Do You Listen to Your Intuition and/or Instincts?

You all have it you know.  That little voice inside that says to do something, or avoid something.  Thing is, you rarely listen to it when it comes to the bigger stuff.

You might listen to it for the little things, like leaving early for an appointment, or phoning someone you haven’t talked to for a while.  But when it comes to the bigger stuff, you simply get too stuck in your head and your ego mind takes over.  Your old belief systems, your upbringing, people around you, stories you hear on the news,;  all these prevent you from listening to your Higher Self and your intuition.

trust your intuition and inner guidance

What listening to your intuition is like:

Since about this time last week geese have been flying overhead.  Not overly strange, its cool and normally just before fall there are usually thousands of them that we hear and see over the course of a month or so.

What was strange about the large numbers of them over the past week was that they were flying North and East.  They don’t fly northeast at this time of year.  They normally fly south.  I remember commenting to my husband last week and saying “what’s wrong with the geese, they are going in the wrong direction”.

On Saturday morning there were a LOT, all flying northeast.  We giggled and made some jokes about “what are they thinking (or drinking)” lol.

Anyhow, on Saturday afternoon we had a huge storm!  Trees that are still full of leaves (autumn is still 3 weeks away), were snapping like twigs in the wind and heavy rain with the full weight of their leaves.  Thousands of trees were down; on houses, wires, roads, everywhere.  Many roads were impassable and closed and over half a million people (705,000 was the last number I heard) in our province were without power.  Some are still without power today (Tuesday night).  The winds were high, like November winds, and there was more rain in two days than we normally get for the whole month of August.

So, back to the geese.  Guess what.  The storm was coming from the south west.  The geese knew  the storm was coming and they LISTENED TO WHAT THEIR INTUITION TOLD THEM.  Go North and East to get away from the storm!  Their instinct is to go south in the fall, that is what they have been ‘programmed’ to do.  Their inner guidance system, their intuition, told them to head northeast to avoid a storm.  What if the geese had just said “Nope, this time of year, if we go anywhere, it has to be south, that is what our ancestors have always done, that’s what we have been programmed to do”.

We can learn something from the geese!  We must listen to our intuition.  To those of you that only listen to your logical mind, you are doing yourself a disservice.  Sometimes our intuition lets us know something, and we discount it with logic.

If only we were like the geese and other animals, listening to intuition instead of what is “normal” for our ‘flock’.

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What’s the difference between a “Psychic” and an “Intuitive”

I have a lot of friends and clients that tell me they are very intuitive, but they are not ‘psychic’.  They have enough intuitive insights that they have no problem at all acknowledging that part of who they really are; you are comfortable saying “sometimes I intuit things”.

If you are reading this, chances are, you find yourself to be intuitive.  You have dreams that come true; or you think of someone you haven’t seen in a while and they call you, or you bump into them a couple days later;  you have a feeling about something and later find out your feeling was right.  There are many examples, and I am sure that you have experienced them in your daily life.

you are a lightworker

The Top Differences between a “Psychic” and an “Intuitive”

  • There are none.  There is no difference.  Those of us that say we are psychic, have embraced and practiced our gifts enough that we have 100% trust in our messages and we know what we know, and we know we don’t know everything.
  • It is only the picture you hold in your head of what a psychic looks like.  Think of what a psychic in a movie looks like; none of us want to admit to presenting ourselves to the world like that.
  • You think that a psychic knows everything.  If you don’t know everything, you think you are not psychic, you just have a really good intuition most of the time.
  • You think you cannot ‘read’ for yourself.  You think that if you were truly psychic you would know it all.  This is not true either.  If you can get your ego and thinking mind out of the way, you will get all kinds of information for yourself.

You see, it is just a perception that you hold in your ego mind of what a psychic should be.  You can hold yourself back into being “intuitive”; that way you won’t ever have to ‘prove’ anything to anyone.  You can stay small and discount messages that you get.

It doesn’t really matter what you call yourself, you are psychic, we all are.  If I am honest, I will admit that I considered calling myself an intuitive because the word psychic scares some people.  But really, it is just a title that we give someone.  I am psychic.

Most humans are really stuck on titles.  Nothing in your life has meaning for you until you label it.  You label it as ‘intuitive’ because it enables you to block a portion of it.

If you look online, you may find that ‘psychics’ charge more than ‘intuitives’ charge.  It is because some intitives have not fully embraced their gifts and SOME use that word to stay smaller.  People who label themselves as psychics are very clear about who they are, what they do, and trust the messages they get.  They can be very effective in helping you in your life.

You see, psychic ability and intuitive ability are exactly the same thing.  It is just a label.  We all have it, we all do it.  It will simply just depend on your willingness to practice and trust your gifts more.




If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.


