or other people ~ but it won’t matter so much to you.  You will be operating your life from a place of love rather than judgement ~ of yourself or of them.

Even if you hate your job, there must be something that it is giving you.  If it wasn’t giving you anything at all there would be no point in doing it.  Love what it is giving you.  Even if it is just enough money, or not enough money.  Love and appreciate it for what it is.  The more love you have for anything in your life, the more love your life will give you.  Love will open doors and create more opportunities for you.

There are many people out there that have burned themselves out by trying to be what other people (or society) expect them to be.  If this goes on long enough it blocks the flow of energy and creates health problems in our bodies.  How this manifests is partly dependent on your belief systems and what part of yourself you are denying.  Sometimes the only way we think we can take a moment for ourselves is if we are sick.

This is not a conscious decision.  It’s not like “geeze, I need a rest, I think I’ll make myself sick so my family has to take care of me”.  It is a subconscious decision (yes decision).  “I have done enough, I give and I give and I give and no one appreciates me, I always give more than I get,  I resent the fact that I have to do so much for so little in return!”

After a time, months, perhaps years, finally…BAM!  You just can’t take it anymore!  Your body comes up with fibromyalga, or chronic fatigue syndrome, or cancer, or some other illness that STOPS you in your tracks.  As much as the illness is upsetting to you, it is in and around your body because that is where you were vibrating.  You were resentful, or busy, or under appreciated, or trying to fit into someone elses perception of you, and your Soul just can’t take it anymore.

This is not meant to BLAME you for your illness.  I have been sick myself.  My doctor told me “Sounds like CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) to me”.  He also said “I won’t give you a prescription for painkillers because I know you don’t like to take them”.

My naturopath said “Well, I won’t tell you you have fibromyalga because you do not belive that it is a proper diagnosis, but doing these things (she gave me a list of things, that people do when they have been diagnosed with fibromyalga) might work for you”.

A lot of people want a “DIAGNOSIS”.  It is easier to get a diagnosis and either give up, or try to “treat an illness” than it is to look inside at what is not working with your energy field.  It gives you a way to define yourself or your life.  It gives you something to focus on that is centred around you and self-care.  Your whole life you have likely been taking care of other people (whether they asked for it or wanted it or not).  Your entire focus was on how to help them, be there for them ~ defining who you were by how they saw you.

Now with an illness its all about you.  Why not practice self-love, self-care, self-esteem, allow yourself to do what makes you truly happy, (no martyrdom), and just skip the piece about getting “sick and tired.”  When you get to a space of being able to say simply “I am”, without any further words, that is when you will truly begin to know, love and appreciate yourself.


Empowering Through Responsibiltiy

So I had a brief discussion with my son yesterday and I want to share it with you because I think the message is important for everyone. If you have children, please read this and think hard about how you are ‘helping’ them.

My son borrowed his dad’s ear buds to listen to his iPod with his dad’s permission. He was told quite clearly by his father that “if you break them, you will have to buy me some new ones”.
My son agreed. Two days ago, my son came home from school and showed me that the ear buds had broken (he is 12, so they probably broke in his pocket with all the other ‘boy stuff’ that was in there).

I told him that he was going to have to tell his dad, and perhaps ask him how he could earn some extra money to pay for the ear buds. My son told me he would rather not have to work for the money. I had a chuckle on that one.

I had told my son I would buy him an iTunes Card last week as a ‘bonus’ for a job well-done on bringing his grades up over 20% in only one month. My son told me that he would prefer to use this to pay for the ear buds. I told him that I was okay with that, but that it wouldn’t quite cover the buds so we’d have to think of another way to get the remainder.

So yesterday I pick him up from school and we are talking. He says to me “I think I would rather just have the iTunes card please” (he’s very polite). I asked him how he thought he would pay for the ear buds. He tells me he would just like for me to buy them please.

I am trying hard to teach him some responsibility. A big part of me just wants to buy the ear buds, they are only about $40 but so much of what I do now will shape his entire future so I tell him that he needs to start taking some responsibility. And if that responsibility requires him to work, then so be it.

I follow up by saying that he has few responsibilities. That they are: trying at school, a few chores, participating in the family etc. I told him that being responsible involves working hard, doing what you say you are going to do, and taking care of things you said you would. I point out to him that me and his dad have many responsibilities, including paying all the bills and teaching him how to be responsible.

He says, “hrumph, if that is the case then most of my friends are going to be in trouble”.
NOW here is where the most important part comes in.

I said to him, “you are right. There are many people that are adults right now in their 20’s and 30’s, and even 40’s that have no clue. Some of them still live with their parents, a lot of them cannot support themselves and have no idea how life works. They have no work ethic, no ‘common sense’, and no idea of how to work hard and get what they want.

