Abraham Hicks on Money

Money, credit cards, debt

So I came across these two videos and thought I would share them with you. They are Esther Hicks channelling Abraham and they are both related to money.

These cover off debt and money in relationships as well.

They won’t be for everyone, but if your financial situation isn’t exactly as you’d like it to be, or if you feel like you are not on the same page as your spouse, they may be helpful for you.

What if I can’t pay back my credit cards?


My Wife and I Have Different Beliefs about Money




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The Science of Getting Rich

Science of getting rich
I read this book a while ago.  I have recently come across an audio version and am in the process of listening to it, just thought I would share.

As much as the title is about the science behind getting rich, the science applies to every area of life.


Will I Win The Lottery?

I know many people that are absolutely convinced that they are going to win the lottery.  That is their entire life plan.  Win the lottery and then everything will be okay.

They have watched The Secret, and they think they have learned all there is to know about the law of attraction.  They study, they read, they watch videos, read my blog, and they think that if they put it on a vision board the lotto win is pretty much theirs.

The thing is, I am pretty sure that the odds of the 5 people closest to me ALL winning the lotto are pretty slim.  They all feel it coming though.  Every one of them says “I feel it, I am going to win the lottery”.

This is a feeling.  What if it’s not that they are going to win the lottery, but that they truly believe they will feel better – later.  They think winning the lottery will make them feel better.  What if it’s not the lottery, but that our financial system is going to go to crap and everything will melt down and all this financial stuff won’t matter later?  Same feeling as winning the lottery.

What is in the energy field of people who think they will win the lottery

They know the “Law of Attraction” is what gets them what they want.  They think that if they just keep focusing on the lottery and buying tickets they will win eventually.

The reason they are less likely to win the lottery is because they limit themselves to thinking that that is the ONLY way they can get ahead, get what they want, or dig out of debt, or out of their current situation.  In thinking about the lotto every day, they totally limit every other source of abundance from coming to them. They shut down inspiration, that connection with their higher self, their ability to create.

There could be a lot of money just waiting to come to them, but they won’t take action towards it because they are so depressed about their current situation they talk themselves into the fact that only a lotto can get them out of this mess (this mess that they created).  When they have an inspired idea, they push it aside because they ‘can’t afford it’ ~ at least not until they win the lottery.

If you spend $10 a week on lotto because that is the only way you can see yourself succeeding in life you are essentially taking $520 per year out of your pocket (savings, investments, debt reduction), and blowing it.

You will not win the lottery if you keep thinking that that is the ONLY way.  It is the energy behind it.  What if there is an investment, job or business opportunity that is staring you right in the face and you decide that you cannot do it unless you win the lotto.  You really want it, but you’ve convinced yourself that you will win the lotto; you are well versed on the LoA and just know that if you win the lotto THEN you can do what you are thinking of.  If you don’t win the lotto, you won’t ever be able to fulfill your dreams.

This is the most limiting thought anyone can have, and it is sad.

I swear that “the people at the top”, put the movie “The Secret” out there just to keep people from taking any action in their lives.  “Hey, let’s tell them that all they have to do is create a vision board and they will have everything they want.  They don’t have to work, they don’t have to strive or try, just imagine.  Most people will buy into this in a heartbeat, no one wants to think they have to work.   Our world is changing and energy and creating is getting easier for all of us.  They intuitively know that energy can help them, let’s put it out (in a movie) in such a way that they actually get this new earth energy working AGAINST them.  Then they will stay disempowered, say energy doesn’t work, it’s all BS, and be even more screwed up then they were before.”

What a perfect plan.  That will keep them (you) in line.


How to let the Law of Attraction work in your favour:

Don’t limit yourself to ‘winning the lottery’ to get where you want to be.  Do be open to the fact that there are bazillions of ways for money to come to you.  Most of them aren’t even on your radar.  Focusing only on the lottery creates an energy of lack and of not believing there could be another way.

When you have an idea of what you want your life to look like later, what you are striving to have, DON’T tell yourself, “I can’t do that until I have the money, I will need to win the lottery to make this happen”.

When you are inspired to do something positive, do it.  If you need to wait for funds before you do it, then feel good about what you want to do, and say something like “I don’t know how, but this is a really good idea, so I will do what I can to start getting it going”.  This may involve researching what it is, or completing something else, or just cleaning up some aspect of your life as it is now (see below).  Or even working with someone like me, or an energy healer that can help you move past your limiting beliefs.