Can you surrender?  What does surrender even really mean?  Spiritually speaking, surrender is simply letting go.  There are a lot of things (or people) that we really don’t have any control over, so surrendering is what can help keep us sane.

The planetary alignments of the past few days, (and of today) are perfect to help with this.  The energies have been a little bit intense, and trying to control everything is making a lot of you feel badly.  To surrender doesn’t mean to give up ~ it more means to give up your need to control.  To let go and let your higher self take over for a little bit.

When you do let go of the need to control you open yourself up to receive more guidance.  When you turn off your ego and mind, and just simply surrender, your intuition can take over and you will be able to receive divine guidance.

Yesterday I wrote about the need to do now that you have learned.  We are learning so much, and heading in so many new directions it can get very overwhelming trying to decide on what to do next.  We fill up our plates with so much learning and seeking that we don’t actually do anything.


How Doing and Surrender can happen at the same time

When you keep seeking and learning and it gets to be that overwhelming for you, you end up running around trying to do tiny pieces of what you’ve learned, you write lists of things you need to do, you get overwhelmed and you do nothing.  Your anxiety levels go up because you keep adding things that you need to get done to your list.

When you surrender, you actually open yourself up to more divine guidance and you intuitively know what to do next.  Everyone has this ability.  Its just not everyone that is willing to surrender to their higher selves and take that inspired action.

This is how it works even when I write these blog posts.  I am learning a lot of ‘techie’ stuff, and trying to implement some things a bit at a time as I go along.  The more I learn the more I realize I have a lot to learn.  This is what I touched on yesterday.

Now for the surrender part.  On any given day most of you have a whole bunch of things on your list of things to do.  You try and plan and control and figure out everything and how you will get it all done.  Some of you will run around doing things, some of you will get so overwhelmed that you just sit and have a glass of wine, some of you will just keep doing a bunch of stuff for the sake of doing something because you know you should be.  You get so wrapped up in your day and you cannot turn off your mind.

Imagine if you could just let your soul take over for a day?  If you just set your intention to feel good, have a good day, and surrender to whatever pops in for you from your intuition.  This is precisely what I did today.  I feel like I have so much to do today, I wasn’t sure where to start.  My logical mind was thinking “you have to email a bunch of clients, you have to get at least one email reading done, you need to exercise, shower, then get out and do those errands.  You also need to set up that techie thing for yourself, pay some bills, and write a blog post”.

Yes, I felt very overwhelmed and had no idea where to start!  Especially after staying up late last night, not writing my blog post until almost midnight and then sleeping in until 9:30.  I almost never sleep in and boy did I ever feel like I was ‘behind’ because I’d already ‘lost’ 3 hours of my day!

What did I do with this energy?  I surrendered.  Before I got to that place of surrender, I wasn’t even sure if I would get this post done before late-night again.  Before I surrendered I hadn’t sent any emails because there were so many to send I didn’t know who to start with.

The minute I ‘let go’ of what I ‘had’ to do and the need to ‘do something’ my higher self was able to take over and inspire me.  I got out of my ego mind saying what I had to do and my next step just presented to me.

So here it is just lunchtime and my blog post is getting done.  I have sent a few emails that I was inspired to send (the rest can wait a wee bit).  I’ve done a little bit of exercise, not a lot, haven’t had time yet, but I wanted to get some in, so I did.

When you surrender, it doesn’t mean you give up.  It means you ground your energy, quiet your mind, and listen.  Listen to your heart and your intuition and allow things to flow for you.  Sometimes when you surrender your higher self will tell you to simply rest.  This is what happened for me yesterday.  A couple of days ago I was starting to feel really tired, like I had been doing too many readings, and that I needed a clearing and some rest.  So that’s what I did yesterday.  I had a nap in the middle of the day.  I’m sure that’s one of the reasons my blog post didn’t get done until midnight.  But the point is, I listened to the divine guidance I was getting so I rested and I did some, no, a whole bunch, of energy clearing.

Where in your life do you need to surrender and go with the flow?

Give it a try, I would love to hear how it went for you.



No, I will not work for Free, and Neither Should You

This post is for all of you who are self-employed and may have friends or colleagues asking you to work for free.  It is also for those of you who think that I may want to work for free.  It happens.

Do not work for free

I actually have people who email me when they have an opportunity or a challenge in their life and they want to run it by me to get a feeling for the energy of the situation or the people involved.  AND THEY PAY ME ACCORDINGLY.

Their emails are something like this:  “I have this going on…. (and they tell me about the situation), then they will say, thank you, I appreciate your time, let me know what I owe you, AND THEY PAY ME.  (Sometimes I just reply via email and sometimes they would prefer to talk on the phone ~ I have no preference, I leave it up to them).  I connect for them and their situation, and I answer their specific question/issue.