“Think of all the homeless people, people that cannot feed themselves, the people that are always looking for handouts and for other people to ‘rescue’ them. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT WERE NOT TAUGHT HOW TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEMSELVES AND THEIR LIVES.”

That basically shut him up for a while as he pondered what I had said. I think it hit home for him. He hasn’t come up with a plan yet, but I know he’s thinking about it.

NOW, for all of you who read this and think that I am a horrible B*tch for saying what I said about the homeless and people that are having a hard time.


I am all for helping people out. I know that there are people who have challenges and require assistance at certain times of their life. This does not mean that they are bad people, far from it. I have been through some very challenging times myself.

My point is that we are raising a generation of kids who think that they should have EVERYTHING handed to them ~ for nothing. We disempower our children when we don’t allow them to take care of themselves.

The media, the government, certain ‘rights’ groups, are teaching us and our children that we are powerless. That the government needs to step up and take care of us. We cannot take care of ourselves. We are BOMBARDED with this message every single day of our lives.

One thing the people who are doing well know, beyond all doubt, is that they can have, be or do anything they want. They do not rely on others’ for their success or failure. They take responsibility for their lives and their actions. They STRIVE for achievement. They do not wake up in the morning asking what someone else can do for them. They wake up in the morning asking what they can do to help themselves and others.

I just saw on the news last night a story about the BC Government. The reporter asked a government official what they were doing “for the people”. The Official went on to say that BC has a “Jobs Plan” to get people into new, well paying, careers. The government is paying for training, spending money on getting the word out on where the jobs are, where the training is, where the financial support to get the training can come from. All very positive, empowering things.

The reporter actually put the emphasis on HANDOUTS. Here there is a plan in place to EMPOWER people and it is being slagged in the media because it actually requires people to take some responsibility and do something themselves. Work, earn, and feel good. The only focus of the reporter was on how to give people more welfare money. Pretty bloody sad. Once again the media is saying people can’t do for themselves.

I pay a fair amount of taxes and I do not mind doing so. It is my responsibility to do my part. However, after paying my bills and TAXES I have less to give to anyone that might really need some assitance. My tax money goes to pay for bureaucracy. I give to the government, the government takes a HUGE portion to pay for government employees and other things. I have LESS money to give to people or things that need it.

We need to help each other. But we also need to do it while EMPOWERING people and helping them know that they can have, be or do anything they want.

The Mayan Calendar, December 21, 2012

The Mayan Calendar, Dec. 21, 2012. The end of the world? Probably not.

This arrived in my in box this week and thought it was worth sharing with you.

What message do you want to spread?

I have a couple of ladies that come to visit me every couple of weeks. The one that has been coming the longest is Judy and she is a very sweet woman. We usually end up talking for about 5 or 10 minutes and they usually leave me a copy of the Watchtower or Awake. They are Jehovah’s Witnesses and they are doing what they can to help spread their word.

Now I know a lot of people don’t like the Jehovah’s Witnesses coming to their door and they make fun of them or get mad at them. I don’t agree with everything thing they say, and its a shame that they are so fearful, but really, they are just like me and you and they are doing what they know.

We actually have some very good conversations. For the past few months they had been talking about Armageddon – a lot. I told them that each and every day is Armageddon for someone, somewhere.

Its funny, normally when they come now, I talk much more than they do. I do not preach, but they will say something and I cannot help but respond with what I know.

I talk to them a lot about spreading love not fear. I was talking of the fact that what we put out there can snowball. Last time they were here, I told them that with some of the crises going on in the world, we had an opportunity to spread love, and acknowledge all the positive loving people that are on the planet right now. It was apparent that that had not occured to them until I said it. That was not where their focus was.

I talked about what difference each of us could make. When we come into contact with someone, we can chose to interact with love or with fear/anger. Just one loving interaction with one person can change our energy for the whole day. Why don’t we chose to be the one that can assist someone to feel better? It is so easy. Say thank you to someone. Be polite when in a store, don’t rush so much and don’t be so self absorbed that you think other people’s time isn’t as important as yours. Speeding and tailgaiting while on the road can cause angst for whoever it is you just cut off. Why not just be a bit more patient, take 30 seconds more to get to where you need to go and spread that type of energy, instead of the fear energy we feel when you are driving agressively around us?

We have all had experiences where we’ve driven somewhere and by the time we got to our destination we are basket cases because of how those in other cars were acting. DON’T BE THAT PERSON IN THE OTHER CAR!!!! You will be less frazzled and the rest of us on the road will appreciate it.

But I digress. Judy left me a couple of articles to read, which I probably will if I have time. She said “Oh, you probably don’t watch the news then, I don’t”. I said quite the contrary. I told her that I did watch the news. How else could I know where my prayers are needed most? I told her that when I watch the news, I do not look at the screen with thoughts of “oh no, what a mess the world is”. I look at it and send loving and healing energy wherever it is needed. When I see how many people are trying to help I can visibly see the love that is being projected, that is where I put my focus.