If you are overrun with debt, don’t say “I know I owe money, it’s too much, it’s always there, I’ll never pay it off unless I win the lottery anyway so screw it, there’s no sense in trying.  I may as well have something for myself now.”  Instead of saying that, say.  “I have a lot of debt, I lived beyond my means (if you didn’t you wouldn’t owe anything).  I am going to pay this off no matter what.  I don’t know how, but I WILL pay it back”.  And then DO IT.  Even if it is $10 at a time, PAY IT BACK.  You borrowed, you spent, pay it back.  If your debt is what is holding you back from being able to invest in other things (like yourself), you need to make paying back your debt a priority.

The Law of Attraction WILL bring you what you feel.  If you truly feel that winning the lotto is the only way to go, you will shut down any road to money that is NOT the lottery.  If your energy is on “I don’t know how, but I will do it”, then what you want can flow to you because you are not dictating EXACTLY what it is supposed to look like, you are not shutting down the other avenues that could potentially be available to you.

How to Get What You Want

  • Celebrate the little things.  The more you celebrate the little things and realize how little things can add up, the more flow you allow in your energy.  It is called gratitude.  Gratitude will get you a LOT more than entitlement ever will.
  • If you buy coffee at Starbucks you could say, its only $5 per day.  Well that is $1800 per year.  If you want/need money, have dreams, want to “Manifest” better things;  then saving $1800 per year will get you closer.  The energy of saving (or paying back) $1800 is much different than the energy of “I work hard, I’m entitled to nice coffee every day”.
  • You think you need to win the lotto, but what if you had an idea, job, investment, or whatever that paid you $300/day.  Even if it only paid you $300 day on weekdays for 10 months of the year, that would be $90,000.
  • I see a lot of you that make $300 (over any timeframe, day, week, fortnight) and say “that’s not enough, I need to win the lottery”.  Right there BAM, you shut down any opportunity you have to make your next $300.  “It’s only $300, I want/need more, its not enough.”  Are you grateful for the $300 (enabling more flow to you), or are you entitled to more?
  • The LoA works.  If you use it to your ADVANTAGE, you would say “Wow, I just made $300!  That’s fantastic, lets do it again!”  Then you would let go of any expectations you have and feel really good about the $300 you made.  LoA would bring you more of that feeling ~ whether it comes in $2, $20, $200, or $2million, increments.  It won’t even matter to you, because you will know there’s always more and it’s on its way.   You will have that feeling no matter the amount.
  • Don’t mistake this with “Oh, I will spend my rent money on a nice dinner date, there’s more on the way”.  That will NOT create the energy you are looking for.  It will do the exact opposite if you have been the least bit worried about your rent or debt.  What it does in that case, is you get the money, you spend it on a want instead of a need (because you have a subconscious belief that you never get what you want anyway), and your needs still aren’t met.  You have just “proven” to yourself that the Law of Attraction DOESN’T work, because you are still worried about paying rent ~ and that worry energy will shut down more flow.

If you truly believed that the Law of Attraction could work FOR you instead of AGAINST you all the time, you would take care of what you NEED to take care of, KNOWING that your wants will come.  It’s just that most of you spend on your wants instead of needs and it perpetuates this never ending circle of ‘I can’t get ahead unless I win the lottery”.

If You are Feeling Financial Pressure You HAVE to Read This!

I know way too many of you that are feeling financial pressure and are “trying” to work with the Law of Attraction and you keep telling me “It doesn’t work”. It is hard for me to see and feel things so clearly and know that you don’t get it. I am going to write this post and try to help to make it more clear for you so that you can begin to see it work in your life.

Things that you do when you are trying to use the Law of Attraction and you think it’s not working for you.

• You talk all about spending money ALL THE TIME.
• You don’t talk about or dream about NOT spending. You don’t talk and dream about SAVING money, or paying back the people or institutions you owe.
• You constantly and consistently talk about spending and what you want but don’t have.
• You don’t say “I have DEBT and I need to work my ass off to pay it off BEFORE I spend anything else”
• You say “I have to be able to have SOMETHING for myself for all this hard work I do”. (Chances are if you are reading this you do have some things for yourself, either a computer or smart phone for one).
• You chase opportunities with your money. Whether it’s an MLM, or a training program, or a “work at home” scheme, you are always looking for the “next big money maker”, without picking one thing at a time and putting your focus on it. You waste hundreds, or thousands per year that you do not have, to “chase” money. If you do this, you are doing it from a place of knowing you don’t have money and vibrating in a place of lack. I am involved in a couple of MLMs but it is because I like the product and think it may help other people too. I rarely make money on MLMs because I do not join them to make money. I just have my FOCUS on doing readings and helping you that way. If I make money on an MLM it is because I have an abundant mindset, not because I am chasing anything. (There are many people in the same MLMs as me that ARE making money. They are making money that way though, because they put their FOCUS into it, and that is one of their main sources of income).
• You are always complaining about the prices of things, (food, gas, services, pretty much anything and everything).
• You spend money before you earn it and say “I will just manifest more for my bills (rent, food, mortgage, car payment) later”. This is a killer.
• You spend money on your wants before you take care of your needs. This leaves you feeling very stressed about having your needs met. Stress like this is pretty much “ANTI” manifesting what you want, and just manifests more of the stressful feelings of not having your needs met.
• You have read something that tells you that you have to be always thinking about what you want. This only works if you truly believe you can have what you are thinking about and if it makes you feel good to think about it 100% of the time. Here’s a tip. If you really believed you could have it, you would be able to write a list of what you want and put it away KNOWING that now that you have written it down, it will show up (even if it takes a long time and even if you NEVER think about it again).

