EFT, TFT ~ Tapping to Relieve What Ails You

From time to time I like to share different modalities that I use to help myself or my clients.  One of my favourite modalities that works really well is Tapping.  I actually get excited about tapping sometimes because it works so well.

Some people call it TFT, which is short for Thought Field Therapy, aka the Callahan Technique.  Roger J Callahan, Ph.D. was the founder of this technique.  He founded this technique over 30 years ago after discovering it in his practice.

Some people use another version of tapping called EFT which is short for Emotional Freedom Technique.  Gary Craig came up with this simplified version of TFT after training with Roger Callahan  in the 90’s.

The Basics of Tapping

By tapping certain energy meridian points on your body, you can relieve all sorts of discomforts.  It works with Chi Energy and the effect is similar to (but with much faster effects than), acupuncture.

Tapping can be done anywhere.  The only tools needed for tapping is two hands, a head and a body.

Tapping can provide immediate and measureable relief for almost anything.  All you need to do is rate your discomfort on a scale of 1-10, do your tapping and then rate your discomfort again ~ it will have been reduced.  Sometimes you will need to do the tapping sequence a few times in a row.  To learn the sequences, you can go here, or just get this Free Stress Buster Guide.

 Uses of Tapping

  • Stress Relief
  • Trauma
  • Weight loss
  • Stop smoking (and other addictive tendencies)
  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Depression
  • Anger/Rage
  • Obsessions
  • Guilt
  • Shame/Embarrassment
  • Jet Lag
  • Physical Pain

EFT, TFT Tapping

Additional Resources for Tapping

My All-time favourite book on Tapping, is Tapping the Healer Within by Roger J Callahan.  (Clicking this link will bring you to tons of resources and training on tapping).

My second Favourite Tapping Resource is this  FREE Stress Buster Guide. The guide provides a great introduction to TFT and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is even a little bit curious about this modality.

Other ‘honorable mentions’ go to the books below.  I get emails from Nick Ortner and I thoroughly enjoy reading his info.

The Tapping Solution Book by Nick Ortner.

The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence by Jennifer Ortner

Who Tapping Won’t Work For

  • people who don’t bother to use it

Yes, that’s it.  Tapping is that effective, it will work for everyone.  No exceptions.  You don’t need to believe in it, you don’t need to think anything about it at all.

Tapping works on the energy meridians in your body and if you tap them it WILL work for you.

If you want more training with TFT/EFT Tapping, you can go to this resource, or you could book an appointment with me and I can train you myself.

Follow-up to Fridays Post ~ What Information are You Giving Away?

On Friday, I wrote a post about Electronic Immortality and shared a video about how everything we do online is subject to other people seeing it.

I just got a new HTC phone and I hooked it up the other day, but I just had time to sit down this evening and start to get apps running and actually do something with it.

What I am noticing is that it is ALL Google for one.  I cannot do anything at all on the phone without logging into my ‘Google account’.   I cannot set up my phone apps unless I backup ALL THE DATA ON MY PHONE to Google ~ on their Cloud ~ whether I want to or not.  I get a warning telling me I can’t go any farther if I don’t upload all my information to Google.  I also must “allow” my phone to access my Google+ account ~ not too bad, but I don’t like the fact I MUST put this option to the ‘on’ position.

So I go into Facebook and to install and update the Facebook app I must turn on location services, I must give FB access to my calendar, my identity, my contacts (on my phone), my Device I.D. AND my phone call information.  It also says it can access my “Phone Call Log” and that “charges may apply”.  This is precisely why I did not install FB messenger on my other IPhone.  It also needs access to SMS, MMS (again ‘charges may apply’).  Oh yeah, it wants access to my browsing history too.

Am I the only one who thinks it is totally creepy that my device and or apps have access to so much of my personal information?  That they can do whatever the heck they want with my phone; including making calls and sending texts.

Are we that lazy and dependent that we can’t just say NO to this collection of our data?  I need to do some more looking around my phone, I have just started, but I might just go back to my old phone where I can actually decide myself what I want to share, or not share.

edward snowden


Your personal privacy doesn’t exist and YOU are giving it away

I am sharing a Ted Talks Video here featuring Edward Snowden where he talks about some of the information he disclosed that got him exiled.  Yes, the information he shared was from the United States, but I assure you, this is exactly what Stephen Harper is trying to push through right now here in Canada.

The talk is from the TED event in Vancouver last year.

Stephen Harper is doing this because of the supposed ‘terror’ attacks in Canada last year.  First off, in both those cases the perpetrators were bonkers and surveillance or lack of privacy would NOT have stopped either event.  Second of all, they, by DEFINITION were not ‘terror attacks’.  Terror attacks are unprovoked against CIVILIANS.  Neither of the victims were civilians, both were in uniform.

I am not saying that they were not upsetting events, but, once again I stress, BY DEFINITION they were not ‘terror attacks’ they were ‘acts of war’.  The government surveilling us won’t stop people who are crazy from doing crazy things.

Us giving away all of our private information to corporations (and government if they want to go after the corporations for it), will bite us in the behind.

All because we are too lazy to take the time to back up our own data and we want it to auto backup into some other place (anyone remember all the nude actor/actress photo’s hacked scandal from last year).  And no, I don’t have nude photos on my phone (lol), but really I would prefer to choose what information I want to put on a cloud.