I am only one person, sending one set of prayers to many different areas of the planet. However, I believe it does make a difference.

Just before Judy walked away today, I put my hand on her shoulder, and I said. Just remember, when you are going to people’s doors today, focus on the love of what is in the world, not the fear of what is out there. I hope she thinks on it and makes that decision. I know that she no longer mentions anything to me about “Armageddon or “God’s Anger”, as a matter of fact, today the scripture she shared with me talked all about God’s love, and the loving people on earth. Maybe she’s getting it…..Love is what its all about.

With Love to Egypt…

Please focus on peace and send love to Egypt and her people.  We are all one and the people of Egypt are our people, they are us, just living life in a different place on earth.  I often write about Love vs. Fear and now is the perfect time to focus on love.   The more love we can send to that area of the world, the more likely things are to work out in a positive way.

Right now in Egypt, people are standing together.  It is a peaceful protest.  The people of Egypt are starving and have not had a voice.  They are finding their voices now.  Even the military is backing off and just keeping watch in a peaceful way.  The soldiers are watching their friends and families protest, they do not wish to harm them.  The officers and higher ups are rich and get their money and power from the president, but they don’t dare ask the soldiers at this point to kill their loved ones.  They are not sure that their authority would not be challenged if they did that.

If the people end up trying to storm the president and remove him by force the military (which has historically been known as the “King-Maker” in Egypt), will likely take over.  Its ‘funny’ one of the reasons why there is not enough money in Egypt is because the military consumes most of the finances in order for the country’s leaders to have a lot of expensive military ‘toys’.

The police are off the streets now, and there is less conflict.  The people just want their voices heard, and Hosni Mubarak removed from office. 

On the news we hear about the “Economic Consequences” if this happens.   “Mubakrk is a friend of  the United States and of Israel”. 

The White House, the entire United States, Canada, Israel and many other countries are IN FEAR.  Our leaders are fearful and what they are saying is helping to spread fear all over the globe.

It is up to US, those of us who know better.  Those of us who KNOW that by feeling love, projecting love and spreading love, anything can change, anything can be overcome.  Please stay in your heart centre, send love to Egypt and her people and our world leaders.

Do not be led into the fear of the unknown.  The leaders are afraid of the unknown – let them be.  We must know and feel that change needs to happen, and we must allow things to change, but through love not through fear.

The leaders are worried that Islamic Militants will take over, or that whoever gets into power will close the Suez Canal….or worse, that the price of gas will rise!  For the record, aside from the price of gas, the other couple things are very unlikely to happen…especially if we can send our love.  With enough love energy, negative things CANNOT happen.

There is talk about the fact that the price of gas has gone up to over $100 per barrel, that tourism is taking a big hit, that the “bond rating” of the country has gone down, and that Egypt may even become bankrupt.  Really, really???  The bond rating???  People are starving, and our leaders are worried about a Bond Rating???  Where have our priorities gone?

This is all pretty much a self-fulfilling prophecy for the United States and other Western countries because of the way the Bonding Agencies and the financial markets are operated.  Things need to change.  Our financial systems need to change.  Maybe, just maybe, this will be one of many catalysts that will help with this.

We all know that things on our planet are changing (if you are reading this, you are likely to know these types of things, the people who do not know this already wouldn’t likely be reading this).  I’ve been writing about this for years, as have many others – including the Hopi and Aztecs.

We are not all that different from Egypt.  Listening to the news and hearing the announcers talk about the people not having food, or homes, or a decent wage with which to live ~~ this is NOW.  And it is not just there ~ someplace else ~ far from our homes.  It might not be quite as apparent but it is happening here in Canada, and in the United States and all over the globe.  People cannot afford to eat, to have homes, to live in comfort.

WE ARE ONE, what affects one, affects ALL.  I am so grateful for the people of Egypt ~ they have the courage to help make the world a better place. 

Once they are successful at removing Mubarak, and they will be one way or the other (whether he goes now or just promises not to run in the next election), they will likely endure more hardship.

Egypt may wind up bankrupt, may wind up being a very poor country for a while.  There may well be another revolt after this one.  It could take a year, or more for things to get back to normal.  However!!  Thank God for these people!!!

I hear all the time that “things need to change”.  I have written many times over the years how uncomfortable change can be.   The people of Egypt, (and of Jordan and of Yemen and Tunisia before them), are stepping up, are willing to put everything on the line, their lives, their country, in order to facilitate change!!

Most of us in the West, no matter how uncomfortable our lives get, or how much we bitch and complain about the way things are, would not be willing to put so much on the line, to lose in order to gain.  To do without in order to eventually have everyone do better.

So we need to pray, and send lots of LOVE and lots of THANKS to those people who have had enough, and are doing something to make their lives, and therefore the world a better place. 

Thank you, people of Egypt…with Love


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