The problem when you are “trying” to manifest is that you think about what you want, you think that you have to think about it day in and day out, see it on a vision board 10 times a day, and that will bring it. That will NOT bring it to you, and that will not make it come any quicker if you are not feeling happy. You need to be happy and grateful and loving before anything positive can come to you.

You think that you can just “manifest” money without getting off your ass and doing something. Yes, you need to do things that feel good, but I know very few people who feel good without some type of work to do. Sitting around day in and day out doing nothing does not feel good, and just creates through the Law of Attraction, more feelings of not feeling good.

You can say “I have to visualize what I want”, well yes, but if you visualize it KNOWING you have debt to pay off, that you cannot afford it, and feel like its a pipe-dream, you don’t feel good visualizing it.

Now that we have covered what may be some of your habits, let’s look at a things a new way.

Think of your debt as being similar to KARMA. Many of you reading this seem to understand karmic debt. Well 3D financial debt is pretty much the same thing. You need to pay for all the ‘stuff’ you have received (or used, or done) already.

With Karmic Debt, you said, did, spent something, either now or in a past life, and you need to ‘pay back’ before you can move forward.

What about paying for all the stuff you have already received? What about all the times you spent money on gifts for yourself or others? They (and you) don’t even remember what you bought them for Christmas last year, but you still have to pay for it. That vacation you took last month, last year, 5 years ago? Some of you have still not paid for it. You put it on credit, and never did pay it off. Just paying interest every month for years. You need to take responsibility for that. No one forced you to do it. YOU DID IT. YOU need to pay for it. Not grudgingly, but with happiness and gratitude for the trip (or the gifts or whatever you spent). Don’t spend so much time griping about the interest payments, no one held a gun to your head and MADE you spend that money. Every time you make a payment on that card, be HAPPY about it. You received something, now you are paying it back.

Of course the way to avoid this is to be patient and SAVE UP for what you want. If you REALLY TRULY believed in the Law of Attraction, Manifesting, and an Abundant Universe, you would NEVER spend money on credit again. You would simply write down what you wanted and KNOW that if it was for your Highest and Best Good, that it would arrive, and in the perfect time for you.

Do you have a vehicle? Did you finance it? Have you been paying for the same vehicle for the past 5 years, and still have two years (or more) on your loan? If this is the case, then you have likely bought more vehicle than you could afford. After the initial “high” of a nice new vehicle has worn off, do you find yourself complaining about the payments? Or that your car is now getting old and you might need a new one? Or worse yet, that you owe three times more on your loan than your vehicle is now worth? If you TRULY believed in the LoA, you would have bought what you could afford at the time and MANIFESTED more money for a better vehicle ~ or if you are a really good manifester, maybe you would have even won a car.

SMARTEN UP! Stop doing this to yourself. Stop making excuses. YOU ARE CREATING YOUR OWN REALITY. Financial and otherwise. Be grateful that it’s you. The SECOND that you take responsibility for YOUR OWN STUFF you empower yourself. You ENABLE yourself to begin to do things differently. If you find yourself complaining more than once a year (we all get ‘moods’) that the Law of Attraction does not work you don’t “believe” it. Those that really believe it, that live by the motto “I will see it when I believe it”, RARELY or NEVER question it. They go within, they pay attention to THEIR thoughts and feelings, they look for examples of how things are working or not in their life, they change, they work on becoming very aware of where their thoughts and feelings are going ALL THE TIME. They see and feel the similarities of the energy between seemingly unrelated events in their life. They KNOW it’s up to them, they do not BLAME (others, the economy, their spouse, their parents, kids….).

IT IS A FEELING. The “facts” have NOTHING to do with it. Nothing at all. If you cannot feel good about money, money cannot come to you. Stop complaining about how things “ARE”, take responsibility for your life, and start taking steps (no matter how small), to make the life you want.