I also see no good reason why any 3rd party needs to know who I call (or text), when I call them, or the numbers I call or what websites I am going to.  It might be more convenient for Facebook to ‘feed’ me ads or information on my newsfeed, but really?

I think I can decide what I want to see and live with it if Facebook shows me something I’m a little less interested in.  So I loan someone my phone and they browse something and all of a sudden I’m being ‘spoon feed’ that subject through the Facebook newsfeed?

Or, worse yet, something happens in our world (9-11 example), and all of a sudden the government and anyone else who wants to know, has access to all YOUR information.  Oops, you clicked a link that brought you to a ‘sketchy’ site ~ now you are on the ‘bad person’ (terrorist) list ~ look out!

I’m not ‘doing anything wrong’, and you probably aren’t either.  But if we allow it, we could wind up losing a large part of our freedoms and privacy.

You need to realize that we have a choice.  YOU have a choice.  There may be a lot of places where you cannot keep your information to yourself, but there are many places you can.

If you are Canadian, and you get any chance at all to vote on this new ‘policy’ S. Harper wants to put in place, take the chance and vote against it.  It won’t protect us from crazy people but it will take away your privacy and your rights.

So, this can be the end of my rant for today.  I was just so disappointed that my new phone wants access to all my information so that it can share it with outside corporations (so far just Google and FB, but it appears like its probably more).  If I take my own advice and ‘speak up’ or ‘vote with my dollars’, I guess I will need to stand alone and scrap the new phone.

This subject could be an entire book.  Oh wait, didn’t George Orwell write a book like that?  Wasn’t it called 1984 or something?

Anyway, if you are the least bit concerned about this you can research some more on your own.



Two of My Favourite Healing Books

Just a quick blog post today, but I would like to share a couple of really good books with you.

The first book is “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay.  I am sure I reference this book at least once per week.  Louise Hay shares some very good insights into the relationship between your thoughts/feelings and your physical health.

At the end of the book there is a reference area where you can look up a health issue or body part and get a description of the feeling that goes with it.  She also provides an affirmation you can use to help alleviate your symptom or issue.

Grateful for these Wonderful Women Sharing these Healing Books

Grateful for these Wonderful Women Sharing these Healing Books

Here is an example from the back of “You Can Heal Your Life“.  If you had pain in your left foot that would not go away, you could look up “foot” and also “left side of the body”.  You could look up:

Foot Problems:  Fear of the future and of not stepping forward in life.
The affirmation for this is:  “I move forward in life, with joy and with ease“.

Left Side of Body:  Represents receptivity, taking in, feminine energy, women, the mother.
The affirmation for this is:  “My feminine energy is beautifully balanced


The other book that I just love is by Christine Northrup and is “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom (Revised Edition): Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing“.  I like this book so much that after I bought myself a copy, I bought 3 more copies for some special women in my life.  It is a very thick book and I have not read it cover to cover I use is more as a reference manual.  My mom however, read the whole thing cover to cover and she loved it too.  Sometimes if I bring up a health issue she will tell me where to look in the book or share what she learned from the book.  If you are a woman, it could go on your “must read” list.

If you do online shopping and would like to check out a website mall that will give you Cash back for your online shopping, you can check out this link here.  You can earn $10 when you sign up, and put it towards the purchase of the books through the shopping mall.  Signing up is free.



Psychic Awakening – Course Review

Psychic Awakening is an online course that you can download. I mentioned it briefly at the end of this blog post How Much Control Do You Have Over Your Life

Over the years I have taken on mentoring clients, and still do once in a while. I have also thought many times about offering an online mentoring course that includes what I do for the in-person mentoring. I have files and folders full of things that I have wanted to teach and share and make a part of an online course. This is something that I seem to have had on the back-burner for about two years now. There always seems to be other things that come up, that, in the moment, are more important for me to accomplish.

When I came across Anna’s Psychic Awakening Course I couldn’t help but notice that it was very much like what it is that I teach my clients during their mentoring sessions. I had heard about Anna from a mutual friend and he spoke highly of her psychic development training.

I had a couple of emails back and forth with Anna, and I got a copy of the online course from her. Since then, I have spent some time checking it out, and listening to some (but not all, there is a lot), of the recorded course material.

I’ve realized that what Anna offers is similar enough to what I teach, that I can highly recommend it to my clients. If you have wanted to learn how to tap into your own intuition and have a connection with Source and your guides, this course will help.

The cost of the course is $250. It comes with a 97 page e-book for instant download which is full of very useful information. There’s also 20 files to download with recorded information, and a written bonus chapter on “Developing the Mindset to be Successfully Psychic”.

To find out more about what the course contains, you can visit Anna’s website here.

If you have been considering taking your own abilities to another level, or considering learning how to tap into your own gifts, this e-course is the perfect start.

A Note from the Universe

A client recently introuduced me to this website called TUT.  I signed up for a daily (Monday to Friday), personalized e-mail from The Universe.  Its pretty cute.  And inspirational too. I like getting an email from the universe every morning.

The website also has some other interesting things on it. I haven’t looked around it a whole lot yet, but as I try things from the website I will put them in my “Product Reviews” category of my blog. If I really liked them, they will also show on “My Favourite Things” category on my blog.

Already TUT is one of “My Favourite Things”.

Click – A Note from the Universe – to sign up for your own daily notes, or just to take a look around the website.

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