They have usually had a reading with me and we have established a relationship.  They trust me and they respect my insights.  They also respect me as a person and a human that has a mortgage and a business and who likes to have heat and light and food.  They respect my time.  They know I am busy and that I do a lot of appointments and I talk to a lot of people, and that these people pay me for my time.

I came across this FANTASTIC post that I would LOVE to share with you.  It is for all of you that are self-employed, and it is especially for those of you that think professionals have not invested any time and money in themselves, and that they do not have any bills, or need to eat.

Paid for work

The following article was written by Adrienne Graham and posted on Forbes, March 28, 2011.  I am sharing it because I couldn’t possibly say this any better myself…

No, You Can’t Pick My Brain. It Costs Too Much

I love giving advice. I write blogs, articles and a newsletter. I host a radio show. I tweet, Facebook and share nuggets of advice almost daily. So what is it in all of that, that would make anyone think they can still have the right to “pick my brain”?

I can’t tell you how flattering it is to be approached by representatives from major companies seeking my wisdom and advice. It shows they are listening, and like what I have to say.

But often I find the road ends when they are just on a fact finding mission. That mission is to pick my brain to gather as much free intel and knowledge they need to make their jobs easier.

Not gonna happen, sorry. My brain costs money to maintain. There’s training, classes to attend, reading (I have to buy books), gaining certifications, costs of memberships so I can network, attending conferences and mastering my skills that all cost me money.


You will need to click through this link to read the rest of this article on “Forbes” because I don’t steal or recycle content from other people, but I will share it if I think it is good.

We Are Souls Having a Human Experience

We are souls having a human experience, if you follow spiritual teachings at all, you have probably heard this many times in your life.

Can you even really comprehend what that means though?  Really?

You are So Much More than What You Think You Are

You are So Much More than What You Think You Are


Most people will say this but not even really feel what it means.  It means that this human existence you are living is only about < 1% of who you really are!!

1%.  Let that sink in.  All the drama in your life, all the troubles, worries, problems…  LESS THAN 1%. of who the REAL YOU is.

So who are you and does any of this life matter?

First off I want to say YES this life matters!!  All life matters.

You are ENERGY.  Everything is energy.  Even things that seem to be solid are just particles with energy in between.  Your Soul is energy.  When we die, we do not disappear ~ the energetic form we take changes, yes, but energy cannot disappear.

This can turn into a pretty heavy subject, but for now, I just want you to imagine what the rest of yourself might be like.  The 99% that most of you are not even aware exists.

As Souls, in our purest form, we are love.  One thing that every Spirit Person I have ever talked to has said.  “It is different here than it is where you are experiencing”.  That is not a typo.  “Where you are experiencing”.

We are experiencing things from a place that gives us limited, human perspective.  Everything our Soul does or feels or is, is an experience.  It is not ‘good’, it is not ‘bad’ it just IS.  It can feel ‘loving’, it can feel ‘fearful’.  It can feel ‘uncomfortable’ (fear), or ‘pleasant’ (love), but it is just an experience.

This life you are living is not who you ARE.  The people in your life are not a reflection of who you really are.  Your experiences are not YOU, they are just experiences.

Mini Meditation to Connect to Your Source

Right now, I want you to try something.  Close your eyes and breathe.  Take in a long, slow, deep breath and hold it in for 4 seconds.  Gently release the breath through your mouth.  Repeat.

Focus on your breath, relax, and just feel.  Expand your energy and your consciousness.  Hold the intention to connect with your Higher Self, it may feel easier to do if you put your focus on your crown chakra and your connection to Source.

This is a very small exercise but will hopefully show why learning how to meditate is so important.  If you can quiet your mind, you can begin to connect to your Soul.

Photo Complements of

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Once you establish your Soul connection you will feel a difference.

You will still be human, with human emotions, but you will be able to feel what it is like to exist as a Soul.  I don’t think any of us that are in a human body will truly be able to know exactly what it is like to be body-less and mind-less, but I can tell you from personal experience that once you get and feel that connection to your Soul your perspective of things will change.
So, you ARE a Soul having a human experience.  When I do psychic readings, it is your soul I am talking to, connecting with.  This is not outside of you, it is a part of you that you do not normally listen to and connect with.

(Yes, as a Medium, I do connect with Souls other than yours at times).

With practice, you can connect to your soul on your own, get your own answers.  Many times the answers won’t even matter from your Soul perspective.  But for the ones that do matter, remember, you are much more than you appear to be from this limited place we live in.  You are a Soul, having a human experience.



What Does Claircognizance Mean?

Claircognizance Defined

Clair = Clear; Cognizance = Knowing

Claircognizance is another “6th sense”.  I put 6th Sense in quotes, because not every “Clair” can be 6th.  We have many senses available to us.  Claircognizance is just knowing something and not knowing how you know.

Claircognizance in Psychic Readings

This is my favourite sense that I use during readings.  It makes giving psychic readings feel so easy.  I really do not know how I know some of the things I do.

Claircognizance = Clear Knowing

Claircognizance = Clear Knowing

Often clients will say “how did you know that!”, and I reply that “I just know”.  It is very similar to knowing something that we give no thought to.  If someone were to ask you “What is 2 + 2?”, you would reply “4”, with no thought whatsoever.

That is how Claircognizance works.  Someone asks a question, and someone who is claircognizant just knows the answer.

I do not claim to know ALL the answers.  However, I can say that by connecting to the information that is available in the collective consciousness, or by talking to your higher self, or Source energy, the information is often ‘just there’.

Do not confuse this with mind reading though.  I cannot read minds.  I feel energy, but I really cannot usually ‘read your mind’.  You could have 20 ‘thoughts’ or ‘questions’ and I might not pick up on any of those, I may however, pick up on your energy and ‘know’ a lot about you or your situation.  Sometimes there is a little bit of clairvoyance thrown in the mix and I will see pictures to go along with what I am knowing.

In the case of psychic phone readings, I do not even need to see your face or what you look like, claircognizance kicks in and I just know things.  I do not need to see you physically to be able to know what is going on with you.

You have probably experienced claircognizance in your own life; and you may not even know it.  Think of a time when you just had a ‘feeling’ (knowing), that you should not be in a certain place at a certain time.  “I just knew I shouldn’t go to that party”.  That is claircognizance in action in your life.  Learn to trust it.

What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance Defined

Clair = clear; voyance = to see

Clairvoyance is a sixth sense. It is the power to see objects and visions. The visions can be in the past, present or future. The sixth sense is related to the images that are always present that bring messages from other dimensions. These images can be shape, colors, still, animated and remain only for a few seconds or last a longer time. They can be ‘seen’ with eyes open or closed.

Clair = clear; voyance = to see

Clair = clear; voyance = to see



Clairvoyance in Psychic Readings

I often use clairvoyance in my readings.  When I am sitting with someone, either in person, or while doing a phone psychic reading, I sometimes see pictures.  I see them with my eyes open, or if I want to see more clearly, I will often close my eyes and see it in my ‘mind’s eye’.  Closing my eyes takes away the distraction of what is in front of me in my 3D field of vision.

Sometimes I may see a word that looks as if it is going across a marquee.  Other times I may see a room, or a person, or animal, or anything else that may be in your life.

Quite often during mediumship readings, your loved one will show me something.  They often do this so that I can describe the picture I am seeing, and you will know it is them that is coming through.

Other times, I will close my eyes and see a “movie” playing in my head.

I don’t think I ever do any readings that do not have at least some bit of Clairvoyance involved.  I always “see” something.  Those of us with clairvoyance cannot always control it though.  Sometimes I may be using claircognizance, and be asked to describe something I see, and I simply do not ‘see’ it clairvoyantly.  Other times I see things clairvoyantly that I wish I hadn’t, some images you can never get out of your head.

Not everyone understands that Clairvoyance is only a small part of a Psychic Reading.  Clairvoyance on its own is not always helpful.  Seeing pictures or movies is great, but a good psychic will also use other gifts to get information to you as well.





Psychic Awakening – Course Review

Psychic Awakening is an online course that you can download. I mentioned it briefly at the end of this blog post How Much Control Do You Have Over Your Life

Over the years I have taken on mentoring clients, and still do once in a while. I have also thought many times about offering an online mentoring course that includes what I do for the in-person mentoring. I have files and folders full of things that I have wanted to teach and share and make a part of an online course. This is something that I seem to have had on the back-burner for about two years now. There always seems to be other things that come up, that, in the moment, are more important for me to accomplish.

When I came across Anna’s Psychic Awakening Course I couldn’t help but notice that it was very much like what it is that I teach my clients during their mentoring sessions. I had heard about Anna from a mutual friend and he spoke highly of her psychic development training.

I had a couple of emails back and forth with Anna, and I got a copy of the online course from her. Since then, I have spent some time checking it out, and listening to some (but not all, there is a lot), of the recorded course material.

I’ve realized that what Anna offers is similar enough to what I teach, that I can highly recommend it to my clients. If you have wanted to learn how to tap into your own intuition and have a connection with Source and your guides, this course will help.

The cost of the course is $250. It comes with a 97 page e-book for instant download which is full of very useful information. There’s also 20 files to download with recorded information, and a written bonus chapter on “Developing the Mindset to be Successfully Psychic”.

To find out more about what the course contains, you can visit Anna’s website here.

If you have been considering taking your own abilities to another level, or considering learning how to tap into your own gifts, this e-course is the perfect start.