Are You Asking for Enough? Needs VS. Wants

I am guessing that if you are reading this, then you have what you need.  You have food, you have a computer to look at.  You have a place to live.  This is good.  Of course you want to have what you need.  Most of you have your needs met every day.

It gets tricky when you begin to look at what you want.  Most of you don’t have what you want.  Whether it is the job you want, or the relationship you want, or the things that you want.

This post is about money though, so if you don’t like or want money, then stop reading here.

It can be difficult to navigate the difference between your wants and your needs sometimes.  We are bombarded with images that tell us to consume.  Buy this, buy that, it will make you happy.   You are so bombarded with this you get sick of it.  You begin to think, “I don’t want all this stuff, I just want to be happy!”

Sometimes it gets to the point that you begin to bash consumerism.  You think, “all these people are asking me to buy all of these things, its BS”.  So you swing from being able to visualize yourself having nice things, to making statements that are the exact opposite.  Statements that say vibrationally “I don’t want these things!”

On the one hand, you may feel that there are things you want, but then the little guy on your shoulder, your alter ego, says “It’s wrong to want these things.  So many people have nothing, I should be grateful for what I have, I am being so selfish.”

You are correct that you need to be grateful for what you have.  However, it is not WRONG to want things.  Even nice things, or frivolous things, or money to blow on experiences.  We came to earth to have experiences.  To expand and to grow.  There is nothing wrong with having wants.  There is nothing wrong with getting the things that you want.

In the past, I have had problems with this myself.  Things I was told about money that are just simply wrong.  These are things that were ingrained in my subconscious.  In realizing that they are there, and by consciously releasing them, now I am able to move on from them.  See if you see any of yours in here, maybe with some conscious effort, you can release yours too.

It was ingrained in me from a young age “Money is the root of all evil”.  Say What!?!?!?  Yes, I was told that.  That can be a tough one to get over.  I was raised Roman Catholic and in my humble opinion, I think that most organized religions teach this so that you give all your money to them instead of having things yourself.  Look at the Pope – ‘nuff said.

It is wrong to want things when so many people go without

– Are you kidding me.  If I had a bazillion dollars you know how many people I would share it with!  Most of you are very generous and loving.  If you had more, you would share more.  It is just simply inaccurate to say that you having less will help anyone else have more.  Huh?

Every business owner is out to screw you

– Another huge untruth.  Most business owners do really appreciate their customers.  This is a really BIG one to release from your subconscious if you are thinking about starting your own business.  How are you to run a business if in the back of your head you have a belief that you (a business owner), will be screwing people?  Even if you manage to tell yourself, “I will be different”, you will have it in your vibration and you will attract clients just like yourself ~ ones that constantly challenge you on your prices or your business practices because they are afraid that you are like all the rest.

Paying taxes is bad, the government just wastes the money

– Well, yes and no, but there is no sense in thinking about this or stressing on it.  I personally would LOVE to pay more taxes.  I pay less right now because I make less money.  See how that works?  If I make more money I will be paying more taxes.  I appreciate the roads I drive on, the parks I visit, having running water, electricity, garbage pick-up ~ the list goes on and on.  Yes there are wasteful things in government, but me thinking of them or bitching about them won’t change it, so I’ll just focus on the parts I like and appreciate.

Rich people are assholes

– Again not true.  Just look at Jon Bon Jovi and Oprah, or Warren Buffet.  Yes, a lot of rich people are jerks, a lot of poor people are jerks.  A lot of rich people are nice, a lot of poor people are nice.

People will hate me if I have money (or worse yet, I hate people that have money)

– Some will.  Usually poor people, and they will likely stay poor if they keep that line of thinking.  As will you.

I have a gift, it is wrong to charge money for it

– I’ve gotten this one before, I used to believe it too.  C’est la Vie.  Yes I have a gift, as do many other people on the planet.  Anyone can, with time and energy, learn to do what I can do.  I just happened to be born with it so it’s easier for me.  I can teach others to do it, I charge for this because I like to have my needs met ~ and after releasing some of the things on this list, I’m ready to get some of my WANTS too!  Some people like accountants have a gift with numbers, I could learn it from an accountant.  I would expect to pay my accountant to teach me.  At this point in my life it is MUCH easier to hire the accountant to do it for me so I can do what I love doing.

I could probably go on and make this a list of 100 things, but I’ll keep it here.  Please look deep and see what your recurring thoughts are.  Be aware of them, challenge them.  If you are not getting what you want, chances are it is just your subconscious mind talking you out